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Plinius in Præfatione Natural.

Histor. ad Vespasianum Augustum.

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Res ardua, vetustis novitatem dare, novis auctoritatem, obsoletis nitorem, obscuris lucem, fastiditis gratiam, dubiis fidem, omnibus vero naturam, & naturæ suæ omnia.

XIX. A Copy of Dr. Richardson's and Mr. Thoresby's

Letters about the Hospital of St. Mary Magdalen,
treated of by Mr. Slacke, in the Account mentioned
below, Num. XXIV.


XXII, Peter Langtoft's Chronicle, (as illustrated and

improv'd by Robert of Brunne) from the Death of
Cadwalader to the End of K. Edward the First's
Reign. From a MS. in the Inner-Temple Library. I


XXIII. The Copy of a Roll concerning Gla-
stonbury Abbey, being a Survey of all the
Estates belonging to that House at the Disso-
lution, taken by King Hen. the Eighth's or-


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