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saide, I spake like one that it seemed had had experience in the Worlde. Beeinge nowe neere twelve of the Clocke, wee ended our Discourse, and I called for my horses, hopinge there upon, that hee woulde have invited mee to staie dynner, not for that I cared for his, or any man's meate (for you had given mee a dynner in too good a breakefast,) but that I might have gayned more more' tyme to have seene and observed more of their fashions, and wheather the Virgins, and younger, sorte woulde haye mingled with us, with diverse other thinges, which a dynner tyme would have ministred matter for; but in steede of makinge mee staie, hee alsoe helped mee in callinge for my accompanyinge mee even unto my stirropp, and soe I not returninge into the howse, as wee frends mett; soe wee parted.

Many more questions I thought on, when it was too late, and yet, you see, I was not idle for the short tyme I staide. I asked him of their monethlie receivinge the Sacrament, and wheather their servants, when they received, were attended by their Masters and Mistresses, and not suffered soe much as to laye_ or take awaie their owne trenchers, (as I had heard ;) whereat hee smiled, as at a frivilous, fable, and said, that the only difference from


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other daies was, that the servants, the daie they received, satt at the same Table with them. I heard alsoe, that they never rost any meates onlie boile and bake, but not in paste, that their servants maie not be much hindered from their devotions, and that they have but one horse amongst them all; but of those I made noe mention.

They are extraordinary well reported of by their neighbours, that they are very liberall to the poore, at greate cost in preparinge of phisick and Surgery for the 'sicke and sore, whom they alsoe visitt often, and some, 60. or...80. poore people they taske with Catechisticall questions, which, when they' come, caño make noe Answeare there unto, they are rewarded with money and dynner, by reason of which Corody of meate and


the techumen learne their lessons well, and soe their bodies and soules are well fedd.

I finde them full of humanitie, and liberalitie, and others speake as much of their Charitie, which I also verelie beleeve, and therefore am farr from censuringe them, of whom I thinke much better then of my selfe.

My' apposinge some of their opinions and practise (as you maie see in this my Relation,

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'F.come, and can make Answeare thereunto, &c. * L. Catechumens. Sic.


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wherein I maie have varied in some Circumstances, but nothinge from the substance) was onlie by waie of argument, and for myne owne better Information.

I shall be gladd to observe, howe wyser men will judge of them, or imitate their Course of lyfe.

I intended not a third part of this, when I begann, as you maie see by my first lynes. • But one thinge drawinge on another, I have nowe left out a little or nothing'e to my remembrance, savinge that I thought fitt in good manners, upon my first affront, to make waie for my welcome, and ad captandam benevolentiam, which is not worth the repeatinge if I coulde, and I am some thinge better at actinge such a part, then at relatinge it, though good at neither.

After this longe and tedious Relation, I must nowe make but short thankes to you and my Ladie, for my longe and kinde welcome, wherein my wyfe joyneth with mee, prayinge my Remembrance of my lovinge respects to our kinde Neece, hopinge the good Schollers at Westminster are well, and soe I leave you all in the grace of God, and am

The game
Your lovinge Frend

H, S.

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A Copy of the printed Pamphlet about the reputed
Nunnery at Little-Gidding in Huntingtonshire.


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Relation of the late erected Monasticall Place,

called the ARMINIAN NUNNERY at little

Humbly recommended to the wise consideration of this

The Foundation is by a Company of FARRARS


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Printed for Thomas Underhill, MDCXLI.

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