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'); }:: Num. VIII. Vide Præf. §. XI.
The Proceedings of the Abbat and Convent of Win-
chester against. Joan of London, A. D. 1285.
From an old Ms. Fragment of that Age, giver

so the Publisher by Thomas Ward, Esq;,
[ Officialis curiæ Cantuariensis religioso viro
priori reverenter salutem in Christo Ihesu. Sua
noverit religio, ubi abbas & conventus Win-
chester peticione monstrarunt, quod vos, præ-
tendentes à sede apostolica vobis esse commis-
sum, ut in monasterio suo de Winchester, Jo-
hannæ de London, mulieri conversæ, ad sui
sustentacionem, suo perpetuo de tanto faceretis
annis singulis providere, quantum unus de mo-
nachis, ibidem existentibus, pro suis alimentis
percipit, annuatim eidem Johannæ, "octo s.
sterlingorum, percipiendos per annum, quoad

'F. octo scilicet libras sterlingorum, percipiendas.


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vixerit, de monasterio Wynchester memorato, certis terris, pro æqualibus porcionibus, nomine sustentacionis hujus religiosa, ipsis ad hæc nullatenus evocatis, nec de ipso mandato apostolico, seu de provisione ipsa, per citacionis seu denunciacionis -modum, quicquam scientibus, sed ignorantibus, immo nulla super facultatibus dicti monasterii, seu super æstimatione vel valore exhibicionis seu sustentacionis cujuscunq; monachi domus ejusdem per annum, inquisicione præmissa, in ipsorum religiosorum, ac suæ domus, præjudicium non modicum & gravamen, præsertim cum in inmensum ære alieno fuerint ornati, non absq; juris offensa, inique & temere providistis, à qua vestræ provisionis hujus senteneia, tanquam ab iniqua, quam cito id ad notitiam eorundem pervenit, sedem apostolicam, & pro tuitione sedem Cantuariensem legitime, ut asserunt, applicuerunt. Qua-re vobis inhibemus, & ceteris omnibus, quibus exigit inhiberi, ne, pendente in curia Cantuariensi hujus tuitionis appellationis negocio, aliud hac occasione acceptetur seu acceptare faciatis, in partis pæjudicium appellantis, quo minus liberam habeat prosecutionem appellationis suæ, prout justum fuerit ' utriusq;. Citetur eciam, seu citare faciatis peremptorię par

· Sic cum duobus punctis sub u, perinde ac si utrisque legi debeat.


tem appellatam, quod compareat coram nobis, vel commissario nostro, in ecclesia beatæ Mariæ de arcubus Londoniæ, tercio die juridico post Octavas Sanctæ Trinitatis, factura & receptura super præmissis, quod postulaverit ordo juris, & pariter ad procedendum in principali

, si viderit expedire. De die vero receptionis præsentium, & quod super præmissis feceritis, nobis, vel commissario nostro, dictis die & loco constare faciatis, per litteras vestras patentes harum seriem continentes. Dat Londoniæ quarto Nonas Maii, anno Domini M°. CC: octogesimo quinto.

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Num. IX. Vide Præf. §. XI.
A Letter concerning the reputed Nunnery at Little-

Gidding in Huntingdonshire. From a MS. lent
to the Publisher on July 6th. 1724. by Thomas

Ward, of Longbridge néar Warwick, Esq;.
The Coppie of my Letter to Sr. Thomas Hed-

ley, Kt. Serjeant at Lawe, upon his Request
to certifie, as. I found, concerninge the re-
puted Nunnerie att Giddinge in Hunting-

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Good Mr. Serjeant,
I cann give you but a short Relation of

my, not two howers, staye at the reputed (at least


reported) Nunnery at Giddinge, and yet must
leave out three partes of our passages, as fitter
for Relation then a letter. ] came thither af
ter terme, and found a faire house fairelie
seated, to which I passed through a-faire grove,
and sweete walkes, letticed and gardened on
both sides, their livelihood. 500l. per annum
(as my Lord Mountague tolde mee.)
3. A man servant brought me into à faire
spacious Parlour, whether soone after came to
mee the olde Gentlewoman's second sonn, a
batchelor of a plaine presence, but of able speech
and parts, whoe (after I had, aswell as in such
case I coulde, deprecated anye ill conceipt of
mee, for soe unusuall and bolde a visite) en-
tertayned mee very civilly, and with humility,
yet .saide, I was the first that ever came to
them in that kinde, though not the first that
they had heard of, that determined to come.
After Deprecations and some Complements,
hee said, I shoulde see his mother, if I pleased.
I shewingę my desire, hee went upp into a
Chamber, and presently came his mother, a
tall, straight, cleare complextioned, grave Ma-
tron, of. 80. yeares of age) 'his eldest brother
married, (but wheather Widdowe or noe, I
asked not,) a short, blacke complextioned man,
his apparrell, and hayre soe fashioned, as made

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him shewe Preist like, and his sister married to one Mr. Cooles, by whom shee hath. 14. or. 15. Children, all which are in the howse, which I sawe not yet; and of these, and two or three mayde servants, the Familie consisted. I saluted the mother, and daughter, not like Nunnes, but as we use to satute other women; and after wee were all sett circular wise, and

my Deprecations renewed to the other three, I desired that, to their favour of entertayninge of mee, they woulde add the givinge of mee a free libertie to speake 'ingeniouslie, what I conceived of any thinge I shoulde see or have hearde of, without any distast to them. Which beinge graunted,

I first tolde them what I bad heard of the Nunnes of Giddinge; of two watchinge and prayinge all night; of their Cannonicall howers; of their crosses on the outside, and inside of their Chappell; of an Alter there richly decked with plate, tapestry, and tapers ; of their 2 Adorations, Iniculations at their entringe therein, which I objected might savour of Superstition and Popery.

Heere - the younger sonne (the mouth for them all ) cutt 'mee off, and to this last answeared,

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Sic. F. Adorations, Genuflections, and Geniculations. Nam sic infra libello impresso.

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