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' significant local programs, projects, etc., that have been initiated to

solve local problems. The Plan can be designed to meet your locations specific

needs for Minority and/or Small Business.

Upon request regarding SBSDB Plans Minority Business Project Office,

Fairfield, Connecticut will provide technical assistance regarding requirements,

interpretations, and implementation of the Format.


As used in the Plan, the term "small business concern"
shall mean a small business as defined pursuant to
Section 3 of the Small Business Act and relevant
regulations promulgated thereto. The term "small
business concern owned and controlled by socially and
economically disadvantaged individuals" (minority)
shall mean a small business concern which is at least
51 percentum owned by one or more socially and
economically disadvantaged individuals; or, in the
case of any publicly owned business, at least 51
percentum of the stock of which is owned by one or
more socially and economically disadvantaged
individuals; and whose management and daily business
operations are controlled by one or more of such

The contractor shall presume that socially and eco-
nomically disadvantaged individuals include Black
Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, and
other minorities, or any other individual found to be
disadvantaged by the Administration purusant to
Section 8(a) of the Small Business Act.

Contractors acting in good faith may rely on notarized
statements by their subcontractors regarding their
status as either a small business concern or a small
business concern owned and controlled by socially
and economically disadvantaged individuals.



[blocks in formation]


Prepare the introduction of the SBSDB Plan to contain the name and a brief history of the facility; its location - city, county, and state; a product line description; a statement of nature and extent of government contract work conducted at the facility; and a facility organization chart. In the Introduction you should state clearly how your plan meets the requirements of Federal Agencies (DOD, DOT, DOE, etc.) regulations concerning SBSDB subcontracting programs.

SECTION I -- Statement of Corporate Policy on

Disadvantaged Small Business

It is a fact, as stated by Reg Jones at Belleair, "placing business with minority vendors is required as part of the Company's affirmative action concepts. The Federal Procurement Regulation places this responsibility on all government contractors, and we must continue our record of improvement in this respect."

Prepare this Section of the Facility's SBSDB Policy Statements. The corporate

commitment is set forth as a strong commitment to meeting the principles of

Public Law 95-507 and the Federal Procurement Regulations (FPRs) including the

Defense Aquisition Regulations (DARs), direct that business practices and

procedures conform to these Federal Laws and Regulations.

The Corporation will include the clause entitled Utilization of
Small Business Concerns and Small Business Concerns Owned
and Controlled by Socially and Economically Disadvantaged
Individuals in all subcontracts which offer further subcontracting
opportunities and will require all subcontractors (except small
business concerns) who receive subcontracts in excess of
$500,000, or in the case of a contract for the construction
of any public facility, $1,000,000, to adopt a plan similar
to the plan agreed to by our corporation,

[blocks in formation]

Prepare this Section to include what you are doing currently and what

you plan to do in order to disseminate the Company Policy Internally and externally as it generally or specifically applies to a contract. Actions

and plans should be supported with plans for implementation and exhibits of

action taken. Who, what, where, and why should be emphasized whenever

practicable. In specifying when action will be taken, use terms such as

monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.

SECTION III - Responsibilities for Implementation

Prepare this Section to identify all personnel responsible for implementing

the methods and requirements of the SBSDB Plan. This Section should outline

all Company management and/or supportive roles of key personnel involved

in both the planning and implementation of the Disadvantaged Small Business



Key Environmental factors

Prepare this section to show that you have conducted a search to discover

the availability of Small and Small Disadvantaged Businesses and their ability

to provide goods or services for the specific contract.

Be alert to concentrations

or absences of small or minority businesses in such specific business areas

as suppliers of goods or services. Cite special problem areas, i.e, locating

Minority Businesses to provide the Company's specific needs for goods and

services and indicate other key areas of concern.


Also provide examples of approaches to solve negative aspects in the Small and

Disadvantaged Small Business environment. It is important to show your involve

ment in fostering the development and growth of the Minority Business community.

This Section can define those procedures you have used to give Small and

Minority Businesses an opportunity to furnish the Company materials, supplies,

or services. Moreover, you should develop a "most probably buy list" defining

goods and services most likely to be furnished by SBSDBs for specific government


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