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Page. ART. I. On the Origin of Species; by Prof. THEoPHILUs PARsons, 1 II. Notes on the Habits of the Common Cane, (Arundinaria ma

crosperma, Micha.); by HUGH M. NEISLER, - go - 14 III. Experiments on the forms of Elongated Projectiles; by Prof. Ogden N. RooD, - & o * > too to - 17

IV. On the Conservation of Force, by Prof. Joseph HENRY, - 32 V. On a mode of employing Instantaneous Photography as a means for the Accurate Determination of the Path and Velocity of a Shooting Star, with a view to the Determination of its Orbit; by JonATHAN H. LANE, - to to - 42 VI. The true figure of the Earth.-(Mädler's Review of Schubert's Essay on the Figure of the Earth), so i. - 46 VII. On the Transit Instrument as a substitute for the Zenith Telescope in determining Latitude, and on the Latitude of

New Haven; by Prof. C. S. Lyman, to to - 52 VIII. On Fixing Magnetic Phantoms; by Prof. J. NICKLEs, - 62 IX. On some Questions concerning the Coal Formations of North

America; by LEO LESQUEREUX, - so go * * - 63

X. On an Oil-Coal found near Pictou, Nova Scotia; and the
Comparative Composition of the Minerals often included in
the term Coals; by Prof. HENRY How, - o too - 74

XI. The Great Auroral Exhibition of Aug. 28th to Sept. 4th,
1859; and the Geographical Distribution of Auroras and
Thunder storms.—Fifth Article. With a plate. By Prof.
ELIAS Loomis, . goe to do &_o doe t_o - 79

XII. On the Products of the Distillation of Common Rosin; by
JAMES SCHIEL, go go so so too & to - 100

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Miscellaneous Scientific Intelligence.—Parhelia seen at Weld, Franklin Co., Me., by
STILLMAN MASTERMAN, 155.-Tolles' improved Microscope Objectives: Application of
Photography in construction of Micrometers, 156–Geological Survey of California:
Total Eclipse of July 18, 1860: Newport Meeting of the American Association for the
Advancement of Science.—Letter from John McCRADY, Esq., on the Lingula pyra-
midata, 157.-The Fusion and Casting of Platinum, 158.-New Arctic Expedition, by
Dr. I. I. HAYEs: Constitution, etc. of the Chicago Academy of Sciences, 159—Per-
sonal.—Prof. A. D. Bache : Prof. Dana : Prof. Benjamin Pierce : Prof. J. P. Cooke:
The gold medals of the Lond. Geog. Society : Lady Franklin, 159—To Correspond-
ents, 160,-Obituary.—Rev. Baden Powell ; Charles Goodyear, 160. o

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