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93d Congress
2d Session






Being a Compilation of Acts of Congress Re-
ported From or Connected With the Committee
on Government Operations


Printed for the use of the Committee on Government Operations

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This volume contains most of the legislation enacted by Congress of special interest to the Committee on Government Operations, U.S. House of Representatives. It supplements and updates the first revision, dated April 1969. The original compilation was issued in De

cember 1966.

With some exceptions, the statutes herein fall within the committee's legislative jurisdiction as prescribed by law, or by House rule or precedent. This compilation is intended as a convenient reference tool in connection with consideration of future amendments to those statutes and in connection with the committee's duty to review and study, on a continuing basis, the application, administration, execution, and effectiveness of laws within its jurisdiction.

The format used is to print the original text of each basic or initial act and to add immediately thereafter acts which amend it or otherwise relate to it. Appearing before the text of each act are references and citations leading to quick identification of the chief legislative history material: Debates, reports, and hearings.

The numerous reorganization plans submitted by the President pursuant to various reorganization acts have been omitted.

An appendix has been added. Some of the statutes included therein were not considered by the committee or its predecessor. Appendixes A, B, C, and E show the legislation in a form which directly incorporates current amendments. The appendix uses a modified format. To have followed that used in the body would have proved unduly cumbersome.

The committee was aided in the preparation of this compilation by the Congressional Research Service. The committee greatly appreciates this help. Particular recognition for their contributions is due to Messrs. Grover S. Williams and Thomas Lyons of the American Law Division.



J. To eliminate the requirements for certain detailed estimates

in the annual budgets (Administrative Expenses Act)

(October 9, 1962).

K. To amend the Administrative Expenses Act of 1946, as

amended, to provide a more reasonable allowance for

transportation of house trailers or mobile dwellings by

certain governmental officers and employees upon their

transfer from one official station to another (October 9,


L. To amend the Administrative Expenses Act of 1946, as

amended, to provide for reimbursement of certain moving

expenses of employees, and to authorize payment of ex-

penses for storage of household goods and personal effects

of employees assigned to isolated duty stations within the

continental United States (July 21, 1966)

M. To allow advance payment of subscription charges for pub-

lication for official use prepared for auditing as well as

visual usage (December 22, 1974)_.

II. Budget and Accounting Act and related statutes, including Comp-

troller General___

A. The Budget and Accounting Act of 1921 (June 10, 1921)__

B. Budget and Accounting Procedures Act of 1950 (September

12, 1950).

C. Debt and expenditure limits, including Federal Impound-

ment and Information Act (October 27, 1972).

D. Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of

1974 (July 12, 1974)

E. To amend section 303 of the Budget and Accounting Act of

1921 (July 28, 1953) -

F. To simplify accounting, facilitate the payment of obligations,

and for other purposes (July 25, 1956) .

G. To improve governmental budgeting and accounting meth-

ods and procedures, and for other purposes (August 1,


H. To provide for improved methods of stating budget esti-

mates and estimates for deficiency and supplemental ap-

propriations (August 25, 1958).

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