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The purpose of this study is to provide the statisti

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women, and provides the data required for establishing goals

and timetables.

In accordance with these goals, the statistical study

is divided into two main parts.

Presented first is an ex

amination of underutilization which contains three sections.

The first is a brief overview of the status of minorities

and women.

The second section includes an analysis of

underutilization, Department-wide, as well as in adminis

trations and regions.

The final section of the first part

is a McKersie analysis which compares the position of blacks

in the Department to their status in private industry.

While the first part of the statistical analysis evaluates

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Office of the Secretary


October 8, 1971


We would like to express our deep appreciation to John Hanson, June Robinson, Evyonne Martin, Joyce Dupree, Kitty O'Leary Higgins, and Dick Schubert without whom not only this report, but all of the work of the Task Force would have been impossible.

We would also like to thank the following list of kind people who helped in various ways with the preparation of this report:

Marie Bankhead
Rozalind Brack
Joe Collier
Bill Dedham
John DeLeon
Ray Doyle
Nate Finch
Carol Furr
John Irving
John Johnson
Dick Jones
Tom Kouzes
Cliff Lee
Vince Macaluso

Melvin Moxley
Vince Oliver
Deanell Reece
Frank Ridley
Chuck Roberts
George Travers
Ed Waters
Kathy Wedemeyer
Lionel White
Althiea Wiggins
Frank Yeager
Wilt Zanders
Frank Zarb
Bonnie Mampe

We want to express our gratitude to Secretary of Labor James D. Hodgson and Under Secretary of Labor Laurence H. Silberman for the opportunity to work together independently, and with official blessing. We hope that we may have been of help to them in their efforts to make the Department of Labor a better place to work for all its employees.

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