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year 1943.

The estimates are allocated to Bureaus and activities national Boundary Commission, United States and as follows:

Mexico, to provide largely for operation and maintenance Office of the Secretary

$13, 729, 478

of the Mesilla Valley Division of the Rio Grande CanalizaBureau of Navigation..

73, 244, 560 tion project; and $1,119,200 for Cooperation With the Bureau of Ships..

330, 404, 935 American Republics to provide for rubber investigations Bureau of Ordnance.

511, 635, 413

and surveys of other noncompetitive plant resources, the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts.

868, 798, 933 Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

19, 971, 470 development of vital statistics of the Western Hemisphere, Bureau of Yards and Docks, including public

radiosonde observation stations in Mexico, investigation works.

238, 774, 165 of strategic and deficient minerals, translating and Bureau of Aeronautics

707, 091, 470 Marine Corps.

disseminating Government publications to the other

161, 633, 610 Coast Guard.

100, 038, 230

American Republics, and travel grants for students, Increase and replacement of naval vessels. 2, 890, 660, 385 professors, and educational and artistic leaders who are Naval Emergency Fund.--

10, 000, 000 citizens of the United States and the other American Departmental salaries and contingent expenses. 6, 764, 119 Republics. The principal items of decrease are $17,920 Total.-

5, 932, 746, 768

in contributions to international organizations located in

Axis-controlled areas from whom satisfactory reports of Under the existing emergency legislation, the amounts provided for departmental salaries and expenses may be

activity are not being received; $11,600 for special and supplemented to whatever extent deemed necessary by

technical investigations by the International Joint Comthe use of field appropriations.

mission in the use of boundary waters between the United

States and Canada; and $57,500 in appropriations for The total receipts under trust accounts for 1943 are estimated at $4,924,000.

various international commissions, conferences, and mis

cellaneous items, which will not be required for the fiscal DEPARTMENT OF STATE

The expenditures from trust accounts for the fiscal year The estimates of the Department of State for the fiscal 1943 are estimated at $2,820,980, an increase of $4,100 year 1943, exclusive of construction projects and trust over the fiscal year 1942. accounts, amount to $26,159,480, a net increase of $3,229,798 over the comparable appropriations for the

TREASURY DEPARTMENT fiscal year 1942. This net increase is made up as follows: $1,497,095 for the Office of the Secretary of State; $600,000 Executive Order 8929 of November 1, 1941, transferred for national defense activities; $54,700 for the Foreign the Coast Guard from the Treasury Department to the Service; and $1,078,003 for international obligations, com- Navy Department and, therefore, the estimates for the missions, bureaus, etc.

Coast Guard have been included in the Navy Department The net increase of $1,497,095 in the estimates for the chapter of the Budget. Office of the Secretary of State consists of $1,433,740 for

for The Division of Printing has been abolished and the bulk personal services, $13,400 for contingent expenses, $49,100 of its personnel and duties has been transferred to the for printing and binding, $655 for passport agencies, and Procurement Division, but five employees were transferred $200 for collecting and editing official papers of territories to the Office of the Chief Clerk, four to the Bureau of of the United States.

Internal Revenue and one to the Coast Guard. The entire The $600,000 net increase in national defense activities appropriation for printing and binding is being adminisis to provide funds for an increased number of specialists tered by the Procurement Division, and the stationery and technical assistants in the Foreign Service necessary in appropriation has been divided among those bureaus and connection with emergency problems caused by the war. offices whose appropriations are available for other than

The net increase of $54,700 for the Foreign Service con- personal services. The small balance of the stationery sists of increases in certain appropriations amounting to appropriation remaining for the benefit of those bureaus $114,200, which amount is offset by decreases in other whose appropriations are available for personal services appropriations amounting to $59,500. The principal items only is being administered by the Procurement Division. of increase are $66,100 for automatic promotions of Exclusive of trust funds, the Budget estimates for the Foreign Service officers as authorized by law; $30,000 for Treasury Department, fiscal year 1943, provide for direct promotions of Foreign Service clerks; $9,000 to adjust appropriations totaling $2,499,697,801, an increase of salaries of certain miscellaneous employees more nearly in $390,222,836 over the comparable figure for 1942. The line with local wage standards; and $9,100 for the Foreign reappropriation of an unobligated balance is contemplated Service retirement and disability appropriated fund. The for 1943 in the amount of $8,829,376 which is a decrease of principal items of decrease are $38,000 and $13,000 for $29,730,000 from 1942. The total of the direct approprioffice and living quarters allowances and representation ations plus reappropriations available for 1943 represents, allowances, respectively. These decreases are made pos- therefore, an increase of $360,492,836 over the amount sible largely because several embassies and a large num- available for the fiscal year 1942. The principal items of ber of consulates in Axis-controlled countries have been increase and decrease are accounted for as follows: closed.

Annual appropriations.—The total of the 1943 annual The net increase of $1,078,003 in international obliga-appropriation estimates for the Treasury Department is tions, commissions, bureaus, etc., is composed of increases $216,675,094, or $41,405,032 less than the comparable in certain appropriations amounting to $1,165,023, offset total for the fiscal year 1942. This net decrease results by decreases in other appropriations amounting to $87,020. chiefly from nonrecurring items of $36,400,000 for payThe principal items of increase are $41,800 for the Inter- ments to Federal Land Banks and the Federal Farm

Mortgage Corporation on account of reduction in the and covered into the Treasury; and $31,303 for withininterest rate on mortgages, $6,005,000 for administrative grade promotions. costs in the Treasury Department growing out of the The total of the annual appropriation estimates for the work relief and relief program, and $800,000 for reim- Bureau of the Public Debt is $3,953,063, or an increase bursement to carriers of deficits incurred while the rail- of $430,248 over 1942. An increase of $227,550 is recomroads were under the control of the Government during mended for additional personnel in the Bureau of the the first World War. Offsetting these decreases are a Public Debt to handle the anticipated increased volume number of relatively small items of increase, including a of work in connection with the redemption of currency total of $1,723,991 for within-grade promotions.

and defense savings bonds; an increase of $181,638 is The principal items of increase and decrease by bureaus required for the purchase of distinctive paper for United and offices are as follows:

States currency; and $21,060 for within-grade promotions. The estimates of the Office of the Secretary of the Treas- The annual estimates for the Office of the Treasurer of ury for 1943 total $5,283,805, a net decrease of $35,959,270. the United States for 1943 amount to $1,838,150, which The decreases consist of $36,400,000 in the amounts for is a decrease of $206,685. This net decrease results from payment to the Federal Land Banks and the Federal nonrecurring items of $350,000 for administrative exFarm Mortgage Corporation, $800,000 for reimbursement penses, emergency relief, and $11,700 on account of work to carriers of deficits during Federal control, and $26,640 which will be financed with transferred funds in 1943 in the appropriation for the immediate office of the Secre- instead of from regular appropriations. These decreases tary. These decreases are offset in part by an increase of are offset in part by increases of $135,000 for additional $1,265,075, including $18,150 for within-grade promotions, personnel required for the clearance of checks, the handin the appropriation for Foreign Exchange Control, and ling of collections and the redemption of defense savings an increase of $2,295 for within-grade promotions in the bonds, $2,040 for reallocations, and $17,140 for withinOffice of the Secretary.

grade promotions. A net decrease of $37,120 is recommended for the Divi- The total annual estimates of the Bureau of Internal sion of Research and Statistics. The discontinuance of Revenue for 1943 are $141,413,940, which represents a net certain statistics on foreign purchases makes possible a decrease of $956,931. Decreases of $3,000,000 for refundnonrecurring item of $50,000, which is offset in part by ing internal-revenue collections, $600,000 in the salaries the allowance of $10,000 on account of additional work and expenses appropriation for refunding processing and and $4,925 for within-grade promotions.

related taxes, and $1,350 for payment to Alaska for Appropriation estimates for the Office of the Chief Clerk additional income tax of railroads, total $3,601,350. amount to $505,410, which is a net decrease from the 1942 These decreases are offset in part by increases of $2,040,872 total of $49,210. This net decrease results from a decrease required for the collection of additional taxes imposed by in the appropriation for contingent expenses of $66,430

the Revenue Act of 1941, and $603,547 for within-grade and an increase in the chief clerk's salary appropriation of promotions. For the fiscal year 1943 no provision is made $17,220. No new positions have been allowed in the for the collection of the use tax on motor vehicles and Office of the Chief Clerk, but the increase for personnel boats. results from the transfer of four telephone operators to The estimate for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing the Bureau of Internal Revenue, the transfer of a total for the fiscal year 1943 of $10,327,168 shows an increase of 16 employees from the Bureau of the Public Debt and of $273,668 over 1942. After making allowance for nonthe Division of Printing to the Office of the Chief Clerk, recurring items totaling $1,007,266, the amount recomand the allowance of $3,100 for within-grade promotions. mended for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing includes The reduction of $66,430 for contingent expenses consists increases of $1,269,566 for the production of increased of nonrecu rring items totaliug $41,012 and a further net quantities of currency, revenue stamps, bonds, notes, decrease of $25,418 which will reduce the amount that checks, etc., and $11,368 for within-grade promotions. would be expended otherwise for the purchase of equip- The appropriation estimates of the Secret Service Diviment.

sion for 1943 total $1,348,663, which is a net decrease of The estimates for the Bureau of Accounts total $3,258,- $122,585. The nonrecurring item of $130,000 for ad016, or a net reduction of $2,704,887 below the 1942 ministrative expenses, emergency relief, is offset in part amount. Appropriations totaling $3,125,000 for admin- by the allowance of $7,415 for within-grade promotions. istrative expenses, emergency relief, Bureau of Accounts, The estimates for the Bureau of the Mint for 1943 and Division of Disbursement are nonrecurring in 1943, amount to $4,073,470, which is an increase of $550,795. and other decreases proposed by the Department are This net increase represents the difference between non$5,000, under recoinage of minor coins, $75,000 under recurring items totaling $426,986 and increases totaling recoinage of silver coins, and $16,000 in the Division of $977,781. The increases consist of $889,086 to provide Disbursement by reason of the transfer of the Coast Guard for a substantial increase in the coinage program, $70,000 to the Navy.

for the purchase of a few necessary items of mint maPartially offsetting these decreases are increases of: chinery, $1,100 for the Office of the Director, $800 for the $250,000 to make effective Executive Order No. 8512 production of a medal which was authorized by Congress, which prescribes requirements with respect to budgetary and $16,795 for within-grade promotions. administration and fiscal reporting, and Reorganization The estimates for the Procurement Division for 1943 Plan III which established the Fiscal Service in the amount to $1,316,197, which is a reduction of $2,632,098 Treasury Department; $13,430 for contingent expenses, below 1942. This net reduction is due to nonrecurring which amount is nonrecurring in the appropriation items of $2,400,000 for administrative expenses, emergency "Contingent Expenses, Treasury Department"'; $2,080 relief, $128,052 in the salaries and expenses item, and for additional clerks; $2,600 for reallocations; $900 for $127,500 under printing and binding. These decreases stationery; $100,000 for the transportation of mutilated are offset in part by increases of $12,524 for additional Cnited States paper currency to Washington for redemp- personnel, $4,000 for stationery supplies, and $6,930 for tion; $15,000 for refund of moneys erroneously received within-grade promotions.

Permanent Appropriations. The estimates for per- to reduced requirements, of $6,100,040 for maintenance manent appropriations for 1943 total $2,283,022,707, of river and harbor improvements, and of $1,033,626 for which is an increase of $431,627,868. This increase

cemeterial expenses. consists of $425,000,000 for interest on the public debt, The amount included for the Panama Canal, $78,314,$1,601,673 for debt retirement, and $5,026,195 for ex- 375, is an increase of $18,350,049 over the amount appropenses of loans under the Bureau of the Public Debt. priated in 1942. This deviation consists of increases of The latter amount is required chiefly in connection with $21,894,800 for the construction of additional facilities; the sale of defense savings bonds and for the Defense $206,216 for the civil government; $21,777 for sanitation; Savings Staff engaged in promoting the sale of these bonds. and of a decrease of $3,772,744 in the requirements for

Trust Accounts.The estimates of appropriations for maintenance and operation. trust accounts for 1943 total $3,044,921,652, an increase Trust accounts. --The amount included for trust acof $804,027,064. This increase includes $513,285,983 counts, $3,160,346, reflects a net decrease in 1943 of for payments from the Federal old-age and survivors $2,349,230 due principally to a reduction in funds adinsurance trust fund, $290,733,481 for the investment and vanced for flood control. payments from the unemployment trust fund, $5,000 for the payment of unclaimed moneys, and $2,600 to cover

Post OFFICE DEPARTMENT the increased cost of services performed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue for the benefit of the Government of The Post Office Department estimates are included as Puerto Rico.

an Annexed Budget, since the excess of expenditures over WAR DEPARTMENT

the postal revenues is paid from the general fund of the

Treasury, and only the excess is carried to Statement Military activities. For liquidation of obligations ac- No. 2 of the Budget for 1943 and to the General Budget cruing under prior contract authorizations and for operat- Summary and supporting schedules. ing and maintenance expenses of the Military Establish- It is estimated that the postal revenues for the fiscal ment, on a prewar basis, the Budget for the fiscal year year 1943 will amount to $907,000,000. The estimates of 1943 provides for appropriations totaling $6,378,801,675, appropriations included in the Annexed Budget aggregate exclusive of trust funds. No new contract authoriza- $906,151,991, which indicates a surplus of $848,009. tions are provided, the estimates having been prepared The details concerning the estimates for the Post Office on a cash basis. Conditions having greatly changed Department will be found in the summary tables and since these estimates were prepared they will have to be explanatory statement under the Annexed Budget. materially supplemented as the fiscal year 1943 progresses. Departmental activities. The estimates of appropria

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA tions for departmental salaries, contingent expenses, and printing and binding total $9,290,072, but provision is The estimates of appropriations for the District of made for supplementing the amounts for these purposes Columbia for the fiscal year 1943, together with priorby allotments from field appropriations for military year appropriations, are to be found in an Annexed Budget. activities to meet additional needs.

The net expenditures, to the extent that they affect the Civil activities. There is included a total of $39,095,590 general fund of the Treasury, are carried to the General for the civil activities of the War Department (exclusive Budget Summary and supporting schedules. The approof the Panama Canal, items under the General Public priation requirements for 1943, insofar as they constitute Works Program, and trust accounts) which is a net de- à charge upon the United States Treasury, are estimated crease of $7,127,920 from the amount appropriated in at $6,000,000, the same amount appropriated for 1942. 1942. This net decrease is the result of an increase of The details of the requirements of the District of Colum$5,746 for Alaska Communications System necessitated bia are to be found in the summary and supporting largely to handle increased traffic, and of decreases, due schedules of the Annexed Budget.




Statement No. 3A.-Receipts

Statement No. 3B.—Appropriations and Expenditures


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