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payments for articles obtained from such mandatory schedules or contracts.

2. Attention is invited to the fact that the approval of a request for the establishment of an imprest fund does not constitute an allotment of funds.



1. The imprest fund purchase procedure affords a simple and economical method of effecting purchases of small value from local suppliers of off the shelf items, or of immediate services other than personal. The imprest fund purchase method will, subject to the restrictions outlined in this part, be used by authorized activities when local buyer-seller relationships require immediate cash payment for materials or vices, or when the cash payment method will result in overall administrative economies. This method of purchase establishes a cash fund from which small payments will be made at the time purchase transactions occur. This fund, formerly referred to as the "spot cash purchase fund", will hereafter be termed as the "imprest fund''. The imprest fund is similar to the petty cash fund utilized by private industry and is maintained in the custody of an individual known as the "imprest fund cashier"

1. Imprest fund purchase procedures shall not be utilized when the total dollar value of a single transaction exceeds one hundred dollars ($ 100.00). In the case of units of the Organized Marine Corps Reserve the dollar value of any single transaction is limited to ten dollars ($10.00). Additionally, imprest fund purchase procedures will not be utilized if any one or more of the following conditions prevail:

a. The supplies to be purchased are for resale to private individuals.

55051 DEFINITIONS 1. The following definitions will apply when defined terms are used in conjunction with these instructions:

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a. Imprest Fund. A fund established, without appropriation charge, by the advance of cash from a disbursing officer to a designated cashier for the purpose of making immediate payments of comparatively small amounts, to be replenished on a revolving basis.

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1. The imprest fund purchase procedures prescribed hereafter shall be utilized only for authorized small purchases made by authorized personnel. Except in an emergency, activity requirements particularly for repetitive items which are available through normal supply channels will continue to be obtained in the usual manner. Units of the Organized Marine Corps Reserve are further limited to only necessary services and supplies required for operation of their training centers and chargeable to funds appropriated for maintenance and operation of Marine Corps Reserve facilities. Articles or services covered by mandatory schedules, contracts, or other mandatory sources, i.e., Treasury Schedule Contracts, shall continue to be obtained from these sources. Funds for cash purchasing may be used to make

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Commandant of the Marine Corps (Code CSG). The letter will state the amount of the imprest fund to be established. In the case of the Organized Marine Corps Reserve, authorization to establish an imprest fund will be limited to units located in commercially leased and federally owned Marine Corps Reserve Training Centers which are one hundred (100) or more miles from a Marine Corps Supply Depot or Depot of Supplies.

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2. The following information is

provided relative to the number of imprest funds which may be established at any Marine Corps post, station or activity.

way relieves the commanding officer of any responsibility for determining the timeliness of the use of imprest fund purchase procedures or the propriety of the expenditure of public funds for such purchases. Officers and civilian employees of a disbursing or fiscal office are not eligible to act as imprest fund cashiers. 55056 BONDING REQUIREMENTS

1. Each person designated as an imprest fund cashier must furnish a surety bond. Personnel who are bonded in accordance with paragraphs 50150-50160, Marine Corps Manual will not require an additional bond to serve as imprest fund cashier. Individuals designated as imprest fund cashiers will be required to carry bond in the penal sum of two thousand dollars ($2,000) or in an amount which is not less than the sum which may be authorized the imprest fund cashier in accordance with paragraph 55054, which. ever amount is greater. The bond of the imprest fund cashier must be approved by this Headquarters before funds may be advanced such person in accordance with paragraph 55054.

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CASHIER Upon relief or detachment of the imprest fund cashier, the imprest fund cashier will prepare Reimbursement Voucher (Standard Form 1129) in accordance with paragraph 55062. The cash on hand and the completed Standard Form 1129 will be submitted to the disbursing officer who advanced the funds and not to the successor of the imprest fund cashier.


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1. Upon receipt of notification of designation as an imprest fund cashier and subsequent to meeting the bonding requirements, the officer so designated will obtain from the appropriate disbursing officer the necessary funds, either in cash or by check. Checks will be made payable to the cashier, by name, followed by his title as Imprest Fund Cashier. An amount not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000) may be advanced the cashier under these provisions. In the case of units of the which may be advanced is limited to fifty Organized Marine Corps Reserve the amount

dollars ($50.00).

2. Receipt for the amount advanced will be furnished the disbursing officer by the imprest fund cashier in a form similar to that ceipt” portion of the Form NAVSANDA 15 prescribed in the "Acknowledgement of Rewhich will specifically state that the recipient

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of the fund at any time, either by cash on hand, unscheduled subvouchers, unpaid reimbursement vouchers, or interim receipts for cash. Unannounced inspections, including cash counts, will be made of each imprest fund at least quarterly. The commanding officer will designate one or more individuals to perform this verification. Such individuals will be from the fiscal office of the activity, when such office exists, but in any event will be other than subordinates of the imprest fund cashier. Any discrepancies in an imprest fund will be reported promptly to the commanding officer, who will take the action prescribed in Article 0719, Navy Regulations.


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2. The fund may be decreased or dissolved upon written instructions of the cognizant commanding officer. Such instructions will be provided the affected imprest fund cashier and the concerned disbursing officer, and a copy thereof will be forwarded to the Commandant of the Marine Corps (Code CSG).

3. The fund may be decreased or dissolved by use of one or a combination of the following processes:

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1. Standard Form 1129- Revised will be prepared by the imprest fund cashier at such times as the cash on hand requires replenishment. The prepared Standard Form 1129 with sufficient copies of Standard Form 1129a shall be submitted via the officer maintaining the activity's allotment records to the disbursing officer who originally advanced the cash. Forms 1129 will be prepared at regular intervals, not more than once week, unless the fund is exhausted, but at least once a month. In case of units of the Organized Marine Corps Reserve submission of the Standard Form 1129- Revised, is limited to once a month.

a. Applying reimbursement vouchers in whole or in part to liquidate the advance. If the entire amount of the voucher is to be applied, a statement should be placed thereon reading as follows: "Draw no check-apply to advance". If only a part of the voucher is to be applied, the statement should read as follows: "Apply to Advance $ - - draw check for $.



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b. Returning uncashed advance or reimbursement checks for canceliation and application to the advance.

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2. The “Status of Fund" section of the reimbursement voucher will be completed on each voucher submitted for reimbursement and will indicate opposite the appropriate item the following:


c. Submitting cash or money order remittances. Cash transmitted by mail must be registered.

4. The amount of the imprest fund should be kept commensurate with the requirements of the particular activity as predicted upon past experience, or based upon changed conditions.

a. the amount for which reimbursement is requested

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c. the vouchers


d. the amount of unscheduled subvouchers held in the imprest fund


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e. the amount of "interim receipts for cash' on hand

1. Imprest funds will not be deposited in any bank or intermingled with other funds. Commanding officers will insure that the same security and facilities therefor, are provided for imprest funds as are accorded other public monies. Funds will be kept in secure storage accessible only to the person responsible for their custody, as prescribed in paragraph 77053, Marine Corps Manual. 55061 INSPECTION AND VERIFICATION


f. the amount of cash on hand including uncashed reimbursement checks

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1. The imprest fund cashier may be required to account for the established balance

g. the total amount of the imprest fund, which should be the amount for which the fund was established (not in excess of $1,000 or $50.00 in the case of units of the Organized Marine Corps Reserve) and for which the imprest fund cashier is accountable.

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5. Se case of purchases of less than 53..., à rece: $g the articles or senses crises secas de secured but mesiace onze sezier Dot be neces. ast. Soose instances of parchases of less

a: 53.0: =sere it is impossible to secure a seader's invoice, bits, etc., the employee Izg że peretase, even though he may be az ires: kund cashier, will include in deias sa a Standard Form 1165, or equiva. est form, tie art.cies or nature of the Foscter indicarag receipt of the funds from services purchased aad will sign the sub. the imprest fund cashier. bered as subvouchers and securely attached

c. Receipts shall be consecutively num. in numerical sequence at the specified place in the upper left hand corner of the Standard Form 1129- Revised, together with an adding machine tape. Since some form or receipt submitted with the Reimbursement Voucher, substantiating each cash payment will be the detailed listing of subvouchers formerly required on the reverse side of the voucher is no longer necessary and the voucher form has been revised accordingly.

d. The Interim Receipt for Cash" portion of Standard Form 1165 will be used in those cases where a cashier furnished another employee with cash for making purchase. Under these circumstances the


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employee will be required to sign the interim receipt stub at the time of the advance and will be given the blank “Receipt for CashSubvoucher" to be prepared if needed in accordance with subparagraph b, above. When the purchase has been consummated the employee will return any unused cash to the cashier together with receipt for the purchase. The cashier will then mark the Interim Receipt for Cash “Void" and will return it to the employee. Thus, the cashier will be able to account for the established balance of the fund at all times, either by cash, unscheduled subvouchers, unpaid reimbursement vouchers or interim receipts



VISED) 1. One copy of the Standard Form 1129Revised will, subsequent to accomplishment, be submitted by the disbursing officer effecting payment, to the officer maintaining the affected activity's allotment records. This copy will be supported by one copy of all Standard Forms 1165 and other receipts substantiating each cash payment making up the total shown on the face of the Standard Form 1129- Revised.

for cash.



2. In the case of public vouchers prepared for payment of purchases of stock fund items by Depot Stock Accounts, the voucher numbers of the Report of Property Received (NAVMC 789a-SD) will be referenced on all copies of the Standard Form 1129 which are forwarded by disbursing officers, in a separate folder, with their advance returns.

1. The Comptroller General of the United States has prescribed that

instructions drafted in accordance with agency practices with regard to imprest fund purchasing matters must be directed towards maintaining simplified accounting procedures, with due consideration being given to the frequency of procurements, location of property accounting office, and similar factors. In view of this requirement for maintaining only the simplest methods of property accounting in dealing with imprest fund purchases, each organization directed by the Commandant of the Marine Corps to establish the imprest fund purchase system will account for items so purchased in the

manner hereinafter described. Items procured through the medium of the imprest fund purchase system will be taken up on the affected property account by a "Report of Property Received" (NAVMC 789a -SD) or by plain paper certificate, as appropriate. In those instances where the "Report of Property Received" (NAVMC 7892-SD) is employed, Part 1 of the subject form need not be completed. No property accounting voucher need be prepared in


1. When imprest fund purchases are made
at infrequent intervals, it may be adminis-
tratively more convenient for the imprest
fund cashier to obtain an advance of funds
from the disbursing officer as the need
arises for specific purchases, rather than
maintain a regular imprest fund. In such
cases, the imprest fund cashier will be
advanced the amount estimated by him to be
required, giving the disbursing officer a
receipt therefor. Immediately upon comple-
tion of the purchase or series of purchases,
the imprest fund cashier will submit a re-
imbursement voucher and any cash on hand
to the disbursing officer in exchange for his
original receipt.


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