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personnel are attached to the post or station, unless dispossessed for just cause, and such permanency to be irrespective of any change in commanding officers.



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2. Commanding officers may assign a certain percent of the quarters for use of the pay grades enumerated in the foregoing paragraph, in the same manner as prescribed in paragraph 561525.

1. The following instructions will govern where both the husband and wife are members of the uniformed services with no other dependents and are stationed at the same or adjacent posts or stations:

a. Both members enlisted or both members officers. Eligibility for assignment to public quarters for dependents rests with the male member. The female member is not eligible for assignment to public quarters.

b. Male enlisted-female officer, versa. Assignment to public quarters for dependents under these circumstances is not considered to be in the best interest of the service. Accordingly, such assignment will not be made. In lieu thereof, the commanding officer will furnish the male member with the following certificate:

3. Enlisted personnel deprived of public quarters under conditions other than for just cause (such as promotion to warrant or commissioned rank), will be assigned other public quarters commensurate to their rank under conditions as set forth in this paragraph and paragraph 56152, as appropriate. Change in status

. of personnel through promotion to commissioned rank or reduction to enlisted rank shall be considered as completed detachment and joining as of date of promotion or reduction, as the case may be, and the date of establishment of the new status shall be the date of precedence used for assignment to public quarters for the individual concerned.

or vice

I certify that (name, rank, or rating of wife) who is the wife of (name, rank, or rating of husband) is on duty at (name of wife's station) and that no suitable public quarters for dependents are available for their occupancy from (date).

4. Enlisted personnel on duty where public quarters in kind are not furnished will be granted allowances as prescribed in the Executive Order in Appendix A, Volume III; see Part E, Chapter 78.

2. When both husband and wife are members of the uniformed services and either or both have dependents other than spouse, the assignment to public quarters for dependents rests with either or both.

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4. Valid unexpired permits shall be satisfactory evidence of qualification to operate vehicles of the type indicated on the permit in any naval district.

5. An operator's permit may be revoked by the commanding officer for cause at any time, and it shall not be restored until the commanding officer or an examiner, authorized by the commanding officer, is assured that the operator involved is again fully qualified to drive the vehicle or vehicles for which certified.

1. The commanding officer of each naval activity shall designate a qualified individual under his command, preferably one with legal training and experienced in the conduct of investigations, as the investigating officer for the activity. Whenever necessary, in the discretion of the commanding officer, additional or assistant investigating officers may be appointed, each with same powers as the investigating officer, except that all assistant investigating officers shall be under the general supervision of the investigating officer. To ensure prompt investigation of every accident while witnesses are available and before damage has been repaired, the duties of an officer in his capacity as an investigating officer shall ordinarily have priority over any other assignments he may have.

6. This permit is valid only for the operation of vehicles owned or operated by the naval establishment. This permit cannot be used as a driver's license required by State or local laws for private vehicles.

7. Commanding officers of posts and stations and commanding officers of battalions and larger units of the fleet Marine force may designate certain officers within their command to operate Marine Corps vehicles as required in connection with familiarization, training, and performance of official duties. Officers to be designated as operators of Marine Corps vehicles shall be examined as prescribed in paragraph 58054–1. A Motor Vehicle Operator's Permit shall be issued to all officers so qualified to operate Marine Corps vehicles. Officers designated to operate Marine Corps vehicles shall be responsible that proper maintenance services are performed.

2. Every operator of a government vehicle shall be furnished with Standard Form 91, Operator's Report of Motor Vehicle Accident (fig. 58–10), which shall be carried in the vehicle at all times. The operator shall be instructed in the proper use of the accident report form in order that, in case of an accident, he may be able to take action promptly. Upon the occurrence of an accident in which the vehicle driven by him is involved, he shall immediately obtain such of the required information as is available and enter it upon the form. Particular care will be taken to secure the information relating to the other vehicle, if any, involved in the accident, its owner, driver, license number, and damage sustained so far as may be determined by visual inspection, which should be as thorough as practicable. The names and addresses of witnesses to the accident should always be obtained before the driver leaves the scene of the accident. The nature of the damage to the government vehicle, the filling in of the sketch, and answers to other

8. Every operator of an individual vehicle used for administrative purposes is required to carry in the vehicle a Vehicle and Equipment Operational Record, DD Form 110 (fig. 58–11). This form, when properly authenticated, is his official authorization for driving the vehicle; and, when completed, contains a record of his route, destination, time of departure and arrival, load, speedometer readings, and other information pertinent to the trip(s). In addition, the reverse side of this form lists



original papers being submitted in the accident

general questions may be postponed until the driver reports to his station, where he should have the assistance of his immediate superior. The position of the course followed by a pedestrian or object involved, just before and at the moment of impact, objects in the vicinity, and other information that will aid a clear understanding of the occurrence should be shown on the form. Upon completion of the report, it shall be immediately delivered to the supply officer or officer in charge of motor transportation, who will enter thereon the time of delivery over his signature, in the space provided for the purpose. If the driver has an accident while proceeding from one station to another, and continues on his trip, he shall turn in the report form to the proper officer upon arrival at destination. If the driver of the vehicle is incapacitated by the accident and another member of the naval or military services or an employee of the United States Government is present and a witness to the casualty, the operator's report should be filled out and turned in by such other person. In addition to the foregoing, the requirements of local traffic regulations relating to accidents shall be observed. A copy of this paragraph shall be kept prominently posted on the bulletin board in the garage for the information of all motor vehicle operators. Operators shall be instructed in the proper observance of these requirements.

4. Marine Corps activities other than organized units of the fleet marine force will submit monthly reports summarizing the accident experiences of the activity concerned. These reports are to be submitted monthly on Motor Vehicle Accident Summary, Form NAVEXOS2449, as indicated on that form. Reports are required from all activities concerned regardless of whether or not any accidents have been incurred. Separate reports shall be submitted from each post and station operating motor vehicles irrespective of the fact that the interests of the activity concerned may be subsidiary to those of a Navy establishment. Reports from recruiting activities shall be consolidated by recruiting areas and submitted by the headquarters of each area. Reports from reserve activities will be consolidated by reserve districts and submitted by the headquarters of each reserve district. One additional copy

of each report shall be forwarded to the Commandant of the Marine Corps (Code: CSE).

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5. Claims for damages arising out of an accident should be submitted by the claimants on Claim for Damage of Injury, Standard Form 95, to the commanding officer of the naval activity involved, if known, otherwise shall be submitted to the commanding officer of any naval activity, preferably the one within which or nearest to which the accident occurred, or to the Judge Advocate General of the Navy. Inquiries regarding such claims should be answered accordingly.

6. The situation arises occasionally after a collision between a Navy and Marine Corps vehicle and a private vehicle in which the owner or insurer of the latter admits liability and expresses the desire to have a private garage make all repairs to the Navy or Marine Corps vehicle which are necessary to place it in as good condition as before the accident. Repairs may be effected at the expense of the individual causing the damage, or his insurer, in private garages, when deemed to be in the public interest, subject to the condition that the repairs

3. The investigating officer shall use the Report of Investigation Officer, Standard Form 93, in making his report. He shall be guided by instructions contained in Appendix A, Volume I. Commanding officers or convening authorities, in their endorsement on the report of an investigating officer or the reports or proceedings of fact-finding bodies submitted in accordance with the above, shall include a statement showing whether or not disciplinary action is contemplated against the operator of the government vehicle, and in case where disci. plinary action has been taken, the nature thereof. If the vehicle involved in the accident is brought before a board of survey, only copies of the papers required for a complete accident report shall be incorporated in the survey, all


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2. When a motor vehicle is procured by purchase, or received from another department of the government, the Marine Corps number assigned to it will be clearly indicated on the invoice or papers used as a voucher to take up the vehicle on the property account. Numbers to be assigned vehicles will be requested from the Commandant of the Marine Corps (Code: CSE). When a motor vehicle is transferred, surveyed or sold the Marine Corps number will be shown on the invoice, request for survey or sales voucher. The chassis number, motor number, the cost and date of purchase will also be shown on the invoice. When a vehicle is finally disposed of the data and record cards will be forwarded to the Commandant of the Marine Corps (Code: CSE) by letter with final disposition entered on the cards,

accessories, and paints, and other materials for the upkeep and repair of motor vehicles will be made on item receipts, using Form NAVMC 737-SD, in triplicate. The cost of each item issued will be shown on the receipts and the triplicate will be filed in the Motor Vehicle Memoranda Folder, Form NAVMC 696d-SD. The original and duplicate will be used for property accountability and shop record purposes. A separate receipt will be used for articles issued each vehicle, and the number and designation of the vehicle noted thereon. When the cost price of an article is not known and cannot be ascertained from records on file at the post, or by comparison with similar articles, request for instructions as to the price to be charged should be submitted to Commandant of the Marine Corps (Code: CSE).

3. When a motor vehicle received by transfer is improperly designated or numbered on the invoice, the receiving officer shall take it up under the vehicle's proper designation and number and make notation on the receiving copies of the invoice and receipt as required by Chapter 54.

7. The quarterly motor vehicle report will be prepared at the end of each quarter from data filed in the Motor Vehicle Memoranda Folder. All motor vehicles on charge to the supply officer rendering the report will be shown thereon, including those in dead storage at posts and stations where storage is authorized. Depots rendering monthly motor vehicle reports will not report vehicles in dead storage on their quarterly report. 1 separate page

or pages will be added to report materials handling equipment. Columns #2 and #3 will be used to show make, type and model of each vehicle, or code in the case of Clark equipment.

4. When the chassis and the body of a motor vehicle are received as separate items, they will be taken up on the property account separately. Upon being assembled the chassis and body will be dropped by certificate from the property account and the complete vehicle taken up on the same certificate under its proper designation.

5. Supply officers will keep a detailed record of the cost of maintenance of each motor vehicle in their charge and render a quarterly report thereof to the Commandant of the Marine Corps (Code: CSE) on the Quarterly Motor Vehicle Report, Form NAVMC 696a-SD. The mileage traveled by all vehicles in use will be taken daily from the mileage recorders and recorded on the daily motor vehicle record, on which will be shown the record of all gasoline, oil and grease furnished each vehicle.

8. Spare parts, excluding engine assemblies and engine blocks, used to replace like articles worn out and unserviceable, shall be expended monthly on the Certificate of Expenditure, Form NAVMC 548-SD, regardless of unit value. Engine assemblies and engine blocks taken from stock and installed in motor vehicles to replace like items worn out and unserviceable, shall be dropped from the Marine Corps property account by plain paper certificate in accordance with the procedure outlined in paragraph 51502–1. This certificate shall indicate block or assembly number, the type and the Marine Corps number of the vehicle in which the new engine assembly or engine block is to be installed and include a statement that appropriate changes have been made on the applicable

6. Care will be taken to record all repairs, including repairs to tires, tubes, and accessories, replacements, and improvements chargeable to one vehicle separate from those chargeable to another. All issues of spare parts, tires, tubes,

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Motor Vehicle Record and Motor Vehicle Data Card of the vehicle. The cost of all replacements parts, including engine assemblies and engine blocks, shall be reported on the quarterly Motor Vehicle Report required by subparagraph 7 hereof. Worn out and unserviceable engine assemblies and engine blocks shall be made the subject of a report of board of survey, such surveys to indicate the engine assembly or engine block number and also the Marine Corps Number and type of vehicle from which dismantled. Surveys of engine assemblies and engine blocks may be approved by local command. Inasmuch as these items are components of the vehicle or equipment from which dismantled and therefore not carried on the property account as separate items, an approved survey for these items shall be assigned a voucher number "for record purposes only" and, when submitted as a voucher to the property account, must be accompanied by a Mechanical Inspection Report, Form 696c-SD.

12. Vehicles invoiced to depots and other organizations will be equipped with all tools and accessories as listed in the vehicle equipment list in Motor Transport Spare Parts Catalogs and as shown on Form NAVMC 696b-SD under “Additional Equipment.” Receiving activities will, upon receipt of vehicles, check the equipment list and Form NAVMC 696b-SD to ascertain that all tools and accessories listed therein are with the vehicle. If a shortage of items is found, these items will be taken up on the property account by the accountable officer by certificate and then invoiced to the shipping activity; see subparagraph 10.

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9. Spare parts for motor vehicles shall be carried on the property account under the heading “Group: Spare parts, motor vehicles," immediately following “Group: Motor vehicles.”

10. Motor vehicle accessories such as chains, tires, tubes, heaters, fire extinguishers, sirens, etc., when assigned to motor vehicles as additional equipment are considered to be an integral part of such vehicle, and are to be entered on the motor vehicle record card as equipment. Such items will not be invoiced upon transfer of a vehicle when installed thereon.

1. When a motor vehicle is brought before a board of survey and its condition does not warrant the expense of repairing it, the board should recommend that it either be sold or dismantled and the serviceable parts salvaged, according to which of these two methods of disposing of the vehicle will be the most advantageous to the government. Dismantling for salvage shall be done under the supervision of a competent mechanic. Serviceable parts to be placed in stock for issue will be taken up on the property account by certificate by the accountable officer. When motor vehicles are brought before a board of survey with a view to their disposal by any means whatsoever, a copy Form NAVMČ 696c-SD on each will be attached to the survey and all papers forwarded to the Commandant of the Marine Corps (Code: CSH) for action before disposing of the vehicles in question.




11. Accessories carried in stock for replacement purposes will be accounted for in the same manner as other articles of property. In cases where initial installation is made of accessories from stock, such items will be dropped by certificate, approved by the commanding officer, stating the vehicle and Marine Corps numbers to which assigned, and contain a statement that "the articles dropped hereon have been properly entered as equipment on the Form NAVMC 696b-SD”. In the event it becomes necessary to replace worn out or unserviceable accessories,


1. Instructions governing the supply replacement, and repair of tires, tubes, and flaps will be published by the Commandant of the Marine Corps as required.

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