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BOSWELL'S LIFE OF DR. JOHNSON, EDITED | BROUGHAM'S (Lord) Discourse of Natural TheBY CROKER, including the Tour to the Hebrides, ology, post 8vo. cloth, 2s pub at 8s

1835 Johnson's own Diary of a Tour into Wales, and BROUGTON'S (Rev. Thos.) Historical Dictionmany unpublished letters, new edition with two

ary of all Religions from the Creation of the Supplementary volumes of JOHNSONIANA, illus- World to this present time, 2 vols. folio, calf, trated by upwards of 50 steel plates, 10 vols, 12mo. 10s6d

1756 newly bound, half calf, extra, ne ıtly gilt, BROWN'S (John, D.D.) Expository Discourses

marbled edges, 2786d pub at £2 10s in cloth. on the first Epistle of Peter, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, BOSWELL on Study, the Choice of Books, and good as new, 1Is pub at 21 18 Edin. 1849

on the Study of Divinity, 8vo. calf, 1s6d BRUCE'S Travels in Africa, with plates, 80. BOYS and Girls Treasury of Pleasing Instruction, half calf, neat, 38

1824 with plates, 12mo. cloth, gilt edges, 1s9d BRYDONE'S Travels in Sicily and Malta, post BOY'S (The) Own Story Book, with plates by Har- 8vo. cloth, 18

1848 vey, post 8vo. cloth, 2s6d

1852 BUBBLES of Canada, by Sam Slick, 8vo. cloth, BRADY'S Varieties of Literature, post 8vo. half 2s pub at 128

1839 calf, 1s6d

18:26 BUCHAN'S Domestic Madicine, best large edition, BRAME'S Last of the Czars, a Romance of Rus- with plates, plain and coloured, 8vo. calf, neah, to

sian History and Traditions, 12mo, cloth, 1s6d title page, 58 BRAMHALL'S (Bishop) Consecration and Succes- BUCHANAN’S (Jas., D.D.) Faith in God, and Mo

sion of Protestant Bishops Justified, and the Bi. dern Atheism compared in their essential nature, shop of Durham Vindicated, wherein that infa- Theoretic grounds, and practical influence, 2 mous Fable of the Ordination at the Nag's. head vols. 8vo. cloth, 6s pub at 21 ls

1855 in Cheapside, is clearly confuted, 1716—Eng. BULWER'S Not so Bad as we Seem, a Comedy, land's Reformation, a Poem, in 1 vol. 8vo. calf, 8vo sewed, 2s pub at os

1851 very scarce, 7s6d

BULWER’S Pelham, or the Adventures of a Gen“Brockett's copy of Bramhall's Tract was sold tleman, good edition, 12mo. cloth, 2s pub at 6s for £2."-LOW'NDES.

BULWER'S Paul Clifford, post 8vo. balf calf, 2s BRAND'S Algebraical Problems, with their Solu- BUNSEN'S Hippolytus and his Age, or the Be

tions and an Appendix, 9th edition, 8vo. boards, ginings and Prospects of Christianty, 2 vols. 4s6d pub at 10s6d 1849 8vo. cloth, 178 pub at $1 10s

1854 BREAY'S Teacher Taught, or the Sunday School BUNSEN'S Signs of the Times ; or the Dangers Instructor, ls pub at 2s


to Religious Liberty in the Present State of the BREMER’S (Miss) Works; A Diary-The Neigh- World, 8vo. cloth, 786d pub at 12s 1856

bours-Rectory of Mora, in 1 vol. royal 8vo. BUNYAN-Key to the Pilgrim's Progress, designcloth, extra, 2s6d

ed to assist in reading it with understanding and BREWING-Combrune's Essay on, 8vo calf, 1s6d profit, 12mo. sewed, scarec, 2s

1790 BRANDE'S Every Man his own Brewer, Cellar- BURDER'S Oriental Customs, an illustration of

mun, Malster, and Hop Merchant, 12mo. cloth, the Scriptures by the Customs and Manners of 1s6d

N.D. the Eastern Nations, 8vo. cloth, 4s 1840 BRIDGE'S (Rev. C.) Exposition of Psalm CXIX, BURGE on the Choral Service of the Church, Is

post 8vo. cloth, 3s pub at 78 1849—another copy; BURGESS (Bp.) on the Origin and Independence boards, 28

1828 of the Ancient British Church; on the Supremacy BRIGGS'S Art of Cookery, and complete Guide to of the Pope, and the Inconsistency ofall Foreign all Housekeepers, 8vo. calf, 1s6d

1791 Jurisdiction with the British Constitution, 8vo. BRINSLEY (John) Ludus Literarius; or tho cloth, 2s6d

1815 Grammar School, shewing how to proceede from BURKE'S (Sir Bernard) ORDER OF KNIGHTthe first entrance into Learning to the highest HOOD and Decorations of Honour of all Nations, perfection. London, F. Kingston, 1627–Also a with fac simile coloured plates, of the Insignia of Consolation for our Grammar Schools, or a faith- the various orders, royal 8vo. cloth, extru, gilt full and most comfortable incouragement for edges, 24s pub at $2 28 laying of a sure foundation of all good learning BURKE'S Anecdotes of the Aristocracy, and Epis in our schools, especially those of the inferior odes in Ancestral Story, vol. 1, post 8vo. cloth, sort, and all ruder countries; namely for Ire- 28 pub at 1086d

1849 land, Wales, Virginia, &c. London, R. Field, BURKE (Edmund) on the Sublime and Beautiful, 1622, curious and very scarce, small 4to. calf, 10s and on Taste, 8vo. boards, Is6d

1812 Brinsley was a noted Grammarian, Schoolmaster, BURKE'S Reflections on the French Revolution, Minister' at Gt. Yarmouth, and a nephew of the 8vo. half calf, 1s6d

1790 celebrated Bp. Hall, by whom there is a commendatory BURLAMAQUI'S Principles of Natural and Polipreface to the above work." BRITISH Almanac and Companion for 1833, 1835 BURKITT'S Expository Notes on the New Testa

tic Law, royal 8vo. cloth, 2s6d

1817 to 40, and 1843 to 46, 11 vols. cloth, 5s pub at £2 43

1724 ment, folio,

portrait, calf, 6s6d “ Fall of valuable information."

BURMESE War, Narrative of the Operations of BROKEN (The) Heart, or the Village Bridal, by

Sir A. Campbell's Army, 1824-6, by Major Mrs Bennet, with engravings, post Svo. boards, BUTLER'S (Charles) Reminiscenses, a most in

Snodgrass, 8vo. map, &c., half calf, neat, 2s 1827 1s6d pub at 4s BRONTE'S (Charlotte) Shirley-Villette-Wuth

teresting work, 4th edition, with a Letter to a

Lady on ering Heights, 12mo. cloth, 2s each. 1857-8

Ancient and Modern Music, 8vo. boards, 2s6d




BURNS'S Songs, with the Music, 10d

CELEBRATED Children of all Ages and Nations BUSINESS (hand Book of) 12mo. cloth, ls 1860 by M Masson, 12mo. cloth, gilt, 2s6d pub at 3s6d BUXTON'S Fowell) The African Slave Trade and CELEBRATED CRIMES, by Alexander Dumas, its remedy, 8vo. map, cloth, 1s6d 1840 8vo. cloth, 48

1843 BYRON'S Doge of Venice, a Tragedy!; & Prophecy CHALMERS' (Rev. Dr.) on Political Economy,

of Dante, a poem, 8vo. half calf, 1s6d 1821 in connection with the Moral State and Moral CALEB STUKELEY, a Novel, by Phillips, post Prospects of Society, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 3s6d 8vo. plates, cloth, 1s9d pub at 2s6d

1854 pub at 8s CALHOUN'S (John C.) Speeches, delivered in the CỦAMBERS'S Information for the People, origiUnited States Congress, royal 8vo. cloth, 38.

nal edition, folio, cloth, 2s6d pub at 6s 1835

New York 1843 CHAMBERS'S Information for the People. 2vols. CALMET'S Dictionary of the Bible, by Taylor, half calf, neat, 9s6d pub. at 21s.

1842 with maps and engrarings, imperial 8vo. cloth, CHAMBERS'S Cyclopædia of Literature, 2 vols. 10s pub at 18s

1837 imperial 8vo half calf, eatra, gilt, neat, 12s pub CALVIN's Institutes of Christian Religion, at 21s in similar binding

1843 abridged by himself. 8vo. portrait, cloth, 2s 1837 CHAMBERS'S History of Scotland, post 8vo. cloth CAMPBELL'S (Lord) Speeches, 8vo. cloth, 3:6d 2s6d pub at 4s

1849 pub at 10s6d

1842 CHARLES 1.- Narrative of J. Ashburnham's CAMPBELL'S (Rev. W.) British India; the Attendance on King Charles from Oxford to the

Decline of Hindooism & the Progress of Christ. Scotch Army, and from Hampton Court to the
ianity, Remarks on the Manners, Customs and Isle of Wight, 2 vols. 8vo. portrait, cloth 3s6d
Literature of the People, on Education, &c., CHARLES 11.—Monarchy Revived, being the
engravings by Baxter, 8vo. cloth 4s published personal History of Charles II., 14 fine sleei port-
at 12s
1839 raits 8vo. cloth, 4s6d pub at 16s

1822 CAMPBELL'S Value of Annuities from £1 to £1000 CHARLES II in the Channel Islands, a Contribu

per annum, on Single Lives from the Age of 1 to tion to his Biography, and to the History of his 90 years, with the number of years purctase each Age, by S. E. Hoskins, M. D., 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, Annuity is worth, the Rates of Legacy Duty, 5s. pub at £l 18

1854 &c., royal 8vo. boards, 2s6d pub at £1 58 1810 CHATEAUBRIAND'S Travels in Greece, Pales. CAMPKIN'S Guide to the Civil Service, 12mo tine, Egypt, &c., 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 2s6d 1812 limp cloth, 1s3d

1860 CHATTERTON.-Observations on the Poems of CAPPER'S Topographical Dictionary,containing an Thos. Rowley, in which the Authenticity of these

Account of every district, object and place in the Poems is ascertained, by Jacob Bryant, 8vo. cf. 33.

British Empire, thick 8vo: maps, calf, neat, 3s CHEEVER’S Wanderings of a Pilgrim in the CAREER OF DON CARLOS, being a Chapter in Shadow of Mont Blanc, and the Jungfrau Alp,

the History of Charles the Fifth, 8vo. portrait, large illustrated edition, fine otcel plates, coloured half calf. neat, 2s

1835 borders round each page, 8vo. cloth, 4s6d CARICATORES-Caricature Portraits, &c., 29 in CHESS--An Easy Introduction to, including all

number, mostly coloured, a very curious collection Phillidor's Analysis, Caissa, a Poem, Morals of (old and scarce) 58

Chess, by Dr. Franklin, &c., 12mo. boards 1s6d CARLETON'S Traits and Stories of the Irish CHILD (The) of Mystery, a novel, by H. M. Jones,

Peasantry, with plates by Harvey, Phiz, 8c., 2 vols engravings, post 8vo. boards, Is6d pub at 4s 8vo, cloth, 9s pub at £1 ls

1856 CHINA-An Account of the Embassy to, by the CARLISLE'S (Earl of) Diary in Turkish and Earl of Macartney and Sir G. Staunton 3 vols Greek Waters, post 8vo. cloth, 386d pub at 10360 8vo, calf 2s6d

1797 CARNE'S (John) Tour through Turkey, Egypt, CHINA The last year in) with Remarks on our

Arabia, the Holy Land, Syria and Greece, 2 vols policy in China 12mo. map, cloth, 1s6d 1843 post 8vo. boards, 2s

1826 CHRISTIAN Character, a Book for Young Ladies, CARPENTER'S Biblical Companion, an Intro- by Rev. H. Newcomb, 12mo. cl. ex. gilt, 2:3d

duction to the Reading & Study of the Scriptures, CHRISTIAN (The) Lady, and her Course of Life and Comprising Biblical Criticism, Interpretation, 12mo. cloth, 186d

N.D. Theology, History, Natural Science, &c. large CHRISTIAN (The) Lady's Magazine, Vols 2 3 paper (opy, 4to. cioih, 108

1836 and 4, edited by Charlotte Elizabeth, 3 vols. CASSELL'S Hand Book of Investments, ls 1861 12mo. half calf, 3s6d

1834-5 CASWALL'S RISE, Progress and Present State “ Contains Chapters on Flowers bv Charlotte

of the Mormons, with an Analysis of the Book of Elizabeth, amongst a mass of other good reading
Mormon, post 8vo. cloth. 2s6d

1843 CHRISTIAN (The) Philosopher triumphing over CATALOGUE of the Magnificent Effects at Death, closing scenes of the Life of Dr. Gordon,

Fonthill Abbey, small 4to. sewed, 1s6d 1822 by Newman Hall, cloth, 1s6d pub at 4s 1850 CATS AND DOGS, Nature's Warriors, and God's CHRISTIAN Remembrancer, July 1824 to same

Workers, or Lessons in Natural History, with 1826 2 thick vols. 8vo. half calf 2s "edited by

coloured plates, 12mo. cloth, 2s6d pub at 3860 1857 Dr. Hampden, Bishop of Hereford" CATTLE—The Ox, Sheep and Swine, their breed- CHRISTMAS'S (Rev. Henry) Cradle of the Twin

ing, management, improvement and diseases, by Giants Science and History, 2 vols. post 8vo. Lawrence 8vo, boards, 3s pub at 12s N.D.

cloth, 7s6d pub at £1 ls

1848 CECIL'S (Rev. R.) Remains ; on the Christian CHRISTMAS' Echoes of the Universe; from the

Ministry, the Scriptures and other Subjects, World of Matter and the World of Spirit, post 12mo, cloth, ls

8vo. cloth, 4s6d pub at 7s6d


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CALMETS Phantom World, or the Philosphy of COBBETT'S Treatise on Corn, Instructions for

Spirits, Apparitions &c., with Introduction and Propagating and Cultivating the Plant, and Har. Notes by Christmas 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 6s6d vesting and Preserving the Crop, 12mo, bds Ishd pub at £1 ls

1850 COINS—An Essay for the Amendment of the SilCHRISTOPHER Tadpole, by Albert Smith, 12mo. ver Coins, 8vo. calf, 1s6d

1695 cloth, 2s

1854 COLEMAN'S Our Woodlands, Heaths, and Hedges, CHRONICLE of the Kings of England, written a popular description of Trees, Shrubs, Wild

after the manner of the Jewish Historians, with Fru ts, &c., with coloured plates, 12mo. cloth, Notex, Svo. half calf, very curious and scarce, 4s. gilt, 3s

1859 CHRONOLOGY of the 18th and 19th Centuries, COLUMBUS'S Voyages to Discover America and

Comprehending every important transaction from the West Indies, 12mo calf, 1s6d Glasgow 1761 1700 to 1820 by Boyle, 870. new half calf, extra, COMENTUS'S Visible World, or Names and Picgilt, marbled leaves, 5s

1826 tures of all the chief things that are in the Church (The) of England, in the Reigns of the world, and of men's employment therein, 150

Tudors, with Notice of Ecclesiastical History engravigns, with explanations in Latin and Eng. from the earliest times, 12mo. cloth, 1s6d 1851 lish, 12mo. Is6d

1777 CHURTOW'S Railroad Book of England, giving an COMIC (The) Album; a book for every table,

Account of every Town, Village. Gentlemens with numerous humourous engravings, 4to. kuif Seats, &c., on each side of all the Railways, what morocco, 4s. pub. at 12s

1843 station they are near, and distance from London, CONGREGATIONAL LECTURES—Wardiaw's Map and uumerous fine engravings, royal 8vo. Christian Ethics— Vaughan's Causes of the Cor. cio:h, 4scd pub at £1 ls

1851 ruption of Christianity -- Henderson's Divine CIVIL Service Examinations, with Directions for Inspiration, post 8vo, cloth, extra, 2sód each. Candidates 12mo, cloth, 1s6d

1956 | COOKSON'S Thoughts on Polygamy, with a desCLARKS (Rev. J. A. of Philadelphia) Glimpses cription of Marriage and its obligations Laws

of the Old World, or Excursions on the Continent relating thereto, aad hints for the prevention of and in Gt. Britain 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 4s pub Prostitution, 8vo. calf, scarce, 3s6d

1782 at 143

Bugster 1810 COOMBE Abbey; an historical Tale of the reign of CLARK'S Russia Traders Assistant; Practical James 1., by Miss Bunbury, with engravings,

Information on Russian Monies. Weights and 8vo. cloth. 4s pub at 12s Measures, Course of Exchange, Bills, Cominercial COOPER'S (Fenimore) Notions of the Americans, Guilds, Trade of Foreigners, &c., Vol. 1 Exports, picked up by a travelling bachelor, 2 rols. 850. oblong, 8 vo. cloth, 3s pub at 20s 1811 boards, 4s

182N CLARKE'S (John) Essay upon Education 1730,

Doubtless the notions of the Americans did and Essay upon Study 2 Vols. in one 12mo. I much to correct error and abnte prejudice among can. calf. 1s0d

1731 did foreigners." —ALLIBONE'S DICTIONARY. CLARKE'S Survey of the Bible, or an Analytical

Account of the Scriptures, much conducing to COOPER'S (Saml.) First Lines of the Theory and the clearer understanding thereof, thick small 4to.

Practice of Surgery, 7th and last edition, thick oid call, 2360 1693 8vn. cloth, 6s6d pub at 189

1810 CLARKE'S History of Intolerance and Persecution, COOPER'S (Thos ) Some Information respecting and on the Equity and Wisdom of Unrestricte

America, 8vo, sewed, 1862

1794 Religious Liberty, 2 vols. Svo. boards, 28 1819 COPE'S History of the East Indies, and Observa. CLARKE'S Essay on the English Language, and

tions on the Religion, Customs. Manners, and the Origin of Oral and Written Communication

Trade of the Inhabitants, 8vo half calf, neat, 2s among the Ancients, 12mo. cloth, ls 1849

COTTAGES-Model, Detailed Working Drawings, CLARKE'S Elements of Drawing and Painting in

Plans, Sections, Elevations, and Specifications, Water Colours, with many coloured plates, square

! by Hine and Nicholls, plates, small 4to. cloth. 12mo, cloth, gilt edges, 4s pub at 7s6d 1847

2s pub at 48

1948 CLEMON'S Manners and Customs of Society in CCURT (The) and the Country Cook, also Confec

India, with Characteristic Tales and Sketches, tionery, Preserves, Sweetmeats, Liquors fr., and Instructions for Cadets and other young

8vo. calf, 1860

WT gentlemen during their firsi year's residence in COVENTRY'S Revenues of Church of England, India, post Evo cloth, 2s6d


and Rise and Progress of Ecclesiastical Taxation, CLERMONT'S Art of Cookery, Pastry, and Con

Svo boards, Is6d

1930 fectionary, with receipts, 8vo. calf, isod 1776

COSTUME_Townsend's Costumes of the Parisians CLERGYMAN'S Instructor, Tracts on the Minis- in 1825-6-7-8, 174 fine coloured plates, with desterial Duties, Svo. clif, 2860 Oxford 1827

criptions, 2 vols. 8vo. half crimson calf, gill, CLOVERNOOK, by Alice Covy, cloth, 1s3d

2-01 COBBETT'S (Wm) Geographical Dictionary of COTPER-Illustrations of this Works, 12 fine England and Wales, an Account of every City,

steel plates, with Description and Sketch of his Town, Village, Hamlet, and Tithing, the distance

Life, 8vo. boires, 1s6d

1804 of eaeh from London and the nearest Market | COWPEF'S (Wm. the Poc!) Life & Correspondence Town, a complete set of County maps, gre., Svo.

12mo. portrait, cloth, Is6d

1955 boards, ad

1832 CRABBE'S Borough, a Pocm, 8vo. half carf, gilt. COBBETT'S Tour in Italy, France, and Switzer


1910 Lord, post 8vo, cloth, lebd pub at 5s 1830 CRAIK'S Reports of Remarkable Trials, square

12mo. sewed, 1960


CRIMER'S (Archbishop) Life, 12mo. portrait, , DANDALO on the Art of Rearing Silk Worms, cloth, 1s6d pub at 3864

post 8vo. plutes, boards, 2360

1925 CRANMER-Strype's Memorials of Archbishop DÅRWALL on the Management of Infants, and

Cranmer, and of the Reformation, 2 vols. post the Disorders of Children, 12mo, boards, 1s6d 8vo. cloth, 4s

1853 DAVENANT'S Essays upon the Balance of Power CRAWFORD'S (Captain) Reminiscenses of a Right of making War, Peace and Alliances,

Naval Officer during the War with France, with Universal Monarchy, Svo, calf, !s6d 1701 Sketches and Anecdotes of distinguished Com- DAWSON'S (Thos. D D.) Memoirs of St. George, manders, 2 vols. post 8vo. por truits, cloth, 4s and the most Noble Order of the Garter, 8vo. puh at £1 ls 1851 calf, gill, 2s

1714 CROMWELL-Memoirs of Oliver, and his two DAY'S Monastic Institutions, their Origin,

Sons, illustrated by original Letters, and family Progres, Nature and Tendency, 12mo. cloth, 38 papers, 2 vols. 8vo. (no portraits) boards, ás 18:22

pub at 5s

Lengmin's 1355 CROSSFIELD'S (R. 'T.) Trial for High Treason, DAWSON on Spermatorrhoea & Urinary Deposits, at the Old Bailey, in May 1796, 8vo. calf, 186d 8vo, cloh, Isod

1853 CROSTWAITE'S Modern Hagiology; an Examin- DEAN'S History of the Turkish Empire, post 8vo. ation of the Nature and Tendency of some cloth, 23

1854 Legendary & Devotional Works, published under DE CASTRO'S The Spanish Protestants, and their the Sanction of Drs. Newman & Pusey, and Rev Persecution by Philip IInd, an Historical Work, F. Oakoley, 2 vols. 12mo. cloth, 3 s published 12mo, cioth, 1s6d pub at 63

1851 at 95

1846 DEFOE'S The True Börn Englishman, and a ColCRODEY'S Concordance to the Scriptures, com- lection of his Writings, 890, calf, scarce, 38 1703

plete edition, imperial 8vo, new half calf, extra, DE HELL'S Travels in the Steppes of the Caspian gilt, marbled leaves, 1236d

Sea, the Crimea, the Caucasus, &c., 8vo. cloth, 3s CRUNDEN'S Joyner & Cabinet Maker's Director, pub at 10:60

1847 60 designs for Freizes, Book Cases, Trays, DÈS CHARMES Art of Bleaching Piece Goods,

Stoves, I'enders, &c. 8vo. plates, boards, 1s6d Cottons and Threads, Silk, Wool and Paper, for CULLEY on Live Stock, and on Choosing and Im. the u-e of Manufacturers, Bleachers, Dyers,

proving the Breeds of Cattle, 8vo. bds, 1s6d 1794 Calico Printers and Paper Makers, 8vo. plates, CULPEPER'S Complete Herbal, English Physician bords, 2s

1799 and Key to Physic, 4to. coloured plates, calf, nent DELAMOTTE'S Examples of Modern Alphabeis, 12s cost £1 105

1850 Ornamental and Plain, oblong 8vo, cloth, 3s6d CUMMING'S(Dr.) Lectures on the Seven Churches De VERE'S (Sir Aubrey) Song of Faith, Devout

of Asia Minor, 12mo. cloth, 3s originally pub Exercises and Sonnets, 12mv. cloth, 2s6d pub at 93

at 58

Pickering 1842 CONYNGIIAME'S Recollections of Service in DICKENS'S Nicholas Nickleby, cloth, 3s-Oliver

China, a Residence in Hong Kong, and Visits to Twist, cloth, 2s—Sketches by Boz, cloth, 2s other Islands in the Chinese Seas, 2 vols. post DICKENS'S Haunted Man, engravings, 12mo. 8vo. plotes, cloth, 3s pub at £1 18 1814 cloth, giit edgee, 2s pub at 5s

1948 CURIOSITIES of Gt. Britain, a description of DICKENS'S Household Narrative of Current

whatever is remarkable in the several Counties, Events 1852, royal Svo. cloth, 1s6d Cities, Towns, Villages, &c, with plates, 6 vols. DICTIONARY of British Biography, a series of 8vo, call, IO3


Original Memoirs by Sir A. Alison, Sir David CURRENCY Self Regulating and Elastic, and on Brewster, Eadie. Charles Knight, Professor

the Nature of Capital, and of Money, 8vo. Nichol, &c., post 8vo. cloth, 3s6d pub at 55 1857 cloth, 33601

1855 DICTIONARY of Quotations from the Greek, CURZON'S Armenia; a Ycar at Erzeroom, and on Latin, French, Spanish and Italian Languages, the frontiers of Russia, Turkey and Persia, post translated, 12mo. boards, 1s6d

1798 8vo. map and engravings, cloth, 3s6d 1851 DOBELL'S (Sidney) England in Time of War, CUSTANCE (George) on the Constitution of a Poem, 12mo. cloth, 1s6d

1856 England, 8vo. caif. 1s6d 3rd edition ND. DODDRIDGE (Dr.) Memoirs of his Life, Character CUVIER'S Animal Kingdom, translated & adapted and Writings, 12mo. boards, 1s6d

1819 to the present state of Science, by Blyth, Mudie, DOD'S (Meg) Cook and Housewife's Manual, Johnston and Westwood, with additions by Car- 12mo. boards, 1s6d

1829 penter, 34 strel plales & 300 engravings, royal 8v.). DON QUIXOTE, large volume, with plates, cloth, now half calf, extra, gili, marbled leares, 12-60 5s

1941 pub at £1 ls in cloth

1854 DONALDSON'S New Cratylus, or Contributions DALLAWAY'S Anecdotes of the Arts in England, towards a more accurate Knowledge of the Greek or Comparative Observations on Architecture,

Language, 2nd edition 8vo. cloth, 7s6d published Sculpture and Painting, 8vo.calf, neat, 3s60 1300

at 18s

1850 DALRYMPLE'S Practice of Cookery, with a D'ORLEAN'S History of the Revolutions in EngGlossary of Terms, Svo. boords, 1s6d 1731

land, under the Family of the Stuarts 1603 to 1690 DANCING-Le Cotillon, 15 fine plates, and In- wherein are many Secret Memoirs relating to that structions in French, oblong 4to. fancy famils, 8vo. caif, scarce, 3s

1722 bindiuz, isod

DOUVILLE'S Speaking French Grammar, 60 CELLARIUS'S Fashionable Dancing, fine plates, Lessons adapted to render the Speaking of French small 4to. printed in elegant coloured borders,

easy to English Persons, 8vo. 1864 fancy binding 28


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DRAMA (The) NINETY-NINE PORTRAITS' FAMILY (The) Doctor, an Encyclopædia of Do

of ceiebrated ACTORS & ACTRESSES, OPERA mestic Medicine and Household Surgery, with DANCERS, MUSICIANS, &c., including engravings, 2 vols. in one, post 8vo. half calf, Aldridge, Bennett, Betty, Mrs. Billington. Mrs. gilt, 5s pub at 7s in cloth Bunn, Catalini, Dowton, Fanny Ellsler, (2 dif. FEMALE EDUCATION-An Enquiry into the ferent) Farren (2) Carlotta Grisi (2) Giuli Grisi best system of, by J. L. Chirol, 8vo. calf, (4) Miss Kelly, Miss Fanny Kemble (in 6 different neat, ls6d

1 809 characters) Mrs. Roger Kemble, Chas. Kemble, FINNEY'S Lectures on Systematic Theology, Liston (2) Lablache, Pasta, Mrs. Siddons, Mrs. edited by Dr. Redford, thick 8vo. portrait, cloth, Waylett, &c., &c., mostly fine large portraits, extra, 8-6d originally pub at 16s

1851 many proofs, only 258

FRANKLIN'S (Dr. Benjamin) Posthumous and THEATRICAL PORTRAITS—Agar, as Romeo, other Writings, 2 vols in one, 8vo. cloth, extra, folio 6d.-Elisa Bellor, 6d-A. Catalini, proof, 6d 3s pub at £l ls

1819 -W. Farren 6d— Madlle. Fleury, 6d-Giulia FRENCH English and English French Dictionary, Grisi, proof, fine, folio, 1s—Miss Huddart as Joan by De Lolme and Wallace, svo cloth, good as of Arc, 60–J. Lacy, in 3 characters, 60—Madlle. new. 6s pub at 93

1860 Plessy 6d-Pasta, proof, folio, 1s

BARBAULD'S Lecons pour les Enfans, ls. DRESDEN GALLERY, an Account of the Pic- FRENCH-CEUVRES DE MOLIERE, 6 rols. tures in that celebrated collection, and Tales and 18mo, sewed, 2s6d

1829 Biographies relating to the subjects of them, &c. FULLER'S (Andrew) Expository Discourses on (no plates) 4to. half calf, gilt, neat, 2s6d

Genesis, post Svo. half calf. neat, 2s 1836 DU BOIS Diverting Fables, each with a proper FULLOM'S The Great Ilighway, a Story of the

Moral, suited to the present times, and curious World's Struggles, with steel plates by Leech, observations from the best Histories, 8vo. calf, 3 vols. post 8vo. cloth, extra, 4s6d published scarce, 2s Oxford 1726 at $1 lls 6d.

1854 Du DEFFAND'S (Madame) Correspondence with GALT'S Life of Cardinal Wolsey, with notes from

D'Alembert, Montesquieu and others, with Let- other sources, post 8vo. portrait, cloth, 2s6d pub ters of Voltaire to Madame Du D ffand, 2 vols. at 3s6d

1816 8vo. half calf, neat, 3s

1810 GENTLEMAN'S (The) Recreation in Hunting, DUNC-N's Dogic, 12mo. bound, Is

1818 Hawking, Fowling and Fishing, 8vo. calf, 2s6d DUNCKLEY'S Prize fosay on Free Trade and its GEOLOGY for Beginners, by General Portlock, Results, 8vo. cloth, 2s6d 1854 engravings, 12mo. cloth, Is4d

1859 DUNN'S Principles of Teaching 12mo. cloth, 1s6d GIL BLAS (Adventures of) with plates, 2 rols. DUPIN'S Mathematics practically applied to the

8vo, old calf, 28

1774 Useful and Fine Arts, by 'Birkbeck, 8vo. | GIRL'S (The) Birthday Book, Tales, Essays and cloth, 3s6d

1854 Narratives, numerous engravings, post 8vo. cloth EDMONDSON'S System of Self Government in extra, gilt edges, 3s pub at 58

1860 the Great Affairs of Life and Godliness, 12mo. GLASSE'S Cookery, with 150 new and useful boards, 1s6d 1827 Receipts, 8vo. calf, 1s6d pub at 5s

1734 EGYPT AND NUBIA, illustrated from Burck | GOLDSMITH'S Complete History of England,

hardt, Lindsay, and other leading Authorities, with Continuation by Coote, 4 vols. 8vo. bds. As by J. A. St. John. With 125 fine wood engrav- | GORDON'S (Sir Adam) Discourses, the substance

ings, demy 8vo. cloth, 3s6d pub at 128 1845 of the Homilies, in a Modern Style, 2 vols. 8vo. EGYPTIANANTIQUITIES in the British Museum boards, 2s6d

1823 numerous engravings, 2 vols. 12mo. cloth, 4s pub “ Very necessary for every Clergyman to posess at 9s Libry. Entertaining. Knowledge 1832

who wishes properly to discharge his Pastoral duties.”

ELECTRIC (The) Telegraph, its History and
Progress, with engravings, by E. Highton, C.E. GORE'S (Mrs.) Mrs. Armytage, or Female Domin-
12mo. cloth, 1s9d

ation, 12mo. cloth, 28 pub at 53

1848 ELLIS'S (Mrs.) NEW WORK at reduced price

GRAVE (The) of Human Philosophies, Ancient Mothers of Great Men, 8vo. portraits, cloth, extra

and Modern, or the Universal System of the

Brahmins unveiled, 8vo boards, 1s6d 48 pub at 10s6d

1859 ELTON'S (Edwd.) Exposition of the Colossians, GREECE (History of) from the earliest times, Svo delivered in sundry Sermons, folio, half calf, GREEK Septuagint 2 vols. calf, 2s

clh., ls6d Socy. for diffusion of Useful Know. 1829 1637

1665 GREGORY'S ECONOMY of Nature explained and "This Exposition has much spiritual instruction." --BICKERST ETI—" Is a work rich in matter."-Williams

illustrated on the principles of Natural Philosophy, Christian Preacher

46 plates, 3 vols. 8vo. boards, 3s

1796 ENGLISH LAKES (Guide to) with numerous fine GRIMM'S Home Stories, with plates, 12mo. cloth, tinted plates, 12mo. cloth, 4s sells at 58 1859 gilt, 28

1857 FABLES, Moral & I'olitical, with large Explications, GROYE’S (Henry of Taunton) System of Moral translated from the Dutch, 2 vols. 8vo. calf,

Philosophy, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, 2s

1749 1703 IIALL'S (Newman) Land of the Forum & the VatiFAIRY TALES for Children, numerous fine en

can, or an Easter Pilgrimage to Rome, 12mo. gravings, post 8vo. cloth, extra, gilt edges, 3s

cloth, 28

1851 pub at 5s


HEADS of the Pecple, by Douglas Jerrold, :W. FÈRNS and their Allies, by G. W. Francis, 8v0).

Howitt, Thackeray, Mrs. Hall, Leman Rede, &c., plates, cloth, 3s pub at 5s

1855 plates by Kency Meadows, post 8vo. boards, Is6d

scarce, 8s6d

scarce, 3s6d

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