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1. Any commissioned officer, commisioned warrant officer, or warrant officer aay be appointed accountable for property. The terms "officer" and "officers" whenver appearing in regulations in connection vith accountability for property will be underitood to include commissioned warrant and warrant officers, and in specific cases when 30 directed by proper authority, those noncommissioned officers of certain stations and detachments where the exigencies of the service have required their appointment as "accountable officers."

1. When a responsible officer is relieved from duty he shall without delay turn in property held on memorandum receipt or transfer it to an authorized successor, and effect settlement of his responsibility. When such officer is detached or separated from the service by resignation or discharge, he shall similarly effect a settlement before leaving the organization. It shall be the duty of the commanding officer to see that the settlement is effected before the departure of the responsible officer or other individual, or if the commanding officer deems this impracticable, he shall appoint a board of officers to inventory the property to effect the settlement. Any property not transferred to a successor shall be taken possession of by the appropriate accountable officer, wh shall issue a credit for such property and furnish a copy thereof to the individual con. cerned. If a shortage is found to exist or ir damage not the result of fair wear and tear in the service is discovered, the accountable officer shall advise the person concerned with a view to obtaining an adjustment before taking steps to request a board of survey to fix responsibility.



1. Only individuals holding appointments as "accountable officers," temporarily acting as such, or acting for an accountable officer shall accomplish vouchers relating to government property accounts. Under certain circumstances an officer may become an "accountable officer" by virtue of his office; i.e., commanding officers of ship's detachments, and at small posts and stations where the complement is not large enough to war. rant the detail of an officer to act exclusively as accountable officer.



2. There shall be only one designated individual accountable for any one property account. Upon receipt of invoices, bills of lading, transfer forms, memoranda, or other papers involving accountability by an individual not accountable, he shall immediately turn over to the accountable officer of his organization all papers covering the trans action. In the event it becomes necessary for an officer not an accountable officer to accomplish forms or execute papers covering property accounting business, and there is not an accountable officer within a reasonable distance, such non-accountable officer shall execute such papers as are necessary, and forward the papers with necessary information to the Quartermaster General of the Marine Corps, requesting instructions. 54102 CHANGE OF ACCOUNTABLE


1. When an officer or other individual who holds public property on memorandum receipt has been absent from his proper station without authority for a period of 10 days, or sooner if the circumstances in a particular case so dictate such action, the commanding officer shall designate a successor or a disinterested officer to effect settlement in the manner contemplated in paragraph 54103.



1. The fact that an individual has not given a memorandum receipt for any public property in his possession does not relieve him from responsibility therefor, nor from making the prescribed settlement upon separation from the service or at other times as may be directed by competent authority. Property not included on a memorandum receipt shall be reported to the proper accountable officer for recovery or inclusion in the property records.

1. Detailed instructions for effecting the relief or change of accountable officers are contained in Part G.


within the prescribed operational readiness

time limit, or 1. Marine Corps organizations are authorized to requisition supplies and equip

b. In all cases where depot maintenance ment within the prescribed allowances set of the item is required. forth in current Tables of Allowances, Tables of Equipment, Material Allowance Lists or Certification of the fact that a Board of other allowance publications as applicable. Survey is not required, in accordance with Equipment and supplies so authorized may the provisions of paragraph 54552, will be be obtained by using organizations through made by the organizational commander on the preparation and submission of requisition the invoice employed to transfer the item Form NAVMC 25-SD (Rev), or other au- to the supply activity for such field or thorized requisition form

on the normal depot maintenance, per subparagraph 2 above. source of supply.

54201 REQUISITIONING PROCEDURE 2. Regardless of whether a Board of Survey will be required in accordance with para- 1. In order that supply depots or other graph 54552, Marine Corps organizations supply sources may take prompt and intellimay requisition a serviceable replacement gent action on requests for supplies, it is for equipment under the following conditions: essential that requisitions be properly pre

pared and submitted in a sufficient number a. Replacement of equipment of Fleet of copies. All Marine Corps activities shall Marine Force

organizations, when such follow the procedure outlined herein when equipment requires maintenance which is preparing requisitions. beyond the capabilities of the Force maintenance units to perform within the prescribed 2. Supply installations (depots of supply, operational readiness time limit.

supply depots, service groups, etc.) shall

inform using organizations of any additional b. Replacement of equipment of Fleet instructions that will facilitate supply and Marine Force organizations, when such services to

to such organizations, provided equipment requires depot maintenance.

such instructions are not in conflict with

regulations contained herein. c. Replacement of lost equipment of any Marine Corps organization.

54202 PRESCRIBED FORMS d. Replacement of equipment of any 1. Requisition, Form NAVMC 25-SD (Rev), Marine Corps organization, when such equip- will be used for requisitioning supplies and ment is in such worn out or damaged condi- equipment normally carried in stock at a tion that it is obvious that the item cannot supply point unless excepted hereinafter. be economically repaired. When sufficient doubt exists as to whether an item can be 2. Special Shoe Measurement Form, Form economically repaired, then, if appropriate,

NAVMC 183-SD will be used for requisition. such determination will be made by a Board ing special sized shoes not available from of Survey in accordance with paragraph stock. 54559. In the latter connection, replacement of the equipment will nevertheless be im- 3. Open Purchase Requisition, Form mediately requested by Fleet Marine Force NAVMC 461-SD (Rev) will be used only for Units; however, other Marine Corps activi- requisitioning articles or services that are ties will be guided by the approved recom

to be procured by purchase in the open mendations of a Board of Survey and para

market. Articles for which a suitable subgraph 54558 in the premise.

stitute may be in stock at supply point will

NOT be procured by purchase in the open 3. When, in the opinion of the Commanding market. (See paragraph 55050.) Officer of the Fleet Marine Force organization a Board of Survey is not required 4. Requisition for Rubber Stamps, Form and the following conditions apply, the item

NAVMC 637-SD (Rev) will be used for will be invoiced and shipped, or delivered, requisitioning rubber stamps. to the nearest appropriate Marine Corps supply activity:

5. A Uniform Clothing Special Requisition,

Form NAVMC 912-SD (Form NAVMC 912a2. Where the item requires field main

SD for women) shall be used for the purpose tenance which is beyond the capabilities of of requisitioning special sized uniform cloth. the Force maintenance units to perform ing not carried as standard stock.

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h. Strength of Command. In this space will be shown the total actual number of personnel comprising the command for which the requisition is being prepared, except as noted below.

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a. Numbering. All requisitions will be numbered consecutively, commencing with No. 1 at the beginning of the fiscal year and will continue without break in such numbered series until the end of the fiscal year. For further identification, the last two digits of the fiscal year will be suffixed to the requisition number but separated therefrom by a lash. Example: No. 1-49 for the first requisition prepared by the organization during the fiscal year of 1949, regardless of the current calendar date. In addition to the number as prescribed above, supply sources and activities having more than one supply division, will use letter prefixes to identify the supply division concerned. The same prefixes as are prescribed for basic vouchers will be used. Example: GS-1-49 would be given the first requisition prepared by the General Supply Division during the fiscal year 1949.

(2) When an organization is over strength the actual strength figure authorized and reference to the authority for such over strength shall be shown.

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b. From. Show proper designation of requisitioning officer.

j. Stock Number. Show stock numbers of articles requisitioned as listed in the Marine Corps allowance publications, Catalog of U. S. Marine Corps Material, Standard Nomenclature Lists, Bulletins, or other authorized publications. Every effort shall be made to arrange articles requisitioned in stock number sequence which will greatly expedite the filling of such requisitions.

c. To. Show activity to which requisition is submitted. Include supply division concerned, i.e., (Eng), (Ord), etc.

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d. Required for. (1) Show organization for which articles are required. It is essential that this space denote the particular unit (company, battalion, ship's detachment, etc.) for which the articles are being requisitioned in order that allowances may be compared with “on hand" and "on order' articles for final approval. (2) Supply officers requisitioning for subordinate organizations shall further indicate number and types of units for which they are responsible for supply. Where this information is of a classified nature, it may be furnished by a covering letter,

k. Whenever a stock number is avail. able in any of the publications listed in subparagraph j, a short form abbreviated nomenclature consisting

of the key noun and related modifier may be used. If these words

are not in themselves sufficiently descriptive, additional key words selected from the full nomenclature, such as size

, color, model, etc., must be used. If a stock number is not shown in these publications, the complete nomenclature will always be used.

1. Authorized Allowances. Show in this column the total prescribed allowance of the articles being requested, as authorized by applicable allowance publications. Depots of Supply, Supply Depots, and Service Groups shall show "Stock Level" in this space.

e. Ship to. Show in this space the shipping address of the organization to which the requisitioned articles are to be shipped. In view of the fact that the requisitioning unit is not always the unit which ultimately receives the supplies, the information in this space must be complete.

1. Invoice to. Show in this space the desirnation of the accountable officer on whose accounts the requisitioned articles will be taken up.

m. On Hand. Show the total serviceable quantity of the articles on hand in the organi. zation at time of preparation of the requisition. This quantity will include both articles

in stock and in use.

n. On Order. Show quantity previously requisitioned and not received at time of preparation of the requisition.

ath of Companhia

the total zprising the comme

is being proces

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"Te organization Tibed by Tables equired to meet

pose of Requisitos

0. Required. The amount shown in this c. General Supply Division

column is the quantity actually requested by isition. c.g.

Athletic clothing. "Resupply," the requisition. Quantities requested should

Athletic equipment.
not exceed the difference between the “au-

Clothing, organizational.
thorized allowance" and the total of the "on
hand" and "on order' columns.

Clothing, individual.

Chemical warfare, including spare p• Accountable Officer. In the space

parts. provided for 'Accountable Officer" will be

Maps and charts.

Musical instruments.
placed the signature, rank, and title of the

Office furniture and machines.
accountable officer submitting the requisi-

Exchange supplies (for field use only).

Publications, periodicals, etc. 9. Approval. In the space provided for

Spare parts not otherwise covered "Approval" will be placed the signature, herein. á Table name, rank, and title of the commanding

Stationery. authorized stein officer of the organization preparing the

Tools, hand, and components of tool

sets. ce provided requisition; the date of approval will also appear in this space. Commanding officers

Tools, machine and related parts and 20 orgacion shall be responsible for correctness of all accessories. factors shown on requisitions and the signa

General property not covered above. the authoris 3 ture of approval thereon will be considered

evidence of verification of all information d. Motor Transport Division
contained therein.

Equipments and accessories there.

for. will be listed 54204 SUBMISSION OF REQUISITIONS

Standard parts as contained in Cata 1. Requisitions will be separated into five log of Marine Corps Materials. general classifications, i. e., engineer, gen.

Nonstandard parts. Those not coneral supply, motor transport, ordnance, and tained in Catalog of Marine Corps Materials. electronics. As a further necessity and aid

Common parts.

Tires, tubes, and vehicular batteries. Material is in the expeditious action on requisitions,

depots and large using activities will be
Everyday guided by the requirements of additional e. Ordnance Supply Division

separate requisition breakdowns within the
technical divisions as indicated below. For

Equipments and accessories there-
the same reason, small using organizations for.
requiring several varied types of items

Ordnance spare parts. from one cognizant technical division, should

Special oils, greases, and preserving exert every effort towards appropriately components. grouping the articles by subheadings on their

Maintenance tool sets and equipment, single requisitions.

Ammunition and explosives.

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er. All about

7. Show less as listas: sblicaties

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a. Electronics Supply Division


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