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1. Two methods are employed for providing individual clothing to enlisted personnel, namely:

a. A clothing monetary allowance which provides the individual, through pay records credits, with a monetary allowance for the purpose of purchasing through the Marine Corps Supply System, individual clothing which he is required to have in his possession and for the necessary replacement of such individual clothing.

clothing, shall be issued on memor ceipt and accounted for in the same other Class II or Class IV property. F, Chapter 54.) Included in this ca such items as arctic clothing, cold wea ing, rain clothing, prisoners' clothi and messmen's clothing, athletic cloth ical warfare protective clothing, spe ing for firemen and tank crewmen a items of organizational property suc kets, ponchos, leather service belts, shooting coats and fiber helmets. tions of the various articles of clo shown in the Material Allowance List of Allowances.

b. Issues in kind through the Supply System to provide those individuals not entitled to a clothing monetary allowance with such clothing as they may be required by regulations to have in their possession.

2. Stewards' clothing will be drop the property account as it is issued to a personnel, and will be accounted for of an individual clothing record. ( graph 52105.)

2. Regulations governing condition of entitlement to clothing monetary allowance, the rates payable, and the conditions under which issues in kind shall be made will be published annually through other media.

3. Woolen underclothing, except a which will be issued in accordance with graph 1 above, within prescribed a may be furnished enlisted personnel time issue basis. Such clothing will be from the property account by Abstract ing Issued (Form NAVMC 575-SD tained copy of which must be supporte vidual clothing issue slips. The prese lowance of woolen underclothing will only when individuals are serving with ity or organization authorized such art

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thereon. Special shoe requisitions for women
personnel will be submitted to the Commandant
of the Marine Corps (Code CSD). Such requi-
sitions will be submitted by supply officers only
after it has been established by actual try-ons
that the individual cannot be fitted with stand-
ard sized shoes. The following certificate will
appear on Form NAVMC 183-SD and shall be
signed by the medical officer:

“Forwarded. After careful fitting it has
been determined that the individual named here-
on cannot be fitted from stock sized shoes. The
measurements shown hereon have been verified
and found correct."

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1. Accountable officers of using activities shall requisition and maintain stocks of clothing as prescribed in pertinent allowance lists. Except as noted below, clothing shall be requisitioned on a U. S. Marine Corps Requisition, Form NAVMC 25-SD (Rev.), prepared in accordance with instructions contained in Part B, Chapter 54. Only clothing items in the standard sized range shall be requisitioned on Form NAVMC 25-SD (Rev.). (See Catalog of U.S. Marine Corps Material.)

2. Garments required for personnel who cannot be fitted with standard stock sizes shall not be carried in stock by using activities but shall be requisitioned as required on a Uniform Clothing—Special Requisition (Form NAVMC 912-SD (Rev.), submitted directly to the Depot Quartermaster, Marine Corps Depot of Supplies, Philadelphia, Pa., except in the case of wonnen Marines, where such requisitions will be routed via the Quartermaster General. Due to the expense involved in the manufacture of special sized uniforms and the necessary delay involved in filling such requisitions, every effort will be made to outfit individuals with standard sized articles or articles that may be altered in accordance with local contracts. The following certificate shall appear on Form NAVMC 912SD (Rev.) and shall be signed by the commanding officer:

“Forwarded. After careful fitting it has been determined that the individual named hereon cannot be fitted from stock sized garments. The measurements shown hereon have been veri

1. Articles of individual clothing will not be carried on the Marine Corps property account by size, except by depots and similar activities maintaining stock accounts. Such articles will be accounted for by quantity and standard name of article, at currently established prices, regardless of size. However, accountable officers, except those at depots and similar activities maintaining stock accounts, shall maintain subsidiary records by size of clothing on hand, on order and issued. This is necessary in order that replenishment of stock by size may be effected on the basis of local issue records. In the case of enlisted men, as an aid to initial stocking only, the Quartermaster General of the Marine Corps publishes in the form of a Tariff Size Bulletin in the Catalog of U. S. Marine Corps Material, a standard size tariff for all sized clothing items based on issues to 1,000 average Marines. Under no circumstances should this tariff be used as a basis for replenishment requisition for items on which local issue records by sizes are available.


fied and found correct.

3. Requisitions for shoes required for enlisted men who cannot be fitted with regular stock sizes shall be submitted directly to the Depot Quartermaster, Marine Corps Depot of Supplies, Philadelphia, Pa., using a Special Shoe Measurement Form (NAVMC 183-SD), prepared in accordance with instructions printed

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Ch. 2 7/51

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person is on a monetary clothing allowance, or an in kind allowance. Personnel on a monetary allowance, with the exception of those undergoing recruit training or serving in the four month period immediately following receipt of an initial monetary allowance credit will normally procure individual clothing by cash purchase from the clothing issue room. Form NAVMC 10030-SD will be used for the purpose of effecting cash sales of articles of individual uniform clothing (Form NAVMC 10030a-SD for women) and shall be used to support the Abstract of Sales, Form NAVMC 138-SD. The disposition of copies of the sale slip will be as follows: The original will be filed in support of the accountable officer's retained copy of the abstract of sales. The duplicate will be retained in the issue room for use as desired locally, and the triplicate will be given to the purchaser. There will be no limitation on the amount an individual may buy, provided his requirements are not abnormal and are for his

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1. Except as otherwise provided in paragraph 52202, upon separation of an enlisted person from the Organized Marine Corps Reserve by reason of discharge, death, or transfer to another class of reserve, and following the action directed in paragraph 52160, the individual clothing record shall be forwarded with the service record book to the Commandant of the Marine Corps (Code DM), or to the Director of the Reserve District as appropriate.

2. Enlisted personnel of the Volunteer Reserve on training duty for six months or less will be issued clothing within allowances prescribed by pertinent allowance publications. Clothing will be issued only as required up to the limits prescribed. Clothing issued in this manner will not be dropped from the property account at the time of issue. An individual memorandum receipt on Form NAVMC 604-SD (Rev.), will be obtained from the enlisted man at time of issue. Upon completion of the training duty all ornaments and outer garments of uniform clothing except worn shoes and headgear will be recovered and appropriate deletions will be made from the individual's memorandum receipt. Articles of clothing retained by enlisted men upon completion of training duty will be dropped from the property account by means of a separate Abstract of Clothing Issued (Form NAVMC 575-SD), retained copies of which will be supported by the corrected individual memorandum receipts (Form NAVMC 604-SD (Rev.)).


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2. Missing articles for which there is no acceptable explanation, and articles which the commanding officer determines unfit for reissue and which have not been in the man's possession long enough to become unserviceable through normal service use, shall be brought before a board of survey to determine responsibility, if any, unless the

1. Recovered individual clothing suitable for renovation will be renovated as outlined below and be given priority of issue over other stocks of clothing.

Ch. 2 7/51

a. Launder or dry clean as appropriate:

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