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List of Banks in Vermont, the date of their respective charters

the amount of their authorized capital, together with the amount of capital stock: paid in,

Names of Banks
Bank of Bellows Falls,

Orange County,
St. Albans,

Rail Road Bank,
Farmers Bank,
Farm. and Mech. Bank,

Date of their Authorized | Capital Charters | Charters. | Capital. paid in. renewed. Nov. 9, 1831 100,000

50,000 Oct. 25, 1827 100,000 92,470 Nov. 5, 1831 100,000 75,000 Nov. 9, 1818 150,000 150,000 Renewed Nov. 2, 1825 100,000 50,000 Nov. 7, 1832 100,000

70,000 Noy. 9, 1831 1 100,000 60,000 Oct. 23, 1835 100,000 60,000 Renewed Nov. 7, 1832 100,000 50,000

100.000 68,060 Nov. 8. 1832 60,000 30,000 Nov. 1, 1824 100,000 100,000 Oct. 29, 1835 100,000 : 50,000 Oct. 27, 1826

100,000' 80,000 Nov. 9, 1818 100,000 100,000 Renewed Noy. 9, 1831 100,000 50,000 Noy. 7, 1832 40,000 25.000

300,000 Nov. 7, 1833

100,000 60,000

150 000 105,000
2,200,000 325,530 |


The Committee, to whom was referred cerlain resolutions of the legislature ol Indiana, condemning "any interference in the domestic institutions of the slaveholding states," having had the same under consideration, make their report as follows:

The committee in examining these resolutions have not been able to understand what construction the legislature of Indiana would give 10 the term, "interference,? which they have applied to the action of the legislatures of the general and state governments, in relation to the “domestic institutinos of the slaveholding states," and which they have , condemned. The term, in itself, is indefinite, and the legislature have not thought proper to define and limit fit, or to say what action on the part of other legislatures may amount to ihe interference which they deprecate. The commitiee therefore believe this legislature are not in a oondition to express their as ent or dissent to the propositions contained in the resolution. And besides, if any interpretation, which the committee are able to conjecture, were given to these resolutions, !hey cannot perceive that any action is demanded. So far as the committee are informed, it is the universal doctrine of all classes in the country, as well as the unanimous opinion of this legislature, that neither the Congress of the United States, or the legislatures of the free states have any constitutional or legal control over the institution of slavery in any of the slaveholding states; and that if slavery is at any time abolished, it must be solely by the act of the legislatures of the several states, where it exists, or by the voluntary act of emancipation on the part of the sla veholders. The committee believe this legislature are not called upon to assert a doctrine, which, so lar as they know, no one denies, or to condemn an interference, to which no one claims the right.

If the legislature of Indiana intend that an expression of the sentiments of this or any other state legislature, in regard to the power and duty of the general government relating to slavery in the territories under its control, or their remonstrance against the annexation to the union of further territory, where slavery exists, is an "interference with - the domestic institutions of the slaveholding states," the committee in

that view of the subject, are not able to perceive, that this legislature are called upon to reassert their often expressed sentiments. This legislature have already freely expressed, and sent forth to the world the views, which are believed to be entertained by the people of Vermont. The committee therefore believe, that no action is demanded in relation to the resolutions of the legislature of Indiana, and recommend the adop: tion of the following resolution.

S. SWIFT, for Committee. November 7, 1839.

Resolved, by the General Assembly of the State of Vermont, that they are not aware that the Congress of the United States, or the legis. latures of any of the states, or any persons in their behalf claim any constitutional control over or legislative "interference with, the doméstic institutions of the slave holding states ;” and that, having franhly expressed to the world their views on all the other points of the subject of slavery, on which they deem it important to express them, they do not perceive that any action is demanded of them on the resolutions of the legislature of Indiana on that subject.


ABSTRACT of all orders, drawn on the Treasurer of the State of Ver

mont, on accounts allowed by the Auditor of Accounts against the State, since the sixth day of October, 1888, to this sth day of October, 1899, amounting to the sum of $9,864 89.





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Octo, 6th, 1838, 1. Francis E. Phelps,

For cash paid on military books, post-
age, &c.

$20 42 “ 11th "

Almerin Tinker, Sheriff,
For distributing packages,

F. W. Hopkins, Brigade Inspector,
For drilling militia,

15 00
John Cleveland, Physician,
For medical atiendence on State prisoners, 1 50

Ira Parscns, Sherifi,
For boarding State prisoners,

Charles Felton,
For services al Court Martial,

F. F. Merrill, Eng. Clerk,
For cash paid,

Isaac Head, Jr.
For services at Court Martial,

1 90
9. A. S. Sampson,
For do. do. do.

1 90 “ 12th " 10. James M. Slade, [Not drawn.] 11. For collecting State arms,

286 05 Alvan Hall, For services at Court Martial,

1 65 o 13. Gates Perry, Sheriff, For distributing packages,

33 00 " 14. Enoch B. Whitney,

For State printing,

Jeptha Bradley, Sheriff,
For boarding Stale prisoners,

62 41
o 16. Daniel R. Potter,
For services at Court Martial,

1 55 " 17. Gary Whitney, Deputy Jailor, For boarding State prisoners,

23 96 " 15th "

Jacob Bates, Sheriff,
For distributing packages,

24 00

15 00






20 00


AMOUNT. " " "


Frederick P. Leach,
For services at Court Martial,

1 45 Anson S. Ladd,

For similar services, 21. Tho3. A. Fuller,

Fordo. do.

Artemas Robbins,
For inspecting banks,

S. B. Flint,
For six brooms for State House

Geo. H. Allen, Sherifi,
For distributing packages,

Town of Westminster,
For error in State tax,

E. N. Briggs, Com'r Deaf and Dumb,
For tine, cash paid, &c.

Town of Burlington,
For boarding State paupers,

176 48
Davis Rich, Q. M. General,
For paid repairing State arms,

15 67 Same, For do. do. and sundries,

127 10 Alvan Carter, Sheriff, For distributing packages,

12 00
G. H. Smith, Sherift,
For do. do.

Chas. Davis, Auditor of Treasury,
For auditing Treasurer's accounts,

Allen Wardner, late 'Treasurer,

For paid stationery, &c. incidental, ! 17th "

G. H. Smith, Sheriff,
For distributing packages,

John Currier, Sheriff,
For distributing 8ih vol. VI. Reports,

Samuel C. Craits,
For time and expenses, dividing lands

in Lumoille, so o

Members of Court of Inquiry,

held at Manchester, on military service, 13 75 " 19th "

S. Swift, Com. Revise Statutes,
For cash paid for travel and expense, &c.

Greenleaf Webb, Sheriti,
For distributing packages,

Almon Warner, Bank Commissioner,

For inspecting banks,
41. * Chas. Hopkins, Com. Deaf and Dumb,

For cash paid, and expenses, &c. 66 54

Harry Bradley, Bank Commissioner,
For inspecting banks,

76 00
Hawley Witters,
For services at Court Martial,

1 90

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Levi B. Vilas, Com. Deaf and Dumb,
For services and cash paid,

64 25
Thos. Wood,
For labour about State House yard,

Town of Randolph,
For error in State lax,

18 77
Leander French,
For work done on State house,

34 50 Cyrus Ware, Supt. State House, For services,

58 13 Geo. B. Manser, Sec. Civ. and Mil. Aff. For postage, &c.

11 81
c. L. Knapp, Sec. Slate,
For cash paid freight on public pa pers, 1902

Freedom French,
For services at Court Martial,

· 2 30
Sewall Fullam,
For appraising State prison property, 20 50

George Ware,
For sawing wood &c. at State house,]

Robert Pierpoint,
For appraising State prison property,

Davis Rich, Q. M. General,
For time and expenses in superintending
repair of State arms,

63 00
Samuel Campbell,
For repairing drain at State House, 1 00

Wm. Clark,
For State printing and stationery, 198 48

E. P. Walton & Son,
For do. do.

406 68
Anson Davis, Deputy Jailor,
For boarding State prisoners,

55 67
Samuel W. Bancroft,
For repairing pedestal of lamp feet,

Anson Davis, Deputy Jailor,
For boarding State prisoners,

L. B. Peck, Com. 1o Revise Statutes,
For cash paid in that service,

Orator Boulell,
For services at Court Martial,

Ira Clark,
For services about State House,

Town of West Fairlee,
For error in State tax,

H. L. Gove,
For services at Court Martial,

Asa S. Gove,
For do

do. .
Harry Waterman,
For do.

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