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Have I discoursed so unto you of our stone, “ And of the good that it shall bring your cause? “ Shew'd you, “ Thateven the med'cinaluse should make you afaction “And party in the realmı? As put the case “ That some great man in state, he have the gout; “ Why, you but send three drops of your elixir, You help him straight; there you have made a friend. “ Another has the palsy, or the dropsy; " He takes of your

incombustible stuff, “ He's young again: there you have made a friend. “ A lady that is past the feat of body, “ Tho'not of mind, and hath her face decay'd “ Beyond all cure of paintings, you restore “ With the oil of talck; there you have made a friend, " And all her friends.

81 “ Still you increase your friends.

Trib. Ay, 'tis very pregnant.

Sub. And then the turning of his lawyer's pewter “ To plate at Candlemas.

" Ana. Candle-tide, I pray you.
Sub. Yet, Ananias ?
" Ana, I have done.

Sub." Oh, but the stone ! all's idle to't; nothing!
Nature's miracle,
The divine secret, that doth fly in clouds
From east to west; and whose tradition
Is not from men, but spirits.
Ana. I hate traditions :

not trust them

Trib. Peace.
Ana. They are popish, all,
I will not peace. I will not-

Trib. Ananias.
Ana. Please the profane, to grieve the godly. I

may not.


Sub. Well, Ananias, thou shalt overcome.

Trib. It is an ignorant zeal that haunts him, sir : But, truly, else, a very faithful brother; A botcher, and a man, by revelation, That hath a competent knowledge of the truth.

Sub. Has he a competent sum there i' the bag,
To buy the goods within ? I am made guardian,
And must for charity and conscience sake,
Now see the most be made for my poor orphans :
" Tho' I desire the brethren too, good gainers."
There they are within. When you ve view'd and

bought 'em,
And ta’en the inventory of what they are,
They are ready for projection; there's no more
To do; cast on the med'cine, so much silver
As there is tin there, so much gold as brass,
I'll gi't you in by weight.
Trib. But how long time,
Sir, must the saints expect yet?

Sub. Let me see" How's the moon now ?-Eight, nine, ten days “ The magisterium will be perfected.

hence, “ He will be silver potate; then three days "Before he citronise : some fifteen days

1 20

« Ara. About the second day of the third week « In the ninth month?

“ Sub. Yes, my good Ananias.” Trib. What will the orphan's goods arise to, think

you? Sub. Some hundred marks; as much as fill'd three

cars Unladen now; you'll make six millions of them. But I must ha' more coals laid in.

« Trib. How !

Sub. Another load, “ And then we have finished. We must now increase “ Our fire to ignis ardens; we are past Fimus equinus, balnei cineris, “ And all those lenter heats. If the holy purse “ Should with this draught falllow, and that the saints Do need a present sum, I have a trick To melt the pewter you shall buy now, instantly, And with a tincture make you as good Dutch dollars As any are in Holland.

Trib. Can you so ?
Sub. Ay, and shall 'bide the third examination.
Ana. It will be joyful tidings to the brethren.
Sub. But you must carry it secret.

Trib. Ay; but stay :
This act of coining, is it lawful?
Ang. Lawful !
now no magistrate ; or if we did,

ign coin,

Sub. It is no coining, sir; It is but casting

Trib. Ha! you distinguish well :
Casting of money may be lawful.

Ana. 'Tis, sir.
Trib. Truly, I take it so.

Sub. There is no scruple,
Sir, to be made of it: believe Ananias;
This case of conscience he is studied in.

Trib. I'll make a question of it to the brethren, 160 Ana. The brethren shall approve it lawful,

doubt not. « Where shall it be done ?"

Sub. For that we'll talk anon." [Knock without. There's some to speak with me. Go in, I pray you, And view the parcels. That's the inventory. I'll come to you straight. [Exeunt Trib. and Ana.] Who

is it? Face! Appear.

Enter Face

How now? Good prize?

Face. Good pox! Yond' costive cheater Never came on.

Sub. How then ?

Face. I ha' walk'd the round Till now,

and no such thing. Sub. And ha' you quit him? Face. Quit him! an' hell would quit him too, he

were happy. 'Slight! would you have me stalk like a mill-jade

All day, for one that will not yield us grains ?
I know him of old.

Sub. Oh, but to ha' gull'd him,
Had been a mastery.
Face. Let him go, black boy!

And turn thee, that some fresh news may possess thee.
A noble count, a don of Spain,
Furnish'd with pistolets and pieces of eight,
Will straight be here, my rogue, to have thy bath,
(That is the colour) and to make his batt’ry
Upon our Dol, our castle, our cinque-port,
Our Dover-pier, our what thou wilt.
Where is the doxy?

Sub. I will send her to thee;
And but dispatch my brace of little John Leydens,
And come again myself.

Face. Are they within then ?
Sub. Numb'ring the sum.
Face. How much ?
Sub. A hundred marks, boy.

[Exit. Face. Why, this's a lucky day! Ten pounds of

Three o' my clerk; a portague o' my grocer;
This o' the brethren; beside reversions,
And 'states to come i' the widow, and

my count. My share to-day will not be bought for forty- 200

Enter Dol. Dol. What? Face. Pounds, dainty Dorothy-Art thou so near?

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