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Account of the inhabitants of the Balta couniry, in the island of Suma!ra; from the same

17 Cbaracter of Luther, by Bishop Atterbury Character of Augustus Hervey, late Earl of Bristol

23 Various extraEls from Dr. Foart Simmons's Account of the life and Writings

of the late Dr. William Hunter Cbaracter of Lord Robert Manners, late commander of bis Majesty's bipite Resolution, of 74 guns




A letter from William Herschel, Esq; F. R. S. 10 Sir Josepb Banks, Bart.

P. R. S. relative 10 a new flar, by bim called ibe Georgium Sidus On the diameter and magnitude of the Georgium Sidus; with a descripiisa of the dark and lucid disk and periphery micrometers

43 Observations on the ligbt, diameter, and magnitude, of the Coeorgium Siuus

Extracts from an account of the earthquakes which happened in Italy, from

February 10 May, 1783 by. Sir William Hamilton, Knight of ibe Baib,
F. R. S.

48 Translation of the Count Francesco Ippolito's letter 10 Sir William Hamilton, giving an account of the earthquakes which happened in Calabria, Marcb 28, 1783

53 Account of sbe black canker caterpillar, which deffroys the surnips in Norfolk

69 Some account of ibe Description of Experiments made with the Aeroflaric Machine, &c. by M. Faujas de St. Fond.

65 Tranjlation of a copy of the certificale dated at ibe Chateau-de-la-Niuerte, near Paris, the 21st of November, 1783, relative 10 tbe aerial excursion of ite Marquis D'Arlandes, and M. Pilatre de Rozier

70 Account of ibe aerial excurfion of Mes. Charles and Roberi, on zbe 11 of De.

cember, 1783, as girin by Mons. Charles ; trar flared from ibe Journal de Paris of the soph and 14th of sbe jame month

71 Account of the discovery of an island just risen out of the ocean near Iceland, in ibe Norib Seas


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On ibe culiure and uses of the turnip-rooted cabbage

75 Discovery of a substitute for verdigris, in dying black Account of cloth made from the refuse of fax, and backings of tow

84 Afort account of the machine lately erected, by command of bis majefiy, a,

Windfor, for raising water cut of a very deep well, 19 supply the calle 87 Observations on grown or sprcured corn; the cause of its sprouting; and the proper means of remedying the inconveniences therenf

88 On she comparative urility of oxin and borjes in kufbandry; from the second




qvolume of Letters and Papers addressed to the Society instituted at Barb, for the Encouragement of Agriculture, &c.

Or On pianting barren lands with wood; from the same

93 On watering meadows from the same

95 On the scab in jbeep, and some approved remedies recommended; from the same



On the office of High Steward of England; from Hearne's curious discourses


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Translations of ihree aurhentic registers of ihe monastry of St. Edmund's Bury,

formerly kept by be Sacrills Description and account of sbe calle of Caernarvon; from Pennant's Tour in Wales

107 An account of the ancient British games; from the same

109 Extracts out of a manuscript treatise of the Lord bips Marchers in Wales; from

Appendix to the same Account of Sir Richard Bulkely; in which is a strong description of the favourite Earl of Leicester; from the same

119 An account of iwo ancient oil-mills in the kingdom of Naples,






Difference between memory and imagination ; from Dissertations Moral and Critical, by 7. Beattie, L. L. D.

125 Of Acceni, its nature and use ; Standard of Pronunciation : from the Theory of language, in ihe same work

127 Extract from Illuflrations on Sublimity, in the same work On Tafie; from Lectures on Rbetoric and ibe Belles Letters, by Hugb Blair, D. D.

136 Comparative Stricures-on Tillotson, Sir William Temple, Addison, lord Shafiesbury, and Lord Bolingbroke, in point of Style ; from the same work

143 Comparative merit of the Ancients and Moderns ; from ihe same 147 A letter from Bifhop Adlerbury to Mr. Prior; from vol. ii. of Atterbury's Epif. tolary Correspondence

153 Riflections on a late scandalous report about the repeal of the Test AEt; from she same

155 Letter from Bishop Atterbury 10 Lord Inverness, after that bijbop's banishment from England; from vol. ii. of rbe same work

160 An abbraci from the King's books in the Royal Treasury of Goanaxuate, fince

the establijhment of that office, the 3576 of April 1665, 10 Dec. 31, 1778, fbewing, by accounts, made up every five years, the weight of the gold and filter on which duties bave been paid, and ibe whole amount of those duries during the above period of 114 years

165 A particular account of an Hindoo woman's burning berself alive with her de. ceased busband; from an aurhentic letter, dated Calevila, 2526 July, 1;79


167 An extrall from the sequel to Emilius and Sopbia, by 7. J. Rousseau, fund among

papers after his death


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Ode for ihe new year 1783, by William Whitebead, Esq.

179 Ode for his Majesy's birth-day, June 4, 1783, by obe same

183 Extracts from Major's Transation of Du Fresnoy's Art of Painting 181 An extract from the Village, a poem, by the Rev. G. Crabbe, Chaplain so

his Grace the Duke of Rutland, &c. On the death of Dr. Robert Lever, by Dr. Johnson farewell to Barb, by Lady M. W. Montagu

Igo T be 'entertaining and facetious history of Yohn Gilpin ; fbewing bow be went further than be intended, and came bome safe at lan.

191 On the Marriage of the Honourable Miss Eliz. Sackville to Colonel Herbert, By Ricbard Cumberland Esq.

197 -Races. A Ballad. By sbe late Sir John Moore, Bart. 193

1.99 Lines 10 Mrs. Montague, on her bappening to fall at St. James's, by Mr.

An expoftulation

A song

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Account of BOOKS for 1783.

An account of the History of ibe Reign of Pbilip obe Third, King of Spain ;

by Robert Watson, L. L. D. &c. &c. An account of Digertations Moral and Critical; by James Beanie, LL. D.

&c. &c.




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