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Ode to Music, performed at Cambridge, July 1, 1769, at the Inflallation of Augustus Henry, Duke of Grafton, Chancellor of the University

235 An Epistle, imitated from Horace, to Lord Cobham, by Mr. Pipe

237 Praiogue to the Roman Father, aded at the Theatre af Bristol, on Friday, Fuly 14, 1769, for the Family of the late Mr. Powell

239 Rubrille : True Beauty; by Dr. Clancy, of Durrow in Ireland 240 The Judicious Bacchanal

241 The Tea-Spoon; occafioned by Dr. Hill's prescribing & Ted-spoonful of every Medicine to every Patient indiscriminately

ibio. A quibbling Epitaph, on W. Lowndes, EjqSecretały to the Treasury in the reign of Queen Aññe

242 Translation of an ancient Roman Infcription

ibid. Ode ox Health; by Ariphron, the Sicyonian, tranfiated

243 Maxims in Love; by Lord í

ibid. A Song ; written by Mr. Pope, and never before published

244 Solitude ; from the same

ibid. Translation of Regina's Epitaph

ibid. Ode to Spleen

ibid. The Ode upon dedicating a Building and erecting a' Statue to Shakespedre, at Stratford-upon-Avon; by David Garrick, E19

245 A Sonner : by Queen Elizabeth

252 A Sonnet on Ifabella Markbume ; from a MS. of Fobi Harington, dated 1564


ACCOUNT OF BOOKS publifhed in the Year 1969. The History of the reign of the Emperor Charles V. with a view of the pro

gress of society in Europe, from the fubverfion of the Roman empire to the beginning of the fixteerih century. By William Robertson, D.D. principal of the university of Edinburgh, and historiographer to his majesty for Scotland: In 3 vols. quarto.

254 An efay on the natural history of Guiana, in South-America. Containing a

description of many curious productions in the animal and vegetable fyftem of that country ; toge: her with an account of the religion, manners, and customs of several tribes of its Indian inhabitants. Interspersed with a variety of literary and medical observations, In several letters from a gen

sleman of the medical faculty, during his residence in that country 272 An esay on the writings and genius of Shakespeare, compared with the Greek,

and French dramatic poets. With some remarks upon the misrepresentations of M. de Voltaire. I vol. 8vo.


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