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Alken's Sporting Scrap Book, containing fifty | The Worthines of Wales, a Poem, a true note

plates of British Sports, imperial 8vo, half of the Ancient Castles, famous Monuments, bound, 5s, pab. at £1 5s

1821 Goodly Rivers, Faire Bridges, and courteous Peter Parley's Annual, numerous engravings, People, that I have seen in the Noble Counsquare, cloth, 23 6d

try of Wales, by Thos. Churchyard, 12mo., Girls Own Book by Mrs. Child, with 124 engray- bound, scarce, 2s

1786 ings, square, cloth, 2s

1812 Dr. Kitchener's Cooks Oracle, 12mo, calf, Sermons by Rev. John Kentish, presentation, 38

1823 eopy from Author, 8vo., cloth, 3s 1848 Dr. JOHN OWENS WORKS, 16 vols, 8vo, True Stories from History of England, (wants cloth, (mostly uncut) clean and good as new plates) 12mo, ls 6d 1811 £2 108

1850-53 Architecture,-about fifty plates of Ornamental Woodward's History of the Sufferings of the

Architecture, &c., by Batty Langley, Palladio, Church of Scotland from 1679 to 1688, (being &e., royal 8vo, calf, 2s 6d

1738 vol, 2) with Appendix of original papers, thick Works of Virgil, literally translated into English folio, calf, 5s

1722 Prose, with the Latin text and order of con- Biography.-Cromwell and Bunyan, by Robert struction on the same page, and Notes from Southey, and Barrows Life of Sir Francis the best Commentators, 2 vols, 8vo. calf, Drake, in 1 vol. 12mo. neatly half bound, 5s 60 1826 3s

Murray 1841 Longfellow's Prose Works, 12mo, cloth, gilt, Cobbett's Advice to Young Men and (inci2s 6d

1831 dentally) to Young Women, 12mo, boards, GRAPHIC ILLUSTRATIONS OF WAR- 38

1837 WICKSHIRE, 32 fine steel plates and 12 Cobbett's Emigrant's Guide in 10 Letters, neat vignettes, Birmingham, 1829.-Kenil. 12mo, boards, Is Od

1830 worth Ulustrated, 19 fine steel plates, Chis. Ride of 800 Miles in France, 12mo, wick, 1821, 2 vols., in one, folio, calf neat, boards, 1s 61

1827 255

Carpenter's Gospel History, 12mo, boa 'ds, Whitelock's Memorials of English Affairs from Is

1940 the beginning of the reign of Charles the first Scott's (Sir W.) Quentin Durward, 3 vols. J2mo to the restoration of Charles 2nd, folio, calt, half calf, 3s

1823 clean sound copy, 103 63


Kenilworth, 3 vols. 12mo, half calf, Map of Palestine,coloured, mounted on canvass, 35

1821 in case, Is

Bible-old edition, 8vo, calf, engraved tiile, Johnson on Life, Health, and Disease, 12mo, 23

1715 cloth, 2s

1813 'The Gentleman and Ladies Calling, in one vol* Dr. Coffin's Botanic Guide to Health, 12mo, 8vo, old red morocco, gilt edges, 2s 1687 cloth, 2s

1846 SCOTT'S NOVELS; complete in 5 large vols, The Mirror, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, complete, 2s 1792 cloth extra, clean as new, 32s. 6d., pub, at Belsham's Inquiry into the Scripture Doctrine £2 10s

1853 concerning Christ, 8vo., half calf, neat, Prior's Poeme, 2 vols, 12mo, calf, is 6d 1733 2s6d

1811 | PRIESTLEY'S WORKS; Notes on Scripture, - Philosophy of the Mind, &c., 8vo. half 4 vols, 8vo, half calf, neat, 10s 60, Northumcalf, neat, 23 60

1801 berland, U. S., 1803,-History of the Christian Dr. Cogan's Treatise on the Passions, 8vo., half Church, 4 vols, 8vo, half calf, neat, 10s, calf, neat, Is 60

Bath, 1812 Northumberland, U.S., 1802,-History of the Dr. Aikin's Literary and Miscellaneous Essays, Corruptions of Christianity, 2 vols, 8vo, half bro. half calf, neat, ls 64

1811 calf, neat, scarce, 6s 6d, Birmingham, 1782.Beattie's Essays on Poetry and Music, 8vo, calf, Institutes of Natural and Revealed Religion, neat, 23

1779 2 vols, 12mo, half calf, neat, 28., 1808.-Cappe's Discourses on Devotional Subjects, with Appeal to Public on Birmingham Riots, part

Memoir, &c., 8vo. half calf, Isod York 1805 2, 8vo, half calf, Isod, 1792.-On Church Dis. JUNII ETYMOLOGICUM ANGLICANUM; cipline. on Electricity and Theory and PracEdidit Lye, præmittitur Grammatica Anglo. tice of Perspective, in one vol, 8vo., half calf,

I sod Saxonica, folio, portrait by Vertue, calf, good clean sound copy, scarce, 30s Oxonii, 1743 Memoirs of Dr. Priestley, 12mo, cloth, 186d

Birmingham, 1833 French.—Les Memoires de Philip De Commines

- Another edition, with Observation's on sur les principaux faicts et gestes de Louys

his Writings by Cooper and Christie, dvo, calf, XI et de Charles VIII, Rois de France,

28., 1806,-another edition, two vols., 8vo., folio, calf, scarce, 5s

Paris, 1615
calf, 5s

1806 Mann's Report of an Educational Tour in Gilbert's Wonders of the World, with 60 plates Germany, and parts of Gt. Brit. and Ireland,

8vo, cloth, gilt edges, 3s 12mo. cloth, ls 6d

1816 Knight's'Penny Magazine, 2 vols in 1,engravings, Brunton's Compendium of Mechanics, or Text

boards, ls6d Book for Engineers', Millwrights, Machine Dr. Watts' Posthumous Works, 880., calf, Makers, &c., 12mo, boards, 1s6d Glas. 1826


1754 The Select Writings of Robt. Chambers, 3 vols. Sermons against Popery, preached at Salter's 12mo. cloth, 8s, pub. at 128

1827 Hall 1731-5 dvo, calf, 2s

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Hinds' Elements of Algebra, 8vo, boards, 2s 8d, | Letters of Junius, neatly printed, fine portraits, Cambridge, 1830 2 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, 4s

1800 Bridge's Trigonometry, 8vo, sewed, is 1835 Lectures Against Popery, at St. Chads, Shrewg. Tucker on the Divine Logos, 8vo., sewed. bury, 12mo. cloth, Is

1851 ls

1828 Gilly's Our Protestant Forefathers, Bp. Bull's Emerson's Doctrine of Fluxions, 8vo., bound, Corruptions of Church of Rome, Staupitz 1s

1768 and Luther, and Lectures on Popery by DalMrs. Rowe's Works, Prose and Verse, 2 vols, ton, J. B. Owen, Foye, Fisk, Burnet, &c., 8vo, portrait, calf, 2s

1739 and on Fuseyism and Tractarianism, 12mo., ITALY ILLUSTRATED; from drawings by limp morocco, 2s

Stanfield, Harding, Roberts, Prout, Brockedon, Melmotb's Fitzosborne's Letters, 8vo., calf, &c., descriptions of the scenes and Introduc. Is 6d

1754 tory Essay byCamillo Mapei, 6l very beautifully Life of Paul Jones, from Original Documents, executed steel plates, folio, half calf, neat, 32/6 in possession of J. H. Sherborne, post 8vo., pub. at £3 3s

boards, 28

Murray, 1825 Bleak House, by Charles Dickens, with plates Lucretius of Epicurean Philosophy, translated

by H. K. Browne, 8vo, half calf, gilt, very neat, with notes by Creech, 8vo, calf, 1s6d 1683 12s, cost £1 3s 6d

1853 Ross's View of all Religions, also Apocalypsis,or Fort Risbane or three days Quarantine, 12mo, Revelation of certain Notorious advancers of boards, ls

1832 Heresie, with fine old portraits, 8vo. (imperCobbetts Cottage Economy, ls 6d 1831 fect at end.) calf, Is6d

1655 Smith's Railway Map of England and Wales, on WALES AND THE WELSH LANGUAGE, Canvass in case, 1s

1845 Y Bibl, 12mo., 1s3d, 1848.-Another Edition Christopher Anstey's New Bath Guide, 12mo, 8vo. calf, neat, 38, 1851.-Another, (old) with Is

references, 8vo, Is hd Sandy's Christmas Carols, ancient and modern Davies' Esboniad ar Rhufeiniaid IX, 8vo. balf and airs to which they are sung, also speci

calf, 3s

1839 mens of French provincial Carols, with intro: Dicks' Anianydd Christionogol, 8vo. half calf, duction and notes by Sandy's 8vc, half calf, 2s6d

1842 4s 6d

1833 Evans's Topographical and Historical descrip. Victor Cousin on Public Instruction in Prussia, tion of North Wales, thick 8vo., map and 29 12mo, cloth, Is Od 1836 plates, boards, 5s, pub. at £l 45

1819 Graham's Birds of Scotland, with other Poems, Gambold's Compendious Welsh Grammar, 18mo 12mo, boards, Is 1816 boards, Is6d

1833 Weston's Dissertations on Remarkable Wonders Gisborne's Eglur Olygiad o'r Grefydd Christionof Antiquity, on Darkness at the Passion, ogol 8vo. calf, is 6d

1801 Pool of Bethesda, The Thundering Legion, Jones's Traethawd a Ddaearyddiaeth, 8vo., Simon Magnus, &c., 8vo, calf, 2s

maps, half calf, 28

1841 Memoirs of Borolowski, the Dwarf, French and Map of North Wales, on canvass, in case, ls,

English-Account of the preservation of King (by Evans) Charles II. after the Battle of Worcester 1760, Owens Welsh and English Dictionary, with a Letter whearein part of the entertainment numerous illustrations from the Literary Reuntoo the Queenz Majesty at Killingworth Cas- mains and living speech of the Cymry, thick tle in Warwicksheer in 1575, Warwick 1704, 8vo, calf, neat, 10s6d

1793-1803 Payne on the Game of Draughts 1756, 8vo, -Ditto, Abridged, 12mo. boards, 2s 1800 half calf, scarce, 3s

Powell's History of Wales, from the Welsh of Stephens's Memoirs of J. Horne Tooke, 2 vols, Caradoc, augmented by Wynne, and Sir J. 8vo, half calf, 3s 1813 Price, 8vo. maps, calf neat, 5s

1812 Sir Harris Nicolas' Chronology of History, 12mo, Probert's Ancient Laws of Cambria, Institutional cloth. 2s

Lardners Cab Cyclo 1835 Triads, Laws of Howell the Good, Triadical SIMEON'S APPENDIX TO THE HORÆ Commentaries, Code of Education, and Hunt.

HOMILETICÆ; or Discourses in the form ing Laws of Wales, Historical Triads of of Skeletons on the whole scriptures, 6 vols. Britain, 8vo. half calf, scarce, 4s 6d 1823 8vo. half calf, 205

1828 Richards Welch English Dictionary and GramJohnson's English Dictionary, 2 thick vols. 4to. mar, 8vo. calf, 6s6d

1515 portrait, boards, 10s6d, pub. at £3 3s 1833 Spurrell's Welsh Grammar, 8vo. sewed, 1s6d Bp: Burnett's History of the Reformation, with WALTER'S ENGLISH AND WELSH DIC

fine old portraits, 2 vols, folio calf, 10s 1681 TIONARY, thick, 4to, calf, good copy, Als Boyer's large French and English Dictionary, Wesley's (John) Pregethau, thick 8vo., calf, 4to. russia, 3s6d 1783 4s

1833 Sheridan's Lectures on Elocution, Dissertation William's Guide to History and Antiquities of

on Language, and Tracts, 4to, sewed, ls 6d Cærvarvonshire, 8vo. half calf, Is6d 182 Wellbeloved's Version of the Bible. (Genesis to Y Gododin, a Poem by Aneurin, a Welsh Bard

Solomon's Song), 9 parts, 4to. sewed, 5s, pub. of the Vlth. Century, with English translation at £3 8s

1818-38 and numerous notes, by Rev, J. Williams Ab Aikin's Phrenology, coloured plate, 1830.- Ithel, 8vo, cloth, 4s

1852 Chimney Corner Companion, Geology, As. Y. Wawr; sef, cylchgrawn lleenyddol a chellyd. tronomy, &c., engravings, limp roan, 1s6d dydol, royal 8vo, half calf, 2s


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| SPENSER'S FAERIE QUEENE: disposed , Galpine's Synoptical Compend of British Botany

into XII Bookes, Fashioning XII Moral Ver. arranged after theLinnwanSystem,( 3rd edition tues, first folio edition, engravings, vellum, including Terms, &c. 12mo, boards, 25 hd, good copy, rare, 208 At Lomion, printed by

pub. at 10 00

Bagster, 1829 H, L. for M. Lownes, 1609 Shak-p-are's Plays, with Life hy Rev. Dr. Hagh Murray's Enquiries respecting the Char- Symmons, Glossary, and 60 Engravings,

acter of Nations and Progress of Society, 8vo, beautifully printed in a pocket vol post 8vo, boards, Is 60 18:18 morocco, gilt edges, 53

1830 1 Moseley's Essay on Archery, describing the Babbage's Economy of Manufactures, 12mo, Practice of that art in all ages and Nations, cloth, 28

1832 Sro, plates, boards. 33

1792 Jowett's Memoirs of the Rev. C Neale, his reEn pe's Jarge Geological Map of England and mains, &c post 8vo. very neat, 3s 1835

Wales, coloured, with Railways, &c, mounted Herscbell's Jewish Witnesses that Jesus is the on linen and folded in cap, only 7s 6d

Christ, cloth, Is 6d. pub. at 5s No Testament, in an improved version, on the King Arthur, by Sir E. Bulwer Lytton, 3 parts, basis of Archbp. Newcome's, with notes, royal post *vo, sewed. hs

1848 870, boards, 33

1808 MILTON'S POETICAL WORKS, with Notes -Small edition, 12mo, boards, Is 60

and Illustrations of various Commentators Minstrelsy, Ancient and si dern, with an His. and Life by Todd, 6 vols., Bro, portrait, calf, rical Introduction and Noies by W. Mother- neat, 305

1801 Well, small 4to, half calf, scarce, 75 od 14:27 Mason's English Garden, a Poem, 12mo, half So we's Chart of Poisons, Mineral, Vegetable, calf, is

1808 and Animal, mounted on calico and folded in Boyer's History of Queen Anne, folio, maps and evo cloth, 13 od

plates, calf. 7s6d

1735 An Apology for the Ministers who subscribed Mosheim's Ecclesiastical History, o vols, 8vo,

only unto the stating of the truths and errors boards, only iOs6d in Mr. William's Book, sbewing that the Ure's Dictionary of Chemistry and Mineralogy, Gospel which they preach is the old everlast- thick 8vo, plates, last edition, scarce and out

ing Gospel of Christ, small 4to, calf, 2s 1094 of print, boards, os, pub, at £l Is 1835 Thuinas Moore's Poetical Works, royal 8vo, Rollin's Ancient History, 6 vols, 8vo., boards, portrait, half calf, neat, 10s bid 1827 16s6d, pub. at £3 3s

1832 Blackwall on the Purity. Propriety, and true Exeter, Brice's (Thomas) History of, 8vo.,

Eloqnence of the Writers of the New Test, 'part 1 complete, part 2 ending at page 32 4to, calf, is 60

1725 850, boards, 1s6d, 1802,- Brice's (Andrew) Job Orton's Short and Plain

on of the

Description of Exeter, Catalogue of Bishops Old Testament, 6 vols. royal 8vo, portrait, and History of the Cathedral(wants title)with large paper, fine copy, calf, only 15s, (less than a Reprint of Vowell. or Hoker on Officers and cost of binding)

Shrewsbury, 1791 their duties, imperfect at end, small 4to, half Chester-Proceedings in quo Warranto, Rex on calf, 2s

1765 ibe Prosecution of J. Templar, Coroner, Historical and Critical Account of Winchester Against T. Amery and J. Monk, on the rela- Cathedral, 8vo, plates, boards, 1s6d 1809 tion of R. Eddowes, 2 vols, royal 8vo, half calf, Fry's Short History of the Church, 8vo, cloth, and boards, 3s 6d 1791 5s

1826 BOSWORTHS ANGLO-SAXON DICTION- The Martyr of Antioch, a Poem by Rev. H. H. ARY, with preface, thick royal 8vo, russia, Milman, 8vo, boards, 1s6d

1823 neat, good copy, scarce, £2 23

1838 Burckhardt's Travels in Arabia, comprehending The late owner recently paid £3 3s to a London an Account of the Territories in Hedjaz, which Bookseller for this copy.

the Mahomedans regard as Sacred, 2 vols, 8vo, Somerville's Poems, 2 vols. 12mo, calf, Is maps, &c, boards, 5s

1829 Glasgow, 1766 Porson's Letters to Travis in Answer to his DeJohnson's HydropathicTreatment of the Diseases fence of the Three Heavenly Witnesses, 8vo, of Women, 12mo, cloth, clean, 28 1850 boards, Is6d

1790 British Almanack and Companion, from com- Lord Dover's Life of Frederick the Second, mencement 1828 to 1853 inclusive, (except King of Prussia, two vols., 8vo., portrait, 18:30-31 and 1852) 4 vols, half calf, and 18 in 48

1832 cloth, together 22 vols. for 128 6d

BRANDE'S DICTIONARY OF SCIENCE, Care's Lives, Acts, and Martyrdoms of the Literature and Art, with engravings, thick 8vo

Apostles, with Essay by Stebbing, 2 vols. cloth, clean, 1842 and supplement 1852, 30s, 12mo, cloth, 33

18:14 pub. at £3 SOCTHEY'S LIFE & CORRESPONDENCE, URE'S DICTIONARY OF ARTS, Manufacedited by his Son, 6 vols. post 8vo, portrait, turis and Mines, 3rd edition with supplement, eloth, 32s 6d, pub. at 13 3s

1819 2 vols, 80, engravings, cloth, 358, pub. at Orginal Sketches in Poetry designed to Illus- £3 4s

1842-3 trate various Scripture Characters and Sub. Ordnance Map of England, 19 sheets, with good jects, 12mo, cloth, Is od

1845 Portfolio and Index, cloth, 108 Redhead's History of the French Revolutions, Milton's Paradise Lost, a very neatly printed

1793 to 1818, 3 vols in one, post 8vo, half old edition, 12mo, calf, Is6d Glasgow, 1743 . Toàn, 38 Chambers, 1848 Parnell's Poems and Life, 12mo, calf, is


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Dugdale's Antient usage in Bearing Arms, with | Tatham's Bampton Lectures; the Chart and

Catalogue of the Nobility of England, Scot- Scale of Truth, by which to find the cause of I land and Ireland, engravings of Arms, 12mo, Error, with Memoir and notes by Grinfield, half calf, gilt edges, scarce, 3s

1682 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, quite clean, 6s 6d, pub. at Rev. Dr. Fletcher's Select Works, with Memoirs £1 18

Pickering, 1810 of his Life and Correspondence, by Rev. J. Book of Common Prayer, every page ornamented Fletcher of Hanley, 3 vols, 8vo, fine portrait, with antique wood cuts from designs by 1

cloth, clean as new, 18s, pub. at £1 10s 1846 Albert Durer, Hans Holbein, and others, and Barclay on Education, 12mo, calf, Js 1743 containing the whole of the designs of the Tasso's Jerusalem delivered translated by Hoole, Dance of Death, small 8vo. cloth, red edges, 2 vols, 12mo, calf, Isod

1764 13s, (a beautiful volume,) Pickering, 1865 Smith's Cabinet Maker and Upholsterers Guide, Chambers' Information for the People, last edimany plates, 4to, balf calf, 5s

1826 tion, 2 vols, very neatly bound, half calf, cloth Verstegan's Restitution of decayed intelligence sides, quite clean, 1456d

in Antiquities, concerning the most noble and Record's Arithmetic, or Ground of Arts, Aug. renowned English Nation, 12mo, curious en mented by John Dee, John Mellis, and Robt. gravings, call, scarce, 3s6d

Hartwell, 8vo. calf, scarce, 28

1668 HARWOOD'S SCENERY OF GT. BRITAIN, Illustrated Literature; Manon Lescaut, Senti

200 fine steel plates, 4 vols. oblong 4to., cloth mental Journey, Vicar of Wakefield, Silvio

extra, gilt edges, 30s, pub. at £4 4s 1831 Pellico, Nell Gwynne, Gullivers Travels, Guil. A Discourse on the Catalogue of Doctors of lotined Woman, Devil on two Sticks, Mary

Gods Church, as well those from the begin- Queen of Scots, Lionel Lincoln, Joan of
ing of the world, in Scripture, as in manie Naples, the Nun, Simple Story, Masaniello,
which have sithens by order succeded, with Undine, Lazarillo, the Spanish Rogue, and
the continuall succession of the true Church other popular Tales, with numerous engrav-
of God untill the yeare 1565, by Simon Voyon, ings, in one large vol. balf calf, neat, 10s
faithfully translated, by J. Golburne, 12mo., Tallent's Chronological Tables, folio, boards,
vellum, rare, 6s6d
London, 1598 2s

N.D. Old Plays—Fórce of Love, Hamlet, the Rehear ABSTRACT OF RETURNS ON CHARITA. sal, 12mo, calf, is

1719 BLE DONATIONS, made by the Ministers A General History of the Proceedings & Cruel- and Church wardens of England and Wales

ties of the Inquisition, 12mo., plates, calf, 1786-88, 2 vols. folio, half calf, 20s scarcel816 scarce, 1s6d

1737 Goldsmith's Natural History of the Earth and Rollin's Ancient History, 2 vols. royal 8vo. half animated Nature with copious Notes from calf, 10s 60

1841 distinguished Naturalists, 2000 engravings, 2 Rev. Mark Noble's Memoirs of the House of vols. royal 8vo, half calf, 15s 6d

Cromwell, 2 vols in one, plates, 8vo. half calf, Peddie's Practical Measurer, 18mo, bound, 38, 3s 6d, Birm., 1777, another copy, 2 vols. 8vo, pub, at 7s

1843 calf, neat, 5s6d

Paris and its environs displayed ; 200 fine steel Journal of the British Archæological Association, plates from drawings by Pugin, engraved by

vols. 4 and 5, with engravings, 2 vols. royal Heath, with descriptions in French & English 8vo. half roan, 10s

1849-50 2 vols in one, 4to, half morocco, gilt, very neat, Lamotte on Poetry and Painting, and on Oh. 15s

1829 scenity in Writing and Painting, 12mo, calf, SCOTLAND ILLUSTRATED, 120 fine steel Isod

1730 plates by Allom, Bartleet, &c, with descriptions Illustrated Exhibitor and Magazine of Art, for by Beattie, 2 vols. 4to, half calf, neat, 255

1851, with hnndreds of fine engravings, cloth, Chambers Edinburgh Journal vol. 8, half call, extra gilt, 4s6d.—Ditto, for 1852, 33

neat, 2s 6d

1847 Dr. Watts Doctrine of the Passions, 12mo., calf, Smith's Wealth of Nations, 2 vols. 4to, half calf, is 1739 5s

1776 Bp. Beveridge on Public Prayer, Communion, Yorke's Royal Tribes of Wales, 12 fine portraits

and Primitive Piety, 12mo. calf, ls 1724 including Humphrey Llwyd, Judge Jeffries, RICHARDSON'S BORDERERS TABLE Lord Chancellor Egerton, Sir J. Wynne,

BOOK, or Gatherings of the Local History Chief Justice Vaughan, &c, 4to, half calf, and Romance of the English and Scottish

scarce, 10s 6d

Wrexham. 1799 Border, with 900 engravings, 8 vols., in 4, Brady's Introduction to old English History, royal 8vo., cloth, 20s, pub., at £3 12s with a Glossary of Words used in Ancient

Newcastle, 1846 Records, Laws, and Historians, folio, call, gilt Cobbett's Geographical Dictionary of England very neat, fine copy, 15s

1684 and Wales, 8vo. cloth, 4s6d, pub, at 12s 1854 Provincial Medical and Surgical Journal from Cobbett's French and English Dictionary, 8vo. 1844 to 1853, edited by Streeten, Ranking, cloth 4s 60

Walsh, &c, 9 vols. royal 8vo, half calf, neat, Book of Mormon, 18mo. embossed roan, 2s

18s Goldsmith's Natural History, with notes by Imperial Lexicon of the English Language, in

Captn. Brown, engravings after the manner cluding all words in Literature, Science and of Bewick, 4 vols. 8vo. calf, 128

1814 Art, complete in 8 divisions, with plates, 18s6d Macknight's Truth of the Gospel History, 4to, pub. at £1 12s calf, scarce, 5s

1703 Jay's Family Prayers, 8vo. calf, 3s od 1820

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FOREIGN TOUR OF BROWN, JONES, & Poems by Michael Bruce, 12mo, calf, neat, 1sød

ROBINSON, in Belgium, Germany, Switzer. Wilson's Concessions of Trinitarians, being Exland, and Italy, with numerous humourous tracts from the writings of the most eminent engravings by Richard Doyle, 4to, splendidly Biblical Critics and Commentators, 8vo, bound in morocco extra, gilt sides, and edges, boards, 5s, pub. at 12s Manchester, 1842 28s pub. at £2 28

1854 Dartmoor; a Descriptive Poem by N. T. CarCalvini Commentarius in Librum Psalmorum, rington, with Notes, and Vignettes and Views

folio, calf, neat, fine copy, 8s Geneva 1578 drawn and etched by Rogers, 8vo, boards, 2s, Horbery on the Scripture Doctrine of the dura- pub. at 128

1826 tion of future Punishment, 8vo, calf, ls 6d Nicol's Treatise on Forest Planting, 8vo, boards, Husenbeth's Emblems of Saints, by which they 1s6d

1803 are distinguished in Works of Art, in two MR. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S COME parts, Saints with their Emblems-Emblems DIES, HISTORIES AND TRAGEDIES, with their Sainte, 12mo, cloth, 33

1850 the third impression, verses to memory of Dr Channing's Discourses, 12mo, cloth 2s 1838 Shakespeare damaged, and one leaf supplied Auldjo's Narrative of an ascent to the summit in M.S., with the Seven additional Plays (in

of Mont Blanc, with numerous plates, royal cluding Pericles) in the additional plays wants Ato, boards, 3s 6d. pub. at £l Is

1821 half a leaf at page 80 and the last play (TraSatires of Juvenal, imitated, 12mo, half calf, gedy of Locrine) ends at Scena Octava, porls

1763 trait on title page, and additional portrait in BYRON'S LIFE AND WORKS, by Moore, fine condition, with the additional plays, folio, best edition, 17 vols, 12mo, cloth, 358, pub. at old calf, rare, £14s

1633-4 £4 5s, clean copy,

1832 Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and Correspon. Hinton on the Voluntary Principle in the United dence of Sir W. Jones, by Lord Teignmouth States, 12mo, cloth, Is 185] 4to, portrait, calf, 4s6d

1834 Minshew's Guide into the Tongues, with their Lewis and Clarke's Travels to the Source of the

Agreement and Consent one with another, as Missouri River, and across the American also ther Etymologies, of words in 11 Lan. Continent to the Pacific, 3 vols, Svo, maps, guages, English, Welsh, Low aud High Dutch boards, 38

1815 French, Italian, Spanish, Portugues, Latin, Essay on the Causes of Dissent in Wales, 8vo, Greek, Hebrew, &c., fine tall copy, calf, neat, boards, Is Od

1832 15s,

1617 Todd and Bowman's Anatomy and Physiology This Book in its original binding belonged to K. of Man, vol. 1 in 2 parts, 8vo, sewed, 2s6d, James the 1st, whose Arms have been trans

pub at 14s

1845 ferred from the old binding to the present M.S. Brady's Plain Instructions to Executors and Withering's Botany, by Macgillivray, plates, Administrators, 8vo, boards, ls 6d 1830 12mo, cloth, 2s 6d

1830 | Anthony Robinson's Causes and Consequences Dr. Cumming's Apocalyptic Scetches, 12mo., of English Wars, from the Roman Invasion cloth gilt, 4s 6d puh. at 9s

1840 to 1791, 8vo, boards, Is 6d LACYD'S (E.) ARCHÆOLOGIA BRITAN. Political History of England during the XVI,

NICA, giving some Account additional to XVII and XVIIIth, Centuries, by Von Rauwhat has hitherto been published, of the Lan- mer, 2vols, 8vo, cloth, 5s

1837 guages, Histories and Customs of the original Retrospective Review, vols, 12 & 13, 2 vols, 8vo. inbabitants of Great Britain, folio, calf, scarce, boards, 2s

1826 30s

Oxford, 1707 Scetches of India, Scenery in Bengal, Notes on Sammes' Britannia; Antiquities of Ancient Bri- the Cape of Good Hope and St. Helena, 8vo, tain, derived from the Phænicians, folio, boords, ls 6d

1816 curious engravings, calf, neat, 12s6d 1076 Clerical Guide, a Register of the dignities and The Investigator, or Quarterly Magazine, edited benifices of the Church of England, the

by Rev. Dr. Collyer, Rev. Dr. Rafflcs, &c., 4 Incumbents, Patrons and Impropriators, &c.
vols in 2, 8vo, half calf, 3s
1820-21 cloth, 13 6d

1836 Rees' Essay on the Welsh Saints, or the Fuller's Holy and Profane State, good copy,

Primitive Christians, usually considered to potraits by Marshall, folio, calf, 6s 1648 have been the founders of Churches in Wales, RÉES'S ENCYCLOPÆDIA; complete in 85 8vo, cloth, 5s6d, pub. at 10s6d

1836 parts, with plates, boards, only £5, cost Hippisley's Expedition to the Rivers Orinoco & originally £85

1819 Apure in South America, to join the patriotic Brent's History of the Council of Trent, folio, forces in Venezvula, 8vo, half calf, 186d 1819 calf, good copy, 10s

1640 The Necessitarian by Rev. B. Dawson, 1783,- Murch's History of the Presbyterian & General

Lewis's Defence of Old Testament against Baptist Churches, with Memoirs of Pastors,
Paine, 1797,-Priestley's Original Letters 8vo, boards, 6s 6d, pub. at 12s

1835 by Rev. John Wesley and his friends, illus- Toulmin's History of Protestant Dissenters, 8v0 trative of his early History, Birmingham, boards, 2s, 1814.--Another Copy, half calf, 1791,--and another, in I vol., 8vo., boards,

neat, 3s 23

London Labour and the London Poor, vol. 1, Three Tragedies ; Bertram by Rev. R, C Ma. cloth, 3s 6d

1851 tarin, Bellamira and the Apostate by Shiell, Bowdler's Select Pieces in Prose and Verse, ? bro, half calf, Is6d

1818 vols, 8vo. portrait, half calf, very neat, 38 1817

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