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Section 1.-Purpose List-Continued.

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2973 Office furniture, camp stools, etc. 2974 Periodicals, stationery, etc., office of the treasurer, United States Military

Academy: 2975 Postage and telegrams. 2976 Printing and binding. 2977 Recitation room, supplies and furniture, purchasing, renewing, and repairing: 2978 Rubber matting in squad room of the Artillery barracks, purchase and

upkeep of. 2979 Saddles, bridles, etc., repairs to. 2980 Searchlights, maintenance and repairs of (including purchase of carbons). 2981 Stationery, textbooks, etc., department of economics and government and

political history. 2982 stationery and office furniture (senior instructor Field Artillery tactics). 2983 Stationery and office furniture senior instructor Coast Artillery tactics). 2984 Stationery. 2985 Stationery, books, etc., department of English and history. 2986 Stationery, etc., department of modern languages. 2987 Stationery, books, etc., department of law. 2988 Stationery, books, models, etc., department of practical military engineering. 2989 Superintendent of the academy, contingencies for. 2990 Textbooks, stationery, etc., department of civil and military engineering. 2991 Textbooks, stationery, etc., department of instruction and mathematics. 2992 Textbooks, apparatus, etc., department of natural and experimental

philosophy. 2993 Thread, wax, needles, etc., Cavalry stables. 2994 Thread, wax, needles, etc., Artillery stables. 2996 Transportation of material, cadets, discharged cadets, etc. 2997 Tools, machines, etc., Artillery gun shed. 2998 Water pipe, plumbing and repairs.

Appropriation: Pay of Military Academy-(P. M. A.). 3000 General purposes. 3001 Additional pay for length of service (Military Academy Band). 3002 Additional pay for length of service Service detachment). 3003 Additional pay for length of service Field musicians). 3004 Additional pay for length of service (Cavalry detachment). 3005 Additional pay for length of service Artillery detachment). 3006 Additional pay for length of service Engineer detachment). 3007 Additional pay for professors and officers for

length of service. 3008 Additional pay for length of service (Signal Corps detachment). 3009 Additional pay for length of service Coast Artillery detachment). 3010 Additional pay for gunners, Coast Artillery detachment. 3011 Additional pay for marksmen, sharpshooters, and expert riflemen. 3012 Additional pay for expert gunners, Artillery detachment. 3013 Additional pay for military telegraphers. 3914 Additional pay of rated men, Coast Artillery detachment. 3015 Additional pay of enlisted men under the proviso of the Army reorganization

act of June 4, 1920. 3016 | Artillery detachment. 3017 | Chaplain, permanent establishment. 3018 Cadets. 3019 Coast Artillery detachment. 3020 Constructing quartermaster, permanent establishment, increased pay. 3021 | Cavalry.


Section I.-Purpose List-Continued.

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3022 Engineer. 3023 Civilians. 3024 Field musicians. 3025 Interest on deposits due enlisted men. 3026 Military Academy Band. 3027 Master of the Sword, permanent establishment. 3028 Professors, permanent establishment. 3029 Professors, permanent establishment, increased pay. 3030 Signal Corps detachment. 3031 Service detachment. 3032 Staff sergeants on duty at headquarters, United States Corps Cadets, in

cluding additional pay for length of service. 3033 Travel allowances due enlisted men on discharge. 3034 Warrant officers on duty at headquarters, United States Corps of Cadets. 3035 Pay of two master sergeants and one staff sergeant.


Purpose Nos. 3100 to 3199, inclusive.

Appropriation: National trophy and medals for rifle contests-(N. T.

M. R. C.). 3100 General purposes. 3101 Furnishing a national trophy and medals and other prizes to be provided

and contested for annually. 3102 Necessary expenses for members of board for promotion of rifle practice. 3103 Promotion of rifle practice throughout United States.

Appropriation: Ordnance equipment for rifle ranges for civilian in

struction—(O. E. for R. R.). 3105 Arms, ammunition, targets, and other accessories for target practice, for

issue and sale.

Appropriation: Quartermaster supplies and services for rifle ranges for

civilian instruction-(Q. M. for R. R.). 3110 General purposes. 3111 Badges and other insignia. 3112 Commutation of subsistence of civilian rifle teams participating in national

matches. 3113 Materials, purchase of. 3114 | Other expenses incidental to instructions of citizens of United States in

marksmanship and their participation in national and international

matches. 3115 Salaries, civilian employees. 3116 | Services, pay for. 3117 Supplies, purchase of. 3118 Supplying meals of civilian rifle teams participating in national matches. 3119 Transportation of employees, instructors, and civilians to engage in practice. 3120 Wages.


Section 1.-Purpose List-Continued.


Purpose Nos. 3200 to 3299, inclusive.

Appropriation: Contingencies, Military Intelligence Division, General

Staff Corps-(C. M. I. D. G. S. C.). 3200 General purposes. 3201 Professional books of reference, purchase of, and subscriptions to newspapers

and periodicals. 3202 Supplies, photographic, photostating, and drafting. 3203 Clerks, draftsmen, and messengers in Washington, D. C., hire of. 3204 Interpreters, guides, and special agents, hire of. 3205 Printing, bookbinding, reproduction and purchase of maps. 3206 Tuition and textbooks necessary in instruction of language officers. 3207 Rentals of offices for military attachés. 3208 Extraordinary personal expenses of military attachés. 3209 Actual and necessary expenses of officers abroad in observing operations of

foreign armies at war. 3210 General office supplies, including postage and registry stamps.

Expenses incurred in interviewing civilians. 3212 Maintenance of intelligence work in corps areas, departments, and American

Forces abroad. 3213 Code and cipher work. 3214

Other purposes than above specified (exclusive of clerical hire).



Purpose Nos. 3300 to 3399, inclusive.


Appropriation: Care of insane Filipino soldiers-(C. of I. F. S.). Insane natives of the Philippine Islands, care, maintenance, and treatment

at asylums.


Appropriation: Care of insane soldiers of Porto Rico Regiment of

Infantry-(C. of I. S. P. R.).
Insane soldiers of Porto Rico Regiment of Infantry, care, maintenance, and

treatment at asylums.

Appropriation: Salaries, Bureau of Insular Affairs-(S. B. of I. A.). 3304 Salaries and wages, civilian employees.


Purpose Nos. 3400 to 3499, inclusive.

Appropriation: Instruction in Field Artillery activities—(I. F. A. A.). 3400 General purposes. 3401 Instruction. 3402 Tuition of officers. 3403 | Special activities not specified. 3404 Material for instruction.

Appropriation: Field Artillery schools—(F. A. S.). 3410

General purposes. 3411 Equipment (including machinery). 3412 Special purposes not otherwise provided for. 3413 Photographic supplies. 3414 Salaries, civilian employees. 3415 Stationery.

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Appropriation: Infantry School, Fort Benning, Ga.-(I. S. Ft. B.). 3510 General purposes. 3511 Equipment (including machinery). 3512 Special purposes not otherwise provided for. 3513 Photographic supplies. 3514 | Salaries, civilian employees. 3515 | Stationery. 3516 | Telegrams. 3517 Transportation. 3518

Wages, civilian employees. 3519 Material. 3520 Equipment, maintenance and repair. 3521 Laboratory supplies. 3522 Furniture. 3523 Furniture, maintenance and repair. 3524 Printing and binding. 3525 Books, etc., for library. 3526 Radiograms. 3527 Telephone service.


Purpose Nos. 3600 to 3699, inclusive.

Appropriation: Salaries, Office of the Judge Advocate General—(S. O.

J. A. G.). 3600 | Salaries, civilian employees.

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Appropriation: Salaries, Office Inspector General—(S. O. I. G.). 3700 Salaries, civilian employees.


Purpose Nos. 3800 to 3899, inclusive.

Appropriation: Transportation facilities, inland and coastwise water

ways-(T. F. I. C. W.). 3800 General purposes. 3801 Expenses incurred in the operation of boats, barges, and other transportation

facilities on theinland, canal, and coastwise waterways. 3802 Salaries, civilian employees.


Purpose Nos. 3900 to 3999, inclusive...

Appropriation: Army War College-(A. W. C.). 3900

General purposes. 3901 Fuel. 3902 Light. 3903 Maps (including making and photographic reproduction of same). 3904 Miscellaneous items. 3905 Office, toilet, and desk furniture. 3906 Police utensils. 3907 Printing and binding. 3908 Salaries, civilian employees. 3909 Stationery. 3910 Typewriters and exchange of same. 3911 Textbooks and books of reference. 3912 Employment of temporary technical or special services. 3913 Wages, civilian employees. 3914 Expenses of special lecturers (exclusive of salaries or wages). 3915 Scientific and professional papers and periodicals.


Purpose Nos. 4000 to 4199, inclusive.

4005 4006 4007 4008 4009 4010

Appropriation: Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Park—(C. &

C. N. P.).
General purposes.
Bridges, construction of.
Bridges, maintenance and repair of.
Fences and gates, construction of.
Fences and gates, maintenance and repair of.
Gun carriages, maintenance and repair of.

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