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Section I.-Purpose List—Continued.


Purpose No.



Appropriation: Pay, etc., of the Army-(P. of A.). 2460 General purposes.

Annuities. 2462 Clerks and other employees of the Finance Department. 2463 Clerks, messengers, and laborers, Office of Chief of Staff. 2464 | Clerks, messengers, and laborers, General Staff College. 2465 Pay of Army field clerks, and civil-service messengers at the headquarters of

the several territorial departments, corps areas, army and corps headquar. ters, territorial districts, tactical divisions and brigades, service schools,

camps, and ports of embarkation and debarkation. 2466 Pay of expert accountants, Inspector General's Department. 2469 Pay of Reserve Officers.

Appropriation: Pay of the Army, deposit fund-(P. A. D. F.). 2470 Soldiers' deposits.

Appropriation: Reimbursement to officers and men of the Army for

losses fighting fires in national forests—(R. A. F. F.). 2481 Reimbursement for losses incurred in fighting fires.

Appropriation: Rifle ranges for civilian instruction—(R. R. C. I.). 2485 General purposes. 2486 Miscellaneous items. 2487 Small-arms ammunition. 2488 Target and target material.

Appropriation: Salaries, Office Chief of Finance—(S. O. C. F.). 2490 Salaries, civilian employees.

Appropriation: Transportation of disabled soldiers, sailors, or ma.

rines on furlough-(T. D. S. on F.). 2497 Payment of transportation allowances.


Purpose Nos. 2600 to 2699, inclusive.

Appropriation: Civilian military training camps—(C. M. T. C.). 2600 General purposes. 2601 Subsistence. 2602 Transportation. 2603 Travel allowance in lieu of transportation and subsistence. 2604 Uniforms. 2605 Laundry.

Appropriation: Contingencies, headquarters of military departments,

etc.-C. H. of M. D.). 2615 General

purposes. 2616 Binding. 2617 Cleaning and toilet supplies. 2618 2619 | Maps. 2620 Office equipment. 2621 Office supplies. 2622 Stationery.




Section 1.-Purpose List-Continued.


2623 Technical books of reference, professional, and technical newspapers and

periodicals. 2624 Water. 2625 Miscellaneous purposes not otherwise provided for.

Appropriation: Military post exchanges–M. P. E.). 2630 General purposes. 2631 Buildings at military posts and stations for the conduct of the post exchange,

school, library, reading, lunch and amusement rooms, chapels and gym

nasium, construction of. 2632 Buildings at military posts and stations for the conduct of the post exchange,

school, library, reading, lunch and amusement rooms, chapels and gym

nasium, equipment of. 2633 Buildings at military posts and stations for the conduct of the postexchange,

school, library, reading, lunch and amusement rooms, chapels and gym

asium, maintenance of. 2634 Films, rental of. 2635 Library books, purchase of. 2636 Motion-picture outfits, repairs to. 2637 Motion-picture outfits, supplies for. 2638 Recreational purposes at training and mobilization camps not otherwise

specified. 2639 Salaries, hostesses. 2640 Salaries, librarians. 2641 Slides, purchase of. 2642 Travel expenses, hostesses. 2643 Travel expenses, librarians, 2644

Wages. 2645 Equipment, purchase of. 2646 Newspapers and periodicals.

Appropriation: Salaries, Adjutant General's Office—(S. A. G. O.). 2655 Salaries, civilian employees.

Appropriation: Ordnance stores, equipment, etc., Reserve Officers'

Training Corps-(O.S. E. R. O. T. c.). 2660 General purposes. 2661 Arms. 2662 Horse equipment. 2663 Machine-gun outfits. 2664 Ordnance equipment. 2665 Personal equipment, overhauling and repairing.

Appropriation: Quartermaster supplies, equipment, etc., Reserve

Officers' Training Corps-(Q. M. S. E. R. O. T. c.). 2670 General purposes. 2671 Animals for Reserve Officers' Training Corps, procurement of. 2672 Animals, transportation of. 2673 Camps for Reserve Officers' Training Corps, maintenance of. 2674 Clothing and equipage for Reserve Officers Training Corps. 2675 Forage for animals issued Reserve Officers' Training Corps. 2676 Members of Reserve Officers' Training Corps, transportation of. 2677 Members of Reserve Officers' Training Corps, subsistence while traveling to

and from camp. 2678 Pay of students attending advanced camps. 2679 Commutation of subsistence, Senior Division. 2680 | Travel allowance in lieu of transportation. 2681 | Uniforms, commutation of.


Section I.-Purpose List-Continued.

[blocks in formation]

2682 Supplies and equipment, transportation of.
2683 Supplies and equipment, procurement of.
2684 Subsistence for Reserve Officers' Training Corps.

Appropriation: Military supplies and equipment for schools and

colleges (M. S. E. S. C.). 2690 General purposes. 2691 Horse equipment, overhauling and repair of. 2692 Machine-gun outfits, overhauling and repair of. 2693 Personal equipments, overhauling and repair of. 2694 Tentage and equipment, other than ordnance, procurement and issue of. 2695 Tentage and equipment, other than ordnance, transportation of.


Purpose Nos. 2700 to 2799, inclusive.

Appropriation: School of the Line and General Staff, Fort Leavenworth,

Kans.-(S. of L., Ft. L.). 2760

General purposes. 2761 Equipment (including machinery). 2762 Special purposes not otherwise provided for. 2763 Photographic supplies. 2764 Salaries. 2765 Stationery. 2766 Telegrams. 2767 Transportation. 2768 Material. 2769 Equipment (including machinery), maintenance and repair. 2770 Laboratory supplies. 2771 Furniture. 2772 Furniture, maintenance and repair. 2773 Books, etc., for library. 2774 Printing and binding. 2775 | Radiograms. 2776 Telephone service.


Purpose Nos. 2800 to 2899, inclusive.

Appropriation: Arming, equipping, and training the National Guard

(A. E. & T. N. G.). 2800

General purposes. 2801 Animals for mounted units, purchase of. 2802 Camps of instruction, expenses for. 2803 Care of material, animals, and equipment, compensation of help for. 2804 Equipment and instruction, National Guard general expenses. 2805 Equipment and supplies, transportation of. 2806 Federal officers and noncommissioned officers in connection with National

Guard, travel of. 97231-22-3


Section 1.-Purpose List-Continued.


Purpose No.


2807 Federal property issued to the National Guard, repair of.
2808 Forage, bedding, etc., for animals, procurement of.
2809 National Guard officers detailed with the Army, pay and allowance for.

Office rent, etc., Inspector-instructors. 2811 Property and disbursing officers for the United States, pay of. 2812 Selected officers and enlisted men, military service schools, expenses for. 2813 Sergeant-instructors, expenses for. 2814 | Pay of the National Guard, armory drills.

Appropriation: Arms, uniforms, equipment, etc., for field service,

National Guard-(A. U. E. for F. S. N. G.).
Procurement and issue of Federal property to the National Guard for field



Appropriation: Field Artillery for National Guard-(F. A. for N. G.). 2820 General purposes.

Appropriation: Salaries, Militia Bureau-(S. M. B.). 2825 | Salaries, civilian employees.

Appropriation: Equipment of Coast Artillery armories, Organized

Militia-(E. C. A, A. O. M.). 2830 General purposes.

Appropriation: Encampment and maneuvers, Organized Militia

(E. M. O. M.). 2835 General purposes.

Appropriation: Arming and equipping the Militia-section 1661, R. S.

(A. E. M.). 2840

General purposes.


Purpose Nos. 2900 to 3099, inclusive.

Appropriation: Buildings and grounds, Military Academy—(B. G.

M. A.). 2900 General

purposes. 2901 Breast-high wall, continuing the construction of. 2902 Buildings of the Coast Artillery fire-control system, repairs to. 2903 Cadet barracks, repairs to. 2904 Cadet boathouse, repairs and maintenance of (including purchase and main

tenance of boats and canoes for instruction in rowing). 2905 Cadet chapel, care and maintenance of organ. 2906 Cadet hospital, repairs, alterations, and additions to. 2907 Cadet laundry building, repairs to. 2908 Cadet mess, repairs to building. 2909 Cadet mess, repairs to boilers, engines, dynamos, motors, etc. 2910 Cadet mess, repairs and replacements in steam-heating system and steam line. 2911 Cadet store building, repairs and improvement to. 2912 Cadet polo field, repairs and improvement of. 2913 Cadet exchange---repairing. 2914 Field Artillery target range, repairs to.


Section 1.-Purpose List-Continued.

[blocks in formation]

2915 Grounds of post cemetery, maintaining and improving. 2916 Hospital grounds, flowers and shrubs for. 2918 Ordnance laboratory and other buildings pertaining to department of ord

nance and gunnery, repairs to. 2919 Ordnance Museum in headquarters building, for cases, material, etc. 2920 Poplopen Pipe Line, repairs and restoration of retaining wall. 2921 Power plant coal bunkers, altering; 2922 Quarters for staff sergeant, soldiers' hospital, repair and upkeep of. 2924 Quarters of master sergeant, cadet hospital, repair and upkeep of. 2925 Roads and grounds, improvement to. 2927 Soldiers' hospital, repairs to. 2928 Stable No. 4 and corral, repairs and upkeep of. 2929 Stone and gravel for roads. 2930 Waterworks. 2931 Waterproofing post headquarters, bachelor, gymnasium, and other buildings. 2932

West Point Army Mess Building, repairs and improvement to.

Appropriation: Maintenance United States Military Academy-(M.

U.S. M. A.). 2935

General purposes. 2936 Automobile, maintenance of. 2937 Automobile truck, maintenance of. 2938

Bandinstruments, purchase and repair of (including maintenance of the band). 2939 Cadet barracks, furniture and light. 2940 Material and labor for cleaning and policing public buildings. 2941 Cooking utensils, etc., cadet mess. 2942 Policing barracks and bathhouses. 2943 Drawing materials, department of drawing. 2945 Camp site, maintenance and repair to. 2946 Children's school, maintaining. 2947 Coco matting for riding hall stable aisleway, purchase and repair of. 2948 Covering for riding-hall grounds. 2949 Contingent funds, academic board. 2950 Department of chemistry, mineralogy, and geology. 2951 Department of military hygiene. 2952 Fire-extinguishing apparatus, purchase and repair of. 2953 Fuel for cadets' mess hall, shops, and laundry. 2954

Fuel and apparatus. 2955 Gas, coal, oil, candles, etc., for gas plant. 2956 Gas and electric pipes and fixtures. 2957 Gymnasium, athletic supplies, etc. 2958 Instruments, books, models, etc., for department of ordnance and gunnery. 2960 Lectures for more complete instruction of cadets. 2961 Library, increase and expense of. 2962 Machines, tools, etc., wood and metal working. 2963 Machines, tools, textbooks, and material for cadet instruction and the main

tenance and repair of motor transportation and automobile or internal

combustion engines. 2964 Material for hurdles, etc., riding hall. 2965 Material for repairs and improvements. 2966 Material for preserving floor, Artillery barracks and stables. 2967 Material for preserving floor, Cavalry barracks and stables. 2968 | Mattresses, machines, etc., Artillery barracks gymnasium. 2969 Mattresses, machines, etc., Engineer barracks gymnasium, repairs to. 2970 Mattresses, machines, etc., Cavalry barracks gymnasium. 2971 Members of the Board of Visitors, expenses of. 2972 Obstacles on mounted drill ground, construction and repair of.

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