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Adam Seatt.
J. Ilogg

Fd 5-10628 - Lake Shore series. Bost. 1871. 6 vols. Gd 9.??? Adam Brown the Merchant.

Gf 4-20552 Through by daylight. Switch of Adam, W. Au inquiry into the theories of History, Lightning Express. with special reference to the principles of posi- On time.

Bear and forbear. tive philosophy. L., 1864, 89. Cr 2-20355) Starry Flug series. Bost., 1871 6 vols Ge -21704 Adam and the Adamite. D. M'Causland Ch 9-18679 Breaking away.

Make or break.
Adams, C. The earth and its wonders. Cio., 1870.

Freaks of fortune. Seek and sind.
Dk 2-16126 Starry Flag

Down the river. – Life of Oliver Cromwell

. N. Y., n. d.

c 9-17783
- The way of the world

Gej-?1191 Memoir of Washington Irving, with selections from - Upward and onward seris. Bost., 1871-2. 6 v. his works and criticisms. N. Y., 1870

FI 3-15303 Da 9-17762 Cringle and crosstree. Field and forest, Adams, Charlotte.' Edgar Clifton Ge 7-23881

Desk and debit.

Plane and plank. John Hartley

Ge 1-22112

Bivouac and battle. Sea and shore. The Errand Boy

Ge 3-21790 Woodville stories. Bost., 1871. 6 v. Ge P-217) Adams, C. C. Creation. A recent work of God. N.

Rich and humble. Work and win.
Y., 1870

Ea 8-17848

In school and out. Hope ap i have
A dams, C F. Jr., and II. Chaptery of Erie, and other Watch and wait.

Haste and waste
Bost., 1871

He 11-20464 – Young America abroad series. Northern Lants.
Adams, II. C. Balderscourt
Ge 7-23876

Fd 3-2.1994 Barford Bridge Ge 7-22182 - Up the Baltic

FI 3-17 Boy Caraliers.

Ge 7-22180

Adams, W. and H. C. Tales of Charlton Ge 7-23879 The Encombe stories; or tales for Sunday reading. Ad Clerum. idvice to a young preacher. J. Parker L., 1868 FI 3--16798

He 11-15 Friend or Foe.

Ge 6-22154 Ad Fidem ; or, Parish' evidences of the Bible. E. E. - Schooiboy Honour

Ge 7-23878

Ee 8-15173
Stories for Sundays .
Tales of the Civil Wars. L., 1871

Ge 1-22420 Addison, C. G. The Knights Templars. Lon. 1954 3-17662

Ch 12-21637 Tales upon Texts. I., 1870

Cc 4-23905 Addison, Joseph. Criticism on Milton's · Paradise Lost." Winborough Boys. L., 1872

Ge 8-23958 Adams. H. G. Humming Birds, described and illustra.

Eng rep. Vol. 3

Le 6-18399 Life. British Plutarch. Poló

Dd 2-3412 ted. L.. n.d.

Dk 8-22252 Life and adventures of Dr. David Livingstone in the Addison, L. Drake, 1.C. Addison's travels throng

Addison, Julia. Sister Kate

Gel-22121 interior of South Africa. N. Y., n. d.

Italy and Swisserland

Cb 1-2 132 Dd 10–23746 Addresses at the Inauguration of Professor Noah Porter - Nests and eggs of familiar birds, described and illus

as President of Yale College. Oct. 11. 1971. trated. L., 1871.

Ik 8-21661
80 N. Y., 1871.

Kb - 22515
Adams, J. Magoon, E. L. Orators of the Revolution.
Db 3-1902 Adela, Cathcart. G. MacDonald

Fc 12-1-660 Adams, John Quincy and Charles F. Life of John Adelaide, Lindsay. Mrs. A. Marsh

Gf4-20531 Adams. Phil., 1871. 2

Da 11-18401 Adlard, Geo. Amye Robsart and the Earl of Leycester. Adams, Mrs. J. S. Allegories of Life. Bost., 1872.89

and a history of Kenilworth Castlo Lon., 1870. Gf 7-24008 89

DO 19-21141 Adams, Samuel. Magoon, E. L. 'Orators of the Revo. Adonias. P. B. Shelley

If 3--12: lutiou.

Db 3-4902 Idrift in a boat.

W. H. Kingston Gelul Adams, W. Thanksgiving; memories of the day; helps Adritt with a vengeance. K Cornwallis F1 1-17140

to the habit. N. Y., 1807. He 11-19663 Adulterations. Treatise on the manufacture, imitation, - The Three Gardens: Eden, Gethsemane and Para

adulteration of wines, gins, runs, etc. dise, or man's ruin, redemption and restoration.

Gb 3-1773 N. Y., 1868.

Ed 3-19665 Lewis, Dio. Talks about people's stomach.s Adams, W. H. D. Before the conquest, or Eoglish

(a 3-1673 worthies in the Old English Period. Elin'g., Adventures, (i. Aimard'.

Gf 5-205) 1870. 89.

Cr 2–19159 Adventures in Australia. Mrs. R. Lee. Gel-06 The Boy makes the man Ge 6-22158 Adventures in Boston, J. Ibbott.

Gd 5-22770 The buried cities of Campania, or Pompeii and Iler., Adventures in New York. J. Abbott .

Gi 5-22746 culanoun; their history; their destruction and Adventures in Vermont. J. Ibbott Gd 5-2):719 their remains. L., 1870

Di 11-21894 Adventures in the wilds of North America. Charies Famous regiments of the British army; their origin Lauman

Cp 3-23100 and services. L.

Cg 11--19177 Adventures in the wilds of the United States. Charles Famous ships in the British navy, or stories of en- Lanman

Oa 2-22011 terprise and daring, collected from our naval Adventures in Upper and Lower California. "R chronicles. Lon., 1865 ('o 2 - 19347 Ryan .

Di 11-16 – The circle of the year, or studies of vature and pic- Adventures of an id-de-Canip. J. Grant Gif 6-22233 tures of the seasons. Ed., 1869 Dk 2-19187 | Adventures of Basil Lee. J. Hogg

Fd 5-16622 The land of the Nile; or Egypt, past and present. Adventures of Bigfoot Wallace, the Texan Ranger. J. Ion., 1871

Dg 12-21903
C. Duval

DE 11-16379
Memorable battles in English history. Lon., 1963. Adventures of Captain Blake. w. H. Maxwell.
Cn 2-23269

Gf 2-21737 The sunshine of domestic life; or, sketches of wo- Adventures of Colonel Peter aston: a flighand tale of manly virtues, and stories of the lives of noble the Wars of Montrose. J. Hogg.

Fd 3-1662 L. 1871..

Pd 3-21852 | Adventures of Dr. Brady. W. H. Russell Gf 5–22456 – Temples, Tombs and Monuments of Ancient Greece | Adventures of laus Sierk." A. W. Drayson. anii Rome. Lon, 1871 Ca 3-19481

Gej-92177 - Valley of the Nile Ge 6-22157 Adventures of a missionary

Gel-91153 Adams, W.T. Boat Club series. Bost., 1870. 6 v. Adventures of Mr. Ledbury and his frioud Jack Jolin.

Gd 4-22714
A. Smith

GP 2-17S?
Boat Club

Try again.

| Adventures of Robinson Cruso, (in French) D. De Foe. All aboard. Poor and proud.

Aa .._"$59 Now or never.

Little by little. Adventures of Teleruachus. Fenelon : Ha 10 -1779








n. d.,

Adventures of a young naturalist. L. Biart.

Agassiz, L. Whipple, E. P. Characteristic men
DE 12-16574

Dd 1-5406 Adiventures of a younger son. Captain Trelawney.

Age of fable.
T. Bulfinch

Ci 5-18497
Gf 2-21418 Age of reason. T. Paine

Ey 10-16621 Advertisements for the unexperienced planters of New Age we live in. J. Cumming

II (-11346 England or anywhere. Captain John Sinith. Age we live in. 11. Stowell

Hd 6-11349 Ce 10-8644 Agents in the revival of the last century. L. H. Wise.

Hd 6-11:53 Advice to a mother on the management of her children. P. H. (hevasse

Gi 7-22833 Ga 2-8691 Agnes. J. Abbot

Fc 1-20503 Jerolites. Phipson, T. L. Meteors, aerolites and fall- Agnes Hilton. M. J. Hoffnan

Agonistes. A. Lyall

Lb 6-21659 ing stars

Ea 101-17634 Aeronautirs. Glaisher, J. Travels in the air.

Agricultural laborer, T. E. Kebbell Ka 4-21093 Ea 3–20484 | Agriculture. Greeley, Horace.

What I know about icrostation. Glaisher, W. M. Scientific experiments i


Ec 11-18751

Agriculture. Journal of the royal agricultural society of in balloons

Hd G-11561
Aesthetics. D'ay, H. N. The science of Aesthetics. England

Ia 3-17521
Agriculture. Porter, G. r. Sugar cane, its nature and

Ke 7-24188 a far in the forest.' Vrs: Traill Ge 6-22160 properties

E 12-20318 Afghanistan. Fraser, J. B. Description of crl1-17627

Reports of the Commissioners of Agricu' are for the Africa. Alexander, Sir E. An expedition of dis

years 1869-1870. Wash., 1870-1871 covery into the interior of Dg 12-20203

Ec 12-1932 & 92518

- Transactions of the California Agricultural Society - Barbosa, D. East Africa and Coast of Malabar. Iak.

1868-9. Sac., 1870 Suc. v. 35 la 1-16776

Ec 12-23867 Travels in the interior of South Aide-Memoire to the Military Sciences.

Agriculturist. 1868.70 – Chapman, J.

Bh l-19739

L2J., 184). Afria; comprising fifteen years' hunting and

3 vols.

La 1-13333 trading

Oc 1-23726

Aikin, John, and Mrs. 1. L. Barhauld. Evening at - Cumming, (i. Wild men and wild boasts

Dk 7-22476

home; or, the juvenile bilget opened; consist. Davis. x. Ruined cities

Dg 12-20362

ing of a variety of miscellaueons pieces for the - Dennam, D.

instruction and amusement of youth. N. 1., Et al. Travels and discoveries in

He 6-16607 Northern and Central Africa Dg 12-2018.4

Aimard, Gustave. Adventurers

GE 5-23050 - Du Chiliu. P. My Apingi Kingdom . Dg 12-18381

Bee Hunters

GO-??057 The country of the dwarfs

Ilg 12-21572
Border rifles

GfJ-20503 - Horton, J. A. B. Physical and medical climate

Buccaneer chief

G! J-2059 and meteorology of the west coast of Africa.

Last of the Incas

Gf 5-22002 Dg 12 22325

Gf 3-3201

Queen of the Savannah - Korr. R. History of the discoveries of the l'ortu


GEJ-22139 fuese along the coast of, 1412-1505 DE 2-3316

Tiger Slayer

Gfj-2001 - Liri and Owield. Expedition by the river Niger. Trappers of Arkansas

Gf 3-22062
Dg 11-16872
White Scalper

Gf J-22060) - Latrobe, C. 1. Journal of a visit to South Africa,

Aimwell stories. Wm. Simonds

Gd 3-22729 Dg 11-18811 Ainslee stories. Helen C. Weeks.

Gd 6-22917 Linaley, Capt. A. Search for the South African gold tlelds.

Gf 1-22968 Ainslie, Herbert. Higher law

Dg 11-17563 - Mackenzie, Jolin. Ten years north of the Orange Ainsworth, W. F., Ed. Earth delineated with pen ari River

I 1-231-3 Dg 12-22472

pencil. Lon., d.d. 49 - Moody, J. W. D. Ten years in South Africa

Wanderinge in every clime; or voyago travels and Dg 12-19234

adventures all around the world : sequel to the - Mosto, Caila. Original journals, 1455. DE 2-5846

* Earth delineated." Lon., D. d. 4° Ih 1--23445

dir. Hooker, W. Child's book of nature Dk 3-177631 -- Murray, H. Narrative of discovery and adventure

| Airelles. Mme Swetchine

He 3-1 1980 in.

Dg 11-17625

Airy, G. B. Treatise on magnetism. Lon., 1470. -- Naphegyi. G. Ghardaia: or, ninety days among the

Ea --2751 B'ni Mozab

Dg 10-18480 Akensidé, Mark. Life. ' British Plutarch. - Pedro de Cintra. Original journal, 1406 DE 2-5846

Dd 2-114 – Petherick, John and B. H. Travels in Central Africa Alabaster, H. The wheel of the law. ' Buddhism illus

Dg 12-13306 -- Smith, G. Modern geographical researches

trated from Siamese sources by the modern

Buddhist, a life of Buddha and an account of
Hd 6-11556
Prabat. Long, 1971. 8

Ef 12-21160 Life and travels of Mungo Park Dg 10-23196 lamance

Gf 1-20552 Sarrative of the Niger, Tshadda, and Binuë ex. Alastor. P. B. Shelley

Hf 3-12221 plorations. Trav. Lib. v. 9 Cp 3-23097 Albany penitentiary.

Twenty-second annual report of -- Wanderings in West Africa Dg 12-20271 the inspectors and superintendent, made Dec. 13, African Wanderers. Mrs. R. Lee

Gd 2-22603
1870. Alb., 1870

Ba 9 17:35 African Wanderings. F. Werne. Trav. Lib. v. 10 Albert, Prince Consort. Principal speeches and addresses

Cp 3-23098 Africanus, Leo. Saint John J. A., Life of

of. Leipzig, 1869

Lb 5-23192 bd 1-5413 Albrechtsberger, John G. Methods of harmony, tigured Africa's redemption. F. Freeman.

Ka 4-21629

base and composition adapted for self-instruction After Ophir. Capt. A. Lindley.

Dg 11-17565
Lon., n. d. 2 vols. 8

La 7-20996 Aner & shadow. T. S. Arthur.

Ge 5-23897 Alcock, Rutherford. The capital of the Tycoon, a Afternoon lectures on literature and art, delivered in the

narrative of a three years' residence in Japan. theatro of the Museum of Industry, S. Stephen's

L., 1563. 2 v.

Di 2-11503 Green, Dublin, 1863-4.5. Lon. 1866.

Alcohol; its place and power. James Miller

Ga 6-18302 First series, English literature.

Alcoholic diseases.' AC Macieod

Ga 5-23007 Second and third series, literature and art.

Alcott. Louisa M. Aunt Jo's scrap bag. Ge 5-22450 Agassiz, E, C. and A. Seaside studies in natural his. Little men

Fe 12-18542 tory. Marine animals in Massachussetts bay. Morning glories

Gf 2-21219
Bost., 1865, 80
Dk 10-70-47 Three proverb stories

Ge 5-18496

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3 v.

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2 y

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2 v.

Alden, Joseph. The science of government in con. | Alice Thorne

Ge 5-7146 nection with American institutions. N. Y., 1871. Alicia. Sowing the good seed

Fa 5-1541) Bi 5-21835 Alisov, Alexander, Philosophy and history of ciri 127Huis, J. Mythology of the Greeks. E. H. L., 1846-7 tion. L., 1860. 8

Ch 5-10443 Hd 6-11546 Alison, Archibald. Miscellaneous essays. X Y., 3.71 - Philosophy of prayer. E 11. 1., 1851-2

Hu 14-1932 Hd 6-11550 Principles of population and their connection with - Works of fiction. E. H. 1., 1846-7

Hd 6-11545 human happiness. Ed, and Lon., 1-10. ? vela, Aldrovaudi, Ulysses. Macgillivray, W. Life

Ka 3-93171 De 2-17630 Alken, Henry. The national sports of Great Britala Alembert. See D'Alembert.

Long, 1825. 8o.

Ga 8-92117 Alexander, H. C. The life of Joseph Addison Alexander, All aboard. W. T. Adams

Gd 4-22:13 D. D., professor in the theological semivary at

All for Jesus. F. W. Faber.

Id 0-12:00 Princeton, N. J. N. Y., 1870.

All in the dark. J. S. Le Fanu

Gf 4-205,7 Da 12–19595 All in the wrong. T. Hook Alexander, Sir J. E. An expedition of discovery into All the year round, conducted by c. Dickens. Lon,

Gf 6-2231 the interior of Africa, through the hitherto un

1859-68. 20 vols. go

Ia 6-16353 described countries of the Great Namaquas, Allegories of life. Mrs. J. S. Adams Gf 7-2190 Boschmans and Hill Damaras. LOD., 1838.

Allen, David, 0. India, ancient and modern, geograp

Dg 12-20265 - Incidents of the Maori war, New Zealand, in 1860-1.

cal, historical, political, social, and religios;

with a particular account of the state and prog. Lon., 1863

Dh 9-18311 - Travels from India to England, comprehending a visit

pects of Christianity. B., 1856. 8° Cg 12-17754

Da &-4 to the Burman empire and a journey through Allen, Ethan. Tilson, T. Life. Persia, Asia Minor, European Turkey, &c., in the Allen, John. Principles of modern riding for ladies years 1825-6. Lon., 1827. 4° Dh 12-20128

which all late improvements are applied to prd. Alexander, J. W. Forty years familiar letters of, con

tice on the promenade and road. Lon., 1825.4 stituting with the notes, a memoir of his life.

Dk 8-2153) Ed, by J. Hull. N. Y., 1870. 2 v. in l. 8o

Allen, Joseph. Battles of the British navy. Lon, 1152 Db 10-19681 2 vols

Cu 2-103.) Alexander, W. Wilson, T. Life

Da 8-4693 Allen, R. The sportsman in Ireland, with leis summer Alexander, W. L. Influence of Romanism on the intel

route through the Highlands of Scotland by :

cosmopolite. Lon., 1810. 2 vols. Cm 7-21 lectual and moral condition of the people subject Allen, T. The history and antiquities of London, West to its sway: E. H. L., 1849-50 Hd 6-11548

minster, Southwark, and parts adjacent 5 v. - M. Renan on the kingdom of God. E. H. L., 1864-5

Lon., 1839. go

Cn 1-1:1:3 Hd (-11563 Alexandra, Feodorowna, Life of.' A. T. Von Grimm Allen, W. The American biographical dictionary, ang

De 12-20065

taining an account of the lives, characters, and Alexis the ridaway. Rosa Abbott Parker Gd 6-22768 writings of the most erninent persons decretis Alforti, E. M. Vetherton-on-sea

Gf 6-22300
North America. Bost., 1957.

sig !-3472 Alford. H. The intelligent study of Holy Scripture.

Allen, Wm. Sherman, J.

Lecture on HD 3-11.)
E. I. L, 1854-5
Hủ 6-1553 | Allen, Wm. Walker, Mn.

Memoirs Del-10 The New Testament for English readers, containing Allen, W. H. Wilson, T. Life

Da the authorized version with marginal corrections Allibono, S. Austin. Critical dictionary of English liter. of readings and renderings, marginal references

ature and British and American authors. and a critical and explanatory commentary. Ed.

Phil., 1871.

Ab 6-3 and Lon., 1868.

Ad 3–19122 Allies, F. W.

The forination of Christen Joru. - Saul of Tarsus. E. H. L., 1855-36 Hd 6-11554

2 v.

L 3-1 Alfred the Great Giles, J. A. Lite and times of Allon, H. Characteristics and tendencies of modern

Pd 4-21964
litorature. E. H. L., 1858-9

Hd 6-113 Whole works with preliminary essays, illustrative of

Christianity in its relations to sects and denominations the history, arts, and manners of the 9th century.

E. H. L., 1831--2.

Hd 1-11) Jubiloo edition. Ox., 1832. 3 v. in 2.

Church song, with illustrations of the people's w? Hd 4-16813

ship in ancient and modern times li l-1100 Geography of the kvowo world. See Kerr, K. - Palissy, the potter. E. H. L., 1855-6 Hd 6-11

Df 2-5815 Psalmody of the reformation; Lutheran, Calvirier Champneys, i. w. Lecture on : Hd 6-11350

English, E. H. L., 1863-1

Hd 6-11 Hughes, T. Life

Dc 1-16490 | All's not gold that glitters. A. B. Neal Ge Alfred the Great Drama. J. S. Knowles Hb 10-17721. Allston, Washington. Lester, C. E. Artists of Art Algebra. Smid, J. II. Elements of Algebra


Hc 3-11!! Eb 11-23763' Allworth Abbey. E. D. E. N. Southworth Ff7-IST Alger, Horatio, Jr. Rufus and Rose. Ragged Dick Almanac. Evening Journal for 1972 ('k 10-32 series. Fd 6–16534 Almanson. Trag. H. Heino

Aa 2-1: ? Sink or swim. Luck and pluck series Fd 6-9469, Almost a nun. Julia McNair Wright

Fa 13-101!) Strong and steady Fd 6-10325 Alone. M. V. Terhune

Fe (-19 Tattered Tom series.

Alphabet. Leipsius C. R. standard alphabet
Tattered Tom
Fd 6-185911

Kb 5-23-33 Paul the peddler.

Fd 6-24000 Ipine flowers for English gardens. W. Robinson Algeria and Tunis in 1815. J. C. Kennedy

Ec 7-1011 Dg 11-18833 Alpine plants. David Wooster Algiers, Blackburn, 11. Artists and arabs

Alps. Among the Alps

Ge 3-2623 Ig 11-21142 A uldjo, J. Ascent to the summit of Mount Bau Prus, Madam. A residence in Algeria Dg 12–215:3+! Trav. Lib. v. 1 .

Wingtield Lewis. Under the palms. Dg 12-22029 Bonney, T. G. The alpine regions of Switzerk zu Ali, Jírs. Meer Hassen. Observations on the Mussul.

19; mann's of India, descriptive of their manners,

119, B. Patchwork'

D : ('ustoms, habits and religious opinions, made, Law, W. J. The Alpg of Havnibal.

Di S-4179 during a twelve years' residence in their immediate - Tyndall, J. Hours of exercise in the Alps society. Lon., 1832, 2 v. in l. g? Ca 10–19469


4 v.


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4 y.

3 V.



- Ton Tschudi, F. Sketches of nature in the Alps. American colonies, previous to the declaration of indeTrav. Lib. Cp 3-23089 pendence J. A. Doyle

Cb 4-18289 Alps and the Rine. D. C. Eddy Gů 5–15475 American colonization society, fifty-fourth annual re. llos, Switzerland and north of Italy. C. Williams

port, 1871.

Bh 4. Pam. 78 Di 8-18193 American convent, as a school for Protestant children. A lured. Kerr, R. Pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 1063 N. Y., 1870

Fo 7-19402 Df 2–18 15 American ephemeris and nautical almanac før 1971-1. Alvarez de Toledo, Ferdinand, duke of Alva. G. P. R.

W., 1869.72.

Ck Il-5041 James. Lite Da 1-5103 American girl abroad. Trafton

Gf 7-244002 Always in the way. T. Jeans

Gf 5-22038 | American journal of science and arts. Ed. by J. D. wari, M. Nitory of the wars of the Sicilian vespers. Dana and B. Silliman, 2d series, v. 50. 300 Lon. 18.50.

('g 12-23445 series, v. 1st. 'New Haven, 1570-71 Amazon. Bates, w". 11. The naturalist on the river

.Gd 12814, and 18518 and 23811 Amazon Ch 7-20297 American leaves. S. Osgood.

le 13-13693 – Expeditions into the valley of, in 1539, 1540 and American Naturalist. A popular illustrated magazine

Ib l-16755

of natural listory. Salem, 1870-71. V:4 and 5 Kingston, w. II. G. On the banks of the Amazon

Ij 4-18363, 2,552 Ge 3-21231 | American Pioneer. A monthly periodical devoted to Anterica, Antiquities and History.

the objects the Logan Historical Society. Ba'riwia S. D. Ancient Ainerica, &c. Nb 2-23963

Cin., 1912-43.

2 v.

Cb 5-21136

El 10-18725 Brownell, II. North and South America, illustrated, , American Religion. J. Weiss

R. M. Bache. Gf 2-21351 from its first discovery to the present administra. American Wonderland. tion Cb 6-22032 , Americanisms. S. M. DeVere

Kb 3-10329 – Kerr, R. ' History of the discovery of America Americans in Japan. R. Tomes.

Dh (18537 Df 2–5847 Americans in their moral, social and political relations. - Neill, E. D. English colonization of America during F. J. Gruod.

Cb 5--23329 the seventeenth century Cb 6-23701 Imericus Vespucius, the Florentine

De S-23184 - Wynne, John H. A general history of the British Americus Vespucius. Kerr, R. Voyages to the new onupire in America

Ch 2–20258

DE 2-5847 America. Discovery.

Aines, Fisher. Magoon, E. L. Orators of the revolu. tion

Db 3-1902 The conquerors of the New World. Ca 4-23411 Kerr, R Early discovery of Winland, or America, Ames, Mary C. Eirene, or a womau's right.

Fc l-19723 by the Icelanders, about 1001 Df 2-5845 America. Travels and Description.

Among the ilps i

Go 5-20223

GE 2-21 499 Beltrami, J. C. Pilgrimage in

DE 12-17723 : Among the Brigands. James De Ville: - Carver, J. Travels in

Df 3-19071

Among the masses; or work in the wśnds. 1). Mae. coll

Ee 12-19501 - Godley, J. R. Letters from

DE 12-20261

Among the Tartar tents. Annie Bowman Ce 8–22249 - King, C. Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada

Oa 2-23308

Amoor river. Ravenstein, E. G. The Russians on the

ih 6-15704 Dlacauley, J. Across the Ferry Oa 2–22633 Amusement directory, and traveler's guide, from the Mairyat F. Diary in

DE 11-17459 Atlantic to the Pacitic. (. P. Sweet Ci 1-3702 Winte, J. Sketches from America. (a 1-23192 Amusements. Bennett, B. Thentrical mer ca. North, History.

HId6-11545 Abbott, J. American histories GO 6-22848 Corderoy, E. Popular

Hd 6-11555 America Traveis.

Dalton, Henry. Tho book of drawing room pays. - Beil, W A. New tracks in North America

Mc 7-21967 Di 11-18290 - Bingley, W. Traveis in

Head, J. II. Home Pastimes.

Gb 11-9207 DE 12-20191 - Johnston, J. F. W. Votes on North America

Amy Deane V. ¥. Townsend

Gd 3-22892 P. Curtis

GJ 6-22773 America. Miscellany.

Analysis of the phenomena of the human mind. J.

IIe 3-16507 -- Hamilton, T. Men and manners in America Anatomy, Gray ii. Inatomy, descriptive and surgi

Dr 12-20263

Ga 2-16586 (see British America, United States.)

Heath, c. Practical anatomy. Ga 7-22136 America, South. History and Travels.

Huxley, T. H. Anatomy of vertebrated animals. Pictures of travels in t'ar-oll lands. Lon., 1871

Dk 8-23933 CI 3-23736 Smin W. and Lowe F. Journey from Lima to Para

Owen, R. Anatomy of vertebrates. Ga 1-20730

- Tiedeman, F. Anawmy of the foetal brain Df 13-15892

Ga 6-21395 Ameri an agriculturalist, 1868-70. 3o.

N. 40

Ancient classics for English readers. Collins, W. L.

Bh 1-18733 American apà Italian Cantatrici ; or, a year at tlie sing


Hd 9-16439 Odyesey

9-10500 ing schools of Milan, by Lucius. Lon., 1867


Hd 4--1572
Hb 14-192 15
Martin, T. Horace

II 9-17983 American annual cyclopaedia and register of important

Swayne, G. C. Herodotus.

Ild 9-16501 events, for the year 1870. v. 10. N. Y., 171

Trollope, A. Commentaries of Casar Há 9-16199 163-18922!

Ancient Danish ballads. Tr. by R. C. A. Prior, Lon., American Baron. J. De ville.

FU 10-22490
1860. 3 y.

KO 2-21 American bond detector and complete history of the Ancient history. English and French exemplified in a

United States goverument securities, issued un- regular dissection of the Saxon Chronicles; Prederthe sanction of the United States treasury ceded by a review of Wharton's utrim elfricus department, and containing superb illustrations, grammaticus. Lon., 1830.

('n 5-23742 in genuine tints, printed at the treasury depart- Ancient iron work. D. A. Clarkson Ig 1-18430 neot, from the original dies in the possessiou of Ancient Rome and modern London. J. Stoughton the govornment, of all bonus issued under the

lid 6-1111 acts of congress, from Jily 17th, 1861, to March : Andagoya, P. de. Proceedings of Pedrarias Davila in


Df 11-16954' Amy (iarnet.

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3, 1368, etc. W., 1869. Ob!. 4° Bc 2-16691 the provinces of Tierra Firme, or Castilla del Arorican cardinal

Fe 11-18777
Oro. Hak. Soc.

lb 1-16775

V. 34




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An lergen, Hans. C. A poet's bazaar, pictures of travel - Pulgrave, F. History of the .

Cn:-2010 in Germany, Italy, Greece and the Orient. N. Wylie, W. M. Fairfoid graves

I-:ICS Y., 1871

Di 6-18862 | Animal creation. Owen, R. Power of God in the Pictures of travel in Sweden, among the Hartz

H-1:31,". mountains, and in Switzerland, with a visit at Animal kingdom illustrated. J. G. Wood Dk +-1974: C. Dicken's house. N. Y., 1871 Di 9-20216

Animal plagues. Their history. G. Fleming - Stories and tales Fd 1-18352

Dk 5-1-1. - The story of my life. v. y., iszi:

De 9-18181 Animala.

Anderson, W. Treasury of the animal Anderson, P. English in Western India, being the


DR00l history of the factory at Surat, of Bombay and - Gamgee, J. Our domestic animals in health ari subordinate factories of the western coast. L.,


Dk 8-33*; 1856

Dh 11-23472 - Hooker, W. Child's book of nature Dk 3-10 Anderson, Rufus. Foreign missions, their relations

- Huxley, T. H. An introduction to the classideat L and claims. N. Y., 1870.

Ed 2-19609
of animals

Dk 5-21
Anderson, William. Glimpses of nature, science and

Anatomy of vertebrated animals I-3.13 art, for the young. Ed., n. d. Ea 8-16615

Mushet, D. The wrongs of the animal w - Treasury of the animal world, for the young. Ed.,

Dk.-9:17 n. d..

Dk 2-16614 Treasury of history and biography, for the young.

Timbs, J. Eccentricities of the animal creatin

1327 Ed, n. d.

Ca 10-16616
Anderson, Rov. 11. Kings of society; or, leaders of Animated nature. O. Goldsmith.

DK 1-4, social, intellectual and religious progress. Lon., | Ann Ash

Ge 3-?17:)? 1966 De 11-19530 Anna Hammer. Temnie

G3-200 Anderson, Col. Wm. Sketch of the mode of manufac. Annals of an eventful liso

FONT turing gunpowder at the Islapore mills in Ben- Annals of industry and genius. C. L. Brightwal gal. Lon., 1862. 89 La 1-21626

L5 41811! Andersson, Charles John. Lake Ngami; or, explorations Annals of Ireland. J. O'Donovan cf 12-17703 and discoveries in south-western Africa. N. Y., Anpals of our timne. J. Irving

Cm 3-19967 1857. 8.

Dg 8–6322 Annals of the army of the Cumberland. J. Fiich Okarango river. N. Y., 1861. 89. Dg 9-6348

Cd 5-1301' Anireurs. J. Choice garden flowers, their cultivation Annals of the Caledonians, Piets and Scots., J. Rits. and general treatment in all seasons. Lop..

LA 3-937 1360. Ec 3-19328 Annals of the parish. J. Galt

Fc 7-19273
Andrews, Lancelot. Life. British Plutarch. v. 3

Annals of the West. J. H. Perkins Cb 4-1941703
Dd 2-5440
Anpals of Witchcraft. S. G. Drake

(i9-17-3 Anecdote biography. J. Timus

1b 4-23063 Anne, queen of England. Jameson, Mrs. A. M Anecdotes. The Percy anecdotes Hd 11-19582

Il-ji: of divinity and divines Le 4-20758 Anne Dalton

Ge 3-2,71 of law and lawyers. II. Roscoe

Le 4-20761
Anne Furness

G[ 3-2161 of literature and scarce booke, Wm. Beloe

Ia 4-17510 | Anne of Austria. Married Life of. M. W. Irur of micuical literature. Lon., 1823. 3 v.

Le 4-20761
Regener of. M. w. Freer

Le 12-917 of music. A. Burgh

Ilb 13-17378
Anne of Gierstein. W. Scott.

ID 2-1-713 - of music and musicians. T. Busby Le 4-20770 Annie Mason. Anna S. Averili

Gf 2-212 - of painting. H. Walpole

Kc 7-21298, Annihilation, not of the bible. N. D. Georgo of poetry and poets. R. Ryan Le 4-20735

F73-17713 of Samuel Johnson. L. Piozzi Trav. Lib.

Annis Warleigh's fortune. i. Parr GC1-307
V. 16

Cp 3-23104 Annual biography and obituary for the years 1817-31. of the American Indians, illustrating their eccen

Lon. 21 v. 80

Pd 2-2+543
tricities of character.
Hart., 1850

Annual of scientific discovery; or, year-book of fnis
Ch 10-19158

in science and art. Ed, by J. Trowbridge, ". of theatres and theatricals

Le 4-20767

R. Nichols, and C. R. Cross. Bost., 1871
Angel unawares. Mary Howitt
GE 1-22938

Ea T-IS!4+
Angelina. M. Edgeworth

Fb 9-16572 Annual report of the Compiroiler of the state of X Auglo-Norman Christianity

J. Stoughton

York for the year 1870. Albany, 1971.
Hd 6-11560

Cc 3-511
Anglo-Saxon. Lov., 1819. 2 v. Ij 3-23366 Ansart, Andre J. The spirit of St. Vincert de Pall;
Anglo-Saxon Christianity. S. Martin Hd 6-11560 or, a holy model. N. Y., 1868. Ee 8-2112
Anglo-Saxon colonies. J. Stoughton Hd 6-11551 Ansel, c. A treatise on friendly societies, in white
Anglo-Saxon home. J. Thrupp.

Ci 10-16179

the doctrine of interest of Loney and the Anglo-Saxon version of the life of St. Guthlae, hermit

doctrine of probability are practicaily fried to of Crowland. Felix, of Crowland

the affairs of such societies. Lon., 135. Kb 2-23202

ka 3-1073 Anglo-saxon Language and Literature.

Anson, George. . Drake, ¿. c. Voyage round the Cony beare, J. J. Anglo-Saxon poetry


If 4-20857
- Life. British Plutarch.

D 9-54 - Haigh, D. H. Anglo-Saxon sages Kb 1-20861

Ante Nicene Christian library. Translatiens of the Lavamon's Brut.

Kb 1-20858

lives of the fathers down to A. D. 325. Editet - Thorpe, B. Analecta Anglo-Saxop.ica

by A. Roberts and James Donaldson.

Kb 2-20862 Codex Exoniensis

Kd 1-20887

-- Vol. XV. Writings of Q. S. F. Tertullianus. Vernon, E. J. A guide to the Anglo-Saxon tangue

Trang. by Peter Floller, E., 1970. 8

Ef 1-16.33
Kb 2-21109
White, R: M. The Ormulum

Kb1-21270 - Vol. XVI. Apocryphal gospels, acts and rivera-
Caeumon's metrical paraphrase of parts of the Holy tious. Trans. by A. Walker. E., 1870. S
Kb 1-23635

Et 4-1::: Anglo-Saxons. Leo, 11. Treatise on the local nomen- _ Vol. xvii. The clementine homalies. The avera clature

Kb 2-23203

tolic constitution. Ed., 1870. 89 EI 1-13

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V. 6.

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