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CHAPTER III.-Choice of Place of Residence-Great mis-

take of selecting small and especially University Towns-
The Expensive, as well as Demoralized State of the Rhine
Country—alleged Causes of this— The real Advantages
of Germany, whether Economical, Educational, or Social,
to be found only the Capitals-peculiar recommen-
dations of these— The serious Annoyances of and Objections
keeper to be especially avoided—Exploits of one of this

genus in Heidelberg–Contrast between the Natural Beau-

ties of this Place and the Spirit of its Inhabitants . 51

Chapter VII.-False Accounts of Cheapness — the real

extent of this-Mischievous Effect of a Statement in Mur.
ray's Hand-book of the cheapness of Heidelberg — The
place as dear as inhospitable to Strangers – Living in
Lodgings and Travelling Expenses to be taken into the
account, in the comparative Cheapness of Foreign Resi-
dence-Cheapness in many parts of England equal to that
of the Rhine Country- The one great Economy of Ger-
many, EDUCATION - demonstrated in comparison with
English School Charges-Danger attending sending Chil-
dren to German Schools--the only safe and economical
Plan to accompany them-Prices of Articles of Life in
Germany-of Articles of Clothing-Great Mystery of
Cheap Living in Germany remains to be solved-No English
can live for half the sum the German Families, in the same
apparent scale of expenditure, do- Requires Three Years'
Experience to learn to live properly there—Plan of entrust-
ing a number of Boys and Girls to a confidential English
Tutor or Governess considered — Excessive Dangers at-
tending sending Children to what are called the Cheap
Schools of Germany-German Do-the-Boys' Halls— Mode
of Living in German Schools, Danger of recom

particular Schools - deficiency of Comforts and Requisites
in many of them-danger to Health and Constitutional
Vigour-Wretched state of an Invalid in a German School
-Plan for English Schools with all Continental advan-
tages — Dangers of sending Young Men to German Univer-
sities-Universal prevalence of Infidelity—the direct Con-
sequence of German Philosophy

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CHAPTER III.- Original Free Spirit and Customs of the

German race -The orwegians and Swiss the sole branches
of this race who have preserved their Free Constitutions-
The main German race now totally enslaved-Fatal intro-
duction of the Roman Law, Progress of German Enslave-
ment—Their Enthralment completed by the present Princes
- Treachery and Despotism of these Princes—Discontent

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