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Registry, Insured and C.O.D. Service.
Money Order System.
Postal Savings System.

81. 83. 85.


31. Vocational Rehabilitation.

Education of Korean Conflict Veterans. 35. War Orphans' Educational Assistance. 37. Home, Farm, and Business Loans. 39. Automobiles for Disabled Veterans. 41. Unemployment Benefits for Veterans. 43. Mustering-Out Payments.

PART IV.-GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS 51. Applications, Effective Dates, and Payments. 53. Special Provisions Relating to Benefits. 55. Minors, Incompetents, and Other Wards. 57. Records and Investigations. 59. Agents and Attorneys. 61. Penal and Forfeiture Provisions.

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PART VI.- DELIVERY AND TRANSPORTATION SERVICES 91. Delivery Service. 93. Authority to Transport Mail. 95. Transportation of Mail by Railroad. 97. Transportation of Mail by Air. 99. Highway Post Offices. 101. Transportation of Mail Other Than by Rail,

Air, or Highway Post Office. TITLE 40.-FUBLIC BUILDINGS, PROPERTY,

AND WORKS 1. Public Buildings, Grounds, Parks, and

Wharves in District of Columbia. 2. Capitol Building and Grounds. 2A. National Archives. 3. Public Buildings and Works Generally. 4. The Public Property. 5. Hours of Labor on Public Works. 6. Acquisition of Sites for and Construction of

Public Buildings. 7. Acquisition of Land in District of Columbia

for use of United States by Condemnation

Proceedings. 8. Emergency Public Works and Construction

Projects. 9. Non-Federal Public Works. 10. Management and Disposal of Government

Property. 11. Real Property Transactions by Military De

partments. 12. Construction, Alteration, and Acquisition of

Public Buildings. 13. National Capital Transportation Program. 14. Safety Standards for Motor Vehicles. TITLE 41.-PUBLIC CONTRACTS 1. General Provisions. 2. Termination of War Contracts.

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TITLE 41.-PUBLIC CONTRACTS—Continued Chap. 3. Procurement of Supplies and Services by

Armed Forces. 4. Procurement Procedures. 5. Judicial Review of Administrative Decisions. TITLE 42.—THE PUBLIC HEALTH AND WELFARE 1. The Public Health Service. 1A. The Public Health Service; Supplemental

Sanitation and Quarantine.

Leprosy. 3A. Cancer.

Viruses, Serums, Toxins, Antitoxins, Etc. 5. Maternity and Infancy Welfare and Hygiene. 6. The Children's Bureau. 6A. The Public Health Service. 7. Social Security. 7A. Temporary Unemployment Compensation

Program. 8. Low-Rent Housing. 8A. Slum Clearance, Urban Renewal, and Farm

Housing. 8B. Public Works or Facilities. 8C. Preservation of Open-Space Land. 9. Housing of Persons Engaged in National

Defense. 10. Federal Security Agency. 11. Compensation for Disability or Death to Per

sons Employed at Military, Air, and Naval

Bases Outside the United States. 12. Compensation for Injury, Death, or Detention

of Employees of Contractors with the

United States Outside the United States. 13. School Lunch Programs. 14. Development and Control of Atomic Energy. 15. Damage by Flood or Other Catastrophe. 15A. Reciprocal Fire Protection Agreements. 15B. Air Pollution Control. 16. National Science Foundation, 16A. Grants for Support of Scientific Research. 17. Federal Employment Service. 18. Youth Medals. 19. Water Research and Development. 19A. Water Resources Research Program. 20. Elective Franchise. 20A. Civil Rights Commission. 21. Civil Rights. 22. Indian Hospitals and Health Facilities. 23. Development and Control of Atomic Energy. 24. Disposal of Atomic Energy Communities. 25. Federal Flood Insurance. 26. National Space Program. 27. Loan Service of Captioned Films for Deaf. 28. Area Redevelopment Program. 29. Juvenile Delinquency and Youth Offenses

Control. 30. Manpower Development and Training Pro

gram. 31.

Public Works Acceleration Program. 32. Third Party Liability for Hospital and Medi

cal Care. 33. Mental Retardation Facilities and Mental

Health Centers. 34. Economic Opportunity Program. TITLE 43.-PUBLIC LANDS 1. Bureau of Land Management. 2. Geological Survey. 3. Surveys.

TITLE 43.-PUBLIC LANDS—Continued Chap. 4. District Land Offices. 5. Land Districts. 6. Withdrawal from Settlement, Location, Sale,

or Entry. 7. Homesteads. 8. Timber and Stone Lands. 8A. Grazing Lands. 9. Desert-Land Entries. 10. Underground-Water Reclamation Grants. 11. Discovery, Development, and Marking of

Water Holes, Etc., by Government. 11A. Board on Geographic Names. 12. Reclamation and Irrigation of Lands by Fed

eral Government. 12A. Boulder Canyon Project. 12B. Colorado River Storage Project. 13. Federal Lands Included in State Irrigation

Districts. 14. Grants of Desert Lands to States for Recla

mation. 15. Appropriation of Waters; Reservoir Sites. 16. Sale and Disposal of the Public Lands. 17. Reservation and Sale of Town Sites on the

Public Lands. 18. Survey of Public Lands. 19. Bounty Lands. 20. Reservations and Grants to States for Public

Purposes. 21.

Grants in Aid of Railroads and Wagon Roads. 21A. Forfeiture of Northern Pacific Railroad In

demnity Land Grants. 22.

Rights-of-Way and Other Easements in Pub

lic Lands. 23. Grants of Swamp and Overflowed Lands. 24. Drainage Under State Laws. 25. Unlawful Inclosures or Occupancy; Obstruct

ing Settlement or Transit. 25A. Lands Held Under Color of Title. 26. Abandoned Military Reservations.

Public Lands in Oklahoma. 28. Miscellaneous Provisions Relating to the Pub

lic Lands. 29. Submerged Lands. 30. Administration of Public Lands. TITLE 44.—PUBLIC PRINTING AND DOCUMENTS 1. Joint Committee on Printing; General Pow

ers; Contracts. 2. Government Printing Ofice. 3. Superintendent of Documents; Distribution

of Documents in General. 4. Printing and Binding Generally. 5. Congressional Printing in General. 6. Congressional Record, Bills, and Laws. 7. Executive and Departmental Printing in

General. 8. Particular Reports and Documents. 8A. National Archives. 8B. Federal Register. 9. Advertisements. 10.

Disposition of Records. 11. Federal Record Management. TITLE 45.-RAILROADS 1. Safety Appliances and Equipment on Railroad

Engines and Cars, and Protection of Em

ployees and Travelers. 2. Liability for Injuries to Employees. 3. Hours of Service of Employees.

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SESSIONS Chap. 1. The Bureau of Insular Affairs. 2. Alaska. 3. Hawaii. 4. Puerto Rico. 5. The Philippine Islands. 6. Canal Zone. 7. The Virgin Islands. 8. Guano Islands. 8A. Guam. 9. Samoa, Tutuila, Manua, Swains Island, and

Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands. 10. Territorial Provisions of a General Nature, 11. Alien Owners of Land. 12. The Virgin Islands. 13. Eastern Samoa. 14. Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands. 15. Conveyance of Submerged Lands to Terri


TITLE 45.-RAILROADS—Continued Chap. 4. Care of Animals in Transit. 5. Government-aided Railroads. 6. Mediation, Conciliation, and Arbitration in

Controversies Between Carriers and Em

ployees. 7. Adjustment Boards and Labor Boards. 8. Railway Labor. 9. Retirement of Railroad Employees. 10. Tax on Carriers and Employees. 11. Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act. 12. Temporary Railroad Unemployment Insur

ance Program. TITLE 46.-SHIPPING

1. Administration of Shipping Laws. 2. Registry and Recording. 2A. Load Lines for American Vessels. 3. Clearance and Entry. 4. Tonnage Duties. 5. Discriminating Duties and Reciprocal Privi

leges. 6. Regulation as to Vessels Carrying Steerage

Passengers. 7. Carriage of Explosive or Dangerous Sub

stances. 8. Limitation of Vessel Owner's Liability. 9. Log Books. 10. Regulation of Pilots and Pilotage. 10A. Regulation of Great Lakes Pilots and Pilotage. 11. Oficers and Crews of Vessels. 12. Regulation of Vessels in Domestic Commerce. 13. Passports and Papers of Vessels Engaged in

Foreign Commerce. 14. Inspection of Steam Vessels. 15. Transportation of Passengers and Merchan

dise by Steam Vessels. 16. Regulation of Motor Boats. 17. Regulation of Fishing Voyages. 18. Merchant Seamen. 19. Wrecks and Salvage. 19A. Admiralty and Maritime Jurisdiction. 20. Suits in Admiralty by or Against Vessels or

Cargoes of United States.

Death on the High Seas by Wrongful Act. 22. Suits in Admiralty Against United States for

Damages Caused by Public Vessels or for

Towage or Salvage Services. 23. Shipping Act. 23A. Intercoastal Shipping. 24. Merchant Marine Act, 1920. 24A. Merchant Marine Act, 1928. 25. Ship Mortgages. 26. Home Port of Vessels. 27. Merchant Marine Act, 1936. 28. Carriage of Goods by Sea. 29. Nautical Instruction. 30. Peonage and Slave Trade Punished by Sei

zures and Forfeitures. 31. Maritime Academy Program. 32. Construction Assistance for Fishing Vessels. TITLE 47.-TELEGRAPHS, TELEPHONES, AND

RADIOTELEGRAPHS 1. Telegraphs. 2. Submarine Cables. 3. Radiotelegraphs. 4. Radio Act of 1927. 5. Wire or Radio Communication. 6. Communications Satellite System.



TITLE 49.-TRANSPORTATION 1. Interstate Commerce Act, Part 1; General

Provisions and Railroad and Pipe Line

Carriers. 2. Legislation Supplementary to “Interstate

Commerce Act." 3. Termination of Federal Control. 4. Bills of Lading. 5. Inland Waterways Transportation. 6. Air Commerce. 7. Coordination of Interstate Railroad Trans

portation. 8. Interstate Commerce Act, Part II; Motor

Carriers. 9. Civil Aeronautics. 10. Training of Civil Aircraft Pilots. 11. Seizure and Forfeiture of Carriers Transport

ing, etc., Contraband Articles. 12. Interstate Commerce Act, Part III; Water

Interstate Commerce Act, Part IV; Freight

Forwarders. 14. Federal-Aid for Public Airport Development. 15. International Aviation Facilities. 16. Development of Commercial Aircraft. 17. Medals of Honor for Acts of Heroism. 18. Airways Modernization. 19. Interstate Commerce Act, Part V; Loan

Guaranties. 20. Federal Aviation Program. 21. Urban Mass Transportation. TITLE 50.-WAR AND NATIONAL DEFENSE 1. Council of National Defense. 2. Board of Ordnance and Fortification. 3. Alien Enemies. 4. Espionage. 4A. Photographing, Sketching, Mapping, Etc.,

Defensive Installations. 4B. Disclosure of Classified Information. 4C. Atomic Weapons Information Rewards. 5. Arsenals, Armories, Arms, and War Material

Generally. 6. Willful Destruction, Etc., of War or National

Defense Material.


Continued Chap. 7. Interference with Homing Pigeons Owned by

United States. 8. Explosives; Manufacture, Distribution, Stor

age, Use, and Possession Regulated. 9. Aircraft. 10. Helium Gas. 11. Acquisition of and Expenditures on Land for

National-Defense Purposes. 12. Vessels in Territorial Waters of United States. 13. Insurrection. 14. Wartime Voting by Land and Naval Forces. 15. National Security. 16. National Industrial Reserves. 17. Arming American Vessels. 18. Air-Warning Screen. 19. Guided Missiles. 20. Wind Tunnels. 21. Abacá Production. 22. Uniform Code of Military Justice. 22A. Representation of Armed Forces Personnel

Before Foreign Judicial Tribunals. 23. Internal Security. 24. National Defense Facilities.

Armed Forces Reserve. 26. Gifts for Defense Purposes. 27. Reserve Officer Personnel Program. 28. Status of Armed Forces Personnel Appointed

to Service Academies. 29.

National Defense Contracts.

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APPENDIX-Continued Free Postage for Armed Forces Personnel. Emergency Price Control Act of 1942. Stabilization Act of 1942. Extension of Sugar Controls. Missing Persons Act. Small Business Mobilization Act. War and Defense Contract Acts. National Emergency and War Shipping Acts. Farm Labor Supply Appropriation Act, 1944. War Overtime Pay Act of 1943. Training of Nurses Through Grants to Institutions. Civilian Reemployment of Members of Merchant

Marine. War Labor Disputes Act. Voluntary Enlistments in the Regular Military

Establishment. Women's Army Corps. United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Admin

istration. Temporary Appointments of Army Nurse Corps

Members, etc., as Officers of Army of the United

States. Disposal of Materials on Public Lands. Surplus Property Act of 1944. War Mobilization and Reconversion Act of 1944. Fleet Admiral of the Navy and General of the Army. Disposal of Censored-Mail. Disbursing Officers' Additional Functions. General of the Marine Corps. Admiral in the Coast Guard. Exception of Navy or Coast Guard Vessels From

Certain Navigation Rules. Sale of Surplus War-Built Vessels. Rehabilitation of Philippines. Return and Interment of Remains of Persons Buried

Outside United States. Veterans' Emergency Housing Program Naval Vessels as Atomic Targets. Admission of Alien Fiancées Into United States. Military Assistance to Philippine Republic. Naval Aid to China. Naval Aid to Foreign Nations. Housing and Rent Acts. Stabilization of Economy and Commodity Prices. Domestic Rubber-Producing Industry. Disposal of Government-Owned Rubber-Producing

Displaced Persons, Refugees and Orphans.
American-Japanese Evacuation Claims.
Medical Care for Philippine Veterans.
War Claims.
Export Controls.
Alien Property Damage Claims.
Defense Production Act of 1950.
Domestic Minerals Program Extension.
Domestic Tungsten, Asbestos, Fluorspar and

Columbium-Tantalum Purchase Programs.
Dependents Assistance Act of 1950.
Civil Defense.
Emergency Food Aid to India.
Korean Combat Pay.
World War II License Agreements.
Emergency Ship Repair Program.


APPENDIX Proclamations and Executive Orders Respecting War

and Neutrality. Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917. Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act of 1918. Selective Draft Act of 1917. Selective Training and Service Act of 1940. Office of Selective Service Records. Service Extension Act of 1941. Army Reserve and Retired Personnel Service Law

of 1940. Universal Military Training and Service Act. Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act of 1940. First War Powers Act, 1941. Second War Powers Act, 1942. Exportation Restrictions on Certain Articles. Requisition of Military Equipment, Materials and

Supplies. Territorial Use of Army and Extension of Service

Period. Civilian Protection From War Hazards. Decorations, etc., for Merchant Marine Use of Public Lands for War Purposes. Miscellaneous Provisions Affecting Military Estab

lishment. Photographing, Mapping or Other Representation

of Military or Defense Properties. Exemption of Certain Articles From Import Duties

and Taxes. Ternporary Appointments, Promotions, etc., of

Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Officers. Jurisdiction of Prizes. Certain Allowance Assistance for Civilian and Mili

tary Personnel, Free Entry of Gifts From Members of Armed Forces.

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