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lace-itsist. 10-24-77


In the 12 years since Executive Order No. 11246 was

issued, and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Pro

grams (OFCCP) came into being, controversy and criticism

have been regular partners in the daily operations of the


In consideration of the issues confronting

OFCCP and the seriousness of the critical reviews of its

operation by others, Assistant Secretary Donald Elisburg

established the OFCCP Task Force on March 31, 1977.


responsibilities were to assess and evaluate the entire

operation of the OFCCP and develop recommendations for

implementation which would :

• Create more job opportunities for minorities

and women.

• Make OFCCP more responsive to the problems of

handicapped workers and veterans.

• Better regulate the employment practices of

Federal suppliers and construction contractors.

• Improve the management of OFCCP.

Strengthen the relationship between the OFCCP
and other Federal agencies with similar

In consideration of these charges, the Task Force has

assessed the operations of OFCCP and presents its findings

and recommendations for the revitalization of the Federal

Contract Compliance Program.

The Task Force effort

[blocks in formation]

too numerous to mention here, gave of their time

through extensive interviews and provided valuable in


This report was prepared under the general

direction of Weldon J. Rougeau, Director, OFCCP.

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