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The Commission expresses its appreciation to the many private citizens and government officials who assisted the Commission staff members during the months of investigation and preparation for the hearings and open meetings. Special thanks are owed to those whose testimony at Commission hearings and statements at open meetings of the Commission's State Advisory Committees in cities across the land form the basis for this report.

The Commission also expresses its gratitude to members of the Commission's State Advisory Committees, particularly the Committees in New York, Georgia, Tennessee, California, New Jersey, Indiana, Ohio, Massachusetts, Illinois, Texas, and Utah, whose reports and open meetings have been invaluable to the Commission in its consideration of urban racial problems.

The Commission also is indebted to Howard A. Glickstein, General Counsel, and David Rubin, Deputy General Counsel, who directed the following members and former members of the Commission staff in preparation of this report: Edward Beis, George Bradley, Edna Bush, Sophie Eilperin, Jonathan Fleming, Sara Green, Treola Grooms, Sandra Hall, Mary Hanson, David Hunter, Wilbur Jenkins, Roy Littlejohn, Roger Lowenstein, Jo Nell Monti, Leda Rothman, Everett Santos, Richard Seymour, Celestine Sledd, Diann Stanley, Naomi Tinsley, Stephanie Wenkert, Ruth Whitaker, and Sheila Wilson.

Finally, the Commission is indebted to the many staff members who conducted and assisted in the investigations preparatory to the hearings and open meetings held during the past two years.

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