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Department of Agriculture:
Agricultural Research Service:

Expenses and refunds, inspection and grading of farm products-
Expenses, feed and attendants for animals in quarantine.

Miscellaneous contributed funds.
Economic Research Service: Miscellaneous contributed funds.
Extension Service: Miscellaneous contributed funds..
Farmer Cooperative Service: Miscellaneous contributed funds
Soil Conservation Service: Miscellaneous contributed funds.-
Agricultural Marketing Service:

Expenses and refunds, inspection and grading of farm products...
Redemption fund, food stamp coupons.-

Miscellaneous contributed funds.
Statistical Reporting Service: Miscellaneous contributed funds.
Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service: Miscellaneous

contributed funds.
Farmers Home Administration: State rural rehabilitation funds.
Office of Information: Miscellaneous contributed funds.
National Agricultural Library: Miscellaneous contributed funds.
Forest Service:

Cooperative work
Miscellaneous contributed funds..

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Total, Department of Agriculture.

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Department of Commerce:

General Administration: Gifts and donations...
Economic Development:
Business and Defense Services Administration:

Expenses, transcripts of studies, tables, and other records..

Special statistical work...
Bureau of the Census:

Special statistical work..
Maritime Administration:

Federal ship mortgage insurance escrow fund..
United States Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, N.Y.,

donations for chapel and library and general gift fund...
Bureau of Public Roads:
Highway trust fund:

Existing legislation.

Proposed legislation..
Advances from Alaska, public roads..
Advances from State cooperating agencies.
Contributions for highway research program.
Cooperative work, forest highways......

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Department of Commerce Continued
Transportation Continued
Bureau of Public Roads Continued

Equipment, supplies, etc., for cooperating countries....
Funds contributed for improvement of roads, bridges, and trails,

Technical assistance, U.S. dollars advanced from foreign govern-

Science and Technology:

National Bureau of Standards: Gifts and bequests ---
Office of Technical Services: Expenses, transcript of studies, tables,

and other records....
Weather Bureau: Special statistical work.

Total, Department of Commerce..
Department of Defense-Military:

General gift fund, Army..
Transportation, International Refugee Organization, Army
Kermit Roosevelt fund, Army ---
Work and procurement programs for American republics.
General gift fund, Navy.
Office of Naval Records and history fund..
Ships' stores profits, Navy.-
United States Naval Academy general gift fund.
United States Naval Academy museum fund..
United States ship Arizona, memorial fund..
General gift fund, Air Force.--

Total, Department of Defense Military.--
Department of Defense-Civil:
Corps of Engineers—Civil:

Advance fund..

Contributed funds.
U.S. Soldiers' Home:

Operation and maintenance and capital outlay-
Soldiers' Home permanent fund..
Payment of claims....
Soldiers' Home revolving fund.

Total, Department of Defense Civil..
Department of Health, Education, and Welfare:
Freedmen's Hospital:

Conditional gift fund.

Unconditional gift fund.
Public Health Service:

Patients' benefit fund..
Conditional gift fund.
Unconditional gift fund.
Special statistical work.

Contributions, Indian health facilities.
St. Elizabeths Hospital:

Patients' benefit fund..
Conditional gift fund.

Unconditional gift fund.
Social Security Administration:
Federal old-age and survivors insurance trust fund.

Proposed legislation --
Federal disability insurance trust fund.

Proposed legislation --
Office of the Secretary: Advances and reimbursements.

Total, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare..
Department of the Interior:
Bureau of Land Management:

Contributed funds....
Expenses, public survey work.

Trustee funds, Alaska townsites.-
Bureau of Indian Affairs:

Indian moneys, proceeds of labor, agencies, schools, etc.
Indian tribal funds...

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Department of the Interior-Continued
National Park Service:

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, contributions.

405 National park trust fund..

405 Preservation, birthplace of Abraham Lincoln.

405 Geological Survey: Advances, authorized services.

409 Bureau of Mines: Contributed funds.-

Fish and Wildlife Service:
Bureau of Commerical Fisheries:
Contributed funds..--

404 Inspection and grading of fishery products..

404 Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife: Contributed funds. 404 Bureau of Reclamation: Reclamation trust funds...---

401 Bonneville Power Administration: Construction of electric trans

mission lines and substations, contributions, Bonneville power
project. --

Total, Department of the Interior ----
Department of Justice:
Alien property activities:
Alien property fund, World War II...

151 Alien property fund, Philippines, World War II..

151 International Claims Settlement Act, title II fund.

151 Federal Prison System: Commissary funds_

Total, Department of Justice..
Department of Labor:
Bureau of Employment Security: Unemployment trust fund:

652 Existing legislation...

654 Proposed legislation

Bureau of Employees' Compensation:
Relief and rehabilitation, Longshoremen's and Harbor Workers'
Compensation Act, as amended..

906 Relief and rehabilitation, Workmen's Compensation Act, within the District of Columbia..--

906 Advances and reimbursements.

906 Bureau of Labor Statistics: Special statistical work.

Total, Department of Labor..
Department of State:
Administration of foreign affairs:

Foreign Service retirement and disability fund: General fund. 654
Unconditional gift fund...

151 Foreign Service Institute, Conditional gift fund..

151 International organizations and conferences: Gifts and bequests,

National Commission on Educational, Scientific, and Cultural

Educational exchange:
Education of Iranian students in the United States....

153 United States dollars advanced from foreign governments.

Total, Department of State...-
Treasury Department:
Office of the Secretary: Pershing Hall memorial fund...

Bureau of Accounts:
Bulgarian claims fund...

151 Czechoslovakian claims fund.

151 Hungarian claims fund..

151 Italian claims fund..

151 Mexican claims fund.

151 Panama claims fund..

151 Polish claims fund..

151 Rumanian claims fund..

151 Soviet claims fund.

151 Yugoslav claims fund..

151 Losses in melting gold.

904 National defense conditional gift fund.

059 Payment of pre-1934 bonds of the Government of the Philippines - 904 Payment of unclaimed moneys..

904 Unclaimed moneys of individuals whose whereabouts are known.. 904

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Total, Veterans Administration.
Other independent agencies:

American Battle Monuments Commission: Contributions.
Civil Service Commission:

Civil service retirement and disability fund..
Employees health benefits fund....
Employees life insurance fund...
Retired employees health benefits fund..

Total, Civil Service Commission --
Federal Communications Commission: International telecommuni-

cations settlements...
Foreign Claims Settlement Commission: War claims fund..
General Accounting Office: Proceeds from estates of American citizens

who die abroad.. Historical and Memorial Commissions: Civil War Centennial Com

mission, donations...
National Capital Housing Authority: Operation and maintenance,

properties aided by Public Housing Administration....
National Capital Planning Commission: Contributed fund.
National Science Foundation: Donations...--
Railroad Retirement Board:

Railroad retirement account.
Proposed legislation....

Total, Railroad Retirement Board..
Smithsonian Institution: Canal Zone biological area fund.
Tax Court of the United States: Tax Court judges survivors annuity

United States Information Agency: United States Information
Agency trust funds..

Total, independent offices...

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