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As one fund, 1593.
Examination of pay accounts, 1594.
Forwarded by mail or express, 1595.
Monthly payment-

Officers, 1596.
Enlisted men, Signal Corps, 1597.

Delay, 1598.
Computation, 1599.
Advances of pay-

Persons at distant stations, 1600.
Troops embarking for the Philippines,

Service records lost, 1802.
Captives taken by the enemy-

Soldiers, 1603.
Nurses, feld clerks and civil

ployees, 1604.
Assignment of pay-

By enlisted men, 1605.
By commissioned officers, 1606.
By contract surgeons and contract

dental surgeons, 1607.
Pay checks drawn as indicated by In-

dorsement on pay account, 1608.
Retained pay, 1609.
Pay withheld to discharge debts to the

United States, 1610.
Judgment against an officer, 1611.
Rations purchased on credit, 1612.
Stores purchased on credit, 1613.
Tobacco purchased on credit, 1614.
Damages to arms, equipment, etc.,

Deficiencies in supplies or accounts,

1616. Certificate of nonindebtedness of ac

countable officers of volunteers,

1617. Pay withheld for preventing social inter

course between officers and enlisted

men, 1618, StoppagesDuring suspended sentence of dis

honorable discharge, 1619. Repayment of detained pay, 1620. Savings deposit :

General provisions, 1621.
Interest, 1622.
Regulations, 1623.
Compulsory, 1624.

Repayment, 1625.

Readjustment, 1626.
Pay of officers :
Base pay-

According to grade, 1627.
Increase of pay, 1628.
Pay and allowances not reduced, 1629.
Back pay and allowances, 1630.
Graduated cadets, 1631,
Generals and lieutenant generals dur-

ing World War, 1632.
Philippine Scouts, 1633.
Brevet officers, 1634.
Exercising higher command, 1635.
Principal assistant, Ordnance Bureau,

1636. Longevity pay

Proportion of base pay, 1637.
Maximum rate, 1638.

Field officers, 1639.
Service as cadet not counted, 1640.
Service in Navy included, 1641.
Service outside Army included, 1642.
Service as enlisted man and in volun-

teer forces included, 1643.
Service in National Guard included,

Retired officers, 1645.

Detailed to active duty, 1646.
Retired officers--

Bonus when wholly retired, 1647.
Rate for retired list, 1648.
Officers over 45 years of age when

originally appointed, 1649.
Philippine Scouts, 1650.
Active duty rate, 1651.

Above the grade of major, 1652. Detailed to educational institutions,

1653. Supernumerary officers discharged at

own request, 1654.
Air Service-
On flying duty, 1655.

Additional pay limited, 1656.
Aviation students, 1657.
Military aviators and junior military

aviators, 1658.
Junior military aeronauts and military

aeronauts, 1659. Temporary forces in Air Service and

Signal Corps, 1660.

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