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(H. R. 6586)

To regulate the transportation and sale of natural gas in inter-

state commerce, and for other parposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, NECESSITY POR REGULATION OF NATURAL-OAS COMPANIES SECTION 1. (a) As disclosed in reports of the Federal Declaration of

policy. Trade Commission made pursuant to Senato Resolution 83 (Seventieth Congress, first session) and other reports made pursuant to the authority of Congress, it is hereby declared that the business of transporting and selling natural gas for ultimate distribution to the pub lic is affected with a public interest, and that Federal regulation in matters relating to the transportation of natural gas and the sale thereof in interstate and foreign commerce is necessary in the public interest. (52 Stat. 821 (1938); 15 U. S. C. 8 717 (a)]

(b) The provisions of this act shall apply to the Act applies to transportation of natural gas in interstate commerce, to kod mle for. the sale in interstate commerce of natural gas for resale ural gas in for ultimate public consumption.for domestic, commercial, industrial, or any other use, and to natural-gas companies engaged in such transportation or sale, but shall not apply to any other transportation or sale of Not to apply

to natural gas or to the local distribution of natural gas tation or male or to the facilities used for such distribution or to the distribution or production or gathering of natural gas.

(15 U. S. C. facilities or 8717 (b)]

(c) The provisions of this Act shall not apply to any state Juriodicperson engaged in or legally authorized to engage in the transportation in interstate commerce or the sale in interstato commerce for resale, of natural gas received by such person from another person within or at the boundary of a State if all the natural gas so received is ultimately consumed within such Stato, or to any facilities used by such person for such transportation or sale, provided that

interstate commerce.

ratbering of Datural gas.


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