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N. Y.,

Bullard, Mrs. A. T. J. Sights and scenes in Europe; Bulwer-Lytton, Robt. New poems. B., 1868. 2 v. a series of letters from England, France, Ger

23-1000 many, Switzerland and Italy, in 1850. St. Poems. B., 1866. 2 v. :

23-925 Louis, 18.52 . 276-294 The ring of Amasis

18-503 Bulletin of the Am. geog. and statist

. society 25-83 Bulwer-Lytton, Lady Rosina. Behind the scenes Bullinger, H. Decades of sermons, 1-4. Trans. by

18-199 H. J., and ed. for the Parker society, by T. Budget of the Bubble family :

18-500 Harding. Camb., 1849-51. 3 v. go 32-1223 Very successful

18-301 Bullion, T. [Pseud.) The internal management of Bunbury, H. Narratives of some passages in the a country bank. L., 1850


great war with France, from 1799 to 1810. Bullock, J. American cottage builder. Designs, L., 1854. 89

274_142 plans and specifications for homes for the Bunce, o. Love in °76.' F's M. D. v. 14

24-113 people. N. Y., 1854 5-64 Bunce, (). B. Bachelor's story

18-506 - [Ed.] History and rudiments of architecture. Buncle, John, life of. [Fiction.] 1. Ancry 18-4063 1853.

5-57 Bundle of ballads. Ed. by G. A. Lawrence 23-709 Bullock, W. 'II. Across Mexico in 1861-5. L., 1866 Bundle of sticks. M. and E. Kirby 18-1777

266-578 Bungalow and the tent. E. Sullivan 285-323 Bulls, the, and thie Jonathans. 'J. K. Paulding Bungay, G. W. Off-hand takings; or, crayon


sketches of the noticeable men of our age. Buloz, F. Le château St. Ange. .P., 1839 34-5242 N. Y., 1854 .

30-1719 Bulstrode, W. Essays. L., 1724. 80 33-816 Bungener, L. F. Calvin; his life, lis labors, and Bulwer, H. L. France, social, literary, political. his writings. E., 1863. 80

30-1863 N. Y., 1834. 2 v.

274_1625 Calvin, sa vie, son @uvre et ses écrits. P. and Historical characters: Talleyrandi, Cobbett, Amst., 1862

34-5232 Mackintosh, Canning. L., 1868.

go Histoire du concile de Trente. 2 me ed. P.. 30-2336 1854. 2 v.

31-3103 Bulwer-Lytton, Sir Edward Lytton. Alice; or, the History of the council of Trent. Translated by mysteries

J. MicClintock. N. Y., 1855

32-59.5 Asmodeus at large 18–496 The preacher and the king

18-308 Athens: its rise and fall; with views of the lit- The priest and the Huguenot .

18-509. erature, philosophy, and social life of the Un sermon sous Louis XIV. Suivi de deux

Athenian people. N. Y., 1837. 2 v. 2743081 soirées a l'hotel de Rambouillet. 5’me ed. The boatman. By Pisistratus Caxton. E., 1864.

P., 1859

34-3105 23-995 Trois sermons sous' Louis xv. I. a la cour; Calderon


II. a la ville; III. au désert. S'me ed. P., Caxtoniana ; a series of essays on life, literature 1854. 3 v.

31-3106 and manners.


33-448 Bunn, A. My neighbor's wife.' F's M. D. v. 11 The Caxtons 18-473

24-113 Critical and miscellaneous writings. Ph., 1841. Old England and New England. i. 260-610 2 v.

33-170 The stage; both before and behind the curtain. Devereux

Ph., 1840. 2 v. 8°

24-32 The disowned . 18-475 Bunsby papers. J. Brougham

18_441,3 Dramas and poems. B., 1866

24-153 Bunsen, c. c. J. Egypt's place in universal hisEngland and the English. N. Y., 1833. 2 v. tory. Trans. by C. H. Cottrell. L., 1815-67.


284-25 Ernest Maltravers

18-471 Hippolytus and his age; or, the doctrine and Eugene Aram .


practice of the church of Rome under CommoGodolphin


dus and Alexander Severus. L., 1852. 4 v. Harold, the last of the Saxon kings 18-480

32-2191 King Arthur. Ph., 1851

23-300 Life of M. Luthier, with an estimate of his charThe lady of Lyons. F's S. D. v. 1


acter and genius, by T. Carlyle, and an apSame


pendix by Sir W. Hamilton. N. Y., 1859 Last days of Pompeii 18–482

30-1151 Last of the barons

18-481 Outlines of the philosophy of universal history Leila ; or, the siege of Granada


applied to language and religion. L., 1851. Lost tales of Miletus. N. Y., 1866 23-834


294_137 Lucretia ; or, the children of night 18-484 Signs of the times ; letters to E. N. Arndt, on Miscellaneous prose works. L., 1868. 3 v. 80

the dangers to religious liberty in the present 33-1390

state of the world. Translated by S. WinkMoney. F's S. D. v. 1

worth. N. Y., 1856

32-718 “My novel;" or, varieties in English life Bunsen, R. Gasometry. Trans. by H. E. Roscoe.

L., 1857. go

8-62 Night and morning.

18-486 Bunting, 'T. P. Life of Jabeż Bunting, with notices Paul Clitford


of contemporary persons and events. V. 1. Pelham; or, the adventures of a gentleman N. Y., 1859

30-1167 Pilgrims of the Rhine

18-488 Bunyan, J.' Works, including the whole of his 18-489

pieces, sermons, discourses, tracts, and other The present crisis—a letter to a late cabinet writings on various divine subjects. L., 1782. minister. 11th ed. L., 1834. 8o. 32-2503


32-33 Richelieu. F's S. D. v. 1

24-221 The holy war; or, the losing and taking again Same, at end of

v. 6 of 24-141

of the town of Mansoul. Hart., 1846. R. So Rienzi, the last of the Roman tribunes 18-491

32–2010 Siamese twins; a satirical tale of the times, Le pélerinage du Chrétien. N. y., n. d. 32-4284

with other poems. N. Y., 1831 . 23-27 Pilgrim's progress. Notes by W. Mason. L., Strange story

n. d. 80

32-34 Student. A series of papers 18-493 Same, with autobiog. Ph., 1858

32-342 What will he do with it?

18–494 Same, with notes by T. Scott. N. Y., 1819 Zanoni 18-495

32-345 Bulwer-Lytton, Robt. Lucile. By Owen Meredith. Voyage du Chrétien. Toulouse, 1872 31-42542 B., 1860

23-578 Large, J. Evenings with J. Bunyan 32-950

5 v.

2 y.

6 v.

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9 v.



Bunyan, J. Philip, R. Life, times, and charac- Burk, J. History of Virginia. Petersburg, 1804–5. teristics of


v. 1-3. Continued by S. Jones and L. H. Bunyon, C. J. Law of life assurance. Ph., 1854. Girardin. Petersburg, 1810. 4 v. 8° 26_29 8o.

v. 81 of 2-55 Burke, C. Rip Van Winkle. F's S. D. v. 1 24-221 Buonaparte. See Bonaparte; Napoléon.

Burke, E. Works. B., 1826. 7 v. 89 33-161 Buonarroti, M. A. Duppa, R. Life of 30-407 Same. B., 1839.


33-102 - Grimm, H. Life of

30-1612 Account of the European settlements in America. - Harford, J. S. Life of

B., 1835. 80

26"-30 Taylor, J. E. Michael Angelo considered as a Correspondence between the year 1744 and his philosophic poet, with translations 22-1230

decease in 1797. Ed. by Earl Fitzwilliam and Burchett, R. Practical geometry. 2d ed. L., 1858

Sir R. Bourke, L., 1844. 4 v. go 274_160

14-182 The inherent evils of all state governments Practical perspective. 3d ed. L., 1858 5–127 demonstrated; being a reprint of Edmund Burckhardt, J. L. Travels in Syria and the holy Burke's “Vindication of natural society ;'' land. L., 1822. 49


with notes and an appendix. L., 1858 2-u. p. Burder, S. Oriental customs; or, an illustration of Sublime and beautiful. Ph., 1806. 15-14 the sacred scriptures. 6th ed. L., 1822. 2 v. Bisset, R. Life of

30-59 32-38 Burke, P. Public and domestic life of 30–773 Oriental literature applied to the illustration of MacKnight, T. Life and times of 30-1063

the sacred scriptures. L., 1822. 2 v. 8° 32-37 Morley, John. Historical study of 274_862 Burdett, C. Life and adventures of Christopher – Prior, J. Life of

30-60 Carson, the Rocky mountain trapper and

See Celebrated speeches .

2-931 guide. San Fran., 1861

30-1417 Burke, J. [Sennoia Rubek.] Chivalry, slavery, and Margaret Moncrièffe ; the first love of Aaron young America. N. Y., 1868.80 23-974 Burr

18–514 Burke, J., and J. B. Encyclopædia of heraldry, – Three per cent. a nionth; or, the perils of fast or general armory of England, Scotland, living


and Ireland, comprising a registry of all Burette, 1. A. A visit to king Theodore. With

armorial bearings from the earliest to the pres-
the story of the captives by H. Blanc. L., ent time. 3d ed., with a supplement.

1847. 8°

271_151 · Bürger, G. A. Gedichte. Götha and 'N. Y., 1828 Extinct and dormant baronetcies of England,


Ireland, and Scotland. 2d ed. L., 1864. gó Burges, G. Greek anthology, as selected for the

274-155 use of schools. Literally trans. into English Burke, J. B. Family romance; or, episodes in the prose, with metrical versions by Bland and domestic annals of the aristocracy. 3d ed. others, and an index of reference to the origi


274_147 nals. L., 1854

33-109 Genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the Burges, T. Battle of lake Erie; with notices of landed gentry of Great Britain and Ireland,

Commodore Elliot's conduct. Ph.,1839 264-28 for 1852. Comprising particulars of upwards Burges, W. Art applied to industry. A series of of 100,000 individuals. With supplement, adlectures. Ox., 1865. 8°


denda, corrigenda, and index. L., 1852. 2 v. Burgess, G. Last enemy; conquering and con


274_152 quered. Ph., 1851


- Genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the peerSermons on the Christian life. Ph., 1854 32-549 age and baronetage of the British empire. Burgh, A. Anecdotes of music, historical and bio

19th ed. L., 1857. 8°

274_154 graphical. L., 1814. 3 v.

5-1006 Heraldic register. L., 1850. 89 274_544 Burgh, J. Dignity of human nature; or, a brief Patrician, the

17-493 account of the certain and established means Romance of the aristocracy; or, anecdotes and for attaining the true end of our existence. records of distinguished families. L., 1855. 4th Am. ed. N. Y., 1816. 2 v.. 32-240

271_148 Burgh, N. P. Practical rules for the proportions of Vicissitudes of families, and other

essays. L., modern engines and boilers. Ph., 1865 6-295

1859-63. 3 v.

274_150 – Treatise on sugar machinery; including the Burke, P. Public and domestic life of the Right process of producing and refining sugar. L., Hon. E. Burke. L., 1853

30-773 1863. 4°

6-990 Romance of the forum. L., 1852 : 2-175 Burgon, J. W. Letters from Rome to friends in Burke, W. Mineral springs of western Virginia ; England. L., 1862


with remarks on their use and the diseases to Memoir of P. F. Tytler. ' L., 1859 30-1119

which they are applicable. 2d ed. N. Y., 1846 Burgoyne, J. The heiress. Comedy. S's B. T. v. 5

10-11 24-191 Same. Richmond, 1851

10-12 The maid of the oaks. D. L. T. vir

24-107 Burlamaqui, J. J. Principles of natural and politic Same. M. B. D. v. 5


law. Trans. by T. Nugent. Ph., 1830. 2 v. Richard Cæur de Lion. S's B. T. v. 10 24–191


2–192 See Dibdin, C.

Burleigh, G. Š. The maniac, and other poems. Burgoyne, J. F. Rudimentary treatise on the blast

Ph., 1849

23-713 ing and quarrying of stone. L., 1862 6-27 Burleigh, 'J. B. Legislative guide, containing all - Rudiments of the art of constructing and repair- the rules for conducting business in Congress, ing common roads. L., 1861,2


Jefferson's manual, and the citizen's manual. Burgundy. Kirk, J. F. Charles the Bold 270-1766

With copious notes and marginal references. See Bourgogne ; Monstrelet.

Ph., 1853

2-267 Burial. Browne, T. Urn-burial . 32–1655 Burleigh, w. Cecil, lord. Macdiarnid, J. Life of Chadwick, E. Report on interment in towns

30–172 10-536 Burmah.' Cox, H.' Residence in the Burmhan emKenrick, J. Roman sepulchral inscriptions pire

280_558 278-2312 - Gouger, H. Imprisonment in B. 281-377 Sargent, L. M. Dealings with the dead 33-89 Malcolm, H. Account of the Burmhan empire Stone, E. God's acre 29a-114

286-9 Walker, G. A. Modes of interment, etc. 292-246 Modern traveller-Birmah

290_272 Burigny, M. de. Life of Hugo Grotius; with a criti- Snodgrass, J. J. Burmese war

284-228 cal account of his works. L., 1754. 8° 30–220 Wilson, II. II. Burmese war, 1824-26 282_211

3 v.

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Burmah. Winter, C. T. Six months in British B. Burnet, John. Practical hints on light and shade in


painting. Ilustrated by examples from the Burmeister, H. Manual of entomology. Trans. by Italian, Flemislı, and Dutch schools. 4th ed. W. E. Shucklard. L., 1836. 80 9-523

L., 1834. 4°

5-714 Burn, J. I. Compendium of the law of marine Practical hints on portrait painting; illustrated insurances. L., 1801


by examples from the works of Vandyke and Burn, J. S. The high commission. Notices of the

other masters. Re-edited, with appendix, by court, and its proceedings. L., 1865 271–164 H. Murray. L., 1860. 4°

5–710 History of parish registers in England, also of Progress of a painter in the nineteenth century ;

the registers of Scotland, Ireland, the East containing conversations and remarks upon and the West Indies, the dissenters, and the

art. L., 18.54

6-424 episcopal chapels in and about London. 2d Turner and his works. Re-ed. by H. Murray. ed. L., 1862. 80

L., 1859. 4°

5-705 Burn, R. S. Handbook of the mechanical arts con- See Reynolds, Sir J.

5-704 cerned in the construction and arrangement Burnet, Thomas. ' Sacred theory of the carth. L., of dwelling-houses and other buildings, with

n. d. 2 v.

9-215 practical hints on road-making and the enclos- Burnett

, G. Specimens of English prose-writers to ing of land. E., 1860 .


the close of the 17th century. L., 1807. 3 v. – Illustrated London drawing book. L., 1852

22-951 5-323 Burney, c. General history of music. L., 1789. Notes of an agricultural tour in Belgium, Hol- 4 v. 40

5-999 land, and the Rhine, L., 1862

4-174 The present state of music in France and Italy. Outlines of modern farming. L., 1863-5. 5 v.

2d ed. L., 1773. 8°

5-1010 4-188 The present state of music in Germany, the Burnaby, A. Travels through the middle settle- Netherlands, and United Proviuces. 2d ed. ments in N. America, 1759-1760. 2d ed. L.,

L., 1775. 2 v. 8°

5-1041 1775 266-615 D'Arblay, F." Memoirs of:

30-58 Burnand, F. C. Romance under difficulties. F's

See Busby, T.

5-1003 M. D. v. 14

24–113 Burney, F. See D'Arblay. Burnap, G. w. Christianity; its essence and evi- Burney, J. Chronological history of northeastern dence. B., 1855 .


voyages of discovery, and of the early eastern Lectures to young men, on the cultivation of the navigations of the Russians. L., 1819. 8 mind, the formation of character, and the con

294-298 duct of life. Balt., 1840

33-436 Chronological history of voyages and discoverLife of L. Calvert. is. A. B. 19) 40–497

ies in the South sea or Pacific ocean. L., Memoir of H. A. Ingalls; with selections from

1803–17. 5 v. 40

29-511 his writings. B., 1846

30–1600 History of the buccaneers of America. L., Miscellaneous writings. Balt., 1845 33-171

1816. 4°

20_1213 Burne, P. The teetotaler's companion; or, a plea Burnham, G. P. History of the ben fever; a humorfor temperance. L., 1847. 8°

ous record. B., 1856

4-204 Burnell, G. R. Annual retrospect of engineering Burning ship, a cantata.

B. F. Baker:

5-956 and architecture; a record of progress in the Burns, J. Mothers of the wise and good. B., 1850 sciences of civil, military, and naval construc

30-043 tion. L., 1862

6-25 Burns, R. Life and works. “Ed. by R. Chambers. Rudimentary treatise on limes, cements, mortars, N. Y., 1852–9. 4 v.

30-679 concretes, mastics, plastering. 5th ed. L., Works, with an account of his life, and criticism 1865


on his writings; with observations on the Rudiments of hydraulic engineering. L., 1858 character and condition of the Scottislı peas.


antry. By J. Currie. Ph., 1804. 3 v. 23-32 Burnes, A. Cabooi ; a personal narrative of a jour- Same. Ph., 1831. 8°

23-31 ney to, and residence in that city, in 1836-8. Works, with lite by A. Cunningham, and notes Ph., 1843. 80


by various writers. L., 1815. 80 23-29 Travels into Bokhara; a journey from India to (Walshi's Br. poets, v. 39)

23-30 Cabool, Tartary, and Persia. Also, narrative Ballantine, J.

Chronicle of the hundredth of a voyage on the Indus. Ph., 1835. 2 v. birthday of

30–2022 281-46 Critique on the poems of

22-1004 Same. L., 1839. z

286-466 Tyler, S. Robert Burns as a poet and as a man Burnet, G. History of his own time, 1660–1713, with

22-1255 historical and biographical notes. L., n. d. Wilson, J. Genius and character

of 22-1286,7 R. 80

274_170 Wilson, J., and R. Chambers. The land of Same. With life of the author, by T. Burnet. Burns

270_801 L., 1724-34. 2 v. fo.

274_4001 Burns asso. of Philadelphia. Constitution and byHistory of the reformation of the church of

laws of, and the proceedings of the centenary. England. Ed. by E. Nares. N. Y., 1843. See Philadelphia, pub, schools of 33-1391 89

32–35 Burnside, A. E. Woodbury, A. Burnside and the - Same, abridged. Oxf., 1808. 80

9th army corps

262_862 Burnet, Jacob. Notes of the early settlement of the Burnt Njal. G. W. Dasent

18-816 northwestern territory. Cin., 1847. 8° 264–31 Burow, J. (Frau Pfannenschmidt.) Johannes Burnet, Jolin. Essay on the education of the eye, Kepler. Historische Erzählung. Prag, and with reference to painting. L., 1839. 4o 5-716 L., 1857. 2 v.

34-376 Practical essays on various branches of the fine Burr, A Private journal during residence in

arts, with a critical inquiry into the principles Europe, with selections from his correspond. and practice of the late Sir D. Wilkie. L.,

ence. Ed. by M. L. Davis. N. Y., 1838. 2 v. 1848


270_880 - Practical hints on color in painting. Illustrated Coombs, J. J. Trial of, for high treason 2-230 by examples from the works of the Flemish Davis, M. L. Memoirs of

30-03 and Dutch schools. L., 1835. 40 5–715 Parton, J.

Life and times of:

30-1003 Practical hints on composition in painting. Robertson, D. Reports of the trials of, for Illustrated by examples from the great mas

treason and for misdemeanor. With appen. ters. 5th ed. L., 1836. 4°

dix. Ph., 1808. 2 v. 8


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4 v.

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By De

Burr, A. Safford, W. H. Blennerbasset papers Burton, R. F. Lake regions of Central Africa. L.,

1860. 2 v. 80

286_346 Wirt, w. Arguments

trial of :
2-281 Same. N. Y., 1860. 80

286_347 Burr, E. F. Ecce Cælum ; or, parish astronomy. Mission to Gelele, king of Dabome; with nuBy a Connecticut pastor. B., 1867 12-97

tices of the so-called "amazons," the grandi Burr, F. Field and garden vegetables of America. customs, the human sacrifices, the present B., 1863. 80


state of the slave trade, and the negro's place Garden vegetables, and how to cultivate them.

in nature. L., 1864. 2 v. 89

286-457 B., 1866

4-242 Personal narrative of a pilgrimage to El-MediBurr, J. E. See Thompson, G.

nah and Meccah. N. Y., 1856 286-227 Burrall, F. A. Asiatic cholera. N. Y., 1866 10-607 Wit and wisdom from West Africa; or, a book Burritt, E. The mission of great sufferings. L., of proverbial philosophy, idioms, enigmas, 1867

and laconisms. L., 1865

22-933 Thoughts and things at home and abroad, with Burton, R. The anatomy of melancholy. memoir by Mary Howitt. B., 1854 29h-245

mocritus junior. 5th ed. P., 1853. 8° 33-281 Walk from London to John O'Groat's, with i Same. L., 1836. 80

33-285 notes by the way. L., 1864

271-687 Burton, T. Diary while a member in the parliaWalks in the black country and its green border ments of Oliver and Richard Cromwell from land. L., 1868. 8°


1656 to 1659 ; with an account of parliament Year-book of the nations for 1856. `N. Y., 1856

1654, from the journal of G. Goddard. L., 292_219 1824. 4 v. 80

274_180 Burritt, E. H. Geography of the heavens, and class- Burton, Warren. Culture of the observing faculties

book of astronomy, accompanied by a celestial in the family and school. N. Y., 1865 13-41
atlas. New ed., revised by H. Mattison. Helps to education in the homes of our country.
N. Y., 1855. 2 v.

B., 1863

13-12 Burrow, E. I. Elements of conchology, according - Scenery. shower, with word-paintings of the to the Linnean system. L., 1844. 89 9-524

beautiful, the picturesque, and the grand in Burrows, G. On disorders of the cerebral circula

nature. B., 1844

33-495 tion, and on the connection between affections Burton, William.' Description and history of Lei. of the brain and diseases of the heart. Ph.,

cestershire. 2d ed. Lynn, 1777. fo 271_4014 1848. 8°

10–474 Burton, W.E. Cyclopædia of wit and humor 18–521 Burrows, J. F. Burrowes' piano-forte primer; re- The Yankee among the mermaids, and other vised by W. C. Peters. Richmond, 1864 waggeries and vagaries

18–522 26-2099 Burton, W. H. Law of real property. Ph., 1839 Burrows, M. ' Pass and class; an Oxford guide

v. 23 of 2-55 book. Oxford, 1866

13-40 Burton and its bitter beer. J. S. Bushnan 6-298 Burt, E. Letters from a gentleman in the north of Bury, Blaze de. See Blaze, A. H. Scotland, containing the description of a cupi- Bury, Lady C. The devoted

18-3803 tal town in that northern country, with an Diary illustrative of the times of George IV, inaccount of some uncommon customs of the terspersed with original letters from Queen inhabitants. 5th ed. L., 1822. 2 y. 8° 276–365

Caroline, Princess Charlotte, and other dis. Burt, J. T. Results of the system of separate con

tinguished persons. Ed. by J. Galt. L., finement, as administered at the Pentonville


prison. L., 1852. 89.
2-574 Same. Ph., 1838. 4 v.

274-174,5 Burt, N. C. The far east; or, letters from Egypt, Family records; or, the two sisters 18–526

Palestine, and other lands of the orient. Cin., Bury, T. T. Rudimentary architecture; styles of

various countries. L., 1857

5-464 Hours among the gospels; or, wayside trutlis Bury, Viscount. Exodus of the western nations. from the life of our Lord. Ph., 1865 32–1639

L., 1865. 2 v. 8°

29a-202 Burtin, F. X. de. Treatise on the knowledge neces- Busby, J. Journal of a recent visit to the principal

sary to amateurs in pictures. Trans. by R. vineyards of Spain and France. N. Y., 1835
White. L:, 1845. 80

4-9 Burton, E. Description of the antiquities and General history of music, condensed from the other curiosities of Rome, from personal ob

works of Hawkins and Burney; with essay's servation during a visit to Italy in 1818,19.

on the lives and works of eminent compos2d ed. L., 1828. 2 v.


ers, and a continuation. L., 1819. 2 v. Burton, J. H. The book-hunter. E., 21-22

5-1003 Same, with additional notes by R. G. White. Bush, Belle. 'Voices of the morning. Ph., 1865 N. Y., 1863. 21-23

23-781 The Cairngorm mountains. Ė., 1864 271–817 Bush, c. P. Five ycars in China; the life and obHistory of Scotland, from Agricola's invasion servations of Rev. W. Atchison. Ph., 186.5 to the revolution of 1688. E., 1867. 4 v. 8°

30-1746 278_1312 Bush, Mrs. Forbes. Nemoirs of the queens of Life and correspondence of David Hume. E., France. Ph., 1847. 2 v.

30–449 1846. 2 v. 80

30-1127 Bush, G. Anastasis; or, the doctrine of the resurLives of Simon, Lord Lovatt, and D. Forbes of rection of the body rationally and scripturally Culloden. L., 1847

considered. N. Y., 1845

32-39 Narratives from criminal trials in Scotland. L., Notes, critical and practical, on the book of 18. 2. 2 v..

Genesis. N. Y., 1855. 2 v.

32-733 See Benthamiana

2-544 Notes, critical and practical, of the book of Burton, R. F. Abeokuta and the Camaroons moun

Numbers. N. Y., 1858

32-755 tains. An exploration. L., 1863. 2 v. 80

· Fernald, W. M. Memoirs and reminiscences 281-429 of

30-1308 The city of the saints, and across the Rocky Bush, J. A letter from a gentleman in Dublin, girmountains to California. N. Y., 1862. 80 ing a general view of the manners, customs,

etc., of Ireland. Dub., 1769

275-808 – Falconry in the valley of the Indus. L., 1852 Bush-boys. Mayne Reid

18-2604 20-316 Bushby, H. J. Manual of the practice of elections First' footsteps in East Africa ; or, an explora- in the united kingdom, with an appendis of tion of Ilarar. L., 1856. go 291-226

statutes and forms. L., 1865


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Bushnan, J. S. Burton and its bitter beer. L., Butler, C. M. The book of common prayer, inter1853


preted by its history. 2d ed. N. Y. 32-1960 Principles of animal and vegetable physiology, Inner Rome, political, religious, and social. with a general view of the great departments Ph., 1866

276-769 of human knowledge. Ph., 1854 9-995 St. Paul in Rome. Ph., 1865

32–1465 Bushnell, II. Christ and his salvation, in sermons Butler, F. A. K. See Kemble, F. A. variously related thereto. N. Y., 1864 Butler, J. Works, with an account of his charac


ter and writings by S. Halifax. L., 1828 The fathers of New England ; an oration.

32-41 N. Y., 18.50.

262-32 Analogy of religion, natural and revealed, to Nature and the supernatural, as together consti

the constitution and course of nature ; dissertuting the one system of God. N. Y., 1858. tations on personal identity and the nature of 80.


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day reference. Arranged in such a manner Life doubled by economy of time


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Martin Van Buren : lawyer, The shop-keeper's guide


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Mrs. King

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