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Grade .....


Insert a or an in the blank spaces in the following sentences:

(Deduct ten per cent for each error.)

1. He is ...... habitual drunkard.
2. This is .. unique system of shorthand.
3. He has university education.
4. We are now running ...... hourly and ...... daily train.
5. He is ...... heir to the estate.
6. The laborers formed ...... union.
7. As ...... Christian, infidel,

heathen, 8. No good man, he thought, could be heretic.




Insert all necessary articles in the following sentences :

(Deduct ten per cent for each error.) 1. The secretary and treasurer of the company has resigned. 2. The secretary and treasurer of the company have resigned. 3. He ate the bread and butter for his breakfast. 4. A red and white flag floats from the building. 5. A red and white flag float from the building. 6. A White Sox and Cub player had been discussing the decision. 7. The English language is drawn largely from the French, Latin, and Greek. 8. I have just finished writing the tenth and last chapter. (Fifteen chapters in the book.) 9. We are studying about the ball and socket joints. 10. We are studying about the dovetailed and hinge joints.




Insert the hyphens in the compound adjectives in the following sentences:

(Deduct three per cent for each error.) 1. Our terms for a 60 day settlement are 4 per cent. 2. I send herewith for your use a piece work chart with the new piece work prices.

3. I had this 'phone put in principally for long distance work.

4. Have you any of the Crimson Ramblers that are strong two year old plants? 5. Orders should be accompanied either by cash, or by first class city references.

6. Please send me 156 of the cross section blocks.

7. The Marple Hamilton Company.

8. Our 4 ply slag roofing is guaranteed for ten years.
9. We will express to you to-day a sample of 3 light, 4 light, and 6 light sash.
10. We charge $20.00 for a half page advertisement.

11. Inclosed are four 21 inch advertisements for daily papers.

12. We are giving you a quarter page advertisement in this issue.

13. Make up the remainder of the material into 54 inch scarfs.

14. We wish a two story porch front brick dwelling.

15. Please send us one hoop of fall made cheese.

16. The schedule provides for an increase in the salary now paid first year teachers. 17. Ten point type is to be used for the first eight pages only.

18. The Rockwell Barnes Company.

19. The Wood Weaver Printing Company.

20. The apartments are arranged with well lighted, cheerful rooms. 21. We wish to install a belt driven elevator in our factory.

22. A gallon of oil will carry our four ton machine a mile.

23. Any overcharge existing under the 23 cent rate must be refunded. 24. We are sending you, by express, a five gallon can of our special Turbine oil. 25. The round trip rate is the sum of the east and west bound fares, less 10 per cent of

the west bound fare.

26. The Rodman Bishop Company.
27. We use the best of grey forged pig iron.
28. The coal carrying roads will benefit by this improvement.
29. The break down thickness lies between .001 and .002 inches.

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