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g. Group 7 Exemption JPL E-7-56 covers violation of

paragraph 1711a, OSM.

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(1) Magazines Nos. 153 and 154 are acceptable with a limit of 200 pounds Class 9 per cubicle which is the quantity used for calculation of quantity-distance requirements.

(2) These two magazines are located at the required separation distance of 175 feet so they need not be considered as one building.

(3) Location of the two magazines is acceptable with respect to Storage Docks Nos. 116 and 132, Cooling Tower No. 118 and the electrical sub-station (see paragraph lf(2) of this APPENDIX "A").

h. Group 9 Exemption JPL E-8-56 covers violation of paragraphs 1702b, 1706 and 1711a, OSM.

(1) Magazines Nos. 141 (5000 lbs. Class 12 Oxidizers and 140 (5000 lbs. Class 2) are acceptable as long as no private facilities are constructed on hill north of JPL.

i. Since the average number of electrical storms is much below five per year, Exemption No. JPL E-9-56 is assigned covering lack of lightning protection systems on explosives facilities as outlined in paragraph 801, OSM.

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Written Notification In-lieu-of Security Requirement
Check List DD Form 254

Reference: Contract NAS7-100; Security Classification of

Pursuant to the security requirements clause of referenced contract, this notification of security classification is assigned to work that will be performed and is issued in lieu of a Security Requirements Check List (DD Form 254).

This contract provides funds for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to carry out the assigned mission dealing with lunar and planetary programs, supporting research, and/or advanced development projects. In carrying out this broad mission, access to classified information up to and including TOP Secret Restricted Data may be involved, therefore, the contract is regarded as being Top Secret from the security regulations point of view. Information obtained and/or reproduced as a result of such access shall be protected in accordance with its classification at the time of access, or as subsequently revised.

For new information being developed, security classification guidance will, in some cases, be provided by program classification guides, policy directives, or individual letters. For those projects dealing with areas of information for which no guidance has been provided or for which security classification cannot be determined in advance, the JPL shall prepare and activate an interim "Security Requirements Check List" for each task as required. Classification assigned shall be in accordance with provision of Executive Order 10501 and existing implementing guidelines. Particular attention shall be paid to those achievements which substantially advance "the state of the art" in technology of hardware development.

NASA Headquarters will review each tentative "Security Requirements Check List" to assure uniformity of classification among programs and will modify if required.

Proposed public releases shall be coordinated with the NASA

Public Information Office, Western Operations Office or Headquarters, as appropriate, prior to release.

Copies of this letter will be forwared to the appropriate government offices.

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Project Development Plan

Project Document 8


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