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Public works, wage rates for public contracts (Bacon-Davis Act). 1840 to 1845
Public contracts, 8-hour law..........

1865 to 1869

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961 to 962

National Forests, purchase of forested, cut-over, and denuded lands for. 958
National Forests, title approved by Attorney General_
Payment for, to be used as public building sites...

1828, 1830, 1832

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Real property of Government outside the District of Columbia... 1860 to 1864
Public buildings by Government for money consideration only...
Space leases outside District of Columbia for 5 years authorized...

1860 to 1864-2



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Library, Department; employees authorized to be detailed to or from. 151
Library of Congress:

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McSweeney-McNary Act (cooperation with States, National Forests) 1065 to 1074

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Examination of meat products in slaughtering establishments..... 1380 (3)

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Merchant Marine Act, 1928, Government officials, transportation of 2019
Meritorious Claims Act..



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