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Degree College. University. By Bishop of Whitford, Robert Wells

B.A. St. Edmund H. Oxf. Lincoln Williams, Arthur .....

Llandaff Wood, R. W. K. .......

B.A. Trinity H. Camb. Peterborough

Alston, Charles William Horace B.A. St. Mary H. Oxf. Lincoln
Barnard, Charles James

B.A. Emmanuel Camb. Lincoln
Beavan, Thomas ......

St. David's Lamp. Llandaff Beckwith, Henry .....

B.A. Jesus

Camb. Norwich Birchall, Joseph ..

M.A. Brasennose Oxf. Salisbury Blofield, Thomas John...

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Norwich Bowden, Henry Joseph

B.A. Queen's

Camb. Bath & Wells Braund, William Hockin.

B.A. Magdalen H. Oxf. Exeter Briggs, F. B.

B.A. Queen's

Camb. Exeter Browne, Henry

M.A. Corpus Christi Camb. Chichester Bush, George Weare

B.A. Queen's

Oxf. Gloster Carter, William

B.A. Queen's

Camb. Lincoln Cattley, Stephen Reed..

B.A. Queen's

Camb. Lincoln Chandler John.....

M.A. Christ Church Oxf. Oxford Chester George

B.A. Queen's

Oxf. Oxford Clarke, Edward William :

B.A. Jesus

Camb. Bath & Wells Codrington, Henry

B.A. St. John's Camb. Bath & Wells Comyn, Horatio Nelson William.... B.A. Caius

Camb. Norwich Cooke, George ..

B.A. Clare H.

Camb. Norwich Cookson Edward

M.A. Trinity

Camb. Lincoln Corlase, H.

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Exeter Cosens, Rayner

B.A. St. John's Camb. Salisbury Daltry, John Williams

M.A. Trinity

Camb. Lincoln Davis, Thomas ..

B.A. Jesus

Oxf. Llandaff Day, John Tomlinson

B.A. Corpus Christi Camb. Lincoln Dobree, Daniel ..

B.A. Pembroke Oxf. Gloster Dowding, Charles ..

B.A. Queen's


Bath & Wells Dundas, Hon. Charles

M.A. Trinity

Camb. Lincoln Dyer, Robert

B.A. St. Alban H. Oxf. Salisbury Edwards, Samuel Valentine

B.A. Trinity

Oxf. Lincoln Ekins, Jeffery

B.C.L. Fell. New Oxf. Worcester Evans, Edward

B.A. Catharine H. Camb. Bangor Fall, William Nicholson

M.A. University

Oxf. Gloster Fakssett, Richard...

M.A. Lincoln

Oxf. Oxford Fraser, George Lionel

B.A. St. Peter's Camb. Chichester Gilkes, William

B.A. Pembroke Oxf. Gloster Gilpin, Percy

B.A. Christ

Camb. Exeter Goldney, Horatio Nelson,

B.A. St. John's Oxf. Salisbury Goodwin, James

M.A. Fell. Corp. Chr. Camb. Norwich Gore, George ............ M.A. Emmanuel Camb. Llandaff Gould, George James

B.A. Lincoln

Oxf. Bath & Wells Gould, William...

B.A. Balliol

Oxf. Chichester Greaves, H. A...

M.A. Corpus Christi Camb. Exeter Griffiths, Thomas John

Llandaff Grundy, George D..

B.A. Brasennose Oxf. Lincoln Guard, John....

M.A. Oriel

Oxf. Exeter Hale, George Carpenter

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Lincoln Harington, Henry Duke

M.A. Fell. Exeter Oxf. Oxford Harrison, James Allan

M.A. St. Mary H. Oxf. Gloster Hemming, Benjamin

B.A. Worcester Oxf. Worcester Holley, Edward

B.A. Caius

Camb. Norwich Hope, Henry Payne..

S.C.L. Trinity H. Camb. Bath & Wells Hose, Frederick

B.A. Queen's

Camb. Norwich Hughes, Joshua

St. David's Lamp. Bangor Ingram, Robert

B.A. Jesus

Camb. Lincoln Jarrett, Thomas

M.A. Fell. Cath. H. Camb. Lincoln Jay, Robert ....

Lincoln Jones, Dennis Edward

B.A. Lincoln

Oxf. Lincoln
Jones, Harry Longueville

M.A. Fell. Magd. Camb. Lincoln
VOL. XIV. NO. 1.


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Degree. College. University. By Bishop of Kendall, John Henry

B.A. Magdalen H. Oxf. Exeter Kennard, George ...

B.A. St. Alban H.


Salisbury Kidd, Thomas George

B.A. Caius

Camb. Norwich Kuper, Charles....

B.A. Merton

Oxf. Norwich Langshaw, Thomas Wall.


St. John's Camb. Llandaff Lawes, John...

B.A. St. John's Camb. Salisbury Lilley, Edmund

B.A. Worcester

Oxf. Gloster Lund, Thomas

M.A. Fell. St. John's Camb. Lincoln Mackenzie, Charles

B.A. Pembroke Oxf. Salisbury Mackie, Charles

B.A. St. John's Camb. Lincoln Mayne, Charles Otway

M.A. Stud. Christ Ch. Oxf. Oxford Mogg, Henry Hodges ............ B.A. Exeter

Oxf. Bath & Wells Moore, Charles....

B.A. Exeter

Oxf. Exeter Oakley, George Robert

B.A. Trinity

Dublin Lincoln Ormerod, Oliver

B.A. Brasennose Oxf. Salisbury Paige, William Michael Tucker B.A. Trinity

Camb. Exeter Parker, Franke

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Exeter Patteson, Thomas

B.A. Exeter

Oxf. Lincoln Phillpotts, William John

B.A. Oriel

Oxf. Exeter Pigott, George

B.A. Trinity

Oxf. Exeter Pigott, G. G. Graham Foster

S.C.L. St. Peter's Camb. Lincoln Platt, George

M.A. Trinity

Camb. Lichfield Pocock, Charles

M.A. Christ Church Oxf. Chichester Price, Wm.

St. David's Lamp. Llandaff Pym, Frederick

M.A. Worcester Oxf. Exeter Ravenhill, Edward Hamer

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Norwich Richards, George ..

B.A. All Souls

Oxf. Salisbury Salter, E. W.

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Norwich Slade, Henry Raper..

S.C.L. Caius

Camb. Bath & Wells Small, Nathaniel Pomfret

M.A. St. Mary H.

Oxf. Lincoln Smith, John James

M.A. Fell. Caius Camb. Lincoln Stapleton, Hon. Sir Fras. Jervis, Bt. M.A. Fell. Trinity Camb. Worcester Street, John Challice

B.A. Queen's

Camb. Lincoln Stuart, Theodosius Burnett..

M.A. Fell. Queen's Camb. Lincoln
Sumpter, James French

Corpus Christi

Camb. Norwich
Tancock, Osborne John

B.A. Wadham


Exeter Taylor, Barrington

S.C.L. Trinity H. Camb. Norwich Tollemache, Hon. Hugh F.

B.A. St. Peter's Camb. Peterborough Tudor, William Henry

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Llandaff Tyacke, Richard

B.A. St. John's Camb. Exeter Upjohn, Francis

B.A. Queen's

Camb. Lincoln Uthwait, Eusebius Andrew

B.A. St. John's Camb. Lincoln
Vaughan, Charles


Camb. Worcester Vaughan, James ..

B.A. Balliol

Oxf. Salisbury Waller, C.

B.A. Queen's

Camb. Norwich Ware, Henry

M.A. Magdalen H. Oxf. Exeter Wells, Charles Rush


Corpus Christi Camb. Lincoln West, James Fletcher

M.A. Brasennose Oxf. Salisbury Whitaker, G. A.

B.A. Ernmanuel Camb. Norwich Whitbread, Edmund S.


Trinity H. Camb. Norwich Whiting, Robert

B.A. St. John's Camb. Norwich Wood, Jacob

B.A. Merton


Woodward, Charles

S.C.L. Queen's

Camb. Lincoln
Wynter, James Cecil

B.A. St. John's Oxf. Lincoln
Deacons, 116-Priests, 111-Total, 227.

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Dibdin, Thomas Frognall.... Chapl. in Ordinary to the King.
Maclear, G...

Chapl. to the General Infirmary, Bedford. Medland, Thomas

Domestic Chapl. to Earl Gower. Repton, Edward

Chapl. to the House of Commous. Small, Alexander Henry.... Chapl. to H. M. S. Ocean



Name. Preferment.

County. Diocese. Patron.
Bennet, James Thos. Cheveley R.

Camb. Norwich Rev. Jas. T. Hand Bere, W. B.,..... Morebath, v.

Devon Exeter T. E. Clarke, Esq. S West Down, V. Bryan, Richard


I Bp. of Exeter

I to Cheldon R.

| Hon. N. Fellowes Oxford, St. Peter, E. V. Oxford Oxford Merton Coll. Oxf. Buckley, Hen. Wm. to Eatington, V.

Warwick Worcest. Evelyn Shirley,Esq. Bulwer, A. E. L. Cawston, R.

Norfolk Norwich Pemb. Coll. Camb. Carlyle, Irving New Mills, C.

Derby Lichfield V. of Glossop
Pensthorpe, R.


Rev. R. Hamond Coldham, George . to Gayton Thorp, R. Norfolk Norw.

Anth. Hamond, Esq. and East Walton, V. Minor Can. of Cath, Church of Norwich and Norwich, St. John

Timothy, C. Drake, Wm. Fitt.

D. & C. of Norwich St. Stephen, V.

Norfolk Norw. and Stoke Crucis, V.

to Norw. St.Gregory, R. Dupuis, Geo. John.. Hemingby, R.

Lincoln Lincoln King's Coll. Camb. Pros!, Robert ...... Salford, St. Stephen, C. Lancas. Chester Coll.Ch. of Manches.



Gabert, G. H. B. . {t. Bobbington, c.

Stafford } Bridgn. Sir Thos. Whitmore



will capela de Orford, c.}


Grueber, Arthur.... Colebrook, v.

Devon Exeter D. & C. of Exeter Harding, John .... Goodley, R.

Devon Exeter W.Church ward, Esq. Harvey Henry .... Preb. in Cath. Ch. of Bristol

Lord Chancellor
Archdn. of Winchester

Bp. of Winchester and Godstone, V. Hoare, Chas. James

Winch, Henry Hoare, Esq. Holy Trinity, R. } to Preb. in Cath. Ch. of Winchester

Bp. of Winchester Holley, Edward.... Burgh Aylsham, R. Norfolk Norw.

W. Repton, Esq.

and Rev. F. E. Arden Huntley, Rd. W. SBoxwell, R.

Gloster Gloster Rev. R. W. Huntley with Leighterton, C.

Sudbourne, V.
Jenkinson, John S.

Suffolk Norwich The King.
Minor Can. of Cath. Ch. of Worcester
Lewis, Hen. John to Worcest, St. Peter, V.

D. & C. of Worcest. with Whittington, C.

Worcest. Worc. Lievre, John S. .... Little Ashby, R. Leicest. Lincoln Lord Chancellor Lightfoot, Nicholas Stockley Pomeroy, R. Devon Exeter Bp. of Exeter Miller, Charles .... Harlow, V.

Essex Lond.

Marq. and March.

of Bute Norris, Frederick Little Gransden, R. Camb. Ely Bp. of Ely Poantney, Humphrey Wolverhampton, St.John,C. Staff. Lichfield Earl of Stamford


Norfolk Norwich Anth. Hamond, Esq. Fell. of Eton College

and Worplesdon, R. Surrey Winch. Roberts, William.. Lo Sporle, R.


Eton College

Norw. with Little Palgrave, R. Suffolk } Shelley, R.

Essex London J. Tomlinson, Esq. Soames, Henry .. to Pelham Brent, V.


London Treas. of St. Paul's Furneaux, V.

Standley, John Buckden, V,

Hunts Lincoln Bp. of Lincoln
Minor Can. in Cath. Ch. of Durham
Temple, W. S..... Zand Dalton le Dale, V.

Durham Durh.

D. & C. of Durham lo Aycliffe, V. Preb. in Cath. Ch. of Durham

Bp. of Durham and Preb. in Coll. Ch. of Brecon

Bp. of St. David's Thorpe, Charles and Ryton, R. with Winlaton, D. C.

Bp. of Durham to Archdn. of Durham Thorpe, Henry Aston-in-Walls, R. Northam Peterhoro St. John's Coll. Oxf.



, Jermyn.... { and a Harpley, R.




} Durham Durh.

Norfolk Norw. {


Preferment. County. Diocese. Patron. Tucker, Jolin Charlton Abbot, C. Gloster Gloster Francis Pym, Esq. Bisthorpe, v.

Earl of Winterton Turnour, Hon. A. A. and Melton Parva, V.

Bp. of Norwich, by

lapse to Armeringhall, C.

D. & C. of Norwich Twistleton, F. .... Treas. of Cath Ch. of Hereford

Bp. of Hereford Upton, Robert

Moreton Say, C. Salop Lichfield Rector of Hodnet Vaughan, John Holmpton, R.

E. York York Lord Chancellor Wardle, Joseph Beeston, C.

W. York York V. of Leeds
Williams Isaac
Tryddin, C.

Flint St.Asaph Bp. of St. Asaph.

and Pelham Stocking, R.} Herts

" }

CLERGYMEN DECEASED. Adams, James Chastleton, R.

Oxford Oxford P. T. Adams, Esq. Cockerington,St. Leon,

Bp. of Lincoln Benson, Daniel and Grimoldby, R. Lincoln Lincoln Lord Middleton and Strubby, R.

D. & C. of Lincoln Bond, John. Freston, R.

Suffolk Norwich E. Hassall, Esq. Calvert, William ..

London N. Calvert, Esq. Preb. in Cath. Ch. of Winchester

Bp. of Winchester Cockburn, Richard and Barming Cross, R.

Roch. Lord Chancellor

Kent and Boxley, V.

Cant. D. & C. of Roch. Chipping Ongar, R. Essex London R.H.A.Bennett, Esq. Edwards, Andrew and Gt. Cressingham, R.

Norfolk Norwich Lord Chancellor with Bodney, R. Frewen, Edw. D.D. {with Frating, R. SThorington, R.

Essex London St.John'sColl.Camb Hughes, Edward... Hardwick, R.

Northam. Peterboro Rev. E. Hughes Jones, Pryce ... Abthorpe, C.

Northam. Peterboro S. Blencowe, Esq. May, James. Cheldon, R.

Devon Exeter Hon. N. Fellowes Pindar, Reginald ... Madresfield, R.

Worc. Worc.

Earl Beauchamp Bobbington, C.

Staff. Bridgn. Reed, Joseph.

Whitmore Ryley, Edward ..... Eatington, V.

Warwick Worc. Hon. G. Shirley SChillesford, R.

Rev. C. Smear Smear, Christopher and Sudbourne, V. Suffolk Norw.

The King (with Oxford, C. Smelt, Charles Gedding, R.

Notts York Earl of Chesterfield Swain, Joseph Beeston, c.

W. York York V. of Leeds
SColwinstone, V.

Thomas, Robert

David Thomas, Esq.

Lland. and Itton, R.

Monm. S

W. Curre, Esq. Williams, 0. H. .. Clovelly, R.

Devon Exeter Sir J. Williams, Bt. (Stibington, R.

Hunts Lincoln Wing, William and Thornhaugh, R.

Duke of Bedford

Northam Peterbro with Wansford, C.




Hubbersty, John Wade
Russell, William.....

Fell. of Queen's Coil. Camb.
Fell. of Magdalen Coll. Oxford.



In Convocation, the Rev. John Keble, The Rev. Edward Cardwell, D. D. late M. A. Fellow of Oriel College, was unaniFellow of Brasennose College, and Cam- mously elected, and has since been admitden's Professor of Ancient History, has ted to the office of Professor of Poetry, in been admitted and installed Principal of the room of the Rev. H. H. Milman. St. Alban Hall, on the nomination of Lord The nomination of the Rev, the Warden Grenville, as Chancellor of the University, of Wadham, and of the Rev. Stephen in the room of the Archbishop of Dublin, Reay, M.A, Sub-Librarian of the Bodleian, who has resigned.

to be Examiners and Electors, together

with the Regius Professor of Hebrew, of a Scholar on the Foundation of the late Mrs. Kennicott, has been unanimously approved ia Convocation.

In Convocation, the names of the following persons, who have been nominated to succeed to the Office of Select Preacher, at Michaelmas, 1832, were unanimously approved by the House, viz.—the Rev. John Antony Cramer, D. D. Principal of New Ion Hall; the Rev. Benjamin Parsons Symons, D. D. Warden of Wadham College; the Rev. T. W. Lancaster, M. A. of Queen's College; the Rev. Robert Hussey, M. A. Student of Christ Church ; and the Rev. Frederic Oakeley, M. A. Fellow of Balliol College.

It was agreed in Convocation, that the name of Joseph Boden, Esq. Colonel in the service of the Hon. the East India Company, and also the name of Mrs. Anne Kennicott, widow, be inserted in the Album of Benefactors to the University; the former, as Founder of the Professorship of Sanscrit ; the latter, as Foundress of the Hebrew Scholarships.

In a Convocation, the University Seal was affixed to a letter of thanks to Lord Viscount Kingsborough, of Exeter College, for his munificent donation of a copy, upon vellum, of the “ Antiquities of Mexico," collected and published in five folio volumes, at his Lordship’s expense: and at a subsequent Convocation, a letter was read from his Lordship, in acknowledgment of the public thanks of the University.

The first Hebrew Scholarship, on the foundation of Mrs. Kennicott, has been awarded by the Electors and Examiners, to Benjamin Harrison, Esq. Student of Christ Church.

Mr. Peter Samuel Henry Payne, B. A. one of Dean Ireland's Scholars, has been elected a Fellow of Balliol College, upon the Old Foundation; and Mr. Samuel Henry Walker admitted to a Fellowship on the Blundel Foundation, in the same College. Messrs. Edward Cardwell and George Titchel, were also elected Scholars on the Old Foundation,

In the Second Class of Literæ Humaniores.
Grove, Henry H. Balliol Coll.
Maurice, John F. Exeter Coll.
Merriman, Nathaniel J. Brasennose Coll.
Morgan, John B. Trinity Coll.
Overton, Isle Grant, Corpus Christi Coll.
Phillimore, Robert J. Christ Church.
Robertson James, Pembroke Coll.
Seymour, John G. St. Alban Hall.
Webster, Gardiner, Exeter Coll.
Wickham, Edmund D. Balliol Coll.

In the Third Class of Literæ Humaniores.
Allen, John H. Brasennose Coll.
Arney, George, Brasennose Coll.
Borlase, William, Queen's Coll.
Browne, Arthur, Christ Church.
Chamberlain, Thomas, Christ Church.
Dewhurst, John H. Worcester Coll.
Dolby, John S. Lincoln Coll.
Dunlap, Arthur P. St. John's Coll.
Fisher, John C. Queen's Coll.
Floyer, John, Balliol Coll.
Jones, James, Jesus Coll.
Neale, Edward V. Oriel Coll.
Penny, Edward, St. John's Coll.
Trevelyan, Edward O. Corp. Christ. Coll.
Williams, Robert, Christ Church.
In the Fourth Class of Literæ Humaniores.
Bloxam, John, Magdalen Coll.
Buckler, William, Magdalen Coll.
Dean, Richard R. Christ Church.
Drummond, Heneage, Balliol Coll.
Harris, Hon. George F. Christ Church.
Herbert, Hon. Sidney, Oriel Coll.
Lees, John F. Brasennose Coll.
Mott, John, Christ Church.
Nicholl, John R. Exeter Coll.
Parsons, Daniel, Oriel Coll.
Penson, John P. Worcester Coll.
Pryor, Richard V. Balliol Coll.
Scott, George H. Exeter Coll.
Stephens, Henry L. Oriel Coll.
Thistlethwayte, Thomas, Christ Church.
Warren, Richard P. Exeter Coll.
Wilcocks, Edward J. Lincoln Coll.

The number of the Fifth Class, namely, of those who were deemed worthy of their Degrees, but not deserving of any honourable distinction, 84.

The names of those candidates who, at the close of the Examinations, were admitted by the Public Examiners into the Classes of Disciplinæ Mathematicæ, stand as follow:In the First Class of Discip. Math. et Phys. Denison, Henry, Christ Church. Gladstone, William Ewart, Christ Church. Jeffreys, Henry Anthony, Christ Church. Prideaux, Charles Grevile, Balliol Coll. Robertson, James, Pembroke Coll. In the Second Class of Discip.Math. et Phys. Neale, Edward Vansittart, Oriel Coll.

The names of those candidates who, at the close of the Public Examinations in Michaelmas Term, were admitted by the Public Exaniiners into the four Classes of Litere Humaniores, according to the alphabetical arrangement in each class prescribed by the statute, stand as follow:

In the First Class of Literæ Humaniores. Baugh, Folliot, Exeter Coll. Cornish, Charles L. Exeter Coll. Denison, Henry, Christ Church. Gladstone, William, Christ Church. Payne, Peter, Balliol Coll.

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