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day be cursed.

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than. Possibly the LXX. refer

2 and cursed his day, saying, 3 Let the and obtain it not, digging for it as for day perish in which I was born, and treasures; 22 and would be very joyful that night in which they said, Behold if they should gain it? 23 Death is rest

+ Heb. and a man-child! Let that to such a man, for God has hedged Alex. day. #night be darkness, and let him in. 24 For my groaning comes not the Lord regard it from above, before my food, and I weep being neither let light come upon it. 6 But beset with terror. 25 For the terror of let darkness and the shadow of death which I meditated has come upon me, seize it; let blackness come upon it; and that which I had feared has + Or, let that +6 let that day and night be befallen me. 26 I was not at peace, And as for that cursed, let darkness carry nor quiet, nor had I rest; yet wrath dark- * them away; let it not came upon me.

come into the days of the year, neither let it be numbered with 4. Then Eliphaz the Thamanite anthe days of the months. ? But let that swered and said, ? Ilast thou been often night be pain, and let not mirth come spoken to in distress? but who shall upon it, nor joy. 8 But let him that endure the force of thy words? 3For curses that day curse it, even he that whereas thou hast instructed many, tor, monster. is ready to attack the great and hast strengthened the hands of the Heb. Levia.*. + whale. Let the stars of weak one, 4 and hast supported the

they that night be darkened; let failing with words, and hast imparted to Isa. 27. 1. it remain dark, and not courage to feeble knees. 5 Yet now come into light; and let it not see the that pain has come upon thee, and morning star arise: 10 because it shut touched thee, thou art troubled. Is not up the gates of my mother's womb, not thy fear founded in folly, thy hope for so it would have removed sorrow also, and the mischief of doneMs. from my eyes. 11 For why died I not thy way? 7Remember then gives araxia, in the belly? and why did I not come who has perished, being ness." forth from the womb and die im- pure? or when were the true-hearted mediately? 12 And why did the knees utterly destroyed? Accordingly as I support me? and why did I suck the have seen men ploughing barren places, breasts? 13 Now I should have lain and they that sow them will reap sordown and been quiet, I should have rows for themselves. They shall slept and been at rest, 14 with kings perish by the command of the Lord, and councillors of the earth, who and shall be utterly consumed by the

Gr.on... gloried in their swords; breath of his wrath. 10 The strength Heb. 277 am biguous. -- i5 or with rulers, whose gold of the lion, and the voice of the lioness, was abundant, who filled their houses and the exulting cry of serpents are with silver: 16 or I should have been as quenched. 11 The old lion Gr. ant.

lion, qy. ant. an untimely birth proceeding from his has perished for want of eater?". mother's womb, or as infants who food, and the lions' whelps have fornever saw light. 17 There the ungodly saken one another. 12 But if there had have burnt out the fury of rage; there been any truth in thy words, none of the wearied in body rest. 18 And the these evils would have befallen thee. men of old time have together ceased Shall not mine ear receive excellent to hear the exactor's voice. 19 The revelations from him? 13 But as when small and great are there, and the terror falls upon men, with dread and servant that feared his lord. 20 For a sound in the night, 14 horror and why is light given to those who are in trembling seized me, and caused all bitterness, and life to the souls which my bones greatly to shake. 15And a are in griefs? 21 Who desire death, spirit came before my face; and my

quoted by Bos,

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hair and flesh quivered. 16 I arose, / wise in their wisdom, and subverts the and perceived it not: I looked, and counsel of the crafty. 14 In the day there was no form before my eyes: but darkness shall come upon them, and I only heard a breath and a voice, say- let them grope in the noon-day even as ing, 17 What, shall a mortal be pure in the night: 15 and let them perish in before the Lord? or a man be blame- war, and let the weak escape from the less in regard to his works? 18 Whereas hand of the mighty. 16 And let the + Ratà, with he trusts not in his ser- weak have hope, but the mouth of the

vants, and perceives per- unjust be stopped. 7 But blessed is verseness in his angels. 19 But as for the man whom the Lord has reproved; them that dwell in houses of clay, of and reject not thou the chastening of whom we also are formed of the same the Almighty. 18 For he causes a clay, he smites them like a moth. man to be in pain, and restores him 20 And from morning to evening they again : he smites, and his hands heal. no longer exist : they have perished, 15 Six times he shall deliver thee out of because they cannot help themselves. distresses: and in the seventh harm 21 For he blows upon them, and they shall not touch thee. 20 In famine he are withered: they have perished for shall deliver thee from death: and in lack of wisdom.

war he shall free thee from the power

of the sword. 21 He shall +Gr. hand of 5. But call, if any one will hearken hide thee from the scourge the iron. to thee, or if thou shalt see any of the of the tongue: and thou shalt not be holy angels. ? For wrath destroys the afraid of coming evils. 22 Thou shalt foolish one, and envy slays him that laugh at the unrighteous and the lawhas gone astray. 3 And I have seen less: and thou shalt not be afraid of foolish ones taking root: but suddenly wild beasts. 23 For the wild beasts of their habitation was devoured. Let the field shall be at peace with thee. their children be far from safety, and 24 Then shalt thou know that thy house let them be crushed at the doors of shall be at peace and the provision vile men, and let there be no deliverer. for thy tabernacle shall not for, order of. 5 For what they have collected, the just fail. 25 And thou shalt + Gr. err. shall eat; but they shall not be deli- know that thy seed shall be abundant; vered out of calamities: let their and thy children shall be like the herbstrength be utterly exhausted. For age of the field. 26 And thou shalt labour cannot by any means come out come to the grave like ripe corn reaped of the earth, nor shall trouble spring in its season, or as a heap of the cornout of the mountains : 7 yet man is floor collected in proper time. 27 Beborn to labour, and even so the vulture's hold, we have thus sought out these young seek the high places. Never- matters; these are what we have heard: theless I will beseech the Lord, and but do thou reflect with thyself, if thou will call upon the Lord, the sovereign | hast done anything wrong. of all; 'who does great things and untraceable, glorious things also, and 6. But Job answered and said, 20 marvellous, of which there is no num- that one would indeed weigh the ber: 10 who gives rain upon the earth, wrath that is upon me, and take up sending water on the earth: 1 who my griefs in a balance together! 3 And exalts the lowly, and raises up them verily they would be heavier than the + See Prov. that are lost: 12 frustrating sand by the seashore: but, as it seems,

the counsels of the crafty, my words are vain. For the arrows their aim and their hands shall not of the Lord are in my body, whose * perform the truth. 13 Who takes the violence drinks up my blood: when

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noise, but here and in Joel 2. 20. it

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ever I am going to speak, they pierce have erred, tell me. 25 But as it seems, me. 5 What then? will the wild ass the words of a true man are vain, bray for nothing, if he is not seeking because I do not ask strength + Gr. for. food? or again, will the ox low at the of you. 26 Neither will your reproof manger, when he has fodder? 6 Shall cause me to cease by words, for neither bread be eaten without salt? or again, will I endure the sound of your speech. is there taste in empty words? For 27 Even because ye attack the fathermy wrath cannot cease; for I perceive less, and insult your friend. 28 But my food as the smell of a lion to be now, having looked upon your coun+ Bpóuos, pro- + loathsome. For O that tenances, I will not lie. 29 + Sit down noise, but he would grant my desire, now, and let there not be + Prob. ‘re

t and my petition might come, unrighteousness; and unite scems put for and the Lord would grant again with the just. 30 For tween it and "stench. my hope. Let the Lord there is no injustice in my story begin and wound me, but let him not tongue; and does not my throat mediutterly destroy me. 10 Let the grave tate understanding? be my city, upon the very walls of which I have leaped: I will not *shrink 7. Is not the life of man upon earth + Gr. spare. from it; for I have not 'a state of trial ? and his See meupa

týplov, Gen. denied the holy words of my God. existence as that of a hire- 49. 19. 1 For what is my strength, that I con- ling by the day? 2 Or as a servant that tinue? what is my time, that my soul fears his master, and one who has graspendures? 12 Is my strength the strength ed a shadow? or as a hireling waiting of stones? or is my flesh of brass ? 13 Or for his pay? 3So have I also endured have I not trusted in him? but help is months of vanity, and nights of pain far from me. 14 Mercy has rejected me; have been appointed me. Whenever and the visitation of the Lord has dis- I lie down, I say, When will it be day? regarded me. 15 My nearest relations and whenever I rise up, again I say have not regarded me; they have when will it be evening? and I am fuil passed me by like a failing brook, or of pains from evening to morning. + Or, moun. like a wave. 16 They who • And my body is covered Gr. the cortain-torrent. used to reverence me, now with loathsome worms; and worms. have come against me like snow or I waste away, scraping off clods of dust ut scilxào, congealed ice. 17 When it from my eruption. And my life is Takeis. has melted at the approach lighter than a word, and has perished of heat, is not known what it was. in vain hope. Remember then that 18 Thus I also have been deserted of all; my life is breath, and mine eye shall and I am ruined, and become an out- not yet again see good. The eye of + Or, homeless. cast. 19 Behold the ways him that sees me shall not see me of the Thamanites, ye that mark the again : thine eyes are upon me, and I paths of the Sabæans. 20 They too am no more. I am as a cloud that that trust in cities and riches * shall is cleared away from the sky: for if a

See opet: come to shame. 21 But ye man go down to the grave, he shall dýcovou, Prov. 14.9. also have come to me with not come up again: 10 and he shall out pity; so that beholding my wound surely not return to his own house, ye are afraid. 22 What? have I made neither shall his place know him any any demand of you? or do I ask for more. 11 Then neither will I refrain strength from you, 23 to deliver me from my mouth: I will speak being in disenemies, or to rescue me from the hand tress; being in anguish I +Gr. straits, of the mighty ones? 24 Teach ye me, will disclose the bitterness &c. and I will be silent: if in anything I of my soul. 12 Am I a sea, or a ser

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pent, that thou hast set a watch over / for our life upon the earth is a shame? 13 I said that my bed should dow:) 10 shall not these teach thee, comfort me, and I would privately and report to thee, and bring out words counsel with myself on my couch. from their heart? 11 Does the rush 14 Thou scarest me with dreams, and flourish without water, or shall the flag dost terrify me with visions. 15+ Thou grow up without moisture? 12 When + Probably the wilt separate life from my it is yet on the root, and though it has LXX. falsely spirit; and yet keep my not been cut down, does not any herb read pom bones from death. 16 For I wither before it has received moisture? shall not live for ever, that I should 13 Thus then shall be the end of all that patiently endure: depart from me, for forget * the Lord: for the Heb, and my life is vain. 17 For what is man, hope of the ungodly shall may be questhat thou hast magnified him? or that perish. 14 For his house ti thou givest heed to him? 18 Wilt thou shall be without inhabitants, God as Jehovisit him till the morning, and judge and his tent shall prove a Ex. 6. 3. him till the time of rest? 19 How long spider's web. 15 If he should prop up dost thou not let me alone, nor let me his house, it shall not stand: and when go, until I shall swallow down my he has taken hold of it, it shall not respittle? 20 If I have sinned, what shall main. 16 For it is moist under the sun, + Heb. sleep., I be able to do, O thou that and his branch shall come forth out of ar probably understandest the mind of his dung-heap. 17 He lies + Or, corrupread as some men? why hast thou made down upon a gathering of tion.

me as thine accuser, and why stones, and shall live in the midst of + Gr. rising, am I a burden to thee? flints. 18 If God should destroy him, acting early in 21 Why hast thou not for his place shall deny him. Hast thou the morning.

lige gotten my iniquity, and not seen such things ? 19 That such is purged my sin? but now I shall + de- the overthrow of the ungodly? and part to the earth; and * in the morn out of the earth another Aler, ädło, ing, I am no more.

shall grow. 20 For the Lord shall cause

will by no means reject the 8. Then Baldad the Sauchite an- harmless man; but he will not receive swered, and said, ? How long wilt thou any gift of the ungodly. 21 But he speak these things, how long shall the will fill with laughter the mouth of the breath of thy mouth be abundant in sincere, and their lips with thankswords? 3 Will the Lord be unjust giving. 22 But their adversaries shall when he judges; or will he that has clothe themselves with shame; and + Gr. disturb made all things + pervert the habitation of the ungodly shall the just thing. justice? 4 If thy sons have perish. sinned before him, he has cast them away because of their transgression. 9. Then Job answered and said, 2 I 5 But be thou early in prayer to the know of a truth that it is so: for how Lord Almighty. If thou art pure shall a mortal man be just before the and true, he will hearken to thy sup- Lord? 3 For if he would enter into plication, and he will restore to thee the judgment with him, God + Or, he. habitation of righteousness. 7 Though would not hearken to him, so that he then thy beginning should be small, yet should answer to one of his charges of thy end should be unspeakably great. a thousand. For he is wise in mind, 8 For ask of the former generation, and and mighty, and great: who has hardsearch diligently among the race of ened himself against him and endured ?

+ Gr. not. our fathers: 9(for we are 5 Who wears out the mountains, and of yesterday, and know + nothing; men know it not: who overturns

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them in anger. Who shakes the their path left by ships? or is there one earth under heaven from its founda- of the flying eagle as it seeks its prey? tions, and its pillars totter. ? Who 27 And if I should say, I will forget to commands the sun, and it rises not; speak, I will bow down my face and and he seals up the stars. 8 Who alone groan; 28 I quake in all my limbs, for has stretched out the heavens, and walks I know that thou wilt not leave me on the sea as on firm ground. Who alone as innocent. 29 But since I am makes Pleias, and Hesperus, and Arc- ungodly, why have I not died? 30 For turus, and the chambers of the south. if I should wash myself with snow, 10 Who does great and unscarchable and purge myself with pure hands, things; glorious also and excellent | 31 thou * hadst thoroughly plunged me things, innumerable. 11 If ever he in filth, and my garment + Gr. hast. should go beyond me, I shall not see had abhorred me. 32 For thou art not him: if he should pass by me, neither man like me, with whom I could conthus have I known it. 12 If he would tend, that we might come together to take away, who shall turn him back? I judgment. 33 Would that he our medior who shall say to him, What hast ator were present and a reprover and thou done? 13 For if he has turned one who should hear the cause between + See note away his anger, *the whales both. 34 Let him remove his rod from

Tihen under heaven have stooped me, and let not his fear terrify me: he will. under him. 14+ ( then that 35 so shall I not be afraid, but I will he would hearken to me, or judge my speak: for I am not thus conscious of cause. 15 For though I be righteous, quilt. he will not hearken to me: I will entreat his judgment. 16 And if I 10. Weary in my soul, I will pour should call and he should not hearken, my words with groans upon him: I + Heb.& Aler. I cannot believe that he will speak being straitened + Alex. myself. - not. has listened to my voice. in the bitterness of my soul. 2 And I 17 Let him not crush me with a dark will say to the Lord, Do not teach me storm: but he has made my bruises to be impious; and wherefore hast thou many without cause. 18 For he suffers thus judged me? 3 Is it good before me not to take breath, but he has thee if I be unrighteous? for thou hast filled me with bitterness. 19 For in- disowned the work of thy hands, and deed he is strong in power: who then attended to the counsel of the ungodly. shall resist his judgment? 20 For Or dost thou see as a mortal sees? or though I should seem righteous, my wilt thou look as a man sees? 50r is + Gr. be. mouth will be profane: and thy life human, or thy years the years though I should seem blameless, I shall of a man. That thou hast inquired be proved perverse. 21 For even if I into mine iniquity, and searched out have sinned, I know it not in my soul: my sins? For thou knowest that I but my life is taken away. 22 Where- have not committed iniquity: but who fore I said, Wrath slays the great and is he that can deliver out of thy hands? mighty man. 23 For the worthless die, Thy hands have formed me and made but the righteous are laughed to scorn. me; afterwards thou didst change thy 24 For they are delivered into the hands mind, and smite me. Remember that of the unrighteous man: he covers the thou hast made me as clay, and thou faces of the judges of the earth : but if dost turn me again to earth. 1° Hast it be not he, who is it? 25 But my life thou not poured me out like milk, and is swifter than a post: my days # have curdled me like cheese? 11 And thou

i.e.insensibly. fled away, and they knew didst clothe me with skin and flesh, it not. 26 Or again, is there a trace of and frame me with bones and sinews.

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