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JUST PUBLISHED, In small 8vo, extra smooth bevelled cloth, extra gilt, ut edges, price 3s. 62





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Now published,


Shakespeare's Plays and Poems.



In Four Volumes, Demy Octavo, price ft 11s. 6d.


The Same Text.

In One Volume, Royal Octavo, price 111.



The Publishers have much pleasure in announcing the publication of the above Editions of Shakespeare's Plays and Poems. Mrs Cowden Clarke's Edition of Shakespeare, recently published by Messrs Appleton & Co. of New York, has been made the basis of Mr and Mrs Cowden Clarke's joint labours. The original Edition, produced after long and careful preparation, has met with great and deserved success in America. As the present issue, in addition to the careful revision of Mrs Cowden Clarke, has had the benefit of the labours of Mr Charles Cowden Clarke, one of the most zealous and successful illustrators of the great Dramatist now living, they believe they are presenting Editions of Shakespeare's Works distinguished by an amount of mature judgment in collating the earlier copies which will vindicate their claim to the rank of STANDARD EDITIONS.

In projecting Editions of Shakespeare without note or commer, the Publishers believe that they will be acceptable to the general public who desire to become acquainted with the writings of the author, free from the distraction which a multiplicity of notes is so apt to produce, and to those also who prefer being their own interpreters of the meaning of the passages which appear obscure.

As the value of these Editions will lie in the discrimination exer. cised in the selection of the text by the Editors, it will be conceded

that the life-long devotion of Mr and Mrs Cowden Clarke to the study of Shakespeare, their thorough knowledge of the various readings, and their ability to adopt in all cases the reading which appears to be in keeping with the style and general treatment of his subject by the author, form a guarantee that the Editions will present, as nearly as possible, a pure text.

Both Editions will include reprints from the American Edition, of Mrs Cowden Clarke's valuable Introductory Essay, Glossary, &c., carefully revised and amplified. The Four-volume Edition will be printed from a new fount of Longprimer Ancient type, on fine toned paper, and will form four compact and handsome volumes. The One-volume edition will be printed from a new fount of Brevier Ancient type, on toned paper, and will be the most compact and readable edition of Shakespeare ever issued in a single volume. The PUBLISHERS are confident that no Copyright Editions of Shakespeare, of corresponding value and importance, have ever been offered to the public at such moderate prices.

LONDON, November 1863.

Complete in Eight Vols., Demy Octavo, published at £4, 45.,

The Poetical and Prose Works of

John Milton.



Including a Facsimile of the Agreement for the Sale of Paradise Lost to SAMUEL

SYMMONS for the sum of 620; together with a Pedigree of the Family of
Milton; and a complete History of the Poet's Life by the Rev. JOHN

The Poet's own peculiar orthography and punctuation have been carefully preserved, and every care has been exercised to render this the most attractive, as it is the most complete Edition extant. It is printed in a fine large ancient type, and upon thick toned paper ; and whether judged as a specimen of printing and typography, or as an evidence of the ability and perseverance of the Editor, it will be found one of the most perfect books ever issued to the public

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Selected Pictures from the Galleries and

Private Collections of Great Britain. A Series of 150
Engravings from the Best Works of the Best British Artists. Edited by
S. C. Hall, Esq., F.S.A., &c. Limited to 350 impressions, viz.: 150 copies
Artists' Proofs (half grand eagle size), 200 copies Proofs on India Paper

(folio columbier).
Artists' Proors, 4 vols. in portfolios, published at 100 guineas,

oflered at .£31 10 0 Ditto 4 vols. in 2, half morocco elegant, gilt edges,

offered at £36 10 0 Ditto bound in 4 vols., half morocco, gilt edges

£10 0 Proofs ox Invia Paper, 4 vols. in portfolios, published at 50 guineas

offered at $21 0 Ditto 4 vols. in 2, half morocco, gilt edges,


offered at £25 0 0 Ditto 4 vols, half morocco, gilt edges

£28 0 0 The above may also be had elegantly bound in morocco, super elegant. Messrs. BICKERS & Sons have the pleasure to announce that they are not in a position to offer this superb Work of Art at the above extraordinary low prices. In order to give somo idea of the genuine value and rarity of this collection of Gems of Art, and of the enormous original cost of its production, it will be well to state here, that the impressions in the volumes now offered to the connoisseur were taken from the previously unworked original plates, in their choicost and sharpest condition; and that, if the plates were now for the first time engraved expressly for these volumes, not a copy of the work could possibly be offered for less than One Hundred Guineas. Nor can it be said that their genuineness and superiority are at all impaired by the fact that many, if not all, of these gems have appeared in the “ Art-Journal," since the Impressions in that artistic periodical were taken, not from the plates themselves, out from ElectroType copies. This is a rare opportunity of securing a copy of this truly national work



Oblong folio, half morocco gilt, £3 38. A Series of Twenty-Four Engravings

of Views in Lancashire and Yorkshire, from Original Paintings by J. M. W. TURNER, R.A., and others. With descriptive Letterpress.

MR. Rrskix thus notices some of the above-mentioned series of Turner's Drawings :

"I do not know in what district of England, Turner first or longest studied, but the scenery whose influence I can trace most definitely, throughout his works, varied as they are, is that of Lancashire and Yorkshire of all his drawings, I think those of the Yorkshire series have the most heart in them, the most afiectionate, simple, unwearied, serious inishing of truth. There is in them little seeking after effect, but a strong love of place; little exhibition of the artist's own powers or peculiaritica, hut intense appreciation of the smallest local minutiæ

It is, I beliere, to those broad wooded steeps and swells of the Yorkshire downg that we in part owe the singular massiveness that prevails In Turner's mountain drawing and gives it one of its chief elements of grandeur"


Library Editions of Standard Authors. .

4 vols., demy 8vo, cloth extra. 318. 6d. Shakespeare's Plays and Poems. Edited with a scrupulous

revision of the text, but without Note or Comment, by CHARLES and MARY COWDEN CLARKE, with an Introductory Essay and Copious Glossary, Ditto

ditto calf extra, Ditto

ditto morocco, gilt edges. This splendid edition of Shakespeare's Works is copyright, having been carefully revised and amplified by Mr. and Mrs. Cowden Clarke. The text is selected with great care, and is printed from a now fount of ancient type on toned paper, forming four handsome volumes, bound in cloth extra, call extra, russia, or in the best morocco with appropriate tooling.

The Most Elegant Single Volume Edition of

Shakespeare ever Printed. Royal 8vo, cloth. 128. With Life and Glossary by CHARLES and Mary COWDEN

CLARKE. Arranged on the plan of a Concordance, giving not only the meanings of doubtful words, but also a complete Index to all the passages in which they are to be found. Elegantly bound in full morocco, tooled sides and gilt edges. Price 268.

This edition is also kept richly bound in morocco, gilt leaves, with broad gilt borders on side, and Shakespeare's arms stamped in centre, forming a most charming and elegant gift book.

EXTRACTS FROM NOTICES BY THE PRESS. “There never was an author who required less note or comment than Shakespeare, and who could so completely satisfy the wisest of men, while not rising beyond the comprehension of the most dull."--Times, Sept. 29th, 1863.

"Messrs. Bickers & Son have done a service to those good souls who love to read Shake speare, but shrink from the quarrels and personalities of his commentators, by printing Mr. and Mrs. Cowden Clarke's edition of the poet. We have already spoken in high terms of this work It is an edition without notes, commentaries, or explanations. The text is selected with dne care, is handsomely printed on good paper, an four volumes are strongly bound. The general reuder cannot want a better copy of Shakespeare. --Athenæum."

* The great pains which Mr. and Mrs. Cowden Clarke have bestowed upon the study of Shakespeare's dramatic works make them in every way qualified for the task which they have undertaken, and the present edition deserves to be regarded in every respect as a standard one. It is, indeed, a true · Tercentenary' edition of the poet of all time.'"- -Observer.

“ This edition is well calculated for pleasant popular reading, and to inspire delightful conceptions of the poet's genius in that numerous

class who can enjoy rapture complete without stopping every minute to ask how they feel it, or why it is so sweet.'"- Morning Post.

“This edition is entirely without notes-no little recommendation in these days of over editing. There is, however, a copious Glossary, which is really as much as any intelligent, sod appreciative reader will require. The time may come when every reader of Shakespeare will be to a certain extent, his own editor; and the difficulties arising out of the early and original copies almost demand this. The immense difficulty of making up one's mind upon disputed passages can only be estimated by those who undertake the task of decision. -- Berod seller.

"This edition is distinguished by an admirable chronological table of the poet's life, by an index, verbal and sentential glossary (the fullest we have ever seen), by the reprint of Shakespeare's will, and of the dedication and addresses prefixed to the folio of 1623. The text is carefully revised, and the publishers have enshrined it in clear and beautiful letterpress. We heartily recommond this rare Tercentenary offering."-Dundee Advertiser.

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