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Title 40—Protection of




CHAPTER —Environmental Protection Agency
CHAPTER IV—Low Emission Vehicle Certification Board

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Public information.
Employee responsibilities and conduct.
Interim regulations and procedures for implementing the Uniform Relo-

cation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970. Certification of Facilities.



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General grant regulations and procedures.
State and local assistance. [Reserved]
Research and demonstration. [Reserved]
Training grants and fellowships. [Reserved]
Appendix A–General grant conditions.
Appendix B-Patents and inventions.
Appendix C—Rights in data and copyright.


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National primary and secondary ambient air quality standards.
Requirements for preparation, adoption, and submittal of implementation

Prior notice of citizen suits.
Standards of performance for new stationary sources.
Prevention, control, and abatement of air pollution from Federal Govern-

ment activities: performance standards and techniques of measurement.
Registration of fuel additives.
Air quality control regions, criteria, and control techniques.
Control of air pollution from new motor vehicles and new motor vehicle

Standards-setting conferences, hearings, and notifications of alleged vio-

lators of water quality standards.
Public hearings under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act.
Filing of reports with the Administrator by persons who alleged activities

result in discharges causing or contributing to water pollution. Criteria for State, local and regional oil removal contingency plans.


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Discharge of oil.
State certification of activities requiring a Federal license or permit.
Water quality standards.
Revision of water quality standards.





Regulations for the enforcement of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and

Rodenticide Act.
Certification of usefulness of pesticide chemicals.
Rules governing the appointment, compensation, and proceedings of an
advisory committee; and rules of practice governing hearings under the

Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act.
Tolerances and exemptions from tolerances for pesticide chemicals in or

on raw agricultural commodities.





PART 2-PUBLIC INFORMATION Sec. 2.100 Scope. 2.101 General policy. 2.102 Procedures applicable to the public. 2.103 Agency procedures in response to

request. 2.104 Duties of responsible EPA office. 2.105 Exemptions. 2.106 Determinations by the Office of the

General Counsel or a Regional

Counsel. 2.107 Determinations by the Office of Pub

lic Affairs. 2.108 Creation of records. 2.109 Denial of requests for records. 2.110 Copies of documents. 2.111 Payment.

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this Part 2 issued under 5 U.S.C. 552, as amended by Public Law 90-23.

SOURCE: The provisions of this part 2 appear at 36 F.R. 23058, Dec. 3, 1971, unless otherwise noted. § 2.100 Scope.

This part establishes procedures for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to implement the provision of the Administrative Procedure Act (5 U.S.C. 552(a) (3)) relating to the availability to the public of identifiable records contained in agency files, and not published in the FEDERAL REGISTER. This part is applicable to all EPA components, including all EPA regional offices, field installations and laboratories. $ 2.101 General policy.

It is the policy of EPA to make the fullest possible disclosure of information to any person who requests information, without unjustifiable expense or delay. Where information is exempt under 5 U.S.C. 552(b) from mandatory disclosure, the EPA Office of Public Affairs may, pursuant to $ 2.107, order disclosure in the public interest, unless such disclosure is prohibited by law. § 2.102 Procedures applicable to the

public. (a) Form of request. A request need not be in any particular form, but it (1) must be in writing, and (2) must describe the records sought with sufficient specificity to permit identification.

(b) Place of request. A request for records may be filed with the EPA Office of Public Affairs, 401 M Street SW., Washington, D.C. 20460, or with any

other EPA office. Requests for records located in the indicated States may be filed with the following EPA Regional Offices: (1) Region 1. (Massachusetts, Connecticut,

Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont), Room 2303, John F. Kennedy

Federal Building, Boston, Mass. 02203. (2) Region II. (New Jersey, New York,

Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands), Room 847,

26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY 10007. (3) Region III. (Delaware, Maryland, Penn

sylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, District of Columbia), Post Office Box 12900, Phila

delphia, PA 19108. (4) Region IV. (Alabama, Florida, Georgia,

Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee), Suite 300, 1421

Peachtree Street NE., Atlanta, GA 30309. (5) Region V. (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan,

Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin),, 1 North

Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606. (6) Region VI. (Arkansas, Louisiana, New

Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas), 1114 Com

merce Street, Dallas, TX 75202. (7) Region VII. (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri,

Nebraska), Room 702, 911 Walnut Street,

Kansas City, MO 64106. (8) Region VIII. (Colorado, Montana, North

Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming), Room 9041, Federal Office Building, 19th

and Stout Streets, Denver, CO 80202. (9) Region IX. (Arizona, California, Hawaii,

Nevada, American Samoa, Guam, Trust
Territories of Pacific Islands, Wake Island),

760 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102. (10) Region X. (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon,

Washington), 1200 Sixth Avenue, Seattle,

WA 98101. § 2.103 Agency procedures in response

to request. Within 10 working days after receipt of a request for records by an EPA office other than the Office of Public Affairs, such office will forward a copy of the request (with the date and place of receipt noted thereon) to the EPA Office of Public Affairs. In the event the office receiving the request is not the office responsible for maintaining the records requested, the request shall be forwarded immediately to the office having such responsibility. § 2.104 Duties of responsible EPA office.

Within 10 working days after receipt of a request for records, the EPA office responsible for maintaining the records requested will:

(a) Obtain, or ascertain the location of, the records requested, and, unless a

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