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SUBCHAPTER N-DANGEROUS CARGOES Part 146 Transportation or storage of explosives or other dangerous articles or sub

stances, and combustible liquids on board vessels. 147

Regulations governing use of dangerous articles as ships' stores and supplies

on board vessels. 148-149 [Reserved]



Subpart 146.01–Preface Sec. 148.01-1 Purpose of regulations. 146.01-2 Source of regulations. 146.01-3 Plan of regulations. 146.01-4 Classifications. 146.01-5 Changes in regulations. 146.01-6 Provision for notice and public

hearing. 146.01-7 Inflammable or combustible liq

uids in bulk. 146.01-8 Effective date of regulations. 148.01-9 Supersedes existing rulings. 146.01–10 Supersedes existing regulations. 146.01-11 Other requirements under title 62

of the Revised Statutes. 146.01–12 Local regulations. 146.01-13 Penalties.

Subpart 146.02—General Regulations 146.02-1 Scope of regulations. 146.02-2 Application to vessels. 146.02-3 Application to shippers. 146.02-4 Application to others. 146.02-5 Compliance. 146.02-6 Enforcement. 146.02-a Assignment and certification. 146.02-7 Military or naval forces. 146.02-8 U.S. Government shipments. 146.02-9 Canadian shipments. 146.02-10 Export shipments. 146.02–11 Import shipments. 146.02-12 Inspection of cargo. 146.02-13 Report fires.

Sec. 146.02-14 Damaged containers. 146.02–15 Emergency shipments. 146.02-16 Shipments in violation. 146.02-17 Handling and stowage of cargo. 146.02–18 Shipments via common carrier

vessels. 146.02–19 Shipments via vessels other than

common carriers. 146.02–20 Repairs or work involving welding

or burning or other hazards. 146.02-21 Statements of characteristic

properties. 146.02-22 Preservation of records. 146.02-25 Conditions under which equiva

lents or alternative procedures

may be used. 146.02-30 Portable containers-interpretive

rulings. Subpart 146.03—Definitions of Words and Terms

Contained within the Regulations in This Sub

chapter 146.03-1 MIN. 146.03–3 Bulk. 146.03-5 Cargo. 146.03-6 CFC. 146.03-7 Character of vessel. 146.03-8 Dangerous articles defined. 146.03-9 Flammable or inflammable. 146.03-10 Explosive range. 146.03-11 Finely divided metals. 146.03-12 Finely divided organic material. 146.03-13 Fire point. 146.03-14 Flashpoint. 146.03-15 Hermetically sealed. 146.03-16 Holds gas tight. 146.03-17 ICC. 146.03-18 ICC regulations. 146.03-19 Inside containers. 146.03-20 Label. 146.03-21 Marking.

[blocks in formation]

Sec. 146.03-22 Miscible. 146.03-28 Miscibility with water. 146.03-24 Navigable waters. 148.08–25 N.O.S. 146.03-26 Not permitted. 146.03–27 Outside containers. 146.03-28 Prohibited. 146.03–29 Shipping papers. 146.03-30 Soluble. 146.03-31 STC and NRC. 146.03-32 Storage. 146.03-33 Stowage. 146.03–34 Stowage terms defined. 146.03-35 Vapor density. 146.03-36 Vessels defined. 146.03-37 Volatility. 146.03-38 W.T. 146.03–39 W or W/O. Subpart 146.04—List of Explosives or Other

Dangerous Articles Containing the Shipping Name or Description of Articles Subject to the

Regulations in This Subchapter 146.04-1 Proper shipping name. 146.04–2 Dangerous articles not named. 146.04 8 Classification. 146.044 Signs and abbreviations. 146.04–5 List of explosives and other daa

gerous articles and combustible

liquids. Subpart 146.05—Shipper's Requirements Re:

Packing, Marking, Labeling and Shipping

Papers 146.05-1 Shipments in violation of the

regulations in this part. 146.06-2 Acceptable shipments. 146.05-3 Prohibited packing. 146.05-4 Prescribed containers. 146.05-5 I.C.C. specification containers. 146.05-6 M.I.N. specification containers. 146.05-7 C.F.C. specification containers. 146.058 Non-specification containers. 146.05-9 Specification containers in out

side packages. 146.05-10 Reuse of containers. 146.05-11 Certification. 146.06–12 Originating shipping order, trans

fer shipping paper. 146.05–13 Originating export shipping paper. 146.05–14 Import shipping papers. 146.06-16 Marking and labeling applying to

domestic shipments only. 146.05-16 Labels for mixed packing. 146.05-17 Labels. Subpart 146.06—Vessel's Requirements Re: Ac

ceptance, Handling, Stowage, Etc. 146.06-1 Acceptance on board vessels. 146.06-2 Explosives prohibited on any ves

sel. 146.06-3 Articles not permitted on vessels. 146.06-4 Acceptance of permitted articles. 146.06-5 "Order-Notify" or "C.O.D." ship

ments. 146.06-6 Canadian shipments. 146.06-7 Emergency shipments. 146.06-8 Handling on board vessels. 146.06–9 Stowage on board vessels. 146.06-10 Labels.

Sec. 146.06–11 “No smoking" signs. 146.06–12 Dangerous cargo manifest or list

required. 146.06-13 Form of manifest or list. 146.06–14 Information required on mani

fests or lists. 146.06–15 source of information shown on

manifest or list. 146.06–17 Produce manifest or list upou de

mand. 146.06–18 Record copy of manifest or list. 146.06–19 Cargo stowage plan or cargo stow

age list. 146.06–20 Manifest; storage vessels. Subpart 146.07—Railroad Vehicles, Highway

Vehicles, Vans or Portable Containers Loaded
With Explosives or Other Dangerous Articles

and Transported on Board Ocean Vessels 146.07-1 Applicability and definitions. 146.07-5 Permitted shipments. 146.07-10 Tank containers. 146.07-15 Acceptance on board vessels. 146.07-20 Certification. 146.07-25 Marking and placarding. 146.07-30 Inspection. 146.07-35 Exemption of railroad and high

way vehicles, vans or portable containers from detalled han

dling or stowage requirements. 146.07-40 Stowage on board vessels. Subpart 146.08—Railroad or Highway Vehicles

Loaded With Dangerous Substances and Trans

ported on Board Vessels 146.08-1 Prohibited articles. 146.08-5 Permitted articles. 146.08-10 Tank containers. 146.08-16 Acceptance of railroad vehicles on

board ferry vessels. 146.08-20 Acceptance of highway vehicles

on board ferry vessels. 146.08-25 Empty tank containers. 146.08-30 Exemption of railroad and high

way vehicles from detalled ban

dling or stowage requirements. 146.08-35 Stowage of railroad or highway

vehicles. 146.08-40 Control of highway vehicle. 146.08-45 Private passenger type motor ve

hicles (automobiles). 146.08–50 Cylinders laden in highway ve

hicles. 146.08–55 Vehicles having refrigerating or

heating equipment. Subpart 146.09-Cargo Handling and Stowage

Devices, U.S. Coast Guard Container Specifica

tions 146.09-1 Magazines, location of. 146.09-2 Magazines, construction of. 146.09-3 Entire hold forming magazine. 146.09-4 Ventilation of magazines. 146.09-5 Metal lockers for stowage of fire

works. 146.09-6 Portable magazines for stowage of

explosives. 146.09-7 Specifications of moisture proofed

paper bags.

Sec. 146.09–8 Specifications of moisture proofed

paper lined burlap bags. 148.09-11 Chutes and conveyors for han

dling explosives. 146.09-12 Mattresses for explosives. 146.09-15 Power operated industrial trucks.

Subpart 146.10-Barges 146.10-1 Barge defined. 146.10-2 Application of regulations. 146.10-3 Barges classified. 146.10-4 Carfloats and barges used as car

floats. 146.10-5 On deck protection. 146.10-6 Stowage of explosives. 146.10–50 Stowage of explosives or other

dangerous articles or substances

on board barges. Subpart 146.20—Detailed Regulations Governing

Explosives 146.20-1 An explosive. 146.20-3 Prohibited or not permitted ex

plosives. 146.20-5 Acceptable explosives. 146.20-7 Class A explosives. 146.20-9 Class B explosives. 146.20-11 Class C explosives. 146.20-13 Samples of explosives and ex

plosive articles for laboratory

and examination purposes. 146.20-15 Stowage of explosives. 148.20-17 Stowage of explosives in bolds

containing coal. 146.20--19 On deck stowage of explosives. 146.20-21 Stowage of fireworks. 146.20-23 Stowage of explosives with other

dangerous articles. 146.20-25 Stowage of explosives and non

dangerous cargo. 146.20-27 Stowage and dunnaging of con

tainers of explosives. 146.20-29 Preparation of magazines, decks,

hatches and holds before ban

dling explosives. 146.20-31 Loading and unloading explo

sives. 146.20-33 Constructing of magazines. 146.20-36 Handling explosives. 146.20-37 Cargo working equipment. 146.20-39 Installation of loading chute. 146.20-41 Lights, tools and equipment. 146.20-43 Fires. 146.20-45 Smoking. 146.20-47 Liquor or drugs. 146.20-49 Damaged or leaking containers

of explosives. 146.20-51 Containers found damaged or

leaking on board vessels. 146.20-53 Magazine vessels storing explo

sives. 146.20-55 Lighting in Stowage compart

ments. 148.20-57 Handling explosives; magazine

vessels. 146.20_59 Living quarters on magazine

vessels. 146.20-61 Lamp box on magazine vessels. 146.20-68 Storage of other dangerous arti


Sec. 146.20-65 Magazine vessels' stores. 146.20-67 Matches. 146.20-69 Firearms. 146.20-71 Fire extinguishing equipment. 146.20-73 Supervision of magazine vessels. 146.20-75 Unauthorized persons on maga

zine vessels. 146.20-77 Repacking of explosives on board

magazine vessels. 146.20-79 Work boat. 146.20-81 Life preservers. 146.20-83 Fenders. 146.20-85 Authorization to load or dis

charge explosives. 146.20-87 Permits for Class A explosives. 146.20-90 Stowage and storage chart of ex

plosives. 146.20-100 Table A-Classification: Class A;

dangerous explosives. 146.20-200 Table B-Classification: Class B;

less dangerous explosives. 146.20–300 Table C-Classification: Class C;

relatively safe explosives. Subpart 146.21-Detailed Regulations Governing

Inflammable Liquids 146.21-1 Definition of inflammable liquid. 146.21-10 Export shipments of inflam

mable liquids. 146.21-15 Stowage on board vessels. 146.21-20 "On deck" stowage. 146.21-25 “Under deck” stowage. 146.21-30 Stowage of inflammable liquids

with explosives and other dan.

gerous articles. 146.21-35 Boundary bulkheads. 146.21-40 Hatch closing means. 146.21-45 Ventilation. 146.21-50 Electrical equipment in bolds. 146.21-56 Smoking prohibited, warning

signs. 146.21-57 Use of power-operated industrial

trucks in spaces containing

flammable liquids. 146.21-60 Potable spirits. 146.21-65 Limited quantity shipments. 146.21-70 Limited quantity shipments of

paint products. 146.21-75 Limited quantity shipments of

polishes. 146.21-100 Table D_Classification: Inilam

mable liquids. Subpart 146.22-Detailed Regulations Governing

Inflammable Solids and Oxidizing Materials 146.22-1 Definition of inflammable solids

and oxidizing materials. 146.22-5 Stowage on board vessels. 146.22-7 Use of power-operated industrial

trucks in spaces containing flammable solids and oxidizing

materials. 146.22-10 Stowage of inflammable solids

with explosives and other dan

gerous articles. 146.22-15 Stowage of oxidizing materials

with explosives and other dan

gerous articles. 146.22-20 Stowage of charcoal.

Sec. 146.22–26 Exemptions lor inflammable

solids and oxidizing materials. 146.22-80 Authorization to load or dis

charge ammonium nitrate and

ammonium nitrate fertilizers. 146.22-35 Elemental phosphorus in water

in bulk. 146.22-40 Nitro carbon nitrate. 146.22-100 Table E-Classification: Inflam

mable solids and oxidizing materials.

Subpart 146.23—Detailed Regulations Governing

Corrosive Liquids 146.23-1 Definitions of corrosive liquids. 146.29-5 Stowage on board vessels. 146.23-10 General stowage requirements. 146.23-13 Use of power-operated industrial

trucks in spaces containing

corrosive liquids. 146.23-15 Stowage of glass carboys. 146.29-20 "On deck" stowage requirements. 146.23-25 Stowage of corrosive liquids with

explosives and other dangerous

articles. 146.28-30 Exemptions for corrosive liquids. 146.23-35 Sulfuric acid in bulk. 146.29-50 Hydrochloric acid in bulk. 146.23-100 Table F-Classification: Corro

sive liquids. Subpart 146.24-Detailed Regulations Governing

Compressed Gases 146.24-1 Definition of compressed gases. 146.24-10 Mixtures of compressed gas and

poisonous materials. 146.24–15 Containers. 146.2420 Exemptions for compressed

gases 146.24-25 Stowage on board vessels. 146.24-27 Use of power-operated industrial

trucks in spaces containing

compressed gases. 146.24 30 "On deck" stowage. 146.2436 "Under deck" Stowage. 146.2440 Stowage clearance. 146.24-50 Stowage securing means. 146.24-55 Stowage of compressed gases

with explosives and other dan

gerous articles. 146.24-60 Stowage of cylinders containing

chlorine. 146.24-65 Instructions regarding lights

and smoking. 146.24-70 Leaking cylinders not accepted. 146.2475 Report of leaking or damaged

cylinders. 146.24-80 Liquid chlorine in bulk. 146.2485 Anhydrous ammonia in bulk. 146.24-100 Table G-Classification: Com.

pressed gases.

Sec. 146.25-10 Less dangerous poisons, Class B,

liquids and solids, poison la

bel. 146.25-15 Tear gas or irritating substances,

Class C, tear gas label. 146.25-20 Radioactive materials, Class D

Poison. 146.25-21 Fissile materials. 146.25-25 Exemptions for radioactive ma

terials 146.25-30 Packing and shielding of radio

active materials. 146.25-35 Stowage and handling of radio

active materials on board

vessels. 146.25-40 Limitation of "On deck" stowage. 146.25-43 Use of power-operated industrial

trucks in spaces containing

poisonous articles. 146.25-45 Stowage of poisonous articles

with explosives and other dan

gerous articles. 146.25-50 Care following leakage or sifting

of poisonous articles. 146.25-55 Exemptions for poisons, Class B. 146.26-60 Cylinder valve protection. 146.25-65 Vessels utilizing nuclear energy

or handling radioactive mate

rials. 146.25–100 Table H-Classification: Class A;

extremely dangerous poisons. 146.25-200 Table H-Classification: Class B;

less dangerous poisons. 146.25-800 Table H-Classification: Class C;

tear gas

or irritating sub

stances. 146.25-400 Table H-Classification: Class D;

radioactive materials.

Subpart 146.26-Detailed Regulations Governing

Combustible Liquids 146.26-1 Definition of combustible

liquids. 146.26-5 Application to vessels. 146.26-10 Stowage on board passenger

vessels. 146.26-15 Smoking or open flame prohib

ited. 148.26-20 “On deck" Stowage. 146.26-25 "Under deck" Stowage. 146.26-30 Potable spirits. 146.26-35 Use of power-operated industrial

trucks in spaces containing

combustible liquids. 146.26-100 Table J-Classification: Com

bustible liquids.

Subpart 146.27-Detailed Regulations Governing

Hazardous Articles 146.27-1 Definition of a hazardous article. 146.27-5 Liquids exempt. 146.27-10 Stowage on board vessels. 148.27-15 General stowage requirement. 146.27-20 Protection for "On deck" stow

age. 146.27-25 Requirements and conditions for

loading, stowing and transporting baled cotton.

Subpart 146.25—Detailed Regulations Governing

Poisonous Articles 146.25-1 Definition of poisonous articles. 146.25-5 Extremely dangerous poisons,

Class A, poison gas label.

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