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(d) Evidence institutional commitment to the purposes of the Act.

(e) Exhibit significant industrial cooperation in activities within the scope of the Act.

(f) Have in existence an engineering program in mining or minerals extraction that is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, or show evidence of equivalent institutional capability.

(g) Employ at least six full-time permanent faculty members in the department or component of the institution conducting instruction and research in mining and mineral extraction.

(h) Meet such other criteria as the Advisory Committee shall deem necessary or desirable.

8 652.8 Applications for allotment grants.

Applications for annual allotment grants shall be submitted in response to an annual call for proposals issued by the Bureau of Mines to mineral institutes. To receive a new allotment grant, a mineral institute must have submitted all reports due and shall not have been found by the Secretary to have improperly diminished, lost, or misapplied funds previously received. Such funds shall be replaced by the State concerned and until so replaced no subsequent grant shall be allotted or paid to the institute of that State. Each allotment grant application shall be responsive to 30 U.S.C. 1221(b) and as a minimum shall consist of the fol. lowing elements in duplicate:

(a) A completed Standard Form 424.

(b) A plan to provide for the training of individuals as mineral engineers and scientists under a curriculum appropriate to the field of mineral resources and mineral engineering and related fields.

(c) A budget to support that plan.

(d) Assurance that Federal funds will supplement and, to the extent practicable, increase the level of funds that would otherwise have been available for the purposes of the Act, and in no case supplant such funds.

(e) Such other information as is requested in the Call for Proposals. The Secretary shall deny or reduce funds to mineral institutes where proposals or portions thereof are not complementary to the mission of the Department or the goals of this program.

8 652.7 Responsibilities of institutions des

ignated as mineral institutes. (a) Each institution designated as mineral institute has the duty of planning and conducting mineral resources research. To carry out its responsibility, it shall appoint mineral institute director from its faculty or staff, who is professionally qualified in minerals research and education.

(b) Mineral institute directors shall be responsible for preparation of allotment grant proposals; for the technical administration of allotment grant agreements; for periodic reporting to the Bureau of Mines; for the preparation and transmission to the Bureau of Mines of an annual institute status report; for providing such coordination as may be necessary between vari. ous departments, units, and individuals at that institution to achieve a focused minerals program of value to the mineral institute's State and region; for the coordination between and among the minerals programs of the several mineral institutes; for responding to requests for information regarding the minerals program at that institution from the Bureau of Mines, the Advisory Committee, and the public; and for the selection and transmission of the best research proposals from that institution for inclusion in the generic mineral technology center program.

8 652.9 Generic mineral technology cen

ters. All research supported under this program, except for that funded through allotment grants, is funded through established generic mineral technology centers (generic centers). Each generic center provides a focus for mineral research in a specific area of broad applicability across the minerals industry. Each generic center has the following characteristics:

(a) It is headquartered in one mineral institute with participation by one or more affiliate institutions.

(b) A generic center director supervises the operation of the center in

cluding the coordination of related projects; makes arrangements for an annual seminar; provides for operation of a reference center; makes recommendations to the Bureau of Mines on budget revisions, equipment purchases, and other grant modifications; and provides technical leadership for the center.

(c) A reference center serves as a centralized repository of literature concerning the generic research area and also is a repository of all periodic and final reports, dissertations, and contributions to the technical literature resulting from generic center research.

(d) An annual seminar provides opportunity for students and principal investigators to exchange ideas and present their latest research in the ge. neric area.

(e) A Research Council, consisting of experts in the generic research area from industry, government and, where possible, academia, attends the annual seminars, receives periodic reports, evaluates research proposals, and provides recommendations to the Bureau of Mines on the program of the center.

(f) New proposals for research, submitted through generic center and mineral institute directors, are evaluated on a competitive basis, in writing, and through Council discussion.

institutes and with such other agencies and individuals as may contribute to the solution of the mining and mineral resource problems involved. Mineral institutes may utilize their funds to pay for projects at other institutions under the following limitations:

(a) The mineral institute director (for allotment grants) or the generic mineral technology center director (for research grants) for the institution awarded the funds by the Bureau, or the designated representative of the above, shall administer, conduct and supervise all funded programs.

(b) All proposals to fund noninstitute activities shall be specifically set forth in the grant proposal applications required under $ 652.8 and $ 652.10 and must be explicitly approved by the Bureau of Mines.

(c) All subgrants and subcontracts, service agreements, and interdivisional work authorizations shall be subject to the same terms and conditions as the grant.

(d) Copies of all agreements for funding of programs conducted by noninstitute organizations, universities, or individuals shall be made available to the Bureau of Mines upon request.

8652.10 Application for research grants.

Proposals may be submitted to the Bureau of Mines in any of the generic mineral technology areas through mineral institute and generic mineral technology center directors in response to an annual call for proposals which describes the format of the proposals. Proposals shall address the requirements of 30 U.S.C. 1222 (b) through (d) as detailed in the call for proposals. No portion of any research grant shall be applied to the acquisition by purchase or lease of any land or interests therein or the rental, purchase, construction, preservation or repair of any building.

8 652.12 Governing provisions for grants.

Performance under all grants shall be in accord with the terms and conditions set forth in OMB Circulars A110 (General Administration), A-21 (Cost Principles), A-88 (Indirect Cost Rates and Audit), and all other applicable laws and regulations. Copies of the OMB circulars are available from Publications Services, 725 17th Street NW., Room 2200, Washington, DC 20503. All uses, products, processes, patents, and other developments under this program, with such exceptions as the Secretary may make in the public interest, are to be made promptly available to the public. Patentable inventions shall be governed by the provisions of Pub. L. 96-517. (54 FR 38378, Sept. 18, 1989, as amended at 55 FR 35300, Aug. 29, 1990)

8 652.11 Transfers of research and allot

ment grant funds. Under 30 U.S.C. 1223(b), mineral institutes are authorized to conduct cooperative programs with other mineral

8 652.13 Reports.

The following reports are required from program participants:


(a) Annual Institute Status Report literature shall contain one of the fol(30 U.S.C. 1223(a)(3)). On or before lowing statements or the equivalent: September 1 of each year, the mineral

This research has been supported by the institute director for each institute

Department of the Interior's Mineral Instishall submit to the Office a written

tute Program administered by the Bureau report on work accomplished; the

of Mines under allotment grant number status of projects underway; a listing of scholarship and fellowship holders This research has been supported by the supported under this program, their Department of the Interior's Mineral Instidepartmental affiliation, citizenship, tute Program administered by the Bureau amount of award, and thesis title, if

of Mines through the Generic Mineral Technology Center for

under reselected; and a statement of disburse

search grant number ments of funds received under this program. This report shall cover all

8 652.14 Information collection. activities under both the allotment

The information collection requiregrant and research grant program.

ments contained in this section have (b) Periodic Technical Reports. Each

been approved by the Office of Man. mineral institute and generic center

agement and Budget under 44 U.S.C. director shall make brief periodic writ

3501 et seq. and assigned clearance ten reports as specified in the grant

number 1032-0116. The information is document to the Office describing

being collected to evaluate the effecprogress made on each active project.

tiveness of the programs and Generic center directors shall also

sponses are required to obtain a benesend their periodic reports to members

fit in accordance with 30 U.S.C. 1221of the applicable Research Councils.

1230. Public reporting burden for this (c) Periodic Financial Reports. Each

information, including the time for remineral institute and generic center

viewing instructions, searching existshall submit completed Standard

ing data sources, gathering and mainForm-269 reports concurrent with the

taining the data needed, and completperiodic technical progress reports. ing and reviewing the collection of in

(d) Annual Property Report. Each formation is as follows: mineral institute and generic center

Performance Report........

16 hours shall submit by November 15 a com

Report of Funded Scholarship and pleted Bureau of Mines Form 6-359 on Fellowships...........

2 hours nonexpendable property.

Summary Report of Inventions and (e) Final Reports. The annual insti- Subgrants......

..1 hour tute status report will serve as the

Grantee Inventory of Property Purfinal report for allotment grants. A

chased from Grant Funds........ 2 hours final report is required for each ap

Budget Information Report............. 8 hours. proved generic center research project. Send comments regarding this Principal investigators are encouraged burden estimate or any other aspect of to publish in the technical literature this collection of information, includany information developed in the ing suggestions for reducing the course of carrying out a research burden, to Office of Statistical Standproject. A published journal article ards, Bureau of Mines, Washington, may be substituted for a final report, DC 20241; and to the Office of Manprovided the Grantee delivers five agement and Budget, Paperwork Recopies of the reprint to the Office. If duction Project (OMB No. 1032-0116), the findings of a research project are Washington, DC 20503. not published, five copies of a final report shall be furnished. An unpub. 8 652.15 Advisory committee. lished final report should be prepared An Advisory Committee on Mining in accordance with ANSI 239.18-1974, and Mineral Resources Research, ap“American National Standard Guide- pointed by the Secretary under 30 lines for Format and Production of U.S.C. 1229, shall consult with and Scientific and Technical Reports." make recommendations to the Secre

(1) Credits. Every final research tary on the operation of and the report or publication in the technical making of grants under this program

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