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7620 Bossuet. Discours sur l'Histoire Universelle, depuis le commencement du Monde jusqu'à l'Empire de Charlemagne. Édition stéréotype. 2 vols. 24mo. Paris, 1817. 7621 Bouiland (J. F. A. Auguste). Essai d'Histoire Universelle; ou, Exposé Comparatif des Traditions de tous les Peuples, depuis les temps primitifs jusqu'à nos jours.

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1836. 7622 Buchez. Introduction à la Science de l'Histoire; ou, Science du développement de l'Humanité. 8vo. Paris, 1833. 7623 Bunsen (C. C. J. Baron). Egypt's Place in Universal History. An Historical Investigation in five Books.


5 vols. 8vo. London, 1854-67. 7624 Colton's Delineation of the Flags of all Nations: carefully compiled, after the most diligent research, and from the best recent 4to. obl. New York, 7625 Cuvier (Charles). Cours d'Études Historiques au point de vue Philosophique et Chrétien. Première série. Esquisse d'une Philosophie de l'Histoire. 2 vols. 16mo. Paris, 1859-63.

7626 Dew (Thomas). A Digest of the Laws, Customs, Manners, and Institutions of the ancient and modern Nations.

8vo. New York, 1856. 7627 Dictionnaire Universel, Historique, Critique, et Bibliographique, &c., par une Société de Savans Français et Étrangers. 9° édition. 20 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1810-12.

7628 Duruy (Victor). Histoire du Moyen Age. 6 édition.


Histoire des Temps Modernes,

12mo. Paris, 1872. depuis 1453 jusqu'à 12mo. Paris, 1870.

1789. 5° édition. 7630 Ewald (Alex. Charles). The Last Century of Universal History: a reference book, containing an annotated table of Chronology, lists of contemporary Sovereigns, a Dictionary of Battles and Sieges, and Biographical Notes of eminent individuals. From 1767 to 1867. 12mo. London, 1868.

7631 Freeman (Edward A.). Outlines of History.

16mo. New York, 1872.

7632 Gillies (John). The History of the World, from the Reign of Alexander to that of Augustus; comprehending the Latter Ages of European Greece, and the History of the Greek Kingdoms in Asia and Africa, from their Foundation to their Destruction; with a Preliminary Survey of Alexander's Conquests, and an Estimate of his Plans for their Consolidation and Improvement. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1809.

7633 Hales (Rev. William). A New Analysis of Chronology and Geography, History, and Prophecy: in which their Elements are attempted to be explained, harmonized, and vindicated, upon scriptural and scientific Principles; tending to remove the imperfection and discordance of preceding systems, and to obviate the cavils of skeptics, Jews, and infidels. 2d edition, corrected and improved. 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1830.

7634 James (G. P. R.). Dark Scenes of History.


New York, 1862. 7635 Jones (Frederick). Rotteck's History of the World. See No. 7649. 7636 King (Edmund Fillingham). Ten Thousand Wonderful Things: comprising whatever is marvellous and rare, curious, eccentric, and extraordinary, in all ages and nations.

7637 Laurent (F.)

12mo. London,

Études sur l'Histoire de l'Humanité. 2 édition,


Histoire du Droit des Gens et des relations internationales. 2e édition, corrigée.

11 vols. 8vo. Bruxelles, 1861-65.

7638 Maunder (Samuel). Treasury of History; consisting of a series of separate Histories of the Principal States and Kingdoms in the World; preceded by an Introductory outline sketch of Universal History, from the earliest ages to the present time. New edition. 12mo. London, 1850. 7639 Mavor (William). Universal History, Ancient and Modern, from the earliest Records of Time to the General Peace of 1801. 25 vols. 12mo. (3 copies.) New York, 1803-5.

7640 Meiners (C.). History of the Female Sex; comprising a view of the Habits, Manners, and Influence of Women, among all Nations, from the earliest ages to the present time. Translated from the German by Frederic Shoberl.

4 vols. 16mo. London, 1808.

7641 Miller (George). Lectures on the Philosophy of Modern History, delivered in the University of Dublin.

6 vols. 8vo. Dublin, 1816-24.

7642 Nares (E.). Tytler's General History. See Nos 7660, 7662.

7643 Oxford Chronological Tables of ancient and modern History, compiled from the best authorities. Folio. Oxford, 1835-39.

7644 Peabody (Elizabeth P.). Universal History; trate Bem's Charts of Chronology. 4to obl.

7645 Playfair (James). A System of Chronology.

arranged to illusNew York, 1859.

Fol. Edinburgh, 1784.

7646 Priestley (Joseph). Lectures on History and General Policy; to which is prefixed an Essay on a Course of Liberal Education for Civil and Active Life; and an additional Lecture on the Constitution of the United States; with Charts of History and Biography. 1st American edition.

2 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1803.

7647 Raleigh (Sir Walter). The History of the World in five books.

Folio. London, 1614.

7648 Ramsay (David). Universal History; or, an Historical View of the World, from the earliest Records to the year 1808; with a Particular Reference to the State of Society, Literature, Religion, and Form of Government, in the United States of America. To which is annexed a Supplement, containing a Brief View of History, from the year 1808 to the Battle of Waterloo. 9 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1819.

7649 Rotteck (Charles von). General History of the World, from the Earliest Times until the year 1831. Translated from the German, and continued to 1840, by Frederick Jones. 1st American edition. 4 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1840.

7650 Saint-John (Henry, Lord Viscount Bolingbroke). See Bolingbroke, No. 7619.

7651 Schlegel (Frederick). Course of Lectures on Modern History; to which are added historical Essays on the beginning of our History, and on Cæsar and Alexander. Translated by Lyndsey Purcell and R. H. Whitelock. 12mo. London, 1849.

7652 Schlosser (F. C.). History of the Eighteenth Century, and of the Nineteenth till the overthrow of the French Empire, with particular reference to Mental Cultivation and Progress. Translated by D. Davison. 8 vols. 8vo. London, 1843-52.

7653 Smith (Goldwin). Lectures on the Study of History, delivered in Oxford, 1859–61. To which is added a lecture delivered before the N. Y. Historical Society, in December, 1864, on the University of Oxford. 12mo. New York, 1866.

7654 Smyth (William). Lectures on Modern History, from the Irruption of the Northern Nations to the Close of the American Revolution. 3d American edition, revised and corrected, with additions by Jared Sparks. Roy. 8vo. Boston, 1849.

7655 Taylor (W. C.). A Manual of Modern History; containing the Rise and Progress of the Principal European Nations, their Political History, and the Changes in their Social Condition; with a History of the Colonies founded by Europeans. Revised, with a chapter on the History of the United States, by C. S. Henry. 8vo. New York, 1845.

7656 Thierry (Augustin)., Historical Essays, published under the title of dix ans d'Études Historiques, and Narratives of the Merovingian Era; or, Scenes of the Sixth Century. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1845.

7657 Tylor (Edward B.). Researches into the Early History of Mankind, and the Development of Civilization. 2d edition. 8vo. London, 1870. Primitive Culture: Researches into the Development of Mythology, Philosophy, Religion, Art, and Custom. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1871.


7659 Tytler (Alex. Fraser). Elements of General History, Ancient and Modern. To which are added a Table of Chronology, &c., with Maps. 2d American edition, from the fifth British, 1812. 8vo. (2 copies.) Philadelphia, 1813.




Elements of General History, Ancient and Modern. To which are added a Table of Chronology, and a Comparative View of Ancient and Modern Geography; with Maps. 9th edition, corrected, with considerable additions, by Edward Nares. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1825.

(Lord Woodhouselee). Universal History, from the Creation of the World to the Beginning of the 18th Century. 3d edition. 6 vols. 18mo. London, 1839.

& Nares (Rev. Edward). Universal History, from the Creation of the World to the Decease of George III., 1820. Edited by an American. 6 vols. 18mo. New York, 1840.

7663 Universal History, from the Earliest Account to the Present Time; compiled from original Authors. Illustrated with Charts, Maps, Notes, &c., and a General Index to the whole. Part on Ancient History, in 18 vols. Part on Modern History, in 42 vols. 60 vols. 8vo. London, 1776–84.

7664 Usher (Bishop). Annals of the World. Deduced from the origin of time, and continued to the beginning of the Emperour Vespasian's Reign, and the total Destruction and Abolition of the Temple and Commonwealth of the Jews. Containing the History of the Old and New Testament, with that of the Macchabees, &c. Fol. London, 1658. 7665 Weber (Dr. George). Outlines of Universal History, from the Creation of the world to the Present time. Translated from the German by Dr. M. Behr, revised and corrected, with the addition of a History of the United States of America, by Francis Bowen. 3d edition. 8vo. Boston, 1854.

7666 White (Rev. James). The Eighteen Christian Centuries. With a copious Index. From the second Edinburgh edition. 12mo. (2 copies) New York, 1860. See Tytler, No. 7661.

7667 Woodhouselee (Lord).

7668 Worcester (J. E.).

Elements of History, Ancient and Modern;

with Historical Charts. 2d edition. 12mo. Boston, 1826.


7669 A'Beckett (Gilbert Abbott). Comic History of Rome. Illustrated by John Leech. 8vo. London,

7670 Adam (Alexander). Roman Antiquities; or, an Account of the Manners and Customs of the Romans, &c. 1st American from the 5th London edition. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1807. 7671 Appiani (Alex.). Romanarum Historiarum quae supersunt Graece et Latine cum indicibus (Panthéon Littéraire).


8vo. Parisiis, 1840.

7672 Arnold (Thomas). The History of Rome. (3 vols. in two). 2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1846. History of the Later Roman Commonwealth, from the End of the Second Punic War, to the Death of Julius Cæsar; and of the Reign of Augustus, with a Life of Trajan. 8vo. New York, 1846. 7674 Arrian's History of Alexander's Expedition. Translated from the Greek, with Notes Historical, Geographical and Critical, by Mr. Rooke; to which is prefixed Mr. Le Clerc's Criticism upon Quintus Curtius, &c. A new edition.



2 vols. 8vo. London, 1814. Histoire des Expéditions d'Alexandre; rédigée sur les Mémoires de Ptolémée et d'Aristobule ses Lieutenans. Traduction nouvelle par P. Chaussard.

3 vols. 8vo. & Atlas 4to. Paris, 1802. Expéditions d'Alexandre. See No. 7735.

7677 Baldwin (John D.). Pre-Historic Nations; or, Inquiries concerning some of the Great Peoples and Civilizations of Antiquity. 12mo. New York, 1869. Parallélisme des Progrés de la Civilisation et de l'art Militaire. See Barre Duparcq, No. 899. 7679 Beloe (William). Herodotus. See Nos. 7733, 7734.

7678 Barre Duparcq (Ed. de la).

7680 Bibliothèque Militaire. See No. 7745.

7681 Bos (Lambert). rick Leisner. Stockdale.

Antiquities of Greece; with the Notes of FredeTranslated from the original Latin, by Percival 8vo. London, 1772. 7682 Botidoux (Deist de). Abrégé de la vie de César. See No. 7790. 7683 Bryant (Jacob). A New System; or, an Analysis of Ancient Mythology; wherein an attempt is made to divest Tradition of Fable, and to reduce Truth to its original Purity. 3d edition, with Plates. 6 vols. 8vo. London, 1807.

7684 Bucke (Charles). Ruins of Ancient Cities; with general and particular Accounts of their Rise, Fall, and 2 vols. 18mo.

Present Condition.
New York, 1841.

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