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Photography. Lea, M. C., and E. L. Wilson. Physicians. Clergymen and doctors

33-12 Photographic mosaics 0-876 Physic and physicians

10-707 Monckhoven, D. von. Popular treatise on Russell, J. Ř. History and heroes of medicine 6-886

10-275 Newman,

Harmonious colouring 6-893,4 Physick, P. s. Randolph, J. Life and character of Otté, J. Landscape p. 6-904

30-1563 Philadelphia photographer 6–912 Physico-theology. W. Derham

32-1812 Ponting, T. C. Photographic difficulties 6-913 Physics. See Natural philosophy. Price, L.

Photographic manipulation 6-916 Physio-philosophy, elements of. L. Oken 9-1017 Root, M. A. Theory and practice of 6-949 Physiognomy. Lavater, J. C. Essays on - Scott, A. de C. Photo-zincography and other

10–240,1000 photographic processes

Redfield, J. Comparative p.

10-629 – Simons, M. P. Photography in a nutshell Sperzheim, J. G.' Phrenology in connection 6-950

10-101 Instructions for coloring photographis 6-951 Warwick, E. Notes on noses

10-675 Sutton, T. Collodion processes

6-952 Wells, S. R. New physiognomy 10-763 Dictionary of 6-926 Woolnoth, T. Facts and faces

5-636 and G. Dawson. Dictionary of 6-927 See Phrenology ; Porta, G. B. della. Towler, J. American photographic almanac Physiognomy of diseases. G. Corfe 10-1003

6-953 Physiological chemistry. See Chemistry, physioloThe silver sunbeam


- Universal text-book of
6-938 Physiological researches. J. Davy

9-538 - See Photo-lithography; Photo-zincography; Physiological researches upon life and death. x. Stereoscope.


10-16 Phrase book, the. B. Pitman 22-348 Physiologie du gout. Brillat-Savarin

34-3101 Pbreno-mnemotechny. F. Fauvel-Gouraud 13-83 Physiologie du mariage. H. de Balzac 34-3065 Phreno-physiology." Grimes, J. S. Mysteries Physiologie du ridicule. S. Gay

34-5384 of human nature explained .

10-509 Physiology. Bell, A. N. Knowledge of living Phrenology. American phrenological journal


9-907 10-613 Bushnan, J. S. Animal and vegetable p., etc. Bain, A. .Estimate of 15-186

9-995 Combe, G. Elements of

10-30 Carpenter; w. B. Animal pliysiology 9-727 Lectures on

Principles of human p.

Moral philosophy
15-220 Combe, A. Principles of

10-27 et al. Moral and intellectual sciences 15-210

Comstock, J. L. Outlines of .

10-31 Dean, A. Lectures on

10-37 Dalton, J. C. Treatise on human p. 10-174 Flourens, M. J. Phrenology examined 10-45

Physiology and hygiene

10-878 Fowler, Mrs. L. N. Familiar lessons on 10-558 Draper, J. W. Human p.

10-160 Fowler, 0. S. Memory .

Text-book on

Practical p.
10-325 Dunglison, R. Human p.

10-257 Self-culture 13-272 Flint, A. Physiology of man

10–585 Hecker, J. Scientific basis of education 13-109 Fowler, Mrs. L. N. Familiar lessons on Jones, S. Practical p. 10-395

10–558 Scott,' w. Harmony of p. with scripture Fowler, o. s. 'Animal and mental p. 10-324

10–587 Goadby, H. Text-book of vegetable and animal - Sewall, T. Examination of p.


9-1030 Smith, John A. Prelections on subjects con

Huxley, T. H. Elementary plıysiology 10–679 nected with moral and physical science

and W. J. Youmans. Elements of 10-803

Jarvis, E. Physiology and laws of health – Spurzheim, J. & Phrenology; or, the doctrine

10-589 of mental phenomena

10-100 - Lehman, C. G. Manual of chemical p. 8-35 Phrenology in connection with the study of Lewes, G. H. Physiology of common life physiognomy 10-101

10–194 Outlines of .


Ludlow, J. L. Manual of examinations upon Physiognomical system 10-708

10-375 Warne, J. A. Phrenology in the family 10-610

Macé, J. 'Histoire d'une bouchée de pain See Physiognomy.

34-5098 Physic and physicians. L., 1839. 2 v. 10–767

History of a bit of bread

10-668 See Medicine ; Physicians.

- Magendie, F. Elementary compendium of Physical education. Caldwell, C. Thoughts on

10–77 10–508 Marshall , J. Outlines of

10-813 Evans, R.' Prize essay on

10-405 Meigs, J. A. Methods of studying and teaching Jacques, D. H. Hint's towards physical per

10-536 fection

10–179 Müller, J. Senses, voice, and muscular motion
Lennox, W. Prize
essay on

with the mental faculties

Pike, L. O. Prize essay on
10-405 - Nice, C. D. Illustrations of

10-680 Riofrey, B. Physical education; especially Paine, M. Commentaries

10-142 adapted to young ladies


Roget, P. M. Physiology considered with See Gymnastics.

reference to natural theology

9-1008 Physical geography. See Geography,

Ruschenberger, W. S. W. Anatomy and p. Physical history of mankind. J. c. Prichard

9-619 9-609 Saumarez, R. Physiological science 11-286 Physical media in spiritual manifestations. G. W. Shea, J. Manual of

9-723 Sampson

32-2480 Spencer, T. Lectures on animal heat 10-376 Physical perfection, hints on. D. H. Jacques 10-179 Todd, R. B., and W. Bowman, Physiological Physical iheory of another life. I. Taylor 32-1899 anatomy and p. of man

10-224 Physician and patient. W. Hooker 10-122 - Unzer, J. A. Principles of

10-686 Pliysician's holiday. J. Forbes

274-281 See Anatomy and p.; Botany; Chemistry, Physicians. Jeaffreson, J. C. Book about doctors plıysiological ; Comparative anatomy and p.;

Electro P; Marriage.


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Plıysiology and pathology of the lauman mind. H. Picot, C. Beauties of the French drama; prepared Maudsley


for American schools. Ph., 1818 34-5046 Physiology at the farm. 'Seller, W., and H. Stephens Fleurs du Parnasse français. Ph., 1852 3+H12

4-2017 Historical narrations in French; for American Physiology of "muffs."' w. Gaspey 18-3974

schools. Ph., 1816

34-1039 Physiology of the senses. A. B. Johnson 1.5-243 Interesting narrations. (Narrations interes Physiology of taste. A. Brillat-Savarin 0-160

santes.) Ph., 1851

34-7045 Phytogenesis. Schleiden, M. J. Contributions to

, (Narrations scien. 9-1039 tifiques, etc.) Ph., 1847

34-5047 - See Botany

Pictorial art, hand-book of. R. St. J. Tyrwliitt Piaget, Ilonry F. The watch; its construction,

5-311 merits, and defects; low to choose it, and

Pictorial calendar of the seasons. ' Mary Howitt how to use it; with an essay on clocks, and

20-384 how to use them. N. Y., 1868


Pictorial field-book of the revolution. B. J. Lossing Piano de Berthe. T. Barrière et J. Lorin 3-4-5:28

269-294 Pianist's album. [v. 3 of Flome circle] 5-962

Pictorial field-book of the war of 1812. B. J. Lossing Piano-forte. Bertini, II. Jethod for . 3-989)

204-619 Burrowes, J. F. Piano-forte primer 202-2009

Pictorial half hours; or; miscellanies of art ; withi Clementi, M. Kunst des pianofortespieles

illustrative descriptions. L. 2 v. 33-219

I-91.5 Pictorial hand-book of London; comprising its - Engelbrecht, J. c. Materia musica 5-1128

antiquities, architecture, arts, manufactures, -- Hummel, J. N. Anweisung zum piano-forte- trade, social, literary, and scientific instituspiel


tions, exhibitions, and galleries of art. L., Mason, w., and E. S. IIoadly. Method for


271-742 5-987 Pictorial history of the county of Lancaster. 1, Richardson, N. New method for : 5-990

1814. 8°

274_451 Rimbault, E. F. Origin, progress and construc- Pictorial history of England. G. L. Craik ani C. tion of


272-296 Spencer, C. C. Rudiments of playing 5–1055 Pictorial narratives. n. Y., n. d.

33-016 Thalberg, S. L'art du chant appliqué au p. Picture galleries of England. W. Hazlitt

5-9 5-960 See Art galleries; Portraits. See Music, instrumental.

Picture history of England. II. W. Dulcken Piatt, J. J. Poems in sunshine and firelight. Cin.,

27-347 1866 23-831 Picture of St. John. B. Taylor

23-373 Western windows, and other poems. n. Y. 1869 Pictures. American gallery of art

5-719 23-1038 Book of gems.

5-764 Piatt, Mrs. L.' Bell Smith abroad. n. y., 1875 Burtin, F. X. de. Treatise on knowledge neces

sary to amateurs

-183 Piave, M. F. See Verdi, G.

Landscer, J. Catalogue of Piazza tales. H. Melville

18-2189 Landsrer, T. Carnivorous quadrupeds 5-778 Pic nic papers. C. Dickens, et al. 18-877 Landscape gallery

J-102 Picard. See Ricochets, les 344224 Landscape illustrations of Scotland

-iso Picardy. Musgrave, G. M. By-roads in 276_C24 Le pitture di Bologna

31-2726 Picciola. J. X. Boniface

34-3058 Reynolds, J. Nuies and observations on j-141 Same, in English

18-2715 Smith, R. II. Expositions of great p. 1-2) Pichegru.' Lecourbe, H. Opinion sur la conspira- Tuckerman, II. T. Book of artists .j-13) tion de P. et autres

34-3969 See Art galleries; Engraving; Museums; PaintPichler, Madame C. The siege of Vienna 18–2496

iny; Prints. Pichot, A. Lite and labours of Sir Charles Bell. Pictures from the battle-fields. E. C. G. Murray 1860 30–1287

27-310 Pick, A. Literal translation from the Tiebrew of the ' Pictures from the history of the Swiss. II.G. twelve minor prophets. L., 1835 32-173


274_2108 Picken, A. The Canadas. Compiled from the Pictures from the history of Spain. v G. Semper original documents furnished by John Galt.

27-2013 L., 1832

260.-606 Pictures from prison life: G. Haynes 2-702 Waltham

18-3816 Pictures of country life. Alice Cary 19 - 21 Pickering, C. The races of man, and their geogra. Pictures of country life. T. Miller

270-739 pliical distribution; new ed., with an analytical Pictures of old England. R. Pauli

274930 synopsis of the natural history of man, by J. Pictures of the French

18.2707 C. Hall. L., 1870 294238 Pictures of the olden time. È. 11. Sears

18-383) Pickering, Ellen. Ellen Wareham is_2497,2500 Pictures of travel. II. Teine

33-527 The grumbler 18-2 197,2.500 Picturesque. Fosbroke, T. D. Tourist's

s grammar The expectant 18-2498

j-343 The merchant's daughter

18-2501 Price, Sir U. On the picturesque 5-149 Niin Darrell 18-2.501 Picturesque tour. A. Bisani

290_91 Prince and peddler 18-2301 Picturesque tourist. 0. L. IIolly .

201-19 The quiet liusband

18-2.503 Piddington, H. Sailor's horn-book for the law of The squire


storms; a practical exposition of the theory Who shall be heir


of the law of storms, and its uses to mariners. Pickering, J. Vocabulary, or, collection of words 3. ed L., 1860. 80

11-192 and plırases which have been supposed to be Pidgeon, E. See Cuvier, G. L. C. F. D., Baron. peculiar to the United States; with an essay Pièces de monnaie Karolingiennes. E. Sue 34-4638 on the present state of the English language Piedmont. Gallenga, A. Country life in 2714178 in the United States. B., 1816. 8 22-199

History of

272_2233 Pickering, 0. The life of Timothy Pickering. v. 1. Henderson, E. Observations


Monastier, A. History of the Vaudois church Pickwick club, posthumous papers of. c. Dickens

32-1319 18-876 Pierce, c. The household manager; a praetical Picnics; or, legends, tales, and stories of Ireland

treatise upon the various duties from the 18-2506

drawing-room to the kitchen. L., 1857 6-209


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Pierce, F. Hawthorne, N. Life of

30-709 Piggot, A. S. Chemistry and metallurgy of copper ; Pierce, G. F. Incidents of western travel. Nash

including a description of the principal copper ville, 1857


mines, the art of mining and preparing ores for Pierce. I. N. See De Morat, A. J.

market, and the various processes of copper Pierce. See Peirce.

smelting. Ph., 1858

6-393 Pierce Plowman. See Piers Ploughmar

Piggot. See Pigot. Pierotti, E. Customs and traditions of Palestine; Pignotti, L. History of Tuscany, from the earliest illustrating the manners of the ancient

era ; including memoirs of the family of the Hebrews. Camb., 1864. 80


Medici. Trans. by J. Browning. L., 1826. Pierotti, G. D. Il giardino del Parnaso; o sia

4 v. 80

279-2410 raccolta di poesie, i fiori dei migliori poeti Storia della Toscana con diversi saggi sulle italiani. Edimborgo, 1811. 2 v. 34-2700

scienze, lettere e arti. Pisa, 1813,14. J v. in Pierpont, memoirs of the chevalier

9. 8°

34-2527 Pierre le granil. See Peter the great.

Pigott, G. Manual of Scandinavian mythology; Pierre. C. Deslys .


containing a popular account of the two EdPierre de touche. Augier et Sandeau


das and of the religion of Odin ; illustrated Pierre de Villerglé. A. Achard


by translations from Oehlenschlager's Danish Pierre et Jean. E. Souvestre


poem, “The gods of the north."" L., 18:39 Pierre; or, the ambiguities. II. Melville 18-2190

32-925 Pierron, A. Histoire de la littérature Grecque. 2me Pigot, K. Moral emblems, with aphorisms, adages, ed. P., 1857


etc., from Jacob Cats and R. Farlie. L., 1860. Histoire de la littérature Romaine. 2me ed.


32-2025 P., 1857

34-3993 Pigot. See Piggot. Pierron, E., and A. Laferrière. Two can play at Pike, L. (. Englislı and their origin; a prologue that game. F's M. D. v. 29


to authentic English history. L., 1866. go Pierrot le socialiste, infortunes du. P. Boitard

279_948 34-3091 Physical education; an essay, to which has been Piers. Bland, w. ' Principles of construction of awarded the prize of the athletic society. L.,


10-40.5 Piers Plougliman, the vision and creed of. Ed. boy Pike, S., and S. Hayward. Religious cases of conT. Wriglit. 2d ed. L., 1856. 2 v. 23-415

science answered in an evangelical manner. Pierce, the ploughman's crede. Ed. by W. W. Pl., [1859).

32-1397 Skeat. [E. E. T. S. 30.] L., 1867. 8° 22–1043 Pike, Z. M.

Account of expeditions to the sources See Early English text society, No. 28.

of the Mississippi and Arkansaw, Kans, La Pierson, Hamilton W. Jefferson at Monticello ;

Platte, and Pierre Jaun, rivers. Ph., 1810. 89 private life of Thomas Jefferson. N. Y., 1862.

261-101 80

30-1366 Whiting, Ir. Life of. is. a. B. 15) 30-497 Pierson, H. W., ed.' American missionary memorial; Pilate and Herod. H. Stanley

18-2999 including biograplical and historical sketches. Piles, R. de. Art of painting, and the lives of the N. Y., 18.73.


painters; with an essay towards an English Pierson, Helen W. Edith Vaughan's victory; or, school ; with the lives and characters of above how to conquer


one hundred painters. L., 1706 . 5-423 Piesse, G. w. s. The art of perfumery. 2d ed. Pilferings from the Paris and Dover post-bag. L., L., 1856


270-36 Chymical, natural, and physical magic. 24 ed. Pilgrim, J. Eveleen Wilson. F's S. D. v. 40 24-221 L., 1859

20-202 The Limerick boy. F's M. D. v. 23 24-113 – Laboratory of chemical wonders.' L., 1800 Katty O'Sheal. F's M. D. v. 37

24-113 8-73 Paddy the piper. F's M. 1). v. 8 24-113 Piety. Fish, H. Ć. Primitive piety revived

Servants liy legacy. F's M. D. v. 33 24-113 32-1049 Robert Emmer. F's S. D. v. 37

24-221 Guthrie, T. Early picty

32-248.5 Shandy Maguire. F's S. D. v. 31 24-221 - James, J. A. On female piety

32-1578 Pilgrim fachers. See Pilgrims. See Religion, practical.

Pilgrimage of the soul. G. de Guileville 32-2007 Piety promoted. W. and T. Evans 32-1170 Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Sir R. Guylforde Piv, treatise on. W. Youatt


v. 51 of 279-195 Piguult-Lebrun, C. A. G. Adélaide de Méran. P. Pilgrimage to the land of my fathers. M. Margo4o.


285_490 Angélique et Jeanneton.' P. .4 34-4809 Pilgrimage to Treves. C. E. Anthon

271-50 Les barons de Felsheim. 40

34-4808 Pilgrims. Banvard, J. Plymouth and the pilgrims La famille Lucevil. P. 40 34-4813

26"-276 Fanchette ; et Ilonorine. P. 40 31-4810 Cheever, G. B. Journal of

264-43 La folie Espagnole. P. 4°

34-400 Gale, N. Pilgrim's first year in N. E. 264–579 Le garçon suns souci; L'officieux. P. 4°

Martyn, W. C. History of the pilgrim fathers 34-4807

32-2333 L'Homme à projets. P.' 40

34-4811 Russell, w. s.' Recollections of 266-330 Jérome. P. 4°

34-4818 Scars, E. H. Pictures of olden time 18-3835 Une Macédoine. P. 40'

34-1814 Steele. Life and time of W. Brewster 30-975 Mon oncle Thomas; M. de Kinglin. P. 4° Path of the pilgrim church

32-1442 34-4812 Wilson, D. History of the pilgrim fathers M. Botte. P. 40 34-4805

268_408 La mouche; vie et aventures de Pigault-Lebrun.

See Massachusetts ; New England; Plymouth; P. 4°


Puritans. Pigeon pie. Miss Yonge 18-3624 | Pilgrim's progress. J. Bunyan

32-34 Pigeons. Dove cot and rabbit warren 20-173 Pilgrim's wallet. G. Haven.

271-772 Eaton, J. M. Art of breeding and managing Pilgrims of fashion. K. Cornwallis

18-751 4-288 Pilgrims of the Rhine. E. L. Bulwer-Lytton Selby, p. J. [Jardine, Sir w: N. 1.9] 9-593

18–189 Togetmeier, W. B. Management 4-514 Pilgrims of Walsingham. A strickland

18-30.55 Piggot, A. S. Chemistry and metallurgy as applied Pilles de Tarascon, J. Le bienfait anonyme. Le to dental surgery. Ph., 1854. go 8-43





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2 v.


Pilkington, J. Artist's guide and mechanic's own Pioneer of progress. J. Dennis

2-636 book. N. Y., 1841

0-399 Pioneer women of the west. Mrs. E. F. Ellet Pilkington, M. General dictionary of painters. L.,

30-699 1829. 2 v. 80 30-1697 Pioneers, the.' J. F. Cooper :

18-731 Same; with introduction by A. Cunningham. Pioneers of France in the New world. F. Parkmin L., 1857. go 30-1697a

264-929 Pillar of'fire." J. H. Ingraham 18-1.366 Pioneers of the west. W. P. Strickland

204_310 Pillars of Hercules. D. Urquliart

270-764 Pioneers, preachers and people of the Mississippi Pillersdorf, F. The political movement in Austria, valley. W. II. Milburn

20-441 during the years 1848,9. Trans. by G. Gaskell. Piozzi, H. L. [Mrs. Thrale.) Autobiography, letters L., 1850

274_2650 and literary remains; edited, with an account Pillet-Will, M. F. Dépense et produit des canaux of her life and writings, by A. Hayward. B., et des chemins de fer. P., 1837.


30-1333 34-3739

British synonymy; or, an attempt at regulating Pillow, G. J. Message of the president of the U. S. the choice of words in familiar conversation. communicating the proceedings of the two L., 1794. 2 v. 89

22-201 courts of inquiry in the case of, Aug. 2, 1848. Retrospection; a review of the most striking 80.


events of the last eighteen hundred years. Pilot, the. J. F. Cooper

L., 1801. 2 v. 4°

298-410 Pilpay (or Bidpai.] Instructive and entertaining Mangin, E. Piozziana ; or, recollections of the fables

late Mrs. Piozzi

30-1516 Pim, B. The gate of the Pacific. ' L., 1863. go Pipitz, F. E. Mirabeau; a life history. Ph. 1818 266-467

30-362 The negro and Jamaica. i., 1860. Pique; a novel. By the author of "Family pride" 264-971

18-2515 Pim, J. Condition and prospects of Ireland and the Piranesi, F. and P. Antiquités d'Herculanum.

evils arising from the present distribution [Texte par S. P. Chaudé.) P., 1804-6. 6 v. of landed property ; with suggestions for a

in 3. 4°

34-4973 remedy. Dub., 1818. 80 270–1511 Pirate, the. Sir W. Scott

18-2764.9 Pimentil, M. The Brazil pilot; or, a description of Pirate, le. Sir W. Scott. [In French] 3+1997 the coast of Brazil, with charts. L., 1809. 4° Pirates of the prairies. G. Aimard 18–97,100

2.5-301 Piron, A. La métromanie. C. A. C. v. 5 34-3136 Pinckard, G. 'Notes on the West Indies; including Pirsson, P. See Kingsley, Joli L.

observations on the island of Barbadoes, and Pitcairn's island. Barrow, J. Description of the settlements captured by the British troops

296-97 upon the coast of Guiana. L., 1806. 3 v. 8o Pithy papers. G. Mogridge

33-462 26-594 Pitié, la ; poëme. J. Delille .

34-104:3 Pindar. Carmina, cum deperditorum fragmentis Pitkin, T.' Political and civil history of the United

selectis relegit F. G. Schneidewin. Lips., States, from 176.3 to 1797 ; including a sum. 1855


mury view of the political and civil state of - Odes; literally translated into English prose by the North American colonies prior to that L. W. Turner ; with a metrical version by A.

period. New Haven, 1828. 2 v. 8° 262-290 Moorc. L., 1852

23-403 Statistical view of the commerce of the United Vitet, L. Pindare et l'art

States. Hart., 1816. 8°

1-5.) Pindar, Peter. [Pseud.] See Wolcott, J.

Same. 2d ed; with additions. N. Y., 1817. 80 Pindar, Susan. Legends of the flowers 18-2514

1-56 Midsummer fays; or, holidays at Woodleigh Pitman, B. History of short hand. Cin., 1856 18-3955

22-343 Pine, Cuyler. Mary Brandegee

18-2510 – Manual of phonography. Cin. 22-197 Renshawe

18-3917 The phonographic magazine, for 1854,6,9. Cin. Pine forests and bacmatack clearings. J. W. Sleigh


The phonographic render; reporter's first and Pinel, L. Essai de philosophie positive. 2me ed. second readers. Cin..

22-346 P., 1857

34-5387 The phonographic reporter, (1854–6.) Cin. 3 v. Pinel, P.' Traité medico-philosophique sur l'aliéna

22-319 tion mentale, 2me ed. P., 1809. 8° 34-1902 The phrase book. Cin., 1861

22-348 Piney woods tavern. P. Paxton'.

18–2466 The reporter's companion. Cin., 1861 22-347 Pinkerton, J. A general collection of the best and Pitman, E. D. Law of principal and surety. Ph., most interesting voyages and travels in all

1843. 8°

v. 40 of 2-55 parts of the world; many of which are now Pitman, 11. Sce Co-operator. first translated into English. Ph., 1810–12. Pitt, C. (Bell's poets of G. B.)

23-499 6 v. 4° 296_500 (Walsh's Br. poets)

23-193 Modern geography.' Ph., 1804. 2. v. 8.25-36 Pitt, G. D. The drunkard's doom. “F's S. D. Pinkney, w Wheaton, H. Life, writings and No. 345," I bound, in v. 23, in place of Catar. speeches of

act of the Ganges)

Life of. (sA. B. 6)
30-497 The last man. F's S. D. v.

24-221 Pinkney, Rev. William. Life of William Pinkney. Pitt, J. How to brew good beer; with practical N. Y., 1853. 80.


instructions for making malt. L., 1859 6–522 Pinney, N. "'The progressive French reader. N.Y., Pitt, R. Craft and frauds of physic exposed ; with 1850


instructions to preveni being cheated and Pino, J. G. dei. New Spanish grammar; or

, ele- destroyed by the prevailing practice. L., ments of the Spanish language. 3d ed. L.,


10-90 1789

22-200 Pitt, W. Gifford, J. Political life of : 30-1870 Pioneer boy, and how he became president. W. M. Macaulay, T. B. Life of

30-1117 Thayer

18-3210 Smith, G. Three English statesmen 30-1984 Pioneer church. M. Schuyler 32-2270 Stanhope, P. II. Lite of

30-1310 Pioneer heroes of the new world. H. H. Brownell


33-1347 264-606 Tomline, G. Life of

30–427 Pioneer history of Ohio valley. si P. Hidretli Pitt, Wm., earl of Chatham. See Chatham.

264_313 | Pitt, Wm., Ld. Lennox. See Lennox, W. P., Lord.

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3 v.


Pittenger, W. Oratory, sacred and secular. N. Y., Plantagenet

18-2538 1868

22–710 Planter, the; or, thirteen years in the south 18-2516 Pittsburgh. Craig, N. B. History of:

264-425 Planter's daughter. Miss E. A. Dupuy 18-952 Thurston, G. H. Directory of Pittsburgh and Planter's northern bride. Mrs. C. L. Hentz 18-1408

Planting and rural ornament. C. Marshall 4-25 Pitture di Bologna. 3d ed. Bologna, 1832 34–2526 Plants. Grindon, L. H. Phenomena of plant life Pius VI. Bourgoing, J. F. de. Memoirs of

9-104 30-429 Grew, N. Anatomy of .

9-1213 Pius IX.' Encyclical letter and syllabus, 1864 Reichard, Dr. Families of

9-76 32-2147 Twininy, E. The plant world

9-80 See Roman catholic church.

See Botany.
Pivoine et Mignonne. X. de Montépin 34-3563 Plants of Boston. J. Bigelow

9-1207 Pivot words of scripture. P. B. Power 32-2446 Plants of the holy land. H. S. Osborn . 9-69 Pizarro, F. Helps, A. Life of

30-1898 Plate. Hadfield, w. Brazil and the river P. See Peru.

266-706 Place in thy memory. S. H. De Kroyft 33-498 Platen, A. von. Gesammelte werke. Stuttg., 1839. Place for everything, and everything in its place.


34-2419 A. B. Haven 18-1365 Platform sayings. T. Gwuric

33-90 Plague. Assalini, P. Observations on 10-2 Platinum. Faraday, M. Lecture on

8-51 De Foe, D. IIistory of the plague in London Plato. Works; a new and literal version, by H.


Cary, H.' Davis, and G. Burges; with life of Hodges, N. Account of the plague in London the author by Diogenes Laertius. L., 1848–54.

6 v.

15-96 Russell

, A. Natural history of Aleppo 289-909 - Dialogi secundum thrasyili tetralogias dispositi. Wittman, W. Observations on


Ex recognitione (. F. Hermani.
Plaideurs, les. J. Racine

1853–9. 6 v.

34-331 Plain talk, and friendly advice to domestics; with Divine dialogues; together with the apology of counsel on home matters. B., 1855 6-212

Socrates. Trans., with introductory dissertaPlain talks on familiar subjects. J. G. Holland

tions and notes, from Dacier and others. 3d 33-1302 ed. L., 1841

15-55 Plain thoughts on the art of living. w. Gladden The Platonic dialogues for English readers. By


W. Wlewell. 20. ed. L., 1860,1. 3 v. Planche, G. Portraits littéraires.' La Haye, 1836.

15-178 34-4218 Ackermann, c. Christian element in 15-177 Planche, J. R. Beauty and the beast. F's M. D. Grote, G. Plato, and other companions of Sokv. 2 24-113

15-256 - The brigand. F's s. D. v. 24

24-221 Hampden, R. D. Life and writings of 15-187 British costume; a complete history of the dress Lewis, T. Plato against the atheists 32–1535

of the inhabitants of the British islands. L., Maguire, T. Essay on the Platonic idea

15-287 The captain of the watcii. F's M. D. v. 2 Schleiermacher

, F. E. D. Introductions to the 24-113 dialogues of

15-175 Charles XII. F's S. D. v. 6 :

24-221 Platt, J. C. History of the British corn-laws. Descent of the Danube from Ratisbon to Vienna.

[Hunt's library of commerce]

1-39 L., 1828. So

276-878 Plattner, C. F., and S. Muspratt. Use of the blowFaint heart never won fair lady. F's S. 1). v. 6 pipe in the qualitative and quantitative ex


amination of minerals, and other metallic The follies of a night. F's S. D. v: 6 24-221

combinations. 3d ed. L., 1854. 80 8-50 Grist to the mill. F's S. D. v. 33 24-221 Platts, I. Book of curiosities. Ph., 1854. 8° 33–332 The Irish post. F's M. D. v. 11

24-113 Platt, T. Treatise on the law of covenants. Ph., The Jacobite. F's M. D. v. 3

1834. 80

v. 3 of 2-55 King Charming. F. M. D. v. 9

24-113 Plautus, T. M. Comoediae ; ex recognitione A. Lavater. F's S. D. v. 40


Fleckeiseni ; praemissa est epistula critica ad A pleasant neighbor. F's M. D. v. 8 24-113

F. Ritschelium. Lips., 1856

34-363 Pride of the market. F's M. D. v. 2 24-113 Comedies ; literally translated into English The printer's devil. F's S. D. v. 43 24-221

prose, with notes, by H. T. Riley, L.,

1852. Promotion. F's M. D. v. 21

2 y.

24-53 Pursuivant of arms; or, heraldry founded upon Comedies. Trans. by B. Thornton. L., 1769– facts. L. 80

74. 5 v. 80

24-185 Secret service. From the French of Melesville Play and study. Mrs. M. Leslie

18-1863 & Duveyrier. F's M. D. v. 4 24-113 Play-book of metals. J. H. Pepper

8-53 Somebody else. F's M. D. v. 29 24-113 Play ground, the. G. Forest

20–177 and C. Dance. High, low, Jack, and the game. Play-hours and balf-holidays. J. C. Aikinson F's M. D. v. 20 24-113

18-211 Planche, M. A. See Mackarness, M. A.

Played out. Mrs. P. Cudlip

18-3228 Planchette. Revelations of the great modern mys- Players, playhouses, etc. W. H. Smith 24-237 tery. B., 1868

33-1397 See Actors; Stage. Samson, G. W. Phenomena of 32-2480 Playfair, J. Elements of geometry; first six books Sargent, E. Planchette; or, the despair of of Euclid, with a supplement on the propermodern science


ties of the circle, and the geometry of planes Planet, the. L. Best

and solids. B., 1814. 80

14-101 Planetary and steller worlds.' o. M. Mitchell 12-10 Outlines of natural philosoplıy; being heads of Planetary system. J. P. Nichol


lectures. E., 1814-6. 2 v. in 1. 8° 11-57 Planets. See Earth ; Eunomia ; Saturn.

Playfair, W. British family antiquity. V. 1,2. L., Plant, the ; an illustration of the organic life of the 1809. 4°

274_4019 animal. H. Coultas 9-86 Playhouse, companion to. D. E. Baker

24-179 Plant hunters. Mayne Reid .

18-2610 Plays. True and exact catalogue of 24-236 Plant world, the. E. Twining

9-80 See Dramas. Planta, J. History of the Helvetic confederacy. Plea for Africa. F. Freeman

2-658 2d ed. L., 1807. 3 v. 8o. 274-2415 Plea for the west. L. Beccher





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