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Latin Essay.-"De Stoicorum Disciplina," Thos. Legh Claughton, M.A. Probationary Fellow of Trinity.

Sir Roger Newdigate's Prize. English Verse. ““ Statfa,” Roundell Palmer, Scholar of Trinity.

G. B. Rogers, Comm, of Pembroke Coll. E. M. Stanley, Comm. of Worcester Coll, A. J. Sutherland, Student of Christ Church. A. W. Tooke, Gent. Comm. of St. Alban

Hall. Bowyer Vaux, Commoner of Trinity Coll.

Number of Fifth Class, 105. Examiners.-C. W. Stocker, D.D. Alban Hall; T. W. Lancaster, M. A. Queen's College; R. D. Hampden, M. A. Oriel College; and W. Sewell, M. A. Exeter College.

We understand that the Fourth Class of this year contains exclusively the names of those gentlemen, who, not being ambitious of honours, but merely taking up sufficient books for a common examination, performed their exercises in such a manner as to be considered worthy of public notice.

The names of those Candidates, who, at the close of the Public Examinations in Easter Term, were admitted by the Public Examiners into the Four Classes of Literæ Humaniores, according to the alphabetical arrangement in each classes prescribed by the statute, stand as follow :

J. S, Brewer, Comm. of Queen's Coll.
F. H. Doyle, Commoner of Christ Church.
Frederic Rogers, Comm. of Oriel Coll.

C. W. Borrett, Demy of Magdalen Coll.
R. E. Copleston, Fell. of Exeter Coll.
W. W. Fowler, Commoner of Pemb. Coll.
T. James, Commoner of Christ Church.
J. L. R. Kettle, Lord Crewe's Exhibitioner

of Lincoln.
C. E. Lefroy, Comm. of Christ Church.
Alfred Menzies, Scholar of Trinity Coll.
William Richardson, Comm. of Wadham.
W. W. Stoddart, Fell. of St. John's Coll.
E. P. Vaughan, Comm. of Balliol Coll.

T. Bachelor, Gent, Comm. of Magd. Hall.
H. Blackall, Student of Christ Church.
T. Calvert, Probat, Scholar of Queen's Coll.
T. Dand, Probat. Scholar of Queen's Coll.
P, D. Hadow, Commoner of Queen's Coll.
G. D. Johnson, Comm. of St. John's Coll.
Henry Jones, Commoner of Jesus Coll.
C. H. A. Martelli, Comm. of Trinity Coll.
Richard Prichard, Commoner of Jesus Coll.
John Rowlandson, Comm. of Queen's Coll.
Joseph Salt, Commoner of Balliol Coll.
T. H. Sotheby, Comm. of New Inn Hall.
H. E. Strickland, Comm. of Oriel Coll.
G. Thistlewaite, Comm. of Brasennose Coll.
William Wayman, Comm. of Exeter Coll.
F. B. Wright, Commoner of Queen's Coll.
C. P. Wyatt, Commoner of Christ Church.
H. T. Young, Commoner of Balliol Coll.

F. Anson, Student of Christ Church.
G. T. Baker, Commoner of Christ Church.
Hon. C. B. Bernard, Comm. of Balliol Coll.
J. R. Burgess, Commoner of Oriel Coll.
J. Burnett, Comm. of St. Edmund Hall.
D. Deboudrey, Gent. Comm. of Magd. Hall.
J. F. Ferrier, Gent. Comm. of Magd. Coll.
John Irvine, Comm. of Magdalen Hall.
John Kent, Commoner of Wadham Coll.
H. N. Loring, Commoner of Exeter Coll.
E. Lowndes, Comm. of Magdalen Hall.
Joseph Martin, Commoner of Jesus Coll.


The Very Rev. John Merewether, of

Queen's Coll., Dean of Hereford, Grand

Sir David Brewster, K.H. F.R.S. Corre-

sponding Member of the Institute of

France. Robert Brown, Esq. F.R.S. Vice-President

of the Linnæan Society. Michael Faraday, Esq. F.R.S. Correspond

ing Member of the Institute of France. John Dalton, Esq. F.R.S. Member of the Institute of France.

BACHELOR IN DIVINITY. Rev. James Robertson Holcombe, Fell. of Jesus Coll. Prebendary of St. David's.


TO PRACTISE. W. Dallas Bernard, M.A. of Wadham Coll.

MASTER OF ARTS. Rev. Edw. Auriol, Chr. Ch. Grand Comp. Henry Barton, Bras. Coll. Grand Comp. Rev. Thomas Furnival, Queen's Coll. Rev. John Purton, Trinity Coll. Robert A. Hornby, Oriel Coll. Thomas Prickard, St. Mary Hall, G. Comp. Robert Rolland, St. Mary Hall, John White, Queen's Coll. Rev. James Vaughan, Balliol Coll. John Cooke, Balliol Coll. Henry Clark, Worcester Coll. Grand Com. Rev. Sackville Usher B. Lee, Oriel Coll. George Frederick Arthur, Trinity Coll. Rev. William North, Jesus Coll. M. E. N. Parker, Oriel Coll. Grand Comp. Patrick Boyle, Oriel Coll. Grand Comp. Rev. William John Phillpotts, Oriel Coll.

Rev. Robert Dyer, Alban Hall.
Rev. Tobias Furneaux, Magdalen Hall.
William Duke, Magdalen Hall.
Rev. Thomas William Webb, Magd. Hall.
Rev. George Andrew Jacob, Worcester.
Rev. Edward Ness, St. Mary Hall.
Hon. C. A. Murray, Fell. of All Souls' Coll.
William Watis, Scholar of University.
T. T. Bazely, Fell. of Brasennose Coll.
George Barton, Brasennose Coll.
Robert Lloyd, Brasennose Coll.
Temple Hillyard, Brasennose Coll.
Chas. Wordsworth, Stud. of Christ Church.
Samuel Irton, Fell. Queen's Coll.
Rev. Edward Pole, Exeter Coll.
Rev. Thomas Inglis Steward, Exeter Coll.
Henry Horn, Fell. of Magdalen Coll.
Wm. R Fremantle, Fell. of Magd. Coll.
Rev. William Curling, Wadham Coll.
William John Blew, Wadham Coll.
Robert Bentley Todd, Pembroke Coll.
Rev. John James, Jesus Coll.
Thomas Griffiths, Jesus Coll.
Sir J. Mordaunt, Bart. Christ Ch. Grand

Lord Ashley, Christ Church.
Viscount Sandon, Christ Church.
Octavius S. Morgan, Christ Church.
Rev. George Madan, Christ Church.
Charles Boyle, Fell. of All Souls' Coll.
Bonamy Price, Scholar of Worc. Coll.
Rev. C. J. Laprimaudaye, St. John's Coll.
Richard Heelis, Queen's Coll.
Rev. Richard Bellamy, Pembroke Coll.
Rev. T. B. G. Moore, Pembroke Coll.
Rev. H. B. Snooke, Pembroke Coll.

BACHELORS OF ARTS. Henry Hutton, Trinity Coll. Grand Comp. George W. Owen, New Inn Hall. George James Riddell, New Inn Hall. Edward D'Oyly Barwell, New Inn Hall. Dugald Campbell Gill, Alban Hall. Hastings Howes Harington, Magd. Hall. Robert Sykes, Magdalen Hall. Henry H. Crommelia, Magdalen Hall. Mark Antony Hartnell, Magdalen Hall. Thomas Cooper, Magdalen Hall. Edward Lowndes, Magdalen Hall. John Southwell Ifill, Magdalen Hall. Henry Jones, Jesus Coll. Thomas French, Jesus Coll. Thomas Jones, Jesus Coll. Francis B. Cole, Christ Church. Robert Waller, Brasennose Coll. Lomas Miles, Queen's Coll. Robert James Dunn, Exeter Coll. Henry Hobhouse, Balliol Coll. Edmund Dawe Wickham, Balliol Coll. Allan Maclean Skinner, Balliol Coll. Hon. Henry Charles Cadogan, Oriel Coll. Thomas Stevens, Oriel Coll. George Carwithen, Oriel Coll. Christopher Rawlins, Oriel Coll.

Arthur Whipham, Trinity Coll.
Peregrine Arthur Ilbert, Trinity Coll.
Hew Stuart Powell, Trinity Coll.
Richard Wood, Fell. of St. John's Coll.
Edward Alston, Fell. of St. John's Coll.
William Cave, St. Mary Hall, Grand Comp.
Hon. Chas. Brodrick Bernard, Balliol Coll.
David Thomas Knight, Lincoln Coll.
George Arney, Brasennose Coll.
Charles Turner, University Coll.
William Henry Pooke, Worcester Coll.
George Lillingston, Worcester Coll.
Frederick Downes Panter, Trinity Coll.
John Harman Samler, Pembroke Coll.
John Chas. Wm. Leslie, Exeter Coll.
Arthur Stonehouse, Wadham Coll.
James Edwardes Sewell, Fell. of New Coll.
James F. Ferrier, Magdalen Coll.
C. R. Moore, Chr. Church, Grand Comp.
Charles Edward Lefroy, Christ Church.
Francis Hastings Doyle, Christ Church.
Vernon Pearce Taylor, Christ Church.
Robert Williams, Christ Church.
Richard E. Roberts, Edmund Hall.
Philip Scholfeld, University Coll.
John L. R. Kettle, Lincoln Coll.
Chas. John D. Marsden, Lincoln Coll.
Robert Spofforth, Lincoln Coll.
Charles Roe, Trinity Coll.
John Rowlandson, Queen's Coll.
Francis Bowcher Wright, Queen's Coll.
George Ferris Whidborne, Queen's Coll.
John Finden Smith Phabayn, Queen's Coll,
James Allan Smith, Queen's Coll.
William Warde Fowler, Pembroke Coll.
George Dent Johnson, St. John's Coll.
W. W. Stoddart, Fell. of St. John's Coll.
Richard Prichard, Jesus Coll.
Edward Protheroe Vaughan, Balliol Coll.
Patrick Douglas Hadow, Balliol Coll.
Hugh Edwin Strickland, Oriel Coll.
Frederick Rogers, Oriel Coll.
James Robert Burgess, Oriel Coll.
Heury Lewis Stephens, Oriel Coll.
Arthur William Tooke, St. Alban Hall.
Harry Jelly, St. Alban Hall.
William John Birch, New Inn Hall.
Thomas Dickenson, Magdalen Hall.
James Burnett, Magdalen Hall.
John Garwood, Magdalen Hall.
John Little, Magdalen Hall.
Henry Wildey Wright, Magdalen Hall.
William Macquarie Cowper, Magd. Hall.
Richard Parson, Magdalen Hall.
Henry Wm. Mawre Light, University Coll.
John Henry Allen, Brasennose Coll.
George Thistlethwaite, Brasennose Coll.
Charles Henry Oakes, Merton Coll.
William Cooper Johnson, Merton Coll.
John Wetherall, Lincoln Coll.
John Hamilton Bond, Worcester Coll.
John French, Worcester Coll.
James W. Joyce, Stud. of Christ Church,

William Eyre, Magdalen Hall.
Henry Usborne, Balliol Coll.
Thomas Egerton, Christ Church.
J. W. W. Tyndale, Christ Church.
Hon. Arthur E. D. Dillon, Trinity Coll.
Bowyer Vaux, Trinity Coll.
James Liptrott, Worcester Coll.
Frederick Wickham, Fell. of New Coll.

Charles Woodcock, Student of Christ Ch.
Edward Paget, Student of Christ Church.
Alexander D. Kelly, Christ Church.
Alleyne Cox Yard, Exeter Coll.
William Wayman, Exeter Coll.
William Mountford Stracy, Exeter Coll.
Richard Peter Warren, Exeter Coll.
Thomas Davis, Queen's Coll.
Benjamin Davis, Queen's Coll.
James Walrond Burrough, Queen's Coll.
Nicholas Rice Callender, Queen's Coll.
John Kington Newbold, Queen's Coll.
Charles Neale, Queen's Coll.
Chas. W. Borrett, Demy of Magdalen Coll.
William Buckler, Magdalen Coll.
William Richardson, Wadham Coll.
John Kent, Wadham Coll.
Henry Tufnell Young, Balliol Coll.
David James Lewis, Jesus Coll.
Richard Evans, Jesus Coll.
Thomas Williams, Jesus Coll.
Joseph Salt, Balliol Coll. Grand Comp.
J. Greenfield, Bras. Coll. Grand Comp.
A. W. Radcliffe, Brasennose Coll.
William Rigden, Magdalen Hall.
Daniel de Boudry, Magdalen Hall.

The following gentlemen have been ad-
mitted ad eundem :
John Read Corrie, M.D. C. C. Coll. Camb.
T. S. Turnbull, M.A. Pres. of Gonville and

Caius Coll. Camb.
J. Blackburn, M.A. St. John's Coll. Camb.
R. Willis, M.A. Fell. of Gonville and Caius

Coll. Camb.
E.S. Halswell, M.A. St. John's Coll. Camb.
W. Garnons, M.A. Sid. Sus. Coll. Camb.
H. E. Fawcett, M.A. Trinity Coll. Camb.
W. Miller, M.A. St. John's Coll. Camb.
James Cumming, M.A. Trin. Coll. Camb.
Walker Gray, M.A. St. John's Coll. Camb.
James Bowstead, M.A. C.C. Coll. Camb.
J. B. James, B.C.L. Queen's Coll. Camb.
James Dunn, M.A. Trinity Coll, Dublin.


Subject, Qua præcipue parte debilis sit et The following gentlemen have been ap- manca Veterum Philosophorum de Officiis pointed Barnaby Lecturers:

doctrina? Mathematical. - Rev. Francis Martin, For Undergraduate.— James Hildyard, Trinity Coll.

Christ's Coll.-Subject : Inter silvas AcaPhilosophical.-Wm. Hamilton Turner, demi quærere verum. - - No second prize Pembroke Coll.

awarded. Rhetorical. Rev. Edward Baines, PORSON PRIZE (for the best translation Christ's Coll.

of a passage from Shakespeare into Greek Logical.—Rev.John Croft, Christ's Coll. verse)-Henry Lushington, Trinity Coll.

Robert Gordon Latham, Esq. Scholar Subject, Julius Cæsar. Act II, Scene 2. of King's Coll. has been elected a Fellow Beginningof that Society.

Cal.-—“ Cæsar, I never stood on cereJames William Lucas Heaviside, Esq. monies." B.A. of Sidney Sussex Coll. bas been elected And ending, “ Seeing that death, a necesa Foundation Fellow of that Society ; and sary end, will come when it will come.' the Rev. Charles James Shaw, M.A. a Sir WILLIAM Browne's MEDALS, for Fellow on Smith's Foundation.

Greek Ode.

James Hildyard, Roger Buston, B.A. of Emmanuel Coll. Latin Ode.

Christ's Coll. has been elected a Tyrwhitt's Hebrew Epigrams.-William Nicholson, Christ's Scholar of the first class; and John Æmi

Coll. lius Shadwell, B. A. Scholar of St. John's Subjects : Coll. a Tyrwhitt's Hebrew Scholar of the Greek Ode. - Quid dedicatum poscit second class.

Apollinem Vates ? M. Claudius Germas, of St. John's Coll., Latin Ode. -Occultum quatiente animo and French tutor in the Grammar School tortore flagellum at Huntingdon, has been elected Teacher Greek Epigram. - Quis enim celaverit of the French language for this University, ignem, Lumine qui semper proditur ipse in room of the late M. Jean Baptiste

suo? Goussel.

Latin Epigram.Homo sum : humani

nihil a me alienum puto. PRIZES ADJUDGED.

The CHANCELLOR'S MEDAL for the best MEMBERS' PRIZES.— For Bachelors of English poem : William Chapman KingArts. 1. James Spedding, Trinity Coll. 2. lake, of Trinity Coll.-Subject, The taking H.S. H. Hildyard, B.A. St. Peter's Coll. - of Jerusalem in the first Crusade.


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Allen Blackburn Burnett J. Cooper Dixon Goulburn Grote Harris Heisch Howes


Le Mottee Merivale Murray Musgrave Rawle Ross Scrivener Seager White

Tugwell Robins, Esq. B.A. Fellow of Magdalene Coll, in this University.


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Edward Beck, Esq. of Jesus Coll. comp.

Rev. Thomas Gregory, St. John's Coll.
Rev. Robert Little, Sidney Coll.
Rev. G. B. Paley, Fellow of St. Peter's Coll.
Rev. S. Fennell, Fellow of Queen's Coll.
Rev. J. Malmsbury Kirby, Queen's Coll.
Rev. Jos. Taylor, Fell. of St. John's Coll.

LICENTIATE IN PHYSIC. Leonard Richard Willan, St. Peter's Coll. Thomas Briggs, Caius Coll.

MASTERS OF ARTS. W. Aldwin Soames, Fellow of Trin. Coll.. Rev. E. Pickering Williams, Trinity Coll. James Taylor Ingham, Trinity Coll. Charles Morris, Trinity Coll. Francis Michael M'Carthy, St. Peter's Coll. Rev. W. S. P. Wilder, Caius Coll. comp. R. Flemming Hartley, Queen's Coll. Francis Scott, Trinity Coll.

John Platt, Trinity Coll.
Lord Augustus Fitzclarence, Trinity Coll.
Rev. John B. James, F.L.S. Queen's Coll.
Rev. John Morgan, Sidney Coll.

Charles James B. Aldis, Trinity Coll.
William Holt Yates, St. John's Coll.
George Wilson, St. John's Coll.
Matthew Scholefield, Caius Coll.
Joseph Jones, Caius Coll.
Edward Williams, Queen's Coll.
Arthur Todd Holroyd, Christ's Coll.
George Pardoe, Caius Coll.


C. Cotterill

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BACHELORS OF ARTS. William Brooke, Fellow of King's Coll. W. Wigan Harvey, Fellow of King's Coll. John Carey, Trinity Coll. Alex. Fowden Haliburton, St. John's Coll. Charles George, St. John's Coll. Charles Sawbridge, St. Peter's Coll. James Walter E. Ellis, Caius Coll. William Dark Daniel, Caius Coll. Fitzjames Watt, Caius Coll. comp. James Curtis Somerville, Trinity Hall. Cowdell Chapman, Corpus Christi Coll. Richard G. L. Blenkinsopp, Trinity Coll. Thomas Daniel Holt Wilson, Trinity Coll. James Garnett, Trinity Coll. David Williams, St. John's Coll. J. C. Morphew, St. Peter's Coll. comp. George Thomas Hall, St. Peter's Coll. Phillip Brandon Backhouse, Clare Hall. Charles Erekine Mayo, Clare Hall. William Monkhouse, Caius Coll. Edward Freeman, Corpus Christi Coll. Charles Johnson Snape, Queen's Coll. Weston Fullerton, Emanuel Coll. Archibald Campbell, Trinity Coll. Beilby Porteus Hodgson, Trinity Coll.

The Rev. Henry Parsons, M. A. of Balliol College, Oxford, and the Rev. John Calthorp, M. A. of Brasennose College, Oxford, have been adınitted ad eundem of this University.

chine for resolving certain equations." The construction of such a machine was originally contemplated only as a speculative possibility; but Sir J. Herschel happened to be at that time engaged in investigating the elliptical orbits of some of the most remarkable double stars; and in the course of this inquiry he had continual occasion for the numerical resolution of the cases of such equations in every state of the data. Finding the preliminary trials requisite for establishing a rapid convergence of the successive approximations consume a great deal of time, even more than the approximations themselves when once effectually entered upon, he set himself to consider whether some simple contrivance, free from such objections, might not be found, which would give him by inspection at least a first approximation to the solution, and thus prove of immediate practical utility. The paper contains a description of a construction which has been used by him for this purpose ; and of modifications of this construction by which several extensions of such equations may be solved. Mr. Willis read a paper “ On the use of the ventricles of the larynx." Mr. Willis conceives that the larynx is closed by the mutual pressure of the upper ligaments which lie above the ventricles, and which are locked by the pressure of the air itself, instead of being, as is commonly supposed, closed by muscular action, acting on the vocal ligaments which lie below the ventricles, in which case every increase of pressure would require an increase of effort to keep the larynx close. This opinion has recently been remarkably confirmed by a case which occurred in the Middlesex hospital ; in which a person who attempted suicide laid open the larynx in such a manner that the internal motions of the parts could be observed. Professor Henslow commenced the reading of a memoir containing observations on a monstrosity of the common mignonette, tending to throw light upon the question recently discussed among botanists respecting the classification of that plant. After the meeting, Mr. Willis gave a lecture, illustrated by experiments, upon various points connected with the subject of sound. He exhibited Weber's correction of Savart's statement concerning the form of the nodal lines in tubes vibrating longitudinally; and Mr. Wheatstone's experiment to shew the conspiring or counteracting vibrations of the parts of a glass plate, into which its nodal lines divide it; by holding it, while vibrating, opposite to both ends of a bent pipe. Mr. Willis noticed also the differ

At a meeting of the Syndics of the · Public Library, it was agreed as follows:As it appears to the Syndics that the present Librarian is inadequately remunerated for the time and attention which he devotes to the discharge of the duties of his office : agreed, that it be recommended to the Senate to increase the salary of the present Librarian from 210/. to 3001. a year ; and to pay the additional 901. out of the common chest; the augmentation to commence from Lady Day 1832."--It was intended that a grace should be offered to the Senate, agreeably to the above recommendation, but it was subsequently withdrawn in consequence of a letter which was received from Mr. Lodge, in which, we believe, that gentleman requested that the proposed increase might be deferred until several improvements, connected with the University, had been carried into effect.

PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY. A meeting of the Philosophical Society was held on Monday evening, May 21, Professor Cumming, Vice-President, being in the chair. The conclusion of Sir J. Herschel's Memoir was read, “ On a ma

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