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son and work of our divine Redeem- | ungodly? To the work of building er, perhaps these subjects are more the ark, Noah applied himself with impressively exhibited in those events great assiduity, patience and persewith which he was immediately con- verance, and when the appointed penected.

riod of destruction had fully come, 1. The food.

the ark being completed, God said to Of all the dreadful judgments which Noah, Come thou and thy house into an holy God has inflicted upon a the ark; so when the period of di, wicked and guilty world, is not this vine wrath and punishment shall ful. the most terrible and extensive ? The ly come, and God shall proceed to the earth was corrupt before God, and terrible work of destruction, the work filled with violence. Gen vi. And God of redemption being completed, and said to Noah, The end of all flesh is divine patience exhausted, will he come before me, and behold I will not say, Come, my people, enter thou destroy them with the waters of a into thy chambers, and shut thy flood. And all the fountains of the doors about thee; hide thyself as it great deep were broken up, and the were for a little moment till the inwindows of heaven were opened- dignation be overpast?-When Noah and the waters prevailed exceedingly and his house entered the ark, it is upon the earth, and all the high hills said, The Lord shut him in. And when, under the whole heaven were covered by faith, God's elect enter into Christ

and all flesh died that moved upon the spiritual ark, God confirms their the earth.--In what strong and glow- secare and happy state.--After that ing colors does this represent that flood ye believed, ye were sealed with that of wrath which an incensed and holy Holy Spirit of promise. And when God will pour upon a wicked world they shall enter heaven, they will be for its complete and eternal destruc- for ever delivered from all the temtion? In the destruction of the world, | pestuous scenes of this present evil overwhelmed by the waters of the world, and be ever with the Lord. flood, what a lively picture have we III. The preservation of Noah and of the absolute interminable perdition his family in the ark from the deof the wicked in hell by a destructive structive waters of the flood--typifydeluge of divine wrath and ven ing the deliverance and eternal salvageance? The waters prevailed ex tion of the righteous by Jesus Christ. ceedingly, rose fifteen cubits and up- Wherein (the ark) few, that is, eight ward, covering all the high hills and souls, were saved by water. The like mountains, and destroyed every re figure (type) whereunto baptism doth fuge and hope of a perishing world ; ) now save us by the resurrection of in like manner, will not the fathom- Jesus Christ. The windows of healess floods of divine vengeance sweep ven were opened, the rain descended, away all the refuges of lies, over the flood of waters came and all flesh whelm the wicked, and involve them died; but through this dreadful scene in remediless destruction and eternal the ark rose above the waters, and horror and despair ?

Noah and his family abode in safety, II. The Ark, the appointed medi. astonished at the judgments of the um of preserving Noah and his fam- Lord, and filled with holy wonder ily from the destructive waters of the and joy at the marvellous device of food.

his wisdom and love for their peace. And God said to Noah, Make thee ful and happy preservation.-In like an ark of Gopher wood; prescribing manner will not the righteous, in the size, dimensions and various a.. Christ, be for ever preserved from that partments of it. How significantly flood of wrath and vengeance which does the ark typify Jesus Christ, that will destroy the wicked ; and safe in hiding place from the storm and covert the Lord, with holy admiration and from the tempest, which God hath delight contemplate the manifold wis. graciously provided for the preserva- dom and unsearchable grace mani. tion of his people, amidst all those fested in the wonderful device of sascenes of woe and misery, those ter-ving mercy ? rible judgments and that eternal per. Noah was a preacher of righteousdition with which he will destroy the l ness, warned the world of the ap. proaching deluge, and exhorted them! The apostle, Heb. xi. 7. produces to repentance, that iniquity might not Noah as an instance of that faith prove their ruin ; yet his words seem. which is the substance of things hoed to them as idle tales, which they ped for and the evidence of things not ridiculed and despised ; but with seen, and exemplifying the faith by what mighty consternation were they which the just do live. By faith Nofilled, when they saw the flood com- | ah, being warned of God of things ing and taking them all away.--So not seen as yet, prepared an ark to Christ, by his word and ministers, the saving of his house.--In like manadmonishes sinners that the end of ner true faith realizes all the instrucall things is at hand, and warns them tions and warnings of God, relating to flee from the wrath to come; while to the invisible and eternal world, disbelieving mockers, willingly igno- and by an irresistible influence, moves rant of the destruction of the old all the subjects of it, in the way of world, say, Where is the promise of universal and persevering obedience his coming ? But what mighty con to the commandments of the Lord, sternation and despair will seize their to work out their salvation with fear souls, when they perceive all his and trembling. May we be subjects threatenings about to be verified, and of like precious faith to the saving of themselves overwhelmed and destroy- | our souls ! Amen. ed in floods of vengeance, for ever and ever? When Noah and his house, I

ORDINATION. secure in the ark, were floating on the surface of the mighty deep, what ON the 3d of April, the Rev. Will. an admirable spectacle did they exhi- liam L. Strong, was ordained to the bit to the astonished universe -- But | pastoral office, over the Congregation. a spectacle how much more admira- al church and society in Somers, in ble and wonderful, amidst the disso. the presence of a large and respecta. lution of the heavens and earth, and ble concourse of people ; who observthose displays of divine wrath which | ed great propriety of conduct, and will destroy the wicked, will be the manifested deep and unusual solemni. eternal salvation of the righteous, in ty of spirit. The public religious soChrist, to astonished spectators in | lemnities were performed by the fol. heaven and hell ?

lowing gentlemen-The Rev. Timo Our Saviour draws a parallel, Mat. thy M. Cooley, of Granville, made the xxiv. 38. between the spirit and prac. | introductory prayer ; the Rev. Joseph tice of the old world, and the conduct W. Crossman, of Salisbury, preached of the Jews before the destruction of the sermon from Malachi ii. 7, For Jerusalem, and of mankind before the beis the messenger of the Lord of Hosts;"* end of the world. For as in the days the Rev. Dr. Williams, of Tolland, that were before the flood, they were made the consecrating prayer ; the eating and drinking, marrying and Rey. Dr. Willard, of Stafford, gave giving in marriage, until the day that the charge; the Rev. Azel Backa Noah entered into the ark, and knew us, of Bethlehem, gave the right hand not until the flood came and took of fellowship ; and the Rev. Mr. them all away ; so shall the coming Prudden, of Enfield, offered the conof the Son of man be.

cluding prayer.

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On Covenanting with God, | another to every Christian du

ty. They should walk circum(Continued from p. 406.)

spectly, not as fools, but as wise

redeeming the time. They are PART III.

commanded not only to exhort An Address to professing Christians. one another daily, but to do it so

much the more as they see DEAR BRETHREN,

the day approaching.t Time is THE people of God are a short, and flies away with rapid,

1 chosen generation, a royal wing. The awful day of death priesthood, an holy nation, a pe and judgment is swiftly apculiar people, designed to show proaching : A day in which the forth the praises of him who elements shall melt with fervent hath called them out of darkness heat, and the world and all that into his marvellous light. That is in it shall be burnt up: A day they might act up to this high in which all things shall be made character, it is commanded that manifest ; when all men shall they should exhort one another be rewarded according to their daily : That they should consi- works, and time and opportunider one another, to provoke un- ties shall be no more. This awto love and good works.* They ful, this momentous day is conshould consider the relation they stantly approaching. It comes stand in to each other, as breth- nearer every hour and moment; ren in Christ ; as under indis- whether we sleep or wake, whepensible obligations to him, and ther we stand all the day idle, to one another. They should / or whether we enter into our consider their mutual dan- master's vineyard, and do the gers, temptations, weaknesses work to which he hath called us. and tears, and counsel and warn He commands that we exhort each other against sin, encour- and press one another daily to age, assist and stimulate one grow in grace and knowledge,

* Hebrews x. 24. VOL. V. NO. 12.

* Hebrews x. 25.

G g g

and to discharge all covenant du- | holy conversation and godliness? ties, in proportion to the swift Wherefore, beloved, seeing that and near approach of that day in ye look for such things, be diliwhich we shall all stand togeth- gent that ye be found of him in er, before the judgment seat of peace, without spot and blameChrist.. Our love, faithfulness, less. * In this day the secrets zealand energy, in pressing each of the heart will be revealed, and other to duty, and in perform- judged according to the gospel. ing all our covenant obligations, Every deceit and specious preshould increase, and rise higher tence will be detected, and every and higher as the day of death mask and false covering removand judgment is approaching. ed ; and how we have payed, or This duty, this brotherly and neglected to pay our vows will kind office, the writer has been be made manifest, to our exattempting to perform in the ceeding joy and triumph, or preceding papers, on covenant- shame and contempt, before asing with God; and is now still sembled worlds. No pleas of further attempting to fulfil, in fair professions, of distinguishthis address. This will natural-ing privileges, of offices and ly follow what hath been written high standing in the church, of on that subject, and serve fur-common or extraordinary gifts, ther to stimulate us to the du- without grace, will be of the ties already suggested. It be- least avail. Unless we are born hoves him to exhort you in re- of God, united to Christ by faith, alizing views of the day which is and live godly in Christ Jesus, approaching, of its near and the door will be shut against usy, hasty approach to himself and and no pleas will ever avail to you, and of its immense, eternal open it. What solemn and deepconsequences to us both. It is ly affecting admonitions hath of high concern to you to re- our Lord and Judge given us of ceive this brotherly exhortation this ? Not every one that saith in the love of the truth, and in unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter the near and realizing views of into the kingdom of heaven ; but death and the judgment day, he that doeth the will of my Faand to be quickened and anima- | ther which is in heaven. Mated to all holy living, so much ny will say unto me in that the more as ye see the day ap- day, Lord, Lord, have we not proaching. The belief of such prophesied in thy name? And a day, how it approaches, what in thy name cast out devils ? a day it will be, and what its | And in thy name done many eternal consequences, should a wonderful works? And then will waken, in every breast, the high-|I profess unto them I never est concern to keep covenant knew you': depart from me, with God; to be circumspect, ye that work iniquity. When prayerful, sober, vigilant, sted- once the master of the house is fast, immoveable always abound-risen up and hath shut to the ing in the work of the Lord. door, and ye begin to stand withThe apostle, having spoken of out, and to knock at the door, this day and its concomitant events, observes, What manner # 2 Peter iii. 11, 14. of persons ought we to be in all + Matthew vii. 21, 22.

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saying, Lord, Lord, open unto mands of our divine Redeemer. us, and he shall answer and say It is written, this is the will of unto you, I know you not whence God, even your sanctification. * you are : Then shall ye begin Ye shall be holy, for I the Lord to say, we have eaten and drunk your God am holy.f Let every in thy presence, and thou hast one that nameth the name of taught in our streets. But he Christ depart from iniquity. I shall say, I tell you I know you This is a faithful saying, and not whence you are: depart this I will that thou affirm confrom me all ye workers of ini- stantly, that they which have quity. There shall be weeping believed in God, might be careand gnashing of teeth, when ye ful to maintain good shall see Abraham, Isaac, and God requires that his people Jacob, and all the prophets in should be eminent in holiness, the kingdom of heaven, and ye abounding in every good word yourselves thrust out.* How and work. Let your light shine should premonitions like these, before men, that they may see penetrate the heart of every pro- your good works, and glorify fessor, of every minister, and of your Father who is in heaven.s church officers as well as com- That ye may be blameless and mon Christians ? Since persons harmless, the sons of God withso distinguished by gifts and out rebuke, in the midst of a


100 berar



dinaria be a sre are rist by

privileges, and of such high crooked and perverse nation, misteris standing in the church, shall among whom ye shine as lights

thus be disowned by Christ, and in the world. Be ye there-
shut out of his kingdom, how fore perfect, even as your Father
should it engage all to work out who is in heaven is perfect.**
their salvation with fear and This is the express language of
trembling ? To be in an agony the divine word, and do we
to enter in at the strait gate ? To profess ourselves to be the sons
watch and pray always that they of God, and that Jesus Christ is
may be counted worthy to stand our Lord, and shall we not obey
before the Son of man? Suffer him ? How can we pretend to
me, dear brethren, to plead this love him, or to be his disciples
with you by the solemnities of if we keep not his words ? How
that day when we shall stand to- can we stand before him in the
gether at the judgment seat of judgment, if we despise his
Christ. How dignifying and commandments ?
blissful, will it then be, to be The faithfulness of God in
found among those whose hearts keeping covenant with his peo-
have been found in God's stat-ple, and the excellency of the
utes and stedfast in his coven- covenant which he hath made
ant? But who can bear to be with them, as everlasting, order-
thrust out of the kingdom of ed in all things and sure, furnish
God, and to dwell for ever where further and endearing motives
there shall be wailing and gnash- to activity and fidelity, in keep-
ing of teeth ?
At the same time, be intreat.

* 1 Thess. iy. S. + Levit. xix. 2. ed by the will of God and com.

I 2 Tim. ii. 19. || Titus iii. 8.

9 Matt. y. 16. 9. Phil. ii. 15. * Luke xiii. 25, 26, 27, 28.

** Matt. v. 18.


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nitions ; e girent ne de shal f heaven Fill of a heaven

. me i hare F.

Dame tout

e done :

And the hem 1 art from

the hi * shut

to stan I at the


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