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S. 2669


MARC :30, 1966
Referred 10 1!. Committee on Interseille and foreign commerce

AN ACT To establish safety standards for motor vehicle tires sold or

shipped in interstate comune', ind for other purposes. i Be it cnacted by the Senate and House of Representa2 tives of the United Slules of America in Congress ressembledd, 3. That this dat may be cited as the "Tire Safety Act of 1966;".

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SEC. 2. It is the plurpose of this lot to pootort the pull

6 lic against il'cat sonable risk of high wall accidents ocurring

7's the result of tire failure through the estarbelishment and the

enforcement of minimum

site performanlal'standards for

9 tires. It is also the purpose of this Act !0 authorize it wody 10 of the feasibility of a quality grading system for tires which

Il will reduce conclusion in the marketing of tires.

SEC. 3. As used in this Act,

2 (a) The term “interstate commerce” means commerce 3 between any place in a State, territory, possession, the Dis

4 trict of Columbia, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and

any place in another State, territory, possession, the District


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of Columbia, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or be


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7 tween places in the same State or the District of Columbia 8 through another State or the District of Columbia. 9 (b) The term “Secretary” means the Secretary of 10 Commerce. 11 (c) The term “motor vehicle” means passenger cars and 12 station wagons, but does not include any motor vehicle 13 classified as a special purpose vehicle, such as an antique or 14 racing car, in accordance with regulations promulgated by 15 the Secretary. 16 (d) The term “tire” means a pneumatic tire for use 17 on motor vehicles. 18 (e) The term “retreaded tire” means a used tire on 19 which the worn tread rubber has been replaced with new 20 tread rubber.

(f) The term “regrooved tire” means a tire on which 22 an iron or a tread design device has been used to cut into


a smooth tire carcass to produce a new tread design.

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