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A. Mandatory. Pay and Related Costs
1. Annualization of January 1987

Pay Raise
2. Within-grade Increases and

Other Changes
3. 1988 Excess Day Cost
4. Overtime and Holiday Pay
5. Night Differential and Sunday Premium
6. New Federal Employees' Retirement

System Contributions
1. Payment to Health Benefits Fund

8. Contribution to Medicare Fund
B. Price Level Changes
1. Supplies and

2. Maintenance and Repairs, Senate Subway

3. Laundry
4. General Annual Repairs
5. Annual Tools, Machinery and Miscellaneous
6. Elevator Repairs and Improvements
1. Exterior Pointing and Caulking
8. Equipment : Annual Rugs and Floor Coverings

9. Furniture Repairs C. Program Increases

1. Legislation
2. Workload
3. Equipment, Alterations, Maintenance,

Repairs, Etc.
a. Furniture and Furnishings,

Hart Building
b. Paint Exterior Window Frames, Russell

c. Renovate Electrical Wiring/Lighting,

Senate Garage
d. Renovate Remaining Hearing Room Speech

Reinforcement Systems
e. Refurbish Telephone Operator Area
f. Renovate ST-71, Senate Recording Studio
8. Repleni sḥ Reprogrammed Fundi ng "Re location

of Immigration Building Occupants'
h. Main Kitchen Remodeling, Dirksen Senate

Office Building
i. Senate Subway Improvements

j. Program for Energy Conservation
II. Net Increase/Decrease Requested
III. Total Appropriation Request, 1988

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Estimate 1988
Appropriation Summary
House Office Buildings

House Office Buildings
Appropriation Summary




1987 Appropriation in annual act.....
1987 Pay Supplemental
1987 New Federal Employees' Retirement System (FERS) Supplemental

Tot al appropriation 1987



$26, 192,000




1987 Nonrecurring Deductions

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Replace Window Air Conditioning Units, HOBA #1.
Replace Air Handling Unit Supply Fan Motor

Starters, Cannon Building....
Upgrade Secondary Hot Water Heating Systems,

Cannon Building........
Replace Drinking Water Chiller, Cannon Building.
Replace Kitchen Domestic Water Heaters,

Longworth Building.....
Catering Kitchen for the House Restaurant System...
Longworth Electrical and Fire Protection

Additional Legislative Clocks for Members' Suites,

Cannon and Longworth Buildings.....
Exhaust Ducts for Ventilation in Restrooms,
Longworth Building.......

Total 1987 Nonrecurring Deductions

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Total 1988 Base.


$ 20,919,000


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Mandatory Items
Wage Rate Increases, Wage Board Employees,

January 1987 Pay Raise.....
Increased civilian Pay Act Cost, January 1987
Within-grade Increases and Other Changes,

Wage Board Employees..
Within-grade Salary Advancements and Other

Changes, GS Employees.
1988 Excess Day Cost......
Overtime and Holiday Pay..
Night Differential and Sunday Premium Pay
New Federal Employees' Retirement System

Contributions ..
Payment to Health Benefits Fund..
Contribution to Medicare Fund

Tot al Mandatory Items.

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Annual Recurring Maintenance

General Annual Repairs....
Elevator and Escalator Repair..
Supplies and Materials.
Equipment, Annual......
Annual Painting...
Exterior Pointing and Caulking.
Movable Partitions...

Total Annual Recurring Maintenance

3,000 2,000 29,000 2,000 3,000 5,000 1,000



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$ 150,000

Nonrecurring Items
Cyclical Maintenance
Replace Raised Floor, HIS Computer Center,

HOBA +2....
Rehabilitate Temperature Control Air Compressors,

Rayburn House Office Building..
Replace Loading Dock Floor Slab, Longworth House
Office Building..

Total Cyclical Maintenance



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Continuing and Initiating Other Programs
House Library Office Improvements, Room B-18,

Cannon Building..
Engineering Study for Additional Elevators,

Longworth and Cannon House Office Buildings
Renovate House Recording Studio......
Longworth Electrical and Fire

Protection Improvements....
Program for Energy Conservation..
Building Wide Smoke Detection and Voice Fire

Alarm System, Cannon Building.

150,000 234,000

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Continuing and Initiat ing Other Programs (continued)
Building Wide Smoke Detection and Voice Fire Alarm

System, Rayburn Building...
Installation of Duress Alarms.
Replenishment of Reprogrammed Funding (Catering
Kitchen for the House Restaurant Systen)..

Total Continuing and Initiating Other

Total Nonrecurring Items

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