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North west passage. Parry, W. E. Second voyage Norton, J. N. Life of Bishop Croes. N. Y., 1859 for discovery of 296-43

30–1631 Third voyage

29b-44 Norton, W. A. Treatise on astronomy, spherical Three voyages for discovery


and physical ; with problems. 4th ed. N. Y., Ross, J. Second voyage in search of 261-184

1867, 8o

12-161 See Arctic regions; Barrington.

– and J. A. Porter. First book of science. N. Y., North-west passage by land. Milton and Cheadle


11-230 266_551 Norton's hand-book to Europe. J. H. Siddons Northampton County, (Pa.) 'Rupp, 1. D. History

276_562 of

264_264 Norton's literary register; or, annual book list, for Northamptonshire.' Britton, J. , and E. W. Brayley. 1856. N. Y., 1856. 8°

21-339 Delineations of 270_855; v. 11 of 275-474 Norway. Baird, R. Visit to

275-85 Northamptonshire dialect. Baker, A. E. Glossary Barnard, M. R. Sport in

276-668 22-23 Bowden, J. Naturalist in

9-1041 Northall, W. K. Macbeth travestie. F's M. D. v. 5 -- Norway; its people, products and institu


276-905 Northanger abbey. J. Austen 18–223,5 Brace, C. L. The Norse-folk

27-436 Northcote, J. Life of Titian ; with anecdotes of the Bremner, R. Excursions in

271-86 distinguished persons of his time. L., 1830. Dunham, S. A. History of

272_2762 2 v. 8 30–1197 Elton, C. Road and fell

271-715 Memoirs of Sir Joshua Reynolds, with an Forbes, J. D. Norway and its glaciers 276–1212

analysis of his discourses, and varieties on art. Forester, T. Norway and its scenery 276_313 Ph., 1817. 8°

30-455 Latham, R. G. Norway and the Norwegians Northcote, S. H. Twenty years of financial policy,

276-458 L., 1862. 8°

1-151 Long vacation ramble in, by X. and y. 270-430 Northcott, W. H. Treatise on lathes and turning, Maxwell, J. S. Tour in

276-195 simple, mechanical, and ornamental. L., 1868. Metcalfe, F. Oxonian in Thelemarken 270_480 go

6-381 Milford, J. Norway and the Laplanders Northend, c. ' American speaker. ' n. Y., 1860

276-819 33-565 Newland, H. Forest scenes in

276-357 Entertaining dialogues, designed for the use of Price, E. Norway and its scenery 276-313 young students. N. Y., 1861 33-561 Sturleson, S. Heimskringla

274_2796 National orator. N. Y., 1860 33-564 Unprotected females

276-442 The teacher and parent; a treatise upon com- Williams,

W. M. Travels througli 270-545 mon school education. 4th ed. N. Y., 1853 Wilson, W. R. Travels in

270-827 13-151 Wyndham, F. Wild life in

276-598 The teacher's assistant; or, hints and methods See Northmen; Scandinavia. in school discipline and instruction. B., 1859 Norwegian account of Haco's expedition against

Scotland. J. Johnstone

274-2782 Northern antiquities, illustrations of 22-891 Norwegian grammar. J. Y. Sargent 22-218 Northern harp. Mrs. M. S. B. D. Shindler 5-970 Norwegians. Malling, O. Great and good deeds of Northern mythology. B. Thorpe 32-832

274_2778 Northern Pacific railroad company.

Memorial to Norwich city directory, (1860.) W. H. Boyd
U. S. congress.
Hart., 1867

25-155 Windom, W. Speech on 266-708 Norwood H. w. Beecher

18-4045 Northern worthies. H. Coleridge

30-723 No sects in heaven. Mrs. E. H. J. Cleaveland Northinen. Keyser, R. Religion of 32-519

23-46 Northmen in New England. J. T. Smith 264_186 Nos intimes. V. Sardou

34-3725 Northmore, T. Washington : a poem. Balt., 1809 Nose of a notary.

E. About

18448 23-812 Noses, notes on. E. Warwick

10–675 Northrop, G. See Kelley, W. D.

Nosology. See Disease and diseases. Northumberland. Hodgson, Rev. J.

Nostradamus, M. True prophecies or prognosticapt. 1, v. 12 of 275-474

tions. Trans. and commented by T. de Sce North country.

Garencieres. L., 1672. fo

12-162 Northup, S. Twelve years a slave: narrative of Not dead yet. J. C. Jeaffreson

18-1665 Solomon Northup, a citizen of New York. Not wisely but too well. By the author of Cometh [D. Wilson, ed.] N. Y., 1857 . 30-1512

up as a flower

1844037 Northwood. Mrs. S. J. Hale 18-1315 Nota, A. Il nuova ricco; com.

34-2518 Norton, Andrews. Internal evidence of the genuine- See Goldoni, C.

ness of the gospels. B., 18.56. 32-1993 Notabilities in France and England. P. Chasles Translation of the gospels, with notes. B., 1856.

270-308 go

32-1992 Notable things of our own time. J. Timbs 11-71 Norton, A. T. Osteology, for use of students ; with Notaire de Chantilly. L. Gozlan

34-3370 atlas. L., 1866.


10-738 Notaries public, manual for use of. B. Roelker Norton, Mrs. C. E. Dreaw; and other poems. N.

1-249 Y., 1845

23–165 Notations. Leach,

T. Dozens versus tens 14-172 Lady of La Garaye.' Camb., 1862. g. 23-645

See Decimal; Tonal. Lost and saved

18-2344 Note book of an English opium-eater. T. De Old Sir Douglas 18-2349,50,52 Quincey

33-765 Stuart of Dunleath

18-1198, 2345 Notes. See Bills. Norton, C. E. Notes of travel and study in Italy. Notes and queries ; a medium of inter-communicaB., 1860


tion for literary men, artists, antiquaries, geneSee Dante


alogists. v. 1-39. L., 1850–69. 40 17-131 Norton, G. Commentaries on the history, constitu- Index to. L., 1856-68. 3 v. 4°

17-131 tion, and chartered franchises of the city of Choice notes from,-Folk-lore

33-742 London. L., 1829. 8°


272_250 Norton, J. N. Life of Archbishop Laud. B., 1864 See Milledulcia

33-652 Notes from life. H. Taylor

33-286 – Life of Bishop Claggett, of Maryland. N. Y., Notes of hospital life from Nov., 1861, to Aug., 1863. 1859

Ph., 1864


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2 v.

2 v.

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ses, etc.

Notes of a theological student. J. M. Hoppin Novelties which disturb our peace. J. H. Hopkins 33-609

32-1466 Notes of travel and life. Misses Mendell and Hosmer Novice, G. w. Frauds and follies in picture dealing;

a poem. E., 1859

23-561 Notes on the cape of Good Hope, made during an ex- Novion. The altar of Baal thrown down ; or, the cursion in that colony in 1820. L., 1821. 8° French nation defended against the pulpit


slander of David Osgood. Ph., 1795. 8° Notes on Cuba. By a physician. · B., 1844 260-90

30-331 Notes on political economy. By a southern planter. Novitiate, the. A. Steinmetz

32-2281 N. Y., 1844. 80

3-248 Novum organon renovatum. W. Whewell 11-138 “Nothing but leaves." H. B. M'Keever 18-1994 Novum testamentum. See Bible. Nothing but money. T. S. Arthur 18-166 Now and forever. Mrs. M. Leslie

18-1860 Nothing to say. M. M. Thompson 23-840 Now and then. S. Warren .

18-3461 Nothing venture, nothing have. A. B. Haven Now or never. W. T. Adams

18-62 18-1363 Nowell, A. A catechisın written in Latin, together Notice to quit. w.g. Wills : 18-3535;33-932 with the same translated into English, by T. Notre-Dame de Paris. V. Hugo


Norton. Edited for Parker society by G. E. Notre-Dame de Thermidor. A. Houssaye

Corrie. Camb., 1853. 8°

32–1231 34-4915 Noyce, E. Marvels of nature. L.

9-949 Nott, C. c. sketches of the war; a series of letters. Same, under title Outlines of creation. N. Y., N. Y., 1863


9-950 Nott, E. Counsels to young men on the formation Noyes, G. F. The bivouac and the battle-field; or, of character. N. Y., 1840 .


campaign sketches in Virginia and Maryland. Lectures on temperance; with an introduction N. Y., 1863.

264_502 by T. Lewis. N. Y., 1857 .

2-1050 Noyes, G. R. New translation of the Hebrew Nott, J.-C., and G. M. Gliddon. Types of mankind; prophets; with an introduction and notes. or, ethnological researches ; illustrated by B., 1866. 2 v.

32–1851 selections from the inedited papers of S. G. New testament; trans. from the Greek text of Morton. Ph., 1854. 8°

Tischendorff. B., 1869

32-2482 Nottinghamshire. Laird, F. C. : v. i2 of 270_474 Noyes, J. 0. Roumania ; the border land of the Nottret. V. Julie, ou L'heureuse influence de l'ad

Christian and the Turk, comprising adventures versité. P., 1861


in eastern Europe and western Asia. N. Y., Mon prix de sagesse. P., 1861 34-5109


296-147 - L'Orpheline d'Önval; Conte pour la jeunesse. Nubia. Modern traveller

296-274 P., 1864

34-5107 Norden, T. L. Travels in Egypt 286-92,913 Nougaret, P. J. B. Voyages intérresans dans diffé- Romer, Mrs. J. F. Pilgrimage to the temples rentes colonies françaises, espagnoles, anglai.

and tombs of

286-540 Londres, 1788. 80

34-4870 Russell, M. Nubia and Abyssinia : 284-82 Nourjahad, history of. F. Sheridan 18-3750 St. John, J. A. Egypt and N.

286-126 Nourrisson. Spinoza et le naturalisme contemporain. Smith, A. C. The Nile and its banks 286–536 P., 1866 34-4198 Nuces philosophicæ. E. Johnson

15-311 Nouveaux contes pour les enfants. Mme de Bawr Nucius, N. Second book of travels. Camden soc.

pub. v. 17

274-195 Nouveau recueil de chansons choisies. La Haye, | Nugamenta : a book of verses. G. E. Rice 23–758 1731-43. 80

34–4435 Nugent, E. Treatise on optics ; or, light and sight Nouveau péché originel. A. Michiels 34-4126

theoretically and practically treated. N. Y., Nouvelle Babylon, la. E. Pelletan 34-4413


10-863 Nouvelle biographie générale; publiée par MM. Nugent, Lord G. N. T. G. The ballot discussed, in Firmin Didot frères, sous la direction de le

a letter to the Earl of Durham, 3d ed. L., Dr. Hoefer. P., 1857–66. 46 v. 8° 34–4793

1837. 80

33-374 Nouvelle Heloise. J. J. Rousseau

Nugent, Lord and Lady. Legends of the library at 34–3649; v. 6,7 of 34-4841 Lilies, by the lord and lady there 18-2351 Nouvelles andalouses. C. Bohl d'Arron 34-3915 Nugent, T. The grand tour; or, a journey through Nouvelles bernoises. A. Bitzius


the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and France. “Nouvelles considérations." See New disquisition. 2d ed. L., 1756. 4 v.

276-381 Nouvelles contemporaines. A. Claveau 34-5204 Nuit du vignt Septembre. X. de Montépin 34-4387 Nouvelles genevoises. R. Töpffer 34-3870 Nuits anglaises. J. Méry

34-3525 Nouvelles polonaises. J. Vilbort . 34-3889 Nuits de l'Orient. J. Méry

34-3526 Nouvelles russes. M. J. Tourgueneff 34-3970 Nuits de Rome. F. d'Amoreux

34-5277 Nova Scotia. Cozzens, F. S. Acadia ; or, a month Nuits d'hiver. H. Murger

34-3586 with the blue noses 266-351 Nuits du Pére la Chaise. L. Gozlan

34-3371 Dawson, J. W. Acadian geology 9-224 Nuits espagnoles. J. Méry.

34-3527 Haliburton, T. C. Historical and statistical ac- Nuits italiennes. J. Méry

34-3528 count of 204_96 Nuits parisiennes. J. Méry .

34-3529 Novanglus; or, a history of the dispute with America. Nuitter, C., et J. Derley. Une tasse de thé; ComéJ. Adams

v. 4 of 269-943

die en 1 acte en prose. 2me ed. P., 1861 Novelas Españolas ; y Coplas de Manrique, etc.

34-3610 Brunswick, 1845 .

34–12 Nulty, E. Elements of geometry, theoretical and Novelle morali. F. Soave

practical. Ph., 1836

14-100 Novels and novelists. Jeaffreson, J. C. N. and n. Number. Barlow, P. Theory of numbers 14-40 from Elizabeth to Victoria 22-1106 Reiner, C. Lessons on

14-62 Masson, D. British novelists and their styles See Arithmetic; Decimal system;

Mathematics. 22-1130 Numbers. Bush, G. Notes on book of 32-755 Scott, Sir W. Lives of :

30-1809 See Pentateuch. See Authors; Literary men; Literature ; and Numidia. Davis, N. Ruined cities of 281-396 names of different languages.

Sallust. Jugurthine war

274_2458,9 Novels and tales from household words. Leipzig, Numismatics. Åkerman, J.Y. Numismatic manual 1857-9. 11 y. 18-2316

294_120 Novels by eminent hands. W. M. Thackeray Dickeson, M. W. American numismatical man

v. 5 of 18-3193a ual






3 v.

Numismatics. Hulsius, L. Impp. romanorvm Obermann. E. P. de Senancourt

nvmismatvm series
34-488 Oberon, romantische opera.

C. M. von Weber
Oiselius, J. Thesaurus numismatum 34-490

Rasche, J. C. Lexicon rei numariæ Græcorum Oberon's horn. H. Morley :

ac Romanorum
34-489 Object of life.

Walker. O. Greek and Roman history ; illus- Object teaching. Barnard, H. object teaching and
trated by coins and medals . 274-3564

oral lessons

See Coins; Medals.

Burton, W. Culture of the observing faculties
Nun, the. Abbé Delcon. Trans. from the Frenchi.

18-3810 Calkins, N. A.' Primary object lessons 13-45
Nun. Mrs. Sherwood

v. 7 of 18-2837 Hailman, W. N. Outlines of a system of 13-99
Nunneley, T. On the organs of vision, their anatomy Lake, W. J. Book of object lessons 13-125
and physiology. L., 1858. go 10-202 Mayo, E._ Object teaching

Nunneries. See Convents.

Sheldon, E. A. Manual of elementary instruc-
Nur ein Geiger. H. C. Andersen .


Nuremberg. Schedel, H. Liber cronicarum 34-495 - Series of object lessons

Whitling, H. J. Pictures of .

276-232 See Education.
Nurse, the; a poem. L. Tansillo

23-982 O'Brien, A. P. Petersburg and Warsaw ; scenes
Nurse and spy in the Union army. S. E. E. Edmonds witnessed during a residence in Poland an

Russia in 1863,4. L., 1864

Nurses and nursing. Barwell

, Mrs. Nursery gove O'Brien, E. The lawyer, his character and rule of
holy life. Ph., 1843. 89

Donné, A. Mothers and infants 10-603 O'Brien, 7. J. A gentleman from Ireland. F's M.
Le Hardy, E. Home nurse

D. v. 20

Nightingale, F. Notes on nursing 10-213 O'Brien, M. Plane co-ordinate geometry. Part I.
Storer, H. R. Nurses and nursing 10-823

Camb., 1814. 80

Thomson, A. T. Domestic management of the See Manual of geograpical science : 2-74

10-106 O'Brien, W. Ancient rhythmical art recovered ;
West, C. How to nurse sick children 10-605

or, a new method of explaining the metrical
See Diseases ; Hospitals.

structure of a Greek tragic chorus. Dublin,
Nursery rhymes of England. J. 0. Halliwell (ed.)


O'Brien, w. s. Principles of government; or

Nus, E. "La Puritaine et l'homme des bois. P. 8° meditations in exile. B., 1856

34-4685 O'Briens, the, historical memoir of. J. O'Donoghue
Nut brown maids; a family chronicle of the days

of Elizabeth

18-2548 O'Briens and O'Flahertys. s. o. Morgan18_2259
Nuts for future historians to crack. i1. W. Smith Observation of nature, popular guide to.

R Mudie

Nutt, T. Humanity to honey bees; or, practical Observations on the authenticity of the gospels. By
directions for the management of honey bees, a layman. Chicago, 1867

upon an improved and humane plan. Wis- Observations on the present state of affairs, and the
bech, 1832


conduct of the whigs. By a freeholder. L.,
Nuttall, P.'A. Classical and archaeological dic-

1819. 80

tionary of the manners, customs, laws, insti- Observations on the report of the committee of ways
tutions, arts, &c., of the celebrated nations of and means, made at Washington, 12th March,
antiquity, and of the middle ages. L., 1840.

1828. Ph., 1828. 80


292_193 Observations on the treatment of convicts in Ireland),
Nuttall, i. Genera of North American plants, and with some remarks on the same in England.
a catalogue of the species to the year 1817.

By four visiting justices. 2d ed. L., 1803
Ph., 1818

Journal of travels into the Arkansas territory, Observations on a variety of subjects. J. Duché.
during the year 1819. Ph., 1821. 8° 261–228 3d ed. L., 1791. 89

– Manual of the ornithology of the United States Observatories. See U. S. naval o.
and Canada.—The water-birds. B., 1834 Observer. [Br. essayists; with preface by A. Chal-

mers. ] B., 1836, 3 v.

Nystrom, J. W. Project of a new system of arith- Obsolete and provincial English. T. Wright 22-242

metic, proposed to be called the Tonal system. See English language and literature.
Ph., 1862.80

14-27 Obstetrics. Blundell, J. Principles and practice of
On technological education and ship-building; for

naval and marine engineers. Ph., 1865 6-66

Churchill, F. 'Diseases incident to pregnancy
Treatise on screw-propellers and their steam-

and childbed

engines; with a treatise on bodies in motion Duncan, J. M. Researches in

in fluid, and a description of a calculating Hodge, H. L. Principles and practice of 10-403
machine. Ph., 1852. 8°
6-380 Ramsbotham, F. H. Principles and practice of

0., C. A. Into the light

Sims, J. N. Uterine


0.'P. war, the, in poetic episties. T. Tegg 23-855

Spratt, G.
Obstetric tables

0. T. H. C. Andersen .
18-3830 Storer, H. R. Why not?

0. Z. H. C. Andersen .

34-614 Sce Midwifery ; Parturition ; Pregnancy.
Oak to the olive. J. W. Howe

276-941 Obstructives and the man; or, the forces and the
Oakes, W. Scenery of the White mountains; with future of Europe. L., 1856. 80 272_3396

plates from the drawings of J. Sprague. B., O'Callaghan, E. B. Documentary history of the
18.18. fo


state of New York; arranged under direction
Oakfield. W. D. Arnold


of secretary of state. Alb., 1849. 4 v. Se
Oakland stories. G. B. Taylor

Oak-openings. J. F. Cooper

18-728 Documents relating to the colonial history of the
Oath a divine ordinance, D. X. Junkin


siate of New York, procured in England,
Oberkirch, La baronne, H. L. d'. Mémoires sur la Holland, and France, by J. R. Brodhead.

cour de Louis XVI et la société française v. 1-3,5,6,8,9 and index. Alb., 1856-51. 8 v.
avant 1789. B., 1854 .



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N. Y.,

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O'Callaghan, E. B. History of New Netherland; Odenheimer, W. H. Jerusalem and its vicinity ; a or, New York under the Dutch.

series of familiar lectures on the sacred locali. 1846-8. 2 v. 8°.


ties connected with the week before the resurO'Callaghan, J. Usury, funds, and banking, etc. rection. Ph., 1855

32-561 5th ed. N. Y., 1856 1-263 Odes et ballades. V. Hugo

34-3400 O'Callaghan, P. P. The married bachelor. F's M. Odling, W. Animal chemistry. L., 1866 8-101 D. v. 18 24-113 Odoherty papers. W. Maginn

33-335 Occident, and American Jewish advocate; a monthly O'Donnel. Lady Morgan

18-2263 periodical, devoted to the diffusion of knowl. O'Donoghue, J, Historical memoir of the O'Briens. edge on Jewish literature and religion. v. 23-6. Dub., 1860. 8°

274_1509 Ph., 1865-9. 4 v. 8° 32-1815 O'Donoghue. C. Lever

18-1883 Occult literature, curiosities of.

c. Cooke

12-92 O'Donovan, J. Book of rights, with translation Occult sciences. Smedley, E., et al. 32-1891

and notes. Dub., 1847. 8

270-1508 See Spiritualism; Superstitions; Witchcraft. Odontalgia. S. P. Shaw

10-814 Occupations of a retired life. E. Garrett 18–1142 See Dentistry; Teeth. Ocean, the. Tuckey, J. H. Maritime geography O'Driscol, J.. Views of Ireland, moral, political,

and religious. L., 1823. 2 v. 8° 276-879 Wilcox, J. W., and A. Ocean, river, and shore Odyssey. See Homer.

1-166 Oehlschlager, J. C. See Alin, F. See Coast; Maritime law; Navigation ; Sea. Oersted, H. C. The soul in nature; with suppleOcean and river gardens. H. N. Humphreys

mentary contributions. L., 1852 32-383

9-938 Oettinger, E. M. Bibliographie biographique. Leip., Ocean steam navigation. T. Rainey 1--216

1850. 4°

21-341 Ocean venture 18-3658 Oeufs de Paques. C. Schmid

34-4245 Ocean waifs. Mayne Reid 18-2023 Off-hand-takings. G. W. Bungay

30-1719 Ocean waves, in lyric strains. J. C. Schaad Office of the holy week, the ; according to the Roman


catholic missal and breviary. L., 1688 Ocean worla, ihe. L. Figuier 9-920

32-1864 See Sea.

Office and work of the Christian ministry. J. M. Ocean to ocean. M. J. Carrington 265-712


32-1794 Oceana, and other works. J. Harrington 2-1104 Official documents connected with the definition of Oceanica. See Australasia ; Polynesia.

the dogma of the immaculate conception; in Ochoa, E. de. Prosadores Españoles


Latin and English. Balt., 1855. 8° 32-1741 Tesoro del teatro español. (1) Origenes del t. e., Officieux. C. A. G. Pigault-Lebrun 34-4807

por Moratin. Piezas dr. anteriores à Lope de O'Gallagher, F. Essay on the investigation of the Vega. (2) Teatro escogido de Lope de Vega. first principles of nature; part I. L., 1784. 8° (3) Teatro escogido de Calderon de la Barca.

11-284 (465) Teatro escogido desde el siglo xvii hasta Ogden, E. D.' Tariff; or, rates of duties payable on nuestros dias. P., 1838. 5 v. 8° 34-2

goods, wares, and merchandise, imported into Ockley, S. IIistory of the Saracens. 3d ed. Camb., the U. S. of A., in conformity with the [acts 1757. 2 v. 80


of 1861,2,3,) and decisions of treasury dept. O'Connell, D. Memoir on Ireland, native and N. Y., 1864. 89

2-315 Saxon. Dub., 1813. 2 v.

272_1499 Ogden, J. Science of education, and the art of achFagan, W. Life and times of

ing. Cin., 1859

13-155 McGee, T. D. O'Connell and his friends Ogilby, w. The menageries. (L. E. K.)


(1) Quadrupeds; described and drawn from O'Connell, J. Life and speeches of 30-403

living subjects. L., 1829,31. 2 v. 9-387 - See Daly, R.

(2) The natural history of monkeys, opposO'Connell, J. Life and speeches of Daniel O'Con- ums, and lemurs. L., 1838. 2 v. 9-586 nell. v. 1. Dub., 1816. 8°

30–403 Ogilvie, G. The genetic cycle in organic nature; Recollections and experiences during a parlia- or, the succession of forms in the propagation mentary career from 1833-48. L., 1849. 2 v. of plants and animals. Aberdeen, 1861. 89 274_891

9-951 O'Connor, A. Chronicles of Eri; being the history The


plan; or, the principles of of the Gaal Sciot Iber; or, Irish people ; organic architecture, as indicated in the typical translated from the original MSS. in the

forms of animals, L., 1858. 8o. 9-599 Phænician dialect of the Scythian language. Ogilvie, J. Student's English dictionary. L., 1865. L., 1822. 2 v. 8°


22-186 O'Conuor, W. D. The ghost 18-2357 Ogilvies, ihe. Miss D. N. Mulocki

18-2293 O'Conor, R. Narrative of the important and in- Ogle, N. Preliminary steps to the study of mind.

teresting events in the history of Ireland, L., 1853
from the invasion of the Milesians to the Oglethorpe, J. Peabody, w. B. 0. Life of. (5. A.
present time. Dub., 1858

B. 12)

30–497 Octavia. A. M. Porter . 18-2536 Wright, R. Memoir of

30-1979 Octoroon, the. Miss M. E. Braddon

18-4206 O'Gorman, D. A chronological record. 3d ed. ManO‘Curry, E. Lectures on the manuscript materials chester, 1865. go

29a_231 of ancient Irish history. Dub., 1861. 8° Intuitive calculations; the most concise method

ever published. 23d ed. L.

14-60 Old-fellows. Brosh, A. B. Old-fellows' manual O'Halloran, s., et al. History of Ireland, from the


invasion by Henry II, to the present times. Covenant and Odd-fellows' ladies' magazine

N. Y., 1845. 4

274-1510 17-204 O'Halloran and his man. W. H. Maxwell Covenant and official magazine 2-946

18-2137 Ridgely, J. L, and P. Donaldson. The Odd- O'Hara, K. Midas. B. d. v. 1 : 24-143 fellows' pocket manual 2-835 Same. M. B. D. v. 5

24-142 Odd leaves. M. Tensas

18-3166 The two misers.

M. B. D. v. 5

24-142 Odd people. Mayne Reid 296-175 Same. D. L. T. v. 11

24-107 Oddy, J. J. European commerce; showing new Tom Thumb the great; altered from Fielding. and secure channels of trade with the conti

B. D. v. 1

24-143 nent of Europe. Pl., 1807. 2 y. 8° 1-51 O'Hara family. See Banim, M. and J.

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41 Oldi

Ohio. Annual report of the commissioner of statis- Old England; its scenery, art, and people. J. M. tics, for 1857–61. Columbus, 1858-62. 4 v. 8° Hoppin

276_888 264_383 Old faces in new masks.' R. Blakey 33-164 Atwater, c. History, natural and civil 26-843 Old farm and the new farm. F. Hopkinson 2–728 Carpenter, W. H., and T. S. Arthur. History of Old farm house. Mrs. C. H. B. Laing 18-3729 26°-522 Oid flag :

18-2364 Harris, T. m. 'Geographical and historical Old folks' concert tunes. Father Kemp" 5–1073 count of

266-487 Old forest ranger.

W. Campbell .

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