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tions are ended, put the question and call the votes. If the judicatory be equally divided he Thall possess the casting vote. If he be not willing to decide, he shall put the question a second time: and if the judicatory be again equally divided, and he decline to give his vote, the question shall be lost. In all questions he fhall give a concise and clear state of the object of the vote ; and the vote being taken, fhall then declare how the question is decided. And he shall likewise be empowered on any extraordinary emergency, to convene the judicatory, by his circular letter, before the ordinary time of meeting. Sect. III. The pastor of the congregation

shall always be the moderator of The Minister perpetual Mo- the church session ; except when, derator of the for prudential reasons, it may apChurch Seffion.

pear adviseable that some other minister should be invited to preside: in which case the pastor may, with the concurrence of the feffion, invite such other minister as they may see meet, belonging to the fame presbytery, to preside in that affair. In this judicatory, therefore, the moderator is continual: but, in the vacancy of any church, the moderator shall be the minister sent to them by the presbytery; or invited by the feflion to preside on a particular occasion, In congregations, where there are colleagues, they shall, when present, alternately preside in the session.


Sect. IV. The moderator of the presbytery

shall be chosen from year to year, The Moderators of the other Judi- or at every meeting of the presbycatories, how to

tery, as the presbytery may think be cholen.

beft. The moderator of the fynod, and of the general assembly, shall be chofen‘at each meeting of those judicatories : and the last moderator prefent shall open the meeting with a fermon, and shall hold the chair till a new moderator be chosen.


Of Privilege.

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T shall be the privilege of any member of a

judicatory to speak, in his proper order, to any question, with leave from the moderator. The moderator shall give leave to the person who first rises; but if two, or more members, are judged to have risen at the same time, the moderator shall determine which shall speak first. Any member shall have a right to propose any question, relative to the business of the church, or to the interests of religion, and to have it put to vote : provided only, that his motion be feconded by another member. If any member conceive his privilege to be unjustly controuled by the . moderator, he may appeal to the judicatory,

who shall determine the point of privilege by a vote : and the moderator and member must sub. mit to the fuffrage of the judicatory.


Of Clerks.


VERY judicatory shall choose a clerk, to

record their transactions, whose continu.. ance shall be during pleasure. It shall be the duty of the clerk, besides recording the transactions, 10 preserve them carefully; and to grant extracts from them, whenever properly required; and fuch extracts, under the hand of the clerk, shall be considered as authentic vouchers of the fact which they declare, in any ecclefiaf- . tical judicatory, and to every part of the church.


Of vacant Congregations assem

bling for public Worship. NONSIDERING the great importance of

weekly affembling the people, for the public worship of God; in order thereby to im


prove their knowledge ; to confirm their habits of worship, and their deGre of the public ordi. nances; to augment their reverence for the most high God; and to promote the charitable affections which unite men most firmly in society: It is recommended, that every vacant congregation meet together, on the Lord's day, at one or more places, for the purpose of prayer, finging praises, and reading the holy scriptures, together with the works of such approved divines, as the presbytery, within whose bounds they are, may recommend, and they may be able to procure ; and that the elders or deacons be the persons who shall preside, and select the portions of scripture, and of the other books to be read ; and to see that the whole be conducted in a becoming and orderly manner.


Of Commissioners to the General

Sect. I. THE commissioners to the gene-


ral assembly shall always be apCommilioners pointed by the presbytery from hall be appoint, which they come, at its laft stated Meeting of the meeting immediately preceding the resbytery, meeting of the general assembly ;

ed at lait itated

provided, that there be a fufficient interval, between that time and the meeting of the affembly, for their commissioners to attend their duty in due seafon ; otherwise, the presbytery may make the appointment at any ftated meeting, not more than seven months preceding the meeting of the assembly. And as much as possible to prevent all failure in the representation of the prefbyteries, arising from unforeseen accidents to those first appointed, it may be expedient for each presbytery, in the room of each commissioner, to appoint also an alternate commissioner, to supply his place, in case of necessary abfence. Sect. II. Each commissioner, before his

name shall be enrolled as a member Conimillion of the assembly, shall produce, from

his presbytery, a commission under the hand of the moderator and clerk, in the following or like form : viz. “The presbytery of

being met at

doth hereby appoint

bishop of the congregation of


ruling elder in the congregation of

as the case may be ;]” (to which the presbytery may, if they thing proper, make a substitution in the following form, "or in case of his ab. sence, then

bishop of the congregation of


Form of a


on the

day of

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