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« should cause the earth to life ; some cried, and others “ open her mouth, and swallow fainted under the preaching of * me up a live. O Sir, what the word.>; " must I do to be saved ?" We found it necessary shortI answered his question, as St. ly to look out for another posiPaul did that of the Jailer, at tion, more distant from this danPhilippi—“ Believe in'the Lord gerous river, the inundations of 16 Jesus Christ, and thou shalt which are so sudden, that men « be saved." Let your fears, and beasts frequently perish in said I, drive you to the Saviour ; its mighty floods. We pitched Jay fast hold of him as your Re-l on a spot called Reed Fountain, deemer; and then you need not which some of us began immebe afraid. But, woe be to you, diately to clear for cultivation. if you seek peace from any other While we were thus engaged, quarter, or try to find rest in the with about twenty Hottentots, things, of this world. Having the Corannas brought us regularapproved of my advice, he daily ly, every day, three sheep, and applied by faith and prayer to three hollow bamboo canes full Jesus, as a sinner who earnestly of milk, as a present. wishes to be saved by his free Here it was that sleeping one grace. But I know not the re- night with Mr. Scholtz and my sult of his profession, as he re- Hottentots, by the side of a little moved from us to a considera-cart, the barking of my spaniel ble distance among the Farmers. dog disturbed my rest so much,

About the close of the month that I was quite vexed at him. we reached the Great River, The Hottentots, however, unwhich, in the dry season, is about derstanding the little creature's half as wide as the Thames at meaning better than I did, lookLondon Bridge, and which was ed carefully around, and soon now so much swollen by the discovered a Lion near us, who, rains, as to be impassable : we like a cat, was creeping along therefore were obliged to wait the ground, in order to make a for its fall. Our brethren Kra-spring upon us. Immediately mer and Anderson had previous- they snatched up their guns to ly crossed the River, and had fire at him; but the Lion, findbegun to preach the gospel to ing we were so well prepared to the people, among whom they receive him, turned tail, and refound a considerable attention. treated with the utmost speed. While we waited for the subsid- As brother Scholtz and myself ing of the waters, with our people lay nearest to that spot from and cattle, some of our friends whence the Lion approached. on the opposite shore, who were we felt peculiarly thankful to our bold enough to swim across, as- Lord for this new preservation. sisted us in constructing rafts. Being now comfortably set. By means of these, we were ena- tled, we soon found ourselves bled, in about a week, to get over surrounded by crowds of differ: the river, yet with great diffi- ent people-Corannas, Namaculty, for our raft sunk so deep, I quas, Hottentots, Bastard Hot. that I sat up to the middle in tentots, and Boschemen, togethwater. Here we rejoiced to find er with their numerous flocks a great hunger for the bread of ! and herde. The Corannas and Namaquas lived servants to the each end was a room, one of Bastards, having been reduced which was occupied by brethren to this abject condition by the Anderson and Kramer, the other depredations of a monster, known by myself and brother Scholtz, by the name of THE AFRICAN, | The provisions were stored in a Bastard Hottentot. This bloody my apartment. This building man, having murdered Pennar was appropriated to the worship his master, collected a band of of the Hottentots, another of a robbers, with whom he made in- 1 similar construction, was devot. cursions into the Namaqua anded to the instruction of the CoCoranna countries. Some of rannas and Namaquas, whom these poor, timid people sent him we addressed by Interpreters, a message, requesting that he Divine service was performed in would restore a little part of their both places at the same time, property, at least a Cow for each each of us officiating by rotation. family, that they might have a For the purpose of raising a con, drop of milk for their starving siderable quantity of vegetables, children ; the wretch promised we planted a large garden, which to comply with their wishes on we inclosed by a wall. condition that they would cross It pleased God, at this time, the river, and fetch the animals ; to visit my faithful fellow laborer, but when they came, he treach | Mr. Scholtz, with a heavy afflicerously tied them to the trees, tion ; he was confined for five cut out their tongues, or other months by a dangerous illwise maimed them; some of ness, which left a lameness in them he shot dead. Being thus his, formerly, athletic body, reduced to extreme poverty, Our labors here appeared to they were glad, for the sake of | be attended with a peculiar bles, subsistence, to serve the Bas- sing, a great desire prevailing tards, who treated them with among the people to be taught great severity, flogging and abu- the things which accompany sale sing them like slaves, and allow-vation. The impressions made ing little more for their support | by the Spirit of God on the than the milk of the sheep which hearts of our hearers were very they kept. This horrid mon- remarkable. What I am about ster, The African, understanding to relate will probably appear to something of colonial politics, some readers perfectly ridicuhas hitherto contrived to evade | lous, but it is a fact that we were deserved punishment. How always obliged to have a bottle great are the blessings of a good of vinegar on the table, for the civil Government!

relief of those who actually faintAll our new friends expressed ed under alarms of conscience great joy at our coming to live and powerful.convictions, Cer. among them ; but particularly tain it is that the tears which the poor oppressed Namaquas were shed at that period among and Corannas, who looked up to these poor people cannot be us as a kind of protectors. Here numbered, and though we could we built a long shed of Timber, not say that these strong imprese Reeds and Clay, the roof reach-sions alwaysissued in sound coning to the ground. The middle version, yet we have reason to part of it was our Church, at I believe they did so in many hap

py instances. But it is the pro- ; that he saw a Lion at the disvince of my brethren Anderson tance of twenty or thirty yards. and Kramer to furnish the par- I myself soon perceived a pair ticulars of this work, as they are of shining eyes, like two burning the stated laborers on the banks candles. The Hottentot, preparof the Great River. I shall how-ing to fire his piece, desired me ever touch upon a few events to strike a light, and set the which took place during my stay grass in a blaze. This being efin those parts.

| fected in a moment, we discova The most prominent of these ered a huge animal with his was a visit of brother John Kock, mane erect, just in the very act who was going as a Missionary of springing upon us. At this to the Briquas or Bootsuannas, critical moment, the Hottentot a nation dwelling North East | fired, and the Lion slunk away. from the Cape, and about eight This appeared the more extraordays journey from us ; these dinary to us, as we could, next people differ entirely from the morning, trace his bloody footHottentots, resembling the Caf- steps on the ground ;-a certain fres in their stature, habits and proof of his having been woundmanner of life. John Kock bro’

ted. In such a case, the Lion, me letters from my family in seldom, if ever, retreats, till he Holland, containing also the pain has avenged his blood : But the ful intelligence of the death of a | Lord was doubtless pleased to very dear friend of mine at Cape | shut the mouth of this Lion. Town. My feelings on this oc- When we got home, the brethcasion were exceedingly keen, ren informed us that, during our but blessed be the Lord, who absence, a Lion had destroyed comforted me in my affliction. eighteen of our Oxen.

Soon after this, the British I now received the afflicting Commissioners, Messrs. Som- intelligence that Stephanos, who, merfield, Daniel and Truther, after leaving our settlement at arrived here. We did our best | Zak River, had gone to a horde to assist them in the prosecution of Bastard Hottentots, commonof their journey to the Bootsu-| ly called Cornelius Kock's Kraal, annas, accompanying them part had there set up for a Missionaof the way. John Kock followed ry and a Prophet, establishing them shortly afterwards. his authority on the basis of su

Returning to the Great River | perstition so firmly, that his will on horseback, attended by one had become the law of every inHottentot only, I was once obli- dividual in the horde, and the ged to sleep in the open field. most atrocious crimes were comAbout midnight, our horses, mitted by him with impunity. which were fastened near us, be- Whoever ventured to murmur gan to be very unruly, and their against his abominable acts of noise awaked us both out of our rapine or lust, was sure to be put sleep. The Hottentot was much into the stocks, or to be beaten alarmed, but seemed desirous of unmercifully. Stephanos had concealing from me the cause of erected a Temple, resting on this stir, to prevent my being pillars, with an Altar within, on alarmed also. Upon my interro- which sacrifices were offered. gating him closely, he confessed He had a number of select disciples, who, like himself, feigned | walk with me under a tree, trances, in which they lay for ma- where we would decide the mat. ny hours, and out of which they ter. My people accompanied pretended to awake with messa- me to the spot, and he was coyges which they had broughtered by his followers. With my from the angel Gabriel, or from Bible in my hand, I disputed God himself. Did the Impos- with him four hours successivetor wish to gratify his lust, his ly, and, I trust, experienced the covetousness, or his revenge? | peculiar assistance of the Holy an answer from heaven authori. Spirit. He insisted chiefly on zed him to effect his purpose. the prophecy of Joel, concerning Should any dissatisfaction or | the visions and dreams of the lukewarmness appear among his latter days, and introduced many followers? immediately the judg passages from the Revelations. ments of God, yea, the confla I was enabled clearly to refute gration of the whole world were his arguments, to the great satimmediately threatened. Cor- isfaction of my people, who de. nelius Kock himself, the Chief, clared they had received light who possessed a vast property, and blessings on that day, to was completely devoted to the which they had before been stranwill of this wretch. He would gers. preach against us also, and we Stephanos and his deluded fol. were apprehensive that his doc- lowers were unconvinced ; and trine, like that of Mahomet, becoming more and more enragmight widely diffuse its baneful ed, they seemed disposed to do influences among the neighbor- | me violence : but this my vigilant ing heathen.

I guardians knew how to prevent. After mature deliberation, and The Impostor himself conveyed consultation with my brethren, to my mind a striking idea of I undertook to go out, and try the Chief of Hell. His eyes rollto stop his diabolical proceeded and flashed ; his tongue move ings. As this measure was like-ed with incessant volubility, and ly to be attended with danger, I he strove to vindicate all his took all our armed men with me. atrocities by examples derived Stephanos, being apprized of our from the Scriptures. design, called a meeting of his I thought myself now fully followers, in which many messa- I justified in ordering my people ges from heaven were devised ; to seize him, as a malefactor alhe then told them that this was ready under the sentence of the the important moment in which law, that he might be conveyed they were called upon to demon- to the Cape for puinshment. My strate their attachment to God order was instantly obeyed, and and his Prophet ; but that, if he was made a prisoner in his they proved unfaithful, fire would own temple. In a moment his come down from heaven to de- crest fell, and he requested me, stroy them.

| in the French language, (which We approached his party. the people did not understand) Their eyes sparkled with rage. to set him at liberty, promising, Stephanos stepped forward, and in that case, to leave the country. offered me his hand. I refused I replied, that if I was convinced to take it, but desired him to l that he felt due contrition for

his crimes, and proved it by among these poor Boschemen. frank confession of his guilt, I I have dwelt the longer on this might, perhaps, let him go. visit, as it proves how easily such

Immediately, he spoke to the people might be won, at least to people, in a crying tone of voice, make an external profession of acknowledging that he had im- Christianity, if means proporposed upon them-that if they tioned to the magnitude and im. went on in his ways they would portance of the object were ducertainly go to hell and that ly employed. At present, Mr. they ought to thank God who Anderson and Mr. Kramer are had sent them Teachers of the settled at that Kraal, and, I trust, truth.

are made a blessing to the peo1. This confession had a wonder- ple. Cornelius Kock, the Capful effect on the multitude, who tain or Chief, has since been bapcrowded round me, and thanked tized at Cape Town, by a Clerme heartily for what I had done, gyman of the Church of Eng. expressing boundless joy at their land. deliverance from the shackles of Among the fruits of our lathis tyrannical impostor. They bors in this country, Piet Goeiwished now to send him away man, who has been already mennaked into the desart ; but I in- tioned, may be deemed one. By terfered ; and procured for him his walk and conversation he needful provisions, and a guide graces the gospel he believes, into the Namaqua country, to- and is peculiarly dear to me. Old wards the sea-coast, where I Berend is another seal of our thought it possible he might ministry. He possesses a strong meet with an European vessel, understanding, can read the Biand so finally leave Africa. How- ble very well, and is frequently ever, on his journey, he was re- engaged from morning to evecognized by Mr. Engelbrecht, a ning in prayer and meditation. Farmer, who was also an Officer His conduct keeps pace with his of the Militia ; this gentleman, profession. A more circumstanin the execution of his duty, at- tial account of these and other tempted to arrest him, but in the converts, will probably be given scuffle unfortunately fell : Ste- by our brethren who are station. phanos, seizing the opportunity, ed there. cut the throat of the Officer with (To be continued.) a razor which was concealed in his book : after which he made his escape, and joined the noted robber, The African, before-men Constitution of the Missionary Sotioned, with whom, I fear he ciety of Rhode Island. Adontstill roves the desart.

ed May 5, A. D. 1803. After this event, I continued at the Great River a few days A S the gospel is the greatest longer, preaching the gospel at 1 of treasures, even the sum John Kock's Kraal. From mor- of good-suited to promote the ning to night they entreated me highest happiness of individuals to instruct them, and I felt pe- and society in this world, and to culiarly happy in my labors a-prepare all by whom it is emVOL. V. No. 10.

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