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BURKE. The Book of Orders of Knighthood and Decorations of Honor of all Nations.

Embellished with Fac-Simile Colored Illustrations of the Invignia of the various

Orders. London, 1858. Thick rl. 8v0., gilt edges. $12.00. BURKE. A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage of the

British Empire. 29 Edition. London, 1867. Thick royal 8vo. With Ilustra

tions. $13.00. BURTON.. The. Anatomy of Melancholy. A new edition, corrected and enriched by

translations of the numerous Classical Extracts. Boston, Riverside Press, 1861. 3 vols., rl. 8vo., Roxburghe binding. $18.00.

Large Paper copy, 75 printed for Subscribers. BURTY, PHILIPPE. Chefs-d'Euvre of the Industrial Arts. Pottery and Porcelain,

Glass, Enamel, Metal, Goldsmith's Work, Jewelry, and Tapestry. Edited by W.

Chaffers. London, 1869. 8vo. Profusely Illustrated. Portrait of Palissy. $ BYRON. Poetical Works; with Life and Letters by Moore. London, Murray, 16 vols.;

6mo,, half calf. Plates. $30.00. CARLYLE, THOS. Works. London. 16 vols., 8 vo., (new.) $32.00. Separate vols.,

at $2.00. CASES, LE C’TE DE LAS. Mémorial de Sainte-Héléne : suivi de Napoléon dans l'Exil, .

par O'Meara et Antomarchi, etc. Paris, 1842. 2 vols., impl. 8vo., half calf. Nu

merous illustrations, on India paper, etc. $6.00. CAXTON. The Stafutes of Henry VII. in exact Fac-simile, from the very rare Original,

printed by Caxton in 1489. Edited, with Notes and Introduction, by John Rae. London, 1869. 410, Roxburghe binding. $17.00.

A beautiful Fac-simile Reprint. The paper used is in close imitation of the original. COWPER. The Works of-Poems, Correspondence, and Translations. With Life by

Robert Southey. Illustrated with 59 engravings. London, 1853. 8 vols., 8v0.,

half calf, gilt. (new.) $18.00. DAVIS, W. W. H. History of the 10th Pennsylvania Regiment, from August 22d,

1861, to September 30th, 1864. Philadelphia, 1866. Svo. Woodcut Illustra

. tions. $1.50. DIBDIN, T. F. The Bibligraphical Decameron. London, 1817. 3 vols., royal 8vo.,

boards, uncut. $160.00. Ren a:kably and unusually clean copy. Almost entirely free from spots and stains. The edges are in their

original rough condition. Copies in such fine condition are of rare occurrence. DIBDIN. A Bibliographical Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in the Northern Coun

ties of England and Scotlard. London, 1838. 2 vols., royal 8vo., boards, uncut. $60.00.

SPOTLESS copy—the pares in brilliant condition. Uniform with the Decameron. DISRASLI. Curiosities and Amenities of Literature ; Calamities and Quarrels of Authors

and Men of Genius. New York. 9 vols., half calf, new and fresh. $27.00. MISSION SCIENTIFIQUE AU MEXIQUE ET DANS L’AMERIQUE CENTRALE.

First two vols., 4to, viz: Dollfus, A., Et E. de MONT-SERRAT. Voyage Geologique dans les Republiques de Guatemala et de Salvador. Paris, 1868. 410. Colored and other Plates. $20.00. BRASSEUR DE BOURBOURG. Manuscrit Troano, Etudes sur le Système graphique et la Langue des Mayas. Paris, 1869. 4to. About 70

colored platcs of Fac-similes and numerous engravings of Symbols, etc. $30.00. The.e two splendid volumes are published at the Imperial Press. They form new and valuable contributions

to the literature of the Antiquities of Mexico and the Geology of Central America. EDWARDS, EDWARD. Memoirs of Libraries; including a Hand-book of Litrary

Economy. London, 1859. 2 vols., large 8vo, uncut. Illustrations. $18.00. A LARGE and THICK PAPER copy of the same, uncut, very rare in this condition. $25.00.

FROUDE. History of England from the Fall of Wolscy to the Death of Elizabeth. Lon

don, Longman's. The best English edition, 10 vols., 8vo, $58.00. GERM IV POPULAR STORIES. With Illustrations after the Original Designs of

. GEORGE CRUIKSHANK. - Edited by Edgar Taylor, with Introduction by John Ruskin.

London. Large Paper ; Proof IMPRESSIONS OF THE PLATEs. Roxburghe binding.

$12.00. GERSON de l'Imitation de Jésus-Christ. Traduite d'après un Ms de 1440, par l’Ablé

Delaunay. Edition nouvelle Corrigée. Paris, 1869. 8vo, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut. Beautiful edition, with e'aborately engraved borders to each page, and full page illustrations. $7.00. The same, edition de luxe, (Thick paper cory).

$12.00. GRAMMONT. Memoires de par Antoine Hamilton. A Londres, 1811. 2 vols., 8vo,

in one, half morocco, gilt edges. Sixty four Portraits, engraved by Scriven, &c.

$15.00. HARPER'S HAND-BOOK for Travelers in Europe and the East. With Railroad Map

up to 1868. $4.50. Same for 1854, (without Map,) $2.00; for 1865, (with

Map). $2.50. HERSCHEL, SIR JOHN F. W. The Iliad of Homer, translated into English accentu

ated Hexameter. London, 1866. Large 8vo, new. $5.00. HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS of Louisiana and Florida. With Notes by B. F. French.

The collections of La., “ foi ming an unbroken series of important events which occurred in the colonization of Louisiana from 1698 to 1721, never before printed,” in

clude the following papers : LOUISIANA:-Memoir, addressed to Count de Pontchartrain, on the importance of establish

ing a Colony in Louisiana. By M. de Rémonville. Varrative of the Voyage made by Order of the King of France, in 1698, to take possession

of Louisiana. By M. P. Le Moyne d'Iberville. Annals of Louisiana, from the Establishment of the First Colony under M. d'Iberville to the

year 1722, including an Account of the Manners, Customs and Religion of the nu

merous Indian Tribes of that Country, By M. Penicaut. FLORID.1 ;--History of Jean Ribault's First Voyage to Florida. By René Laudonnière.

XIX Chapters. In one volume, 8vo, 362 pp., cloth, uncut. With fac-simile plate of the Autographs of the

French and Spanish Governors of Louisiana. Ready for delivery, price $4.00. HOLMES, ABIEL. The Annals of America, from the Discovery by Columbus in the year 1492, to the year 1826. . Cambridge, 1829. 2 vo's. 8vo, half bound. $10.00

Second and best edition. Clean copy. :
HUGO, THOMAS.' The Bewick Collector. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Works of

Thomas and John Bewick; with an appendix of Portraits, Autographs, Works of
Pupils, &c., &c.' Illustrated with a hundred and twelve cuts. London, 1866.

8vo. $5.00. HUMBER, WM. A Practical Treatise on Cast and Wrought Iron Bridges and Girders,

as applied to Railway Structures, and to Buildings generally, with numerous examples,

drawn to a large scale. London, 1857. Folio. $20.00. HUME, DAVID. The History of England from the Invasion of Julius Cæsar to the

Revolution in 1688. With Memoir. Boston, 1868. 6 vols., 8vo, new. Por

trait. $12.00. JAMESON, MRS. Sacred and Legendary Art, 2 vols. ; Legends of the Madonna ; Le

gends of the Monastic Orders; History of our Lord, 2 vols, In all, 5 vols., half

levant morocco, cloth sides, gilt top, uncut. (New and fresh.) $63.00. JONES, OWEN. Examples of Chinese ornament. One hundred Piates. London,

1867. Folio, cloth gilt. $32.00. KNIGHT, CHAS. A History of England (called the Popular History). With Illus

trations on Steel and Wood. 8 vols., 8vo, uncut, neil. $30.00.

KNIGHT'S Pictorial Museum of Animated Nature. Illustrated with 4,000 Wood En

gravings. London, 2 vols., folio, bound in one, new half morocco. $10.00. LARWOOD and HOTTEN. The History of Signboards, from the Earliest Times

to the Present Day. With 100 Illustrations in fac-simile. London, 1867. 4to,

Roxburghe binding. Large Paper. $16.00. LEECH'S ETCHINGS, from “ Jack Bragg," “ Christopher Tadpole,” and “Hector

O'Halloran.London. 4to. 51 Etchings. $3.50. LEVER, CHARLES. Novels and Miscellanies, 22 volumes. Best English edition, with

Illustrations by Phiz. New copy, uncut. $50.00. LUBKE, Dr. WILHELM. History of Art. Translated by F. E. Bunnètt. London,

1868. 2 vols., impl. 8vo, cloth, gilt top, uncut. Profusely Illustrated. $18.00. MACFARLANE and THOMSON. The Comprehensive History of England; Civil

and Military, Religious, Intellectual, and Social, from the Earliest Date to the Suppression of the Sepoy Revolt. · Illustrated by above one thousand Engravings.

London, 1867. 4 vols., rl. 8vo, half mor., cloth sides, new. $20.00. MANTZ. Les Chefs-d'Ouvre de la Peinture Italienne. Paris, 1870. Folio. $37.00. An entirely new and splendid volume with twenty chromo-lithographs executed by F. KELLERHOVEN, and forty

other illustrations. The Works of Cimabue, Giotto, Martino, Fra Angelico, Lippi, Cozzoli, Verrocchio, Pollaiolo, Signorelli, Botticelli, Ghirlandaio, Bellini, Mantegua, Crivelli, Carpaccio, Franci, Perugin, Pinturicchio, Leonard de Vinci, Luini, Credi, Bartolomeo, Sodoma, Michel Ange, Raphael, Titien, Pordenone, Sebastiano del Piombo, Andrea del Sarto, Daniel de Volterre, Le Corrége, Bordone, Tintoret, Paul Veronèse, Carrache, Guido Reni, De Dominiquin, Salvater Rosa, are illustrated

in chromo-lithographs and culs-de-Lampes. MASSACHUSETTS AND ITS EARLY HISTORY. Lectures delivered before the

Lowell Institute, in Boston, by Members of the Mass. Hist. Soc. on Subjects Relat

ing to its Early History. Boston, 1869. Large, thick 8vo, 498 pp., cloth. $4.00. Thirteen papers by Robert C. Winthrop, Geo. E. Ellis, Saml. F. Haven, Wm. Brigham, Emory Washburn,

Chas. W. Upham, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Samuel Eliot, Chandler Robbins, Joel Parker, Edward

E. Hale, and Geo. B. Emerson. MERIVALE, CHARLES. History of the Romans under the Empire. New edition.

London, 1868. 8 vols., p. 8vo, tree calf, by Riviere. Beautiful copy. $34.00.. MILMAN'S Poetical Works. London, Murray, 1839. 3 vols., 16mo, half morocco.

Plates. $4.00. MOORE, FRANK. Diary of the American Revolution. From Newspapers and Original

Documents. New York, privately printed, 1865. 2 vols., impl., 8vo, half morocco, extra, gilt top, uncut. "The Steel Plates on India paper. Large Paper copy;

only 100 printed. $18.00. MORGAN, LEWIS H. The American Beaver and his works. Philadelphia, 1868.

8vo, new, Ilustrated. $4.00. MUSEE DE VERSAILLES, avec un Texte Historique par Thé. Burette. Paris, 1844. 3 vols., fol., morocco, rubbed. $30.00.

From the Maximilian (Andrade) Library, with book plates. NOYES, JOHN HUMPHREY. History of American Socialisms. Philadelphia, 1870.

Large 8vo, cloth, uncut. 678 pages. $4.00. Containing sketches of nearly forly different Societies, including the Oneida Community; The Shakers;

Brocton, Nashoba, the Skaneateles, Prairie Home, Spiritualist, and other Communities; Trumbull,

Clermont, Ohio, Clarkson, Sodus Bay, North American, and other Phalanxes, &c., &c., &c. PEPYS, SAMUEL. Memoirs of, comprising his Diary from 1659 to 1669, and a Selec

tion from his Private Correspondence. Edited by Lord Braybrooke. Second Edition. London, 1828. 5 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. $25.00.

fine copy of the best edition, with all the Portraits. SAY, THOMAS, A Description of the Insects of North America. With Illustrations,

drawn and colored after Nature. Edited by J. L. Le Conte, with a memoir of the author, by Geo. Ord. New York, 1869. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, gilt top. Reduced price, $12.00.

SCOTT. Waverly Novels. Edinburgh. 48 vols., 16mo, half red morocco. Steel

Plates and Wood Engravings. $115.00. SHAKESPEARE. Works. The Text revised by Dyce. Second Edition. London,

1864. 8 vols., 8vo, uncut. Portrait. $24.00. SHAKESPEARE. Carefully edited by Thos. Keightley. Boston, 1866. 6 vols., 16mo,

LARGE Paper. Portrait. $9.00.
SIMONIN, L. Mines and Miners; or, Underground Life. Translated and adapted to the

Present State of Pritish Mining, and edited by H. W. Bristow. Illustrated with 160
Engravings on Wood, 20 Maps Geologically colored, and 10 Plates of Metals and
Minerals. : London, 1869. Imperial 8vo, half extra morocco, gilt top. $16.00.

An elaborate and exhaustive treatise, illustrated by numerous and carefully colored plates. SKOTTOWE, AUGUSTINE. The Life of Shakespeare; Enquiries into the Originality

of his Dramatic Plots and Characters; and Essays on the Ancient Theatres and Theatrical Usages. London, 1824. 2 vols., 8vo, half calf, gilt top, uncut, new.

$6.00. THE SLANG DICTIONARY; or, The Vulgar Words, Street Phrases, and Fast Ex

pressions of High and Low Society. Many with their Etymology, and a Few with their History traced. London, 1869. 4to, Roxburghe binding, Large Paper, in

terleaved, with the “Beggar's Map." $16.00. SMITH, J. T. The Cries of London; exhibiting several of the Itinerant Traders of An

cient and Modern Times, copied from rare Engravings, or drawn from Life. With Memoir and Portrait. London, 1839. 4to, half calf. 30 Plates, with Descriptive

Text. $5.00. SPENSER, EDMUND. The Poetical Works of. London, 1852. 6 vols., 16mo, calf, gilt. Portrait. $17.50.

Pickering's beautiful edition. SPRAGUE, WM. B. Annals of the American Pulpit; or Commemorative Notices of

Distinguished American Clergymen of Various Denominations. New York, 1866,

etc. 9 vols., 8vo. Steel Plates. *22.50. SWIFT, JONATHAN. Works, with Notes and Memoir by Roscoe. London, 1843.

2 vols., rl. 8vo, uncut. Portrait. $7.50. SWISS SCENERY. By S. Thompson. London, A. W. Bennett, 1868. 4to, cloth,

extra, gilt edges. Illustrated by 31 exquisite Photographs. $10.00. VALENTINE'S COMMON COUNCIL MANUAL, from 1841-2 to 1866 inclusive, 25 vols, 24mo, 16mo, and 12mo, cloth, $80.00. All in good condition.

Valentine's own set sold last year for $175.00. VILLA AND COTTAGE ARCHITECTURE; select examples of Country and Sub

urban Residencés recently erected. With Descriptive Notice. London. Folio,

half morocco, cloth sides. Eighty Plates. $25.00. WARING, J. B. Illustrations of Architecture and Ornament. Drawn and etched on cop

per. London. Folio, cloth, gilt edges. 70 Plates. $20.00. WASHINGTON'S Farewell Address to the People of the United States. With Arabesque Designs and Illuminations. Philadelphia. 4to. $1.00.

Contains wood-cut view of Mt. Vernon. WRIGHT, THOMAS. Caricature History of the Georges. With nearly four hundred

Illustrations on Steel and Wood. London, 1867. RI. 8vo, Roxburghe binding.

Large Paper copy (a limited number printed). $20.00. The firs: edition of this work was published under the title of “ England under the House of Hanover."

Contains a great deal of interesting matter relating to the American Revolution.

ADDENDA. ALLEN, WM. An American Biographical and Historical Dictionary. Cambridge, 1809.

L. 8vo, uncut. Portrait of Washington. $3.50. Also, Third edition, augmented. Boston, 1857. RI. 8vo, sheep. $6.00. ASCHAM, ROGER. The Schoolemaster. Or, Playne and perfte way of teaching Children,

to vnderstande, write, and speake the Latin toong, etc. At LONDON, Printed by Abell leffes, Anno 1589. 4to, antique calf. Slightly stained and wormed in one

corner. With the colophon. $20.00. --* A book,' says Dr. Campbell, that will be always useful, and everlastingly esteemed on account of the

good sense, judicious observations, excellent characters of ancient authors, and many pleasant and

profitable passages of English, history, which are plentifully sprinkled therein.'”Lowndes, BARING-GOULD, S. Curious Myths of the Middle Ages. London, 1869. P. 8vo, $2.25.' A new edition, containing all the Myths published in the second editions of the first and second series. BEWICK. A General History of Quadrupeds. The Figures engraved on Wood, by T.

Bewick. Newcastle upon Tyne, 1792. 8vo, half calf, gilt. $13.50. BLACKBURN, HENRY. Artists and Arabs; or, Sketching in Sunshine. With numer

ous IllustraTIONS. London, 1868. 8vo, new. $2.50. BLAKE, REV. J. L. A General Biographical Dictionary, including more than one thousand articles of American Biography. New York, 1844. RI. 8vo. 85.00.

. 6th edition, revised. BOUTELL, CHARLES. Heraldry, Historical and Popular. With 975 Illustrations. London, 1854. Thick, 8vo, :(new). $7.50.

Third edition revised and enlarged, BOWLES, SAMUEL. Our New West. Maps, Portraits, and Illustrations. Published

by subscription only. Hartford, 1869. 8vo, half extra morocco, gilt top, uncut. $7.25. In sheets, $4.75.

But few copies preserved in uncut condition. BURNS. The Poems, Letters, and Land of Burns ; illustrated by W. H. Bartlett, T.

Allom, and other artists. With Memoir and Notes by Allan Cunningham. London. 2 vols., 4to, half morocco. Fine, early impressions of the numerous steel

plates. $12.00. •CHRISTOPHER NORTH.' A Memoir of John Wilson, by his Daughter, Mrs. Gor

don. Edinburgh, 1862. 2 vols., p. 8vo; half morocco, gilt top. Portrait and

numerous illustrations. $3.00. COOPER,). F. History of the United States Navy. Philadelphia, 1840. 2 vols., 8vo, $3.00. CORNER, JOHN. Portraits of Celebrated Painters, with Medallions from their Best

Performances. With Memoirs. London, 1825. Folio, calf. $18.00.

Large paper copy, with the following portraits on India Paper :
Simon Vouet,

Pietro Francisco Mola,
Charles le Brun,

Regello da Pordenone,
Carlo Vanloo,
Albert Durer,

Pietro da Cortona,

Francis Snyders,
Adrian Stalbernt,

Giovanni Lanfranco,
Sir Peter Lely,
Gerhard Douw,

Giorgione da Castelfranco.

Kneller, DANTE. The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri, translated by H. W. Longfellow.

Boston, 1867. 3 vols. RI. 8vo, gilt top, slightly water stained. (Pub, at $15.00.) . : $10.00. DAVY, SIR H. Salmonia; or Days of Fly Fishing. London, 1829. 16mo, uncut.

Steel plates. $3.50. DEGEN. Constructions en Briques. Paris, 1864. Folio. Numerous examples. $16.00.

- Construction en Bois. Motifs de Decoration et d'Ornement. Paris, 1866. folio.

Colored Illustrations. $16.00.


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