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1962 actual

1963 estimate

This fund was created to facilitate the financing of activ

Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars) ities supported by two or more appropriations (5 U.S.C. 172e). The corpus of the fund is $1 million. The principal activity financed through the fund in

estimate 1962 was the Armed Forces Supply Support Center. The 1962 program of $2,695 thousand represents require- Program by activities:


Supply operations (obligations). ments financed from July 1, 1961, through December 31, 1961. The functions and activities of the Center were Financing: transferred to the Defense Supply Agency on October 1, Advances and reimbursements from

Other accounts.. 1961. Financing was accomplished under the Defense

48,846 Non-Federal sources !

4,882 Agencies Management Fund from January 1, 1962, to

Unobligated balance lapsing (-)

-204 June 30, 1962. The fund has no financing activities planned for 1963 or Total financing

53,524 1964. However, the corpus of the fund is being retained to provide the means for financing appropriate activities 1 Reimbursements from non-Federal sources are derived from proceeds of sales in the future.

of surplus Government property (75 Stat. 377) and receipts from railway carriers for use of Government cars of the interchange fleet (10 U.S.C. 2667).

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This fund accounts for advances received by the Navy for the cost of goods or services to be furnished foreign governments and private parties (31 U.S.C. 643). Private individuals and organizations requesting goods or services are required to advance amounts to cover the estimated value of such goods and services to this fund. The advanced amounts are then used to reimburse the Operation and maintenance, Navy, appropriation for the value of the goods provided or the services rendered. Request for goods or services relate primarily to (a) utilities, repairs, and maintenance furnished to morale, welfare, and recreation activities; (b) utilities furnished to tenants of Navy housing projects; and (c) utilities, sale of material, equipment rental, and other services for contractors and other private parties, primarily at overseas locations. Advances received from foreign governments are principally for sales of material and miscellaneous services.

Object Classification (in thousands of dollars)


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Operation and maintenance:
Operation and maintenance, Army.
Operation and maintenance, Navy.
Operation and maintenance, Marine Corps.
Operation and maintenance, Air Force.

Total, operation and maintenance.

Procurement of equipment and missiles, Army.
Procurement of aircraft and missiles, Navy.
Shipbuilding and conversion, Navy.
Other procurement, Navy.
Procurement, Marine Corps.
Aircraft procurement, Air Force.
Missile procurement, Air Force.
Other procurement, Air Force.
Aircraft and related procurement, Navy.
Procurement of ordnance and ammunition, Navy.
Aircraft, missiles and related procurement, Air Force.
Procurement other than aircraft and missiles, Air Force.

Total, procurement.
Research, development, test, and evaluation:

Research, development, test, and evaluation, Air Force.
Military construction:

Military construction, Navy.
Revolving and management funds:

Army stock fund.
Navy stock fund.
Marine Corps stock fund.
Air Force stock fund.
Army industrial fund.

Total, revolving and management funds.
Total, Department of Defense Military functions.

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Recapitulation by military department:

Air Force.

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Total, Department of Defense Military functions.

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