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may derive advantages, or disadvantages, by the labours of this Conference, and the exercises of this day.

Suffer me as a labourer with you in the gospel of Christ, to address you. As this cause in which we are engaged, is a cause of the first magnitude, no doubt but our trials and conflicts in some sense will be in proportion to the cause we are engaged in. Therefore, we may cry out in the language of the apostle, "who is sufficient for these things." But may we not reply, notwithstanding all we may be called to endure, that in a comparative sense," these light afflictions which are but for a moment, work out for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory; whilst we look not at the things that are seen but at the things which are not seen which are eternal."

And when we consider the infinite love of God manifested through his only begotten Son towards a guilty and rebellious world, and the great condescension of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in leaving the bosom of his Father, to be clothed with mortality, that he by the grace of God, should taste death for every man. And when we consider our responsibility to God for the talents he has graciously bestowed on us, and the awful events which await us; I say, under these considerations, we ought never to esteem any cross too great for us to bear; nor trials too severe for us to endure for the glory of God, and the salvation of souls; therefore, let us put on that charity which is not puffed up, but hopeth all things, beareth all things, endureth all things and never faileth.

2. I shall address you, my hearers, as those bound with me to the tribunal of him who shall judge the quick and the dead, at his coming. We are informed, that "every eye shall see him, and that they which have pierced him shall mourn." "And the books shall be opened." By which we understand, as the apostle expresses it, he shall judge the secrets of men according to the gospel, and as expressed by our blessed Lord, Verily I say unto you, that every idle word which a man speaketh, shall he give an account thereof, in the day of judgment."


Consequently all the privileges and the advantages we enjoy, under the glorious gospel of Christ, and as so many jewels and precious diamonds, which we must render a scrutinizing account of, the judge of all the earth, before men and angels; and in that tremendous day be eternally rewarded according to our works. And when this tremendous day shall come, we may truly say," the great day of his wrath, as well as mercy, is come; and who shall be able to stand, for he shall judge ru


lers as well as the ruled, without partiality; the high and the low are equally interested in this awful event."

Although some of us may have been called to fill important stations in the legislative, judiciary, or executive departments of temporal government, yet we which have sit and had others arraigned at our tribunals, now must be summoned, not by a human officer of state, but "by the archangel, and the sound of the trump of God, and the voice of Jesus Christ, whose voice the dead shall hear, and come forth, and they that have done good to the resurrection of life, and they that have done evil to the resurrection of damnation." O, my hearers, no pen can describe, no pencil can paint, the feelings of my heart, when I consider that the eyes which now behold me, and the ears which hear me, although they may sleep long in the dust, yet they shall be once more awaked and never to sleep again. Saith Job, "I know that my Redeemer liveth, and shall stand at the latter day on the earth; though after my skin, worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God, whom I shall see for myself, and mine eyes shall behold, and not another, though my reins be consumed within me.' There "we shall see as we are seen, and know as we are known. Therefore, what manner of persons ought we to be, in all manner of holy conversation and godliness, looking for the coming of our blessed Lord, when all these things shall be dissolved."

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Then under all these considerations, may I not with propriety address you once more in the language of the text, "Repent and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, and the day of refreshings will come, and you will be able to stand, clothed with white robes, and palms in your hands, ready to enter into the marriage feast of the Lamb."

Which may God grant, through the merits of Jesus Christ, his only begotten Son. AMEN.


WE have not had time to examine attentively the printed pages of this work. From a cursory and very hasty examination, we have found some errors, mostly literal errors. We, however, thought it suitable to notice the following, viz.

In page 131, for "Unitarian" in 10th line, read "Trinitarian.” Page 127, 3d line from bottom of page, for "I" read "we." Page 184, 17th line from top of page, instead of "peace" read "life."

Page 194, 2d line from bottom of page, for "which" read with."

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